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House of Memories


General Information

Investigators: Christy, Kathy, Donna, Curtis, Cyrena, and Gary

Equipment used: DVR, (8) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, REM Pod, and various EMF meters

Cam1- Master Bedroom

Cam2- Living Room

Cam3- Son's Bedroom

Cam4- Empty Bedroom

Cam5- Kitchen

Initial Interview:  This residence is currently occupied by the client and his adult son.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

•    Hearing noises throughout the house.

•    Seeing things move.

•    Cold spots are felt in the house.

•   Client have been touched and pushed out of his wheelchair.

•    Visitors are uncomfortable in the house.

•    One client was woke up with the feeling of something on his chest and couldn’t breathe.

•    Shadows are seen that look like smoke.

•    Clients electric wheelchair has come on in the night before and hits things.

•    Doors open on their own and clients see the doorknobs move.

•    Client sees things all the time to include animals and shadows.

•    Roommates have lived there and moved out because they are uncomfortable, saying the house is             haunted.

There are no confirmed deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s rental home was built in 1953 and is 1,658 sq fton 0.29 acres with a detached garage.

A search of the local newspaper does not reveal anything significant for the client’s home. A search for a motorcycle accident in recent years with the Enid News did not reveal an article for a young man in his late teens or early 20’s getting hit by a car in the area near the home. This does not mean the event didn’t happen, it simply means the article could not be found to verify the information or give further insight at this time.

Investigation Report

In-home Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the client and his son. After the interview, the clients gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. After the tour was over, the client left them home to us to complete the investigation.  During this time, Cyrena had placed her audio recorder down on a small table in front of the couch. Her recorder captured several EVPs in this time frame.


Our group determined that almost all of these EVP sound female in nature. "Shh", "Oh Bud", "Oh yeah yes""get out here", "Standup"

After this interview was complete, Christy came into the house to help set up the equipment. Once inside, Christy said hello to the client and answered a couple of questions he had. During this time Christy’s audio recorder was in the living room when it picked up a possible EVP of “unknown 1.”  Upon review of this audio clip, the team was unable to determine what was being said.



Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that in most of the analyzed audio during this phase captures multiple EVPs. It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder recorded an EVP in the living room area. It appeared to sound female and sounded like, “that.”  Cyrena's audio recorder, which was also sitting in the living room. picked up a male voice in which sounds

like "I don't know where I'm at but always by myself."

Christy entered the master bedroom to help set up a piece of equipment in the room when she suddenly looked up and saw a large black and brown German Sheppard lying on the ground on the left side of the room.  Christy said the sleeping dog looked up at her with its ears raised and then suddenly disappeared.  Christy told the team what she had just saw and the team told her that one of the claims from the client was seeing a large German Sheppard dog in the house periodically.

While part of the team was setting up in the living room, a few of us went outside with the client to see the outside-detached garage. The client had asked us to investigate the garage as well since he always got strange feelings out in the garage area.  The client unlocked the garage and let us in and left us there to

check it out.

Christy went over to the far side of the garage and stated that she felt a strong wave of energy hit her. She asked the other 3 team members to come over and see if they felt the same thing. All team members went over to that side of the garage and all stated they felt the energy really strong and a couple of members reported feeling goose bumps on their arms. Christy handed Curtis her cell phone and asked him to take some pictures. Curtis began taking pictures and oddly enough there were 2 photographs that showed a large whitish-pink mist surrounding Christy, Kathy and Cyrena. Curtis tried recreating these mist shots but was unable to recreate them again.

After the setup of the equipment was complete, Gary and Kathy started to have a conversation. Donna’s audio recorder, which was sitting on the partition between the living room and dining room next to them,  picked up an EVP saying “Hell no, don’t go."

Walkthrough with Sweeps


The walkthrough phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building, rather it be a home or business, and focus psychically on her gifts to see if and talk with any spirits that maybe present at that time. And the sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Sometimes the team will either conduct these phases together or separate depending on the size of the home.

