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Meet the OKPRI Team!

Becky OKPRI 23.jpg

My name is Becky. I am the Case Manager for  OKPRI.

I was proudly raised in Seminole, OK and now live in Stillwater, Ok. I am married to OKPRI team member James Alred and cousin to team member Eric Haworth. I am the owner of and certified groomer of a pet grooming business after retiring from Corporate Human Resources working for a large government contracting company. I am a Belly Dancer, Acrylic Artist, Kyak Slayer and Fisherwoman. I also enjoy volunteering with multiple agencies in support of my community. My husband, family and pets are the loves of my life.

I have had experiences with the paranormal from childhood. In my twenties I owned a home with an active spirit and nightly activity that continued for ten years. As a child I didn’t understand the things that I saw or heard, however, since owning my previous home I have had a strong interest in finding solid proof of the paranormal.

The experiences of my past drew me to OKPRI. I have a drive and curiosity to prove, not only the existence of life after death, but also why spirits have not moved on. My goal is to explore the paranormal through evidence base research and researching the motivation, attachment, level of awareness and communicative ability after death. I am dedicated to paranormal research and assisting clients whom are afraid and/or need answered to the unexplained events in their home and life.

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