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General Information

Investigators:      Christy, Curtis, Kathy, Donna, Cyrena, Ashley, and Gary


Equipment used: DVR, (8) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, REM Pod, and various EMF meters

Investigation 1:


Cam1- Master Bedroom

Cam2- Living Room

Cam3- Master Bathroom

Cam4- Kitchen

Cam5- Far Bedroom

Cam6- Laundry Room/Hallway

Cam8- Master Closet

Investigation 2:

Cam1 – Master bedroom pointed at  jewelry box on dresser (Motion detector and Geophone on dresser)

Cam2 – Master bathroom vanity pointing towards sunroom

Cam3 – Daughter’s bedroom in far left corner pointed towards closet

Cam4 – Spare bathroom at end of long hallway pointed down long hallway

Cam5 – (Full-spectrum camera) Living room on wine rack pointed toward sunroom (TV left, Couch right)

Cam6 – Master closet (female homeowner) with motion sensor


Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by the client and his wife. Some of the current experiences in the home include:


· Coat hangers in a closet that sound like someone is running their hands down them.

· Light being turned on in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

· A clock that will run backwards (sometimes), Not battery operated but is hardwired.

· A closet light that turned on by itself.

· A Keurig coffee make that turned on by itself.

· Noises in daughter’s old closet (back of house in mother-in-law plan).

· Also sounds like someone running hand down wall.

· Wife has had stuff in closet all knocked down. Wasn’t cats either due to the way the closet woodwork is made. Items also being moved from shelves to the floor in master closet.

· Wife was in shower and didn’t have any lights on (not dark yet.) Lights turned on by themselves. Wife thought the husband did it but he didn’t.

· The TV has turned on by itself too. No one was in the living room. Husband came into the room and noticed the TV flipped on by itself.

· Evenings seems to be when it’s most active. Nothing to late in the night for anything.

· Hearing a "Music Box" said it was more familiar to the music of a snow globe owned by the husband.

· Footsteps (heavy) up and down the far hallway.

· Vacuum cleaner operational while unplugged (wife used it and after turning it off discovered it to be unplugged).

· Doors opening/closing on their own.

· Coffee cup moving from under coffee maker 2 times on the night of team arrival.

· Kitchen cabinets opening on their own.


There are no confirmed deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s earth-sheltered home was built in 1984 and has 4 bedrooms with 3 ½ baths.  The style of the home gave it a “doomsday” bunker feel of an all concrete home built in the ground during the time of the cold war  in the 1980’s as the original owner believed the bunker was necessary should a war break out.


Research of the property and surrounding neighborhood in the archives of three different newspapers did not reveal anything out of the ordinary. 

For the sake of the previous homeowner and his family, further history on this home will not be released on our site.  We will say that after our investigation of this residence, we  determined that the only connection to the past that this house had was the initial owner himself which we believe is one of the spirits that resides in the home.

Investigation Report

Client In-Home Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. After the tour was over, the client left them home to us to complete the investigation.

During the interview process, the clients were showing Donna, Kathy and Gary around the home. While the client was talking, Donna's audio recorder which she was holding caught a whispered male voice saying, "No." A few minutes later while in the laundry room, her recorder also captured a male voice saying “Go away please.”


Toward the end of the client interview, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting  on the dining room table when it captured an EVP of a male’s voice saying, “Okay.”  Around twenty minutes later, Christy’s audio recorder captured another EVP that was the voice of a female that said, “Yeah that’s right, it is.”  About a minute after this, Christy’s audio recorder also got an EVP of a man’s voice saying, “Come here.”  We were still talking to the homeowners,  eleven more minutes had passed when Christy’s audio recorder picked up the voice of a female saying, “Hey, pst, come here.”  

Setup 1:


Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that in most of the analyzed audio during this phase

multiple EVPs were captured. 


While the team was in the kitchen at this time, Christy was talking to Donna about the team schedule and Gary was talking to Curtis about cables. Kathy was not in the room at the time, but her audio recorder was sitting on the counter and captured a male voice saying something similar to, “when, when.” The team

reviewed this after the investigation and ruled out Curtis as the voice because this EVP happens over his talking.

Kathy had moved her recorder to the dresser in the client’s daughter’s bedroom. Kathy was talking with Curtis about the claim of the bedroom door slamming and how it was not likely the result of suction when you can hear a female giggle in the background at 5 seconds into the clip. The other team members were in another room and the can be faintly heard in this recording, however the volume of the giggle seems to reveal the source of it is close to the recorder and in the presence of Kathy and Curtis. During this time, Christy, Kathy, and Donna heard a door slam shut. Gary's audio recorder which was sitting on the kitchen table caught it- Door Slam.  A few minutes later his recorder captured a male whisper, "Unknown." Unfortunately, the team could not figure out what the EVP was saying after review.

