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The Man

1 1/10/2018

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Curtis and Becky


Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

camera set up.png

Cam 1 – Master Bedroom

Cam 2 – Bedroom

Cam 3 – Hallway

Cam 4 – Bedroom 3

Cam 5 – Den

Cam 6 – Kitchen

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple with children.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Youngest son was falling asleep on the couch one night, so the father  moved him into the master bedroom. He laid with his son for about 20 minutes & decided to get up to get his phone. When he came back into the room, the son was standing next to the bed frozen. He asked his dad if he'd come into the room & sat in the corner. The son reported seeing a man walk into the corner of the room next to the dresser & sit down. A few days later he drew a picture of the man he saw which was a normal looking man but without eyes.

drawing of the man.png
  • Right before we showed up to investigate, the father & son heard two noises & a scream coming from the kitchen area.

  • Youngest son was in his room & heard footsteps like someone was running towards him. The father tried to find the source but no one was there.

  • The father has seen unexplained lights in the house.

  • The father was standing in bathroom doorway & witnessed the bathroom light flicker 3 times. At the same time his son’s PlayStation that he was playing flickered 3 times. No other lights in the house flickered at this time.

  • Oldest son has seen his closet door open several times. At one point he saw a shadowy figure with its hand sticking out in the closet.

  • The homeowner will turn the lights off when he leaves for work, but comes home to them all turned on. The lightbulbs throughout the house also burn out quickly.

  • The father will set an alarm on his iPhone for the mornings but it never goes off. After they moved out & spend the first night in their new house, he reported that the alarm worked perfectly the next morning.


There has been no documented deaths on this property.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 1,503 square foot home is a single-family home rests on 1.0 acres and was built in 1971. The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 

Due to our investigation findings, interviews and further research, we contacted the landlord of the rental property.  The female landlord stated her cousin had a son who had passed violently in 2009 from a stabbing to the chest. The incident did not occur in the client’s home or town. The Oklahoman newspaper for Saturday, April 18, 2009 published the following:

Article fixed 2.jpeg

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived on location at approximately 7:00 p.m. and conducted a short interview with the client.  The client and his son were present and after the interview they left the home and our team began setting up equipment.  

set up 3.jpg



Our team began our set up at approximately 7:15 p.m.  Christy had placed her audio recorder in the living room on one of the tables as the team was bringing in the equipment.  A female voice was captured that said, “I’m getting tired.”  There was another evp that was captured when we were putting equipment out that asked, “Does it hurt ya?”  There were 3 female team members present but this was not anything that any of the female team members had said while present.  

Ashley’s audio recorder captured a “female singing” during this time too.  We do know that the clients suspected that their mother was present in spirit since she had appeared to a friend of theirs.  They also reported occasionally smelling her perfume in the house.  At another point in the set up, the female’s voice was recorded again on Christy’s audio recorded in the living room area saying, “please.”

While we were setting up, Christy’s audio recorder captured a “strange male voice” that was a big strange and indecipherable.  Around 7:37 p.m. while setting up the video cameras, Christy heard a male’s voice coming from the entrance area.  

set up 4.jpg

The voice was long and drawn out and said, “hey.”  This was captured on Christy’s audio recorder that was located on the window seal in the living room.  Christy asked if Curtis had said anything since he was the only male present and he said he hadn’t said anything.  A bit later, Christy’s audio recorder also captured a male’s voice saying, “thirty-eight.”  We do not know what he was referencing to.  Another evp that was captured during this time was the male’s voice again but it just couldn’t be made it.  It was an “unknown male voice.”

Christy had walked into the kitchen area a few minutes later at around 7:50 p.m. when she heard a male’s voice audibly say, “What are you guys doing?”  This unfortunately was not captured on audio.  Christy had come back into the living room area and had asked the rest of the team if we could text the client if we had any questions during the investigation since they were all there during the client interview.  Ashley responded back to Christy and said she didn’t know and before Ashley was even able to finish

speaking, a male evp is recorded on Christy’s audio recorder saying, “yes.”  Also during this time and “unknown male whisper” is recorded.  We are unable to make out what is being said in this evp.

After set up was finished, the teams took a short break. Ashley stayed inside the house and was watching the dvr cameras.  After a few minutes, she got up and got something out of the kitchen.  Christy’s audio recorder was still in the living room and captured a female voice which came in and said, “Trip, turn back.” Becky was setting up the camera in the master bedroom and heard a “loud thump” on the master bedroom wall. All team members present heard the thump.  Another strange evp that we captured during our set up time was that of a male and female voice as if they were arguing.  You can hear a female voice say, “Get out of the house” and then a male voice say, “no.”  “Get out of the house….no.”  We found this evp to be quite particular in nature.


The group began investigation at around 8:18pm.  While conducting a walkthrough of the kitchen area, Ashley, Christy, & Becky had stepped into the laundry room to look up at the attic opening in that room. Ashley & Becky had already reentered the kitchen, & as Christy came through the door & began to shut it when it was suddenly pulled back hard as if it was being yanked out of her hand. This was captured on audio.  “Door

yanked back.”  It happened about 8:31 p.m.  All three women visibly saw the door being pulled back & also heard the sound of the door being reopened just as Christy was shutting it. 

The team went out into the backyard to investigate the yard and old shed.  Becky had her audio recorder in the kitchen area when it recorded a “male’s whispery sentence” that is unable to be made out.  Then she also recorded a male’s voice saying, “no.”



