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The Paranormal is the normal just not yet understood.

It is OKPRI’s goal to give our client’s a better understanding of what they are experiencing and to give answers through research and investigation as to why the location may be haunted.

If enough data is recorded to say that a location has paranormal activity, extensive research into the property is then conducted and during this process, full interviews and data are gathered during and after an investigation.

Any findings OKPRI may record and document are given to the client upon completion of the case file.

OKPRI’s members are dedicated to the cause of paranormal research and investigation, remaining skeptical yet open-minded when it comes to paranormal phenomenon.


Although OKPRI bases its research off of collected data, they will, at times, will utilize psychic help and appreciate the insights provided in helping gather information.

Modern Christianity teaches that there is a Heaven and a Hell and those who do not uphold good morals and accept God/Jesus as their savior, have a fiery hell that awaits them when they die. Others believe that the present life we are living on Earth is hell, while others believe we are all destined to a resting place of peace & happiness no matter what. Then again, other people simply believe that when our physical body dies, life simply stops and so does our existence.  


Many different religions lead each individual to believe different or similar theories about the “other side” and what really happens to us when we leave our physical bodies.  While there is not a lot of proof that the other side exists, we are given clues and bits of information from time to time which can help each of us decide what “theory” or “belief” system we really choose to accept.

Many people throughout the world have reported seeing apparitions, more commonly known as “ghosts” or hearing disembodied voices or claim to see things move on their own, etc.  Is all of this proof that ghosts exist?  To those of us who have experienced any of the strange phenomenons, chances are, it’s strengthened our belief system to agree that ghosts do exist.  To the hard core skeptics or to modern day scientists however, there will never be enough proof to say that ghosts exist! Medical scientists have conducted studies on the physical body and the possible existence of a soul.  During these studies; they have discovered interesting facts that have lead up to a theory on death and the soul’s existence. Their studies have involved different people right about the time of their death. These scientists would weigh their subject’s right before they died and then weight them again just seconds after death. While this may sound a bit morbid, it has enabled scientist to find a slight difference in weight right after the body dies. Could this possibly be from the absence of the soul away from the physical body? This was a theory they presented as a result of their studies.

Although most paranormal researchers do not necessarily have a degree which defines us as a scientist, we are all still interested none the less in the studies of the soul and the existence of life after death. Throughout the years, many paranormal researchers have taken a step forward to test theories about the existence of ghosts and have developed intriguing methods of study, coming up with some interesting evidence that helps back our theories that ghosts are real.

Most paranormal researchers & investigators know that modern science doesn’t accept our evidence as proof that ghosts exist. In fact, the closest form of recognizing any evidence that ghosts exist is through EVP, electronic voice phenomenon or “voices of the dead”. It is through this phenomenon of recorded voices that scientists have acknowledge a possibility that a supernatural realm is possible, but the recordings presented are not enough “evidence” to say for sure.   For those of us who research the paranormal and record our own “evidence,” we can say that we definitely believe that there is another existence for us after we die, a place where our soul goes after it leaves the physical body, an existence known simply as a “ghost.” 

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