Toward the end of setting up the equipment, the team was again in the kitchen except for Kathy who was setting up an EMF and geophone in the master bedroom closet area.  During this time, Christy was in the kitchen with her audio recorder and suddenly heard strange music playing from the direction of the master bedroom. Christy called out to Kathy to see if she had heard any music playing. Kathy said no and she made a motion detector go off to see if that was the chiming sound that Christy had heard. Christy said no and went back to investigate the sound. Kathy wound up the music box and Christy went back into the kitchen to verify the sound.

It was verified that this  was the music box that Christy had heard. When Christy went into the closet with Kathy to help her  finish the equipment set up. Christy had her audio recorder with her and captured on her audio the music box going off by itself two more separate times. Unfortunately this file was accidentally deleted in the file transfer process but the experience needed to be noted.  

Setup 2


Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that in most of the analyzed audio during this phase captured multiple EVPs.                                                 

Five minutes into the set-up process, the homeowner asked to show us all something, real quick in the laundry room when Donna’s recorder picked up a voice saying, “watch out.” At 58 minutes into set up, Donna’s recorder was with her in the master bath, and Donna picked up “sound check… oh” as we were discussing where to put the motion sensors.

Set-up was completed at 8:50 pm. Clients left home at 9:04 pm. Break at 9:10 pm included investigation on grounds outside on property.

Walkthrough with Sweeps 1


The walkthrough phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building, whether it be a home or business, and focus psychically on her gifts to seek and talk with any spirits that may be present at that time. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Sometimes the team will either conduct these phases together or separate depending on the size of the home.

Christy, Donna, Curtis, and Kathy were in the laundry room gathering environmental data when Kathy and Christy heard an audible low and deep sigh. Kathy said it sounded as if it was coming from an area near where Christy was standing and Christy stated she thought it was coming from an area near where Kathy was standing. Nobody’s stomach growled or made any other noises. All team members were standing still at the time. A few minutes later Kathy heard an audible female voice that she briefly heard and her audio recorder captured. It is unknown what this voice is saying despite slowing down and cleaning up the recording. The original untouched file is attached and the voice can be heard at 3 seconds into the clip.

Christy, Curtis, and Kathy are in the master bedroom doing an experiment with the music box. As Donna was walking from the kitchen into that master

bedroom, her audio recorder which she was holding captured a male voice saying "it won't die." 


After finishing up in the master bedroom and moving out to the front sunroom, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an unknown “female whispering and sigh.”  The whisper wasn’t heard audibly but the sigh was.   About fifteen minutes later in this same area, Christy’s audio recorder also captured a loud popping sound.

Walkthrough with Sweeps 2

Kathy was at base monitoring the DVR at the start of this phase of the investigation. Donna’s recorder was in the daughter’s  bedroom, and Christy asked who the female was. Donna’s recorder picked up “saw.” This was about 9:32 PM. About 20 minutes later, Donna’s recorder also picked up a growl in the back bedroom. Several of the team had heard this noise several times.  

No further evidence was collected until 12:06am, when Christy’s recorder caught a “male whisper.” During this time, Kathy had  joined the group when everyone was walking into the living room to conduct a sweep of the environment. Christy asks, “Who is making all the noise?” when an "unknown voice" is picked up on her recorder. A minute later, Kathy was asking Christy about what  she had heard. She says, “…click, click, click” and shortly after, Christy’s recorder picked up a voice saying, “what.”


The team discussed turning off the water in the water fountain and Christy’s recorder picked up a voice saying, “we did."About a half-hour later, at 12:37am, the Rempod activates while Christy is getting numerous contacts from many spirits. The KII EMF meter is also lighting up.

Sit-down 1


This sit-down phase of the investigation is the time where the team sits down in a specific room sometimes with the clients to just listen for any activity and to have Christy communicate with any spirit that may be present.

Our group decided to conduct another sit-down in the back daughter’s bedroom.  It was during this time toward the beginning of the sit-down that Christy’s flashlight began having issues not turning on.  At this time Christy’s audio recorder captured a male EVP saying, “Robert.”  Donna’s audio recorder was placed at the threshold of the daughter’s bedroom during this time as Christy asked questions and captured shuffling sounds outside in the hallway. During this time, Gary's audio recorder sitting on the kitchen table

recorded the "music box playing" as he was watching the monitors. He did not hear this sound audibly at that time.

