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A Place of Change
1 1/13/2021

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Becky, Curtis, Kathy & Eric


No outside photo of the location will be shown due to client confidentiality. 

Equipment used:  DVR, 6 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod and other person emf and recording equipment.

Dinner Pic.jpeg

Cam 1 – Wing 1

Cam 2 – Wing 2

Cam 3 – Old Nurse's Station

Cam 4 – Old Jail Area

Atmospheric Conditions:


Moon: Waxing Gibbous

Temp: 47°

Humidity: 53%

Barometric Pressure: 30.02

Wind: S at 10MPH

Client Claims:


This location is currently a business.  It is only occupied during business operational times by the owner, and staff.

•    Clients had feelings of being watched and not being alone.
•    Music has been heard playing in the building when no music has been turned on.
•    Odd sounds are heard throughout the building.
•    Shadows are seen periodically in the building.
•    Voices are sometimes heard in the building.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Due to the confidentiality of this client, not much information about this location will be released in the historical report.  This is a 15,120 square building and was originally built somewhere around 1975.  It served its original function for many years before changing hands to another local business where it was then remodeled some to suit its new purpose.  After some time had passed, the building was later donated in 1996 to provide another purpose for business where it continues to serve today.  The name, "A Place of Change" serves it well given this business' history.

group back area.jpg

Investigation Report

set up.JPG

Client Interview/Set Up


The team arrived at 8:00 p.m. and was greeted by a member of the staff who let us into the building.  Two of our team members had previously conducted a tour of the building a few weeks prior to check out the location and to do a Halloween interview with a local reporter, so they knew the layout already.  Kathy had already conducted an interview with the client on this visit as well for preliminary research of the history’s property.  Our team’s goal now was to get into the building and be able to set up equipment and get started on our investigation.  Since

only two previous team members had seen the layout of the building, we decided to do a quick walk through of the building again so everyone would have an idea of where to place the equipment at.  This building was very large in size and had multiple wings so we would need to set up additional cameras in various areas.  Never did we expect things to start happening on our quick walk through of the building, but they did!  We decided to start towards the back of the building and make our way towards the front of the building.

8:31 p.m. - Christy heard shuffling coming from in front of her.  There was movement from people walking behind her, however, she distinctively heard the footstep shuffling from in front of her audibly and called it out to her team while there.  Upon review of her audio recorder, she picked up footstep shuffling heard by nursing station, however, footsteps from her team can also be heard on the audio clip as well.  The one that Christy had heard was the last one right before she called out that she had heard the shuffling.

8:35 p.m. – The team decided to explore behind the next door and right after opening the door, two team members (Christy and Kathy) saw a dark shadow at the end of the hallway.  The team then decided to walk all the way down to check out the area to see if they could find the source of the shadow that had been seen.  While we were down there, Eric and Kathy kept hearing a male’s voice audibly, as well as a dog barking outside off in the distance.  (See video) During this time, Christy’s audio recorded picked up a “Creak” sound.  At first Kathy thought it was Christy’s stomach growling, however, Christy’s confirmed a couple of times that it was not her stomach growling.  During this time, Becky’s audio recorder also recorded a male’s voice in this area heard on her audio clipping right after Kathy said, “Did you hear it again?” “Unknown male voice in hall.”

8:36 p.m. – It was during this same time and right after the creak sound that Christy’s audio recorder picked up a male’s voice on her audio recorder saying, “Help me.”   

At approximately 9:00 p.m. our team began our official set up since things had seemed to settle down after our walk through of the location.  Since we had an idea of the layout of the location, we began setting up cameras in the location.  Becky’s audio recorder recorded a strange sound while placing cameras on tripods.  Set Up Strange Sound.  This sound sounded like 4 weird popping type sounds.  The team finished their set up around 9:40 p.m.


10:03 p.m. - Our group was in the conference room and was discussing old recorders and their quality when several of us heard musical notes coming from the hallway area.  Becky’s audio recorder captured a high-pitched whoop sound during this time. – Whoop Sound   Christy’s audio recorder captured these “Musical Notes,” but they were recorded in the background under our group talking.