Ashley, Christy, & Becky were sitting in the master bedroom discussing the client’s claims in that area. At one point they all heard a loud pop from the wall directly behind Christy. Immediately after she said that she felt like someone was standing behind her. There were no other noises throughout the entire night that would suggest the typical noises such as the house settling. There was also no heat in the home that would cause any kind of expanding of the walls or ceilings. Loud Pop


After our sit-down things appeared to be very quiet so our team decided to try a little experiment.  We were talking about how the activity seemed to me more prominent during the set up time but not so much when we were quiet and listening.  Becky came up with an experiment for us to try.  Her suggestion was to go around the house and start making a lot of noise. She suggested opening and closing doors and cabinets to see if we could get a reaction.  We tried the experiment and noticed activity starting to happen again.  It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder captured two evps of a female voice saying, “Stop it, stop it,” and “Stop messing around.”

Further Investigation


We continued our investigation and we were in the master bedroom.  Curtis was at base when he heard a strange sound in the kitchen.  We came into the living room area where Curtis was to ask him what he had heard.  He stated he didn’t really know how to describe the sound he had heard.  He described it as a “strange sound in the kitchen.”  As we were discussing the sound, we all heard a loud thumping sound coming from the kitchen area.  We weren’t sure exactly where in

the kitchen the sound was coming from so we went to the kitchen area and looked around and waited for a minute to see if we could hear the sound again.  The back utility door was also checked and we saw no one outside on the side of the house.  After waiting for a few minutes, we weren’t able to hear the thumping again.  We wanted to know if we hard the thumping on our audio recorders so Ashley checked her audio recorder and sure enough the thumping sound was there.  Christy’s audio recorder also captured the “loud thumping on the utility door” the loudest out of both audio recorders.  

We decided to try and recreate the loud thumping sound and were able to recreate it on the back utility door.  The video on the right is a recreation video of the thumping sound we heard.


We went back into the master bedroom again to finish up on our investigation of the room.  As we were standing by the dresser, Becky said she felt something tug her right pant leg.  Right as she was telling us about her pant leg being tugged,

Christy’s audio recorder captured a female’s voice saying, “get away.”  We thought this experience was unique since the female evp was captured just right after Becky felt her pant leg tugged.  

Wrap Up

Our group waited for a while longer to see if there would be any other activity taking place within the home.  When nothing else happened for a while, we decided to wrap up for the evening and head

back home.  During our wrap up, we didn’t have any activity take place, which surprised us since the house had seemed active all night during periods when we hadn’t remained quiet.  Our equipment surprisingly did not record anything paranormal during this time.



Our team feels like there were two spirits present in this location.  One we felt like was the client’s mother who had passed away recently.  We felt like she was in the home visiting and would be following the clients to their new home once they had completed their move.


The other we felt like was a male spirit who was related to the original owners of the home.  We felt like he was trying to connect with his family but was confused in some ways about where his intermediate family was.  We were in contact with the original owners of the home and after speaking with them; they sent a picture of the young man to the current renters (who originally contacted us.)   The client confirmed that the picture of the young man that his landlord sent to them was the same young man that both he and his sons had been seeing in the house.  The landlord spoke with the deceased young man’s mother who stated that she didn’t feel it was her son because she felt like her son had already crossed over.  Given all of the evidence that we collected and our experiences in the home, we do feel like “the man” that the clients had been seeing was the relative of the landlord who had passed back in 2009.


Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This investigation was very interesting.  As soon as I walked in the house I was able to feel strong energy.  I felt like we were being watched but I didn’t know by whom.  I had my first experience in the living room area of the home when I heard the audible man’s voice saying, “hey.”  It wasn’t until later that I was able to connect with this young man and figure out his story.  I felt like this young man might have been Native American and that he was in an altercation of some sorts with another male.

 The altercation became heated and this young man was violently stabbed and then bled out and died.  I wasn’t sure where this had taken place at, but I knew that this young man was angry about being dead and at the man who had taken his life.  He felt like it wasn’t his time to go.  He was concerned about leaving family behind and he wanted his family to know he was still around.  He wanted to stay around to be with his family.  He didn’t care for the family who was living/renting the home of his cousin.  I offered help to this young man and let him know that he could cross over but he wasn’t interested in crossing over at the moment.   I didn’t really speak with the female there because I was focused on the young man.

MW headstone.jpeg

 Earlier in the investigation though, I did feel like there might have been a female family member of the client there who was renting the home.  I figured this was his mother.  When we asked the clients about a female family member being there in spirit, we were told that they felt like it was the male client’s mother who was there.  They had smelled her perfume and she had been seen a couple of times there as well.  They figured she was just there visiting with them but they didn’t feel she was the one causing the haunting and she wasn’t.  I knew once the clients had finished their move that the female family member would be going with them.

evidence collected

There were 15 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 6 sound clips.  

There were no photos and no video clips.


"Does it hurt ya?"
"Female singing"
"Get away"
"Get out of the"
"Hey" heard audibly
"I'm getting tired"
"Long whisper" by male voice
"Stop messing around"
"Stop it, stop it"
"Strange male voice"
"Trip, turn back"
"Unknown male voice"

sound clips

Door yanked back
Light footstep
Loud thumping on utility door
Pop in master bedroom
Strange sound in kitchen
Thump in master bedroom
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