Sit-down 2


At about 12:28 am, a female voice can be heard in the recording while the team was talking about how there seems to be an increase in spirits present and discussed a theory about how reducing the contact and communication with them may make the spirits go away. Donna was able to hear this voice when it happened. Eight minutes later, at 12:36 am, the REMPod activated once while the team was discussing how spirits in the home were seeking help. (This device emits an electromagnetic field that is picked up by the device’s antenna. When that field is disrupted, as when someone touches or comes near that antenna, the device alarms.

The team moved to the master bedroom to continue the sit-down phase at 12:43 am. The team moved to the back bedroom to continue the sit-down phase at 1:46 am. Eight minutes later, at 1:54 am,  Kathy felt as if her hair was gently touched twice. She thought the first touch was her hair settling on her shoulder until it had done it a second time. She is still not sure this was paranormal, however thought it was important to mention since there were further incidents that followed. Another eight minutes passed when the team heard a loud pop at 2:02 a.m. It happened again five minutes later (loud pop 2) at 2:07 a.m. a little louder/closer to the team and again about a minute later (loud pop 3).

Finally, these noises ended with a much loud slam a minute later that seemed louder and closer than the previous 3 pops. It was similar to the sound of a door slam down the long hallway although no doors were closed and there was no movement captured on the IR video recordings. This loud slam was enough to send the dog walking quickly down the hallway and into the room with the team members. About 20 seconds after the slam, the REM Pod alarmed and would not shut off without a reset of the device. There was no spike in the EMF (electromagnetic field) detected from the two K II meters next to the REM Pod. During this time, Cyrena had asked any spirit present if they were following the dog around when Kathy’s audio recorder picked up a high-pitch distant voice that sounds like a scream. Cyrena had stated to the team that she heard “yes.”

At 2:12 am, the team discussed seeing potential breaks in the laser grid lines as they were looking down the long hallway from the back bedroom. (The laser grid is a device that shines lines of lasers down a hallway making it easier to see if shadows or other objects may be moving at longer distances in the dark.) They thought they were seeing shadows at the end of the hall similar in shape to a dog. The client’s dog was accounted for at the time. Christy stated she saw a female figure. At 2:17am, the team was discussing the popping noises again when Christy’s recorder picks up a female voice sounding as if it is saying “Get out.”

The back part of the home seemed to be one of the most active areas, especially the hallways and the daughter's bedroom.  Our team noticed a lot of shadow movement and shuffling and whispering coming from the hallway and the daughter's bedroom. At one particular point during the sit down, Christy heard a loud yell coming from the hallway.  This yell seemed to sound female but it was not picked up on our audio recorders.  Strangely enough the client's dog seemed to be bothered by something in the hallway and at one particular time seemed to get spooked and moved quickly from the hallway into the room where we were.

We noticed that the sun room had some interesting activity as well. Singing was heard in the sunroom. We also recorded a woman's voice on audio. The team  was taking a break and sitting out on the porch for a few minutes (2nd investigation) when Christy noticed a full white solid shadow about 1 foot wide and 2 feet long that floated across from the inside  of the door to the right and out the front window.  The team tried to recreate the shadow event but were unable to duplicate the event.

Wrap-Up 1


After the sit-down, our team decided to wrap up and go home since we were nearing the 8-hour time mark for being at the location. As the team was putting away the equipment, Christy’s audio recorder was in the kitchen area and recorded an EVP of a male saying, “Can’t go.”  We can only assume that this was in reference to our leaving and perhaps the spirits there were not ready for us to go yet. This is another reason why a second investigation should be conducted.  Three minutes after this, Christy’s audio recorder also recorded an EVP of a male saying, “Hello.”

Wrap-Up 2

The team began wrapping up and putting away the equipment.  Investigation concluded at 2:35 am and the team began to pack-up the equipment. When the team was leaving, Christy’s recorder caught a whisper that sounds as if it is saying, "watch out 2" while garage door was opening. 

Conclusion 1

Our team feels like this home has at least 2 spirits present, one male and one female.  We feel like the male spirit may be the past homeowner. The female is still unknown.  Our team feels a secondary investigation should be completed in order to investigate the home more to try to get more information on the spirits present there.

Conclusion 2

The team reviewed all audio and video recordings of the investigation as well as consideration of all personal and psychic experiences while in the client’s home from the previous investigation and the current investigation within this report. The team concluded there are many reasons to believe that paranormal activity indeed occurs at this location. They agree it appears there are more entities present during the second investigation than had been during the team’s first visit to the location.

