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The man with the handlebar mustache

General Information

Equipment used:  DVR, 3 IR video cameras, 1 full-spectrum video camera, personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer, 2 KII EMF meters, Rem Pod, Spirit Box, and other person emf and recording equipment.

Atmospheric Conditions:


Moon: Waxing Crescent

Temp: 50° F

Humidity: 39%

Barometric Pressure: 30.16

Wind: NNE at 19 MPH

Investigators:     Christy, Curtis, & Kathy

group pic.heic

Cam 1 – Child's Room

Cam 2 – Master Living Room

Cam 3 – Living Room 

Cam 4 – Kitchen

Client Claims:


•    4-year-old was in master bedroom was watching TV while the client was taking a shower. The child ran into the bathroom stating, “there is a man in the house!” It was determined that there was no evidence someone had been in the home at that time.
•    Two daughters state they saw a shadow figure walk into the kitchen from the foyer.
•    The client’s skeptical son-in-law has seen the shadow as well.
•    The client and both of her daughters will hear one of the others call them by name in their voice when that person is not in the home when it is heard.
•    Recent claims: things frequently get misplaced or lost. 
•    Doors open/close on their own including appliance doors.
•    Client has been touched on the shoulder.
•    Daughter felt as if someone sat on the couch next to her and a cold breeze was felt at the time. 

cam set up.heic

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s home was built in 1960 and is 2,104 square feet. It was remodeled in 2002 where the home was combined with the close next-door home to create one larger home.   Sold again in 2006, it was not clear if there were other owners, but it appears the home was foreclosed in November of 2009. Eventually, ownership went to the Secretary of the VA and then purchased by the client in October 2010.

After extensive research, no significant incidents have occurred on or near the client’s property that would indicate potential for paranormal activity. Oftentimes, this means the activity is not necessarily connected to the land, but instead has an attachment to one or more family members residing at the residence.

Investigation Report

Set Up

Our group began setting up equipment throughout the main areas of the home where the clients had reported paranormal claims.  Stationary cameras were placed in the child’s bedroom, the master bedroom, the kitchen and in the living room area of the home.  A geophone was placed in the kitchen area to monitor for vibrations in the floor since most of the paranormal claims were reported in the kitchen area.  Motion sensors were placed in the office area and master bathroom since cameras were not placed in those rooms.

Client Interview


Our team arrived at this location around 7:55 p.m.  We began our in-home interview with the client and her daughter. After only 13 minutes, we hear a voice during the interview. The client’s daughter was describing her experiences when you can hear a female whisper on Kathy’s recorder say, “oh yeah!” At around 30.14 minutes into the interview, Christy’ audio recorder picked up a female voice that said, “hey guys.”  One of the clients then graciously showed the team around their home and informed us of areas in their home where they had been experiencing claims of paranormal activity.  The client interview process took approximately 1 hour.

set up 1.HEIC


Investigative sweeps were started around 10:00 p.m. and while Curtis was watching the DVR cameras, Christy and Kathy began during the walk-through taking baseline readings, along with photographic and evp recordings.  Both ladies started in the child’s room in the back corner of the home and decided to do a short sit-down before exiting the room.  Both Christy and Kathy were sitting on the floor and within just a couple of minutes after starting the sitting, at approximately 10:18 p.m., Kathy stated she felt a large thump vibrate on the floor of the room.  Within just a minute or two after that, Curtis signaled both Christy and Kathy, telling them that the geophone in the kitchen was activating.  Christy and Kathy both joined Curtis in the kitchen to monitor the geophone and noticed the activation that occurred off and on for the next few minutes then stopped.  The geophone activity was captured on our DVR camera and on cell phone footage.  We did change out batteries in the geophone just to make sure the batteries were not the cause of the activation.  After changing the batteries, we did have a couple of more small activations and then nothing more after that.

Video from our dvr camera from the geophone activation in the kitchen area.

Other video recorded from from the geophone activation in the kitchen area.

Christy and Kathy then continued their investigative sweeps throughout the remainder of the home.  While in the master bedroom, they conducted a sit-down and monitored with emf meters.  The Estes method was also used producing only a couple of interesting results, but nothing that could be considered as a definite answer or proof of any paranormal activity.


Our group began wrapping up our investigation around 1:00 a.m.  We did conduct an exit interview with the client to explain what we had experienced during our investigative time while in their home.  We also wanted to give them time to ask any questions they might have had.  We were sitting in the living room.  It was during this time and while the female client was talking that a thump could be heard.  The female client asked if we all heard that.  Christy and Kathy’s audio recorder both had picked up the “thump” sound.

wrap up.HEIC
Christy March.jpg

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Upon initial walk through of this location, it did feel very peaceful and calm.  I went into the child’s bedroom and did a little sit-down and encountered a little girl first who appeared to be around the age of 6-8 years old and was wearing a little white gown.  She told me that she had become sick while alive.  She described having a fever and a cough, and while she didn’t quite know what she was fully sick with, she said 

there was no medicine that was able to help her.  Her timeframe felt around the late 1800’s, to early 1900’s.  She told me that she was sent to a hospital to try to get better, and it was there that she passed away.  She told me that after her death, there was this “black-eyed” nurse who was around her who scared her.  This nurse was supposed to be “taking care” of her, however this little girl did not want this nurse taking care of her because she scared her so bad.  This little girl did however, like the current living girl who lived in the home and followed her home one day.  The little ghost girl felt safe and comfortable in this home, especially because she was away from this “black-eyed” nurse since she felt this nurse wouldn’t be able to find her.

    There was also a woman I felt in the home who had passed away from an illness.  She did feel connected to one of the current family members in the home. She told me she also liked the little ghost girl and the living little girl in the home, and she felt responsible to help take care of both. I felt she and the little ghost girl were not the ones causing any of the chaos in the home.

    There was a man in the home who I picked up on while doing a sit-down in the master bedroom of the home.  The way he introduced himself to me was a bit odd.  I felt a man’s presence and then I saw the bridge of a nose and mouth with a handlebar mustache first.  I didn’t know why I was being shown this, but later I would learn this was a way this man would identify himself since he would distinctly be known for his handlebar mustache.  I felt like this man was the father of a previous female owner of this home.  He was familiar with the home as he had been in the home numerous times.  He felt possessive over the home and the way things took place around the home.  If he didn’t like something, he had no problems making his dislikes known.  He reminded me of a grumpy old man in a lot of ways.  Not evil by any mean, just a little disgruntled when he wanted to be.  

    After describing this man to the current homeowners, they felt like they knew who this man was.  They showed me a picture of him and asked if that was who I had seen.  After looking at the picture, even though it was a younger version of him, it matched the man I was seeing, right down to the mustache.  I offered the homeowners some tips on how they could help manage this man along with their haunting.

evidence collected

There were 2 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation, 1 sound clips, and 1 video clip.  

There were 0 positive photos 


"Oh yeah"

"Hey guys"




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