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house of the

unquiet dead


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

This case was featured on Animal Planet's "Monster in the Closet."  Watch the video below for the full Episode and for some actual recorded video our group took from this investigation location.

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. The current homeowners purchased this home in 1985 and have experienced paranormal activity ever since they moved in.  The activity was first noticed by their children which seemed to be the initial focus of the strange activity first.  Both children were physically tormented by an unseen presence, especially the daughter which appeared to have times when she would not physically or mentally be herself, even into adulthood.. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Physical aggression and torment has been experienced by the children in the home, the male and female while they were young and then the daughter as she got older into adulthood.

  • Family members have seen shadows roam about the house.

  • The family has heard voices throughout the house.  One of the audible voices commonly heard was that of a man saying, "It wasn't my fault."

  • Things have been moved throughout the home.

  • The daughter has seen a dark shadow with red glowing eyes come out of her closet.

  • The female homeowner stated that there were several occasions where if she laid in bed with her door closed that she would see a black shadow come down from the ceiling and crawl in bed with her.  Sometimes she stated she would feel physically violated or attacked.

  • The family would see apparitions walking around their house on the outside through their windows.

  • In the past and due to the large amounts of activity taking place, the homeowners called upon a relative who was also a priest to have him cleanse and bless their home.  After having this done, the activity seemed to calm down but would eventually build up and up again until it was full blown again.  Frustrated with the increased activity, the family reached out to OKPRI for help with their haunting.


There has been 1 confirmed death (suicide by gunshot), 1 confirmed attempted suicide by gunshot and 1 unconfirmed death by accidental asphyxiation.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This private residence in Edmond was built in 1952 under an ominous sign. The original owner of the land and mortgage lender, was sentenced to prison for seven years later in the decade on 15 counts of securities fraud.

The initial family was the first to move into the

new house, but it was anything but home sweet home. On April 4, 1957, the female homeowner gave birth to a baby boy who died shortly after in the hospital that very day. He was buried down the road at the Cemetery. It was the first of a number of tragedies to fall upon the family.

The homeowner's father also lived at the home.  Over time he fell ill and lost his job. He was a war veteran, leather crafter, and spent some time working for the railroad, but he was unable to find work in his poor health and he grew despondent. It was nearing his birthday in 1959, another number to notch onto his years, and the family was out of the house that December 7 morning. It was also Pearl Harbor Day, a reminder of the war. Earl quietly wrote a letter in the back bedroom of the house, put a rifle in his mouth, and pulled the trigger. He was buried near his grandson at the local cemetery.


A few years later during the 1960s, the homeowners were having marital problems. A nasty argument one day escalated to the point in which the male homeowner pointed a pistol up under his own chin and shot himself in an attempted suicide. However, he survived the self-inflicted gunfire and his wife ran down the street to get help.  He was rushed to the hospital and recovered, but he was never the same and by 1967 the marriage was over.


The female homeowner kept the house while her husband moved out.  He died in 1986 and was buried with his father and son. His death came in November just two months after his brother passed away. His brother  had also spent some time living in the house.  The female homeowner remarried during the 1970s and sold the house to the current homeowners in 1985, a year prior to both deaths, but directly between the two in the month of October.  She passed away just a few years later in 1988.


There is another local story about the house that is much more difficult to pinpoint. One of the local police officers during the 1960s recalls an incident in which a teenage boy accidentally asphyxiated himself in the bedroom closet while pleasuring himself to a couple of Playboy magazines. However, there have not been any local records available to confirm the story, and the only confirmed death of a child to have suffered a young death was the infant in 1957.

Investigation Report

When we initially first arrived at this location the house actually appeared to be very quite and peaceful.  As the night continued however, we noticed that the energy in the home appeared to get heavy and even agitated and angry in a sense.  The night's investigation continued with each of the group members experiencing strange events.  Below is a collection of things that the OKPRI team witnessed while investigating this home. 

One investigator saw a large shadow on the ceiling of the master bedroom.  It appeared to be on all fours as if it were trying to crawl down the wall before it disappeared.   Due to this occurrence and due to the report that the homeowner had given the team about being physically attacked while sleeping in her bed with the door shut, OKPRI set up an experiment with the female homeowner.  With several cameras monitoring the master bedroom of this home and during the late evening hours one night, OKPRI had the female homeowner lay in bed with the door shut to see if the phenomenon would repeat itself.  For a period of time a couple of OKPRI team members were in the dark room with the female homeowner to observe and document anything that might take place in the room.  When nothing occurred, all OKPRI members left the master bedroom and left the female homeowner in the room alone still monitored by

cameras.  Again nothing happened during this period of time.  Shadows were however seen darting in and out of this room during the course of all investigations.