Theory suggests the longer this energy lingers, the more negative it becomes, attracting other spiritual energy both positive and negative. The team’s recommendation for the client is to set ground rules for any spiritual presence limiting any perceived permission for spirits to endanger the living. The team recommends limiting any personal attempts to draw more spirits to the home through invitation in any way. Closure of the metaphysical “doorway” is the safest way to prevent spirits from entering the home that might have ill intent. Prayer, blessing or any other means that the owners have a strong faith in their protection should eliminate the threat of harm. The team further recommends keeping in communication with OKPRI if any changes occur within the home whether positive or negative.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments: Christy Clark

I arrived to this location about thirty minutes after the rest of the team arrived and were in the finishing stages of the client walk through and interview. I felt the home had a bit of energy that was all throughout the house. I felt a man first in the house and when I was talking to the male homeowner, I felt this male stronger and felt he had ties to WWII. I did not know that the former homeowner, who built the house, had served in WWII.


While conducting a sweep in the back hallway bathroom, I saw the image of an older man coming out of the toilet area, feeling weak and falling there in front of the bathroom sink.

When we did a sit-down in the back bedroom that used to be the homeowner’s daughter’s room, I connected with the man again who felt like he was very protective over the house and property.  He mentioned the name Harold and said that he wanted the house to go to him and not anyone else. After talking to our group’s researcher, Kathy, she said that the former homeowner’s eldest son was named Harold. This male spirit didn’t have any issues with the current owners of the home but he was upset at the home being sold outside of his family. 

We all heard shuffling and movement down the long hallway and I felt a younger woman step out into the hall. I also felt a child’s energy with her but she was very protective of this younger child.  When I connected with this woman, her energy felt long distance to me and as the night went on and got later, I was getting very tired and found connecting with her even harder.  We spent 8 hours at this location though. I too feel like this location is very active and there is a lot that needed to be said from the ghosts there and it warrants at least a secondary investigation.

I came back to this investigation location because there were some answers that we were unable to get during our first and initial investigation. I knew there was the former owner of the home there but there was also a woman who was seeking help. We had gotten some EVP recordings of a woman asking us not to leave so I decided to figure out whom she was and how I could help her. Her name was Elise and her story takes place in the 1970’s. She showed me a few scenes from her life. She had gotten herself into a bad marriage and had a child, a little boy. Her husband was abusive and had caused numerous fights within their marriage. She and her husband had another argument. She had tried diffusing the

argument and went to go take a shower.

Her husband however would not let the argument go and followed her into the bathroom. He became physically aggressive with her and pushed her. She had slipped and had fallen backwards and hit her head on the tub causing her death. In spirit, she was still scared and was looking for her 3-year-old son but could not find him. She did feel safe in the client’s home as she felt like her husband could not find her since the location was so remote but she still wanted help in locating her son. She was unaware of any concept of time and did not realize her son would now be a grown man in his forties. I did my best to make her aware of her situation and tried to get her to move on to the other side. She was still afraid however and wasn’t convinced that she wouldn’t be found if she crossed over.

In the back bedroom that belonged to the client’s daughter, we felt there may have been a spiritual doorway of sorts. I saw many, many spirits on the other side in another dimension that were so close to our dimension as if they were waiting to come through. There were a few of them that had been able to come through the doorway already and into this realm.


Since part of this home was underground, I felt there was a connection to the ground and this doorway. I am not sure how the doorway was created, but I knew it had something to do with the ground area itself. Many of the spirits on the other side of the doorway seemed to have unresolved issues they needed help with. It was almost as if they felt they could come through and get help. It has always been my belief that once a location has had spirit interaction, it can be known to be, “touched by spirit” and can offer as a beacon for other spirits who may be passing through or who may be in need of help. I feel like this location has many spirits present.  Some stay for a short while and leave and others stay for a longer while. I feel like the activity also changes because there are spirits who quite often slip through this doorway.

evidence collected

There were 24 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 8 audio clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


Can't go"

"Come here"

"Female giggle"

"Female voice"

"Female whispering & sigh



"Hey, pst, come here."

"It won't die"

"Low and deep sigh"

"Male whisper



"Sound check oh"

"Unknown voice 1"

"Unknown voice 2"

"Watch out #1

"Watch out #2"

"We did"



"Yeah right it is"




Loud pop #1

Loud pop #2

Loud pop #3

Rem pod activates

Loud pop

Music box playing

Loud slam and rem pod activation

Shuffling sounds

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