Curious to find out where the musical notes were coming from, our group went out into the hall to find their source.  We checked each of the rooms and listened closely but heard nothing.  



We decided to conduct a sit-down in the main hallway there right outside of room #10.  Christy began connecting again with the older female spirit by the name of Evelyn. It was during this time that Kathy asked Evelyn if she needed help crossing over.  Becky’s audio recorder recorded an evp of what sounded like a female spirit answering her saying, “I do.”  Shortly after this, Becky asked Evelyn if she could move a sign hanging above a door. Becky also recorded a response that sounded like,” I can’t” or “I’m trying.” 

sit-down hallway.JPG

We continued our sit-down there in the hall there for a bit asking questions.  We even did a little audio baiting playing some music.  Around 10:23 p.m., Christy’s asked Eric to use her camera to take some pictures and she continued to ask questions.  As she did, her audio recorder captured a male’s voice that said, “In your dreams.”   You can hear the male voice in the beginning of the clip.

light anomaly.JPG

Possible light anomaly caught during this sit-down time.

light anomaly pic side by side.jpg

Picture taken right before the one with the possible light anomaly.  This is a side by side view of both pictures together for better comparison.

Our team moved to different areas of the building and continued our investigation.  We conducted sit-downs in each of the areas that we went to.  Our equipment however did not pick up any further evidence in any of the other areas of the building.  Our team then decided to wrap up our investigation at 11:19 p.m.



Our team feels like this location is active with a few different spirits, however, we do not feel like any of the spirits present are harmful or malicious in nature.  We feel like the spirits present are a possible result of its past history and its current business status. 


Psychic Investigator’s Comments


The client had sent me some pictures of this location prior to our visit there.  In the photos, I had seen a man who was using a walker down one of the hallways.  Remotely I was able to pick up on his concern that he was worried about finding his son.  His concern was that his son might not know where he was and that he wasn’t able to get into touch with his son.  He wanted his son to know where he was and that

he was alright.  I was told by Evelyn that she called him “Harry.”

While we were doing an interview with a local reporter, we were walking down one of the hallways and I encountered an older but friendly woman by the name of Evelyn.  She told me that she enjoyed music and she also loved to dance.  She referenced to the building at the time when it was used as a former business and did state that she enjoyed the staff and the building and enjoyed helping everyone there still.  She did mention that she was tired and ready to go home though, but she was waiting on her family to “go home” with her.  She stated she “didn’t want to go home without them.”  I did try to help Evelyn cross over and encouraged her to look for family who was possibly already on the other side waiting for her.  I assured her that other family would join her just as soon as they could, but it would be better for her to find her own peace if she chose to by “going home” now. I do believe it was something that Evelyn considered that evening.  I cannot say for sure if this “Evelyn” was for sure connected with the building’s past history as she did not confirm that with me during our time there, but I couldn’t help rule that possibility out.  I had our historian look up any history she could find on an “Evelyn” that might be connected to this location just in case there was a connection.  We were able to find an Evelyn who was a head nurse who was connected to this location from one of its former business locations, but again, the Evelyn I connected with may or may not have been that Evelyn.

As I continued to talk to Evelyn, she also told us about a woman who liked to stay in the back area.  She told us her name was Phyllis.  She said that Phyllis had a lot of things in the back that were taken from her home after she died and were being sold and she didn’t like it.  She said that Phyllis was possessive over her things.

Overall, this place had a lot of energy to it.  I also felt like there were different spirits that have come and gone with the place.  Some stay a little longer than others.  I felt like this in part is due to its history and then some is due to its past and current usage for the building.  Overall, this location has definitely been a place of change for many many years, even to some spiritual residents who have decided to call it home for a while.

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation, 5 sound clips, and 2 video clip.  

There was 1 positive photos 


light anomaly.JPG
light anomaly pic side by side.jpg


"Unknown male voice"

"I do"

"In your dreams"

"Help me"

"I can't" or "I'm trying"

sound clips

Footstep shuffling


Strange Sound

Whoop Sound

Musical Notes

Video Clips

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