One particular investigation there were 2 investigators who were in the daughter's bedroom sitting on the bed conducting a sit-down when they both felt the bed lightly vibrating and then a hard thump as if someone had kicked the bed.  Another investigator was called into the room to see if they too could witness the strange activity.  This member sat on the bed with them and felt the bed lightly vibrating and then all 3 members witnessed 2 additional hard thumps.    It was during this time that one investigator saw a face come out of the wall and then retreat back into the wall.  The face was described as being a face pushing

through a plastic wall so facial features could be seen but not in detail. 

One encounter that two investigators had while conducting a sit-down in the living room area was that of shadow play.  A tall black shadow was seen passing through the short hallway and into the daughter's bedroom.  During this time the homeowner's cat stopped and stared into the same room.  Our team followed the cat’s movement throughout various parts of the home and noticed that there were times that the cat appeared to be spooked or running from something unseen.  One investigator stated that he smelt the distinct scent of cigar smoke coming from the kitchen area but there was no 

was no physical evidence of any cigar, cigarette or other burning substance present.

There were several light sprites that were seen throughout the house, especially in the daughter's bedroom.  The daughter had reported always being scared in her room and several points she had even seen a dark shadow with red eyes come out of her bedroom closet.  Our team spent a lot of time in the daughter's bedroom and monitored the room and the closet.  We did see some shadow movement in the room and we were able to pick up some evps in this room as well.  


One of the things that the daughter reported happening a lot was that she oftentimes felt like something was trying to take over her "possess"her.  She said that her moods and thoughts would change and she wouldn't feel like herself.  Our group knew it was this troubled spirit that was here who was causing her the issues.



Given the testimony of the residents of this location and of the personal experiences our team encountered along with the recorded evp evidence, our team feels that this location has a haunting taking place.  Given the tragedy of the home’s history, we feel that it is haunted by at least one resident from its past who has refused to move on.  We feel that for many years this spirit has harbored so many negative feelings that it has turned him into a bitter and somewhat hostile spirit who refuses to leave his home.

A perspective on the "House of the Unquiet Dead" case.
By Carl L. Johnson

During the last visit to this location and during the filming for Animal Planet, the eldest daughter of the home appeared to be “attacked” by an unseen entity.  The team was conducting a sweep of the master bedroom when we noticed the oldest daughter Tal speaking out loud to the entity telling it that it had to leave her alone and that she wasn’t afraid of it.  Curious by her conversation, our team stood quietly by and watched as Tal spoke to this entity.  After a short period of time Tal stated she wasn’t feeling well so we gathered around her and listened as she continued to talk to the entity.  Unexpectedly the team then saw Tal hunch over forward and then lunge backwards onto the bed.  When we asked her if she was alright, she stated that it had 

felt like something or someone had punched her in the stomach and had pushed her backwards on to the bed.  As our team watch, Tal’s personality appeared to change and she appeared to go in and out of consciousness.  During those brief moments when she came to and appeared to be herself, she claimed little or no knowledge of a few things that had transpired with her.


Our team had previously placed a Tri-Field emf meter with an alarm in Tal’s bedroom.  Shortly after Tal’s experience in the master bedroom, Christy heard the Tri-Field meter activate so she called another member to go into the room with her in order to document the activity taking place.  The Tri-Field meter continued to activate and spike for approximately 2-3 minutes before completely stopping.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I did a walk-thru of this home, the energy there to me felt very heavy, depressive and angry.  I came across the spirit of a man who did not appear to be very happy.  He enjoyed causing havoc in the home and admitted to me that he had shot himself.  He felt like during the time that he was alive that the world was against him and so was God and everything that could go wrong with him did go wrong and

that he always got the raw end of deals.  There was a woman in his life that he was very close to but this woman annoyed him as well because she was deeply religious and shared her views often with him and he was in constant disagreement with her.  He had a son in life that he felt was spoiled and undeserving and he was very strict and harsh in behavior towards his son who eventually grew to be resentful of him.  He told me that one day he just got tired of it all and decided to end his own life to finally get relief but to his surprise, nothing had changed and his pain & suffering had not gone away.  He felt like if he had to be miserable, so should everyone else.

evidence collected

There were 21 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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