The team was in the living room talking about a former case when Kathy's audio recorder captured a big sigh.  It sounds like a female “Hey” or a loud exhale, but the team was undecided on which. The team has agreed that it is not likely a team member as it is over one person while talking and the others did not recognize the sigh as themselves. The team typically will mark or “tag” our audio on investigations when noises are made that could be misinterpreted as paranormal when reviewing audio after the investigation concludes. This “hey” sound was not tagged and was not likely heard at the time of the investigation indicating it is possibly an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).  Around this same time, Donna’s audio recorder picked up a male saying “run now.” The conversation continued, again talking about prior cases while sitting in the living area when Cyrena's audio recorder captured a male EVP saying "Hey, Get Out." And a few minutes later, Donna’s audio recorder picked up a male EVP saying  “hush up.”


The first room the team decided to walkthrough was the empty spare bedroom. As Christy was focusing on the young male spirit that she was feeling, she looked out the window.  She said that she could see him at that window, but standing in the backyard. At this time, Cyrena whom was also looking out that window at the same time, also saw shadow movement and we heard three knocks as though the spirit was tapping on the window pane.



All of our team was in the master bedroom doing an investigation sweep and Gary was in the living room watching the DVR cameras at base. Christy’s audio recorder was in the living room. The team is talking in the master bedroom about some possible activity that was taking place when in the living room, Christy’s audio recorder picked up what sounded like a female’s voice through EVP saying, “Give them back that Jack.” We do not know to whom this voice was addressing since Gary was the only one present in the living room and was just watching the cameras. Gary also did not audibly hear this voice either.



This sit-down phase of the investigation is the time where the team sits down in a specific room sometimes with the clients, most of the times not, to just listen for any activity and to have Christy communicate with any spirit that maybe present.

The team decided to concentrate the “sit-down” phase in the detached garage and spend more time in there because of the experiences from earlier in the evening.  Earlier, the team had spoken with the client to let him know what Christy had been picking up on and he told

us that the information sounded vaguely familiar to a young man who had once lived in the house but who was killed a few blocks away from the house in a motorcycle/car accident. It was while out in the garage Christy was asking questions to see if she could get a response from the young man’s spirit whom the client had said had once lived there. While asking questions, Donna began taking photographs in the garage and she captured a couple of photos with mists in them, similar to the ones that were captured earlier that evening by Curtis.  

We also want to note that it was during our second investigative sweep of the garage that the team noticed more strange energy that seemed to be following Christy.  This is when Donna took photos around Christy and captured the strange photographic anomalies that looked somewhat similar to the first ones that Curtis had taken earlier in the evening in the garage. When our team discussed these photos, we could not find an explanation for them even when recreation attempts were made. Our team also noted that both sets of photos were taken with different cameras, at different times and by different people.

While discussing the photographs that Donna had taken, Christy’s audio recorder picked up what sounds like a high-pitched voice that says, “that’s it.” A few minutes later, Christy’s audio recorder also picked up a strange “whistle."  Kathy's audio recorder also picked up this same “whistle in the garage.”  In the audio clip, you can hear other team members say how they thought it could have come from a chair that Christy was sitting in, upon review of the audio the team has agreed the sound does not sound like a chair squeak and could potentially be paranormal.



After we had finished our sit-down session in the garage, our team decided to investigate the outside of the home and began taking some photos.  Donna used her camera to take the photos and strangely enough, she captured a large white mist in one of her photos of the back side of the house.  Recreation photos were tried but the same results were not captured in any other photographs or with any other camera.



Our team finished the investigative sweep of the location and decided to wrap up for the evening. The team members who were in the garage had just finished their investigation and had come in the house to show the photos to the other part of the team who had remained inside. While showing the photos to these team members, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on a table in the living room when it recorded an EVP saying, “Yessss.”



Our team feels like there may be a couple of spirits there in this house. One we feel is male and the other a female. The male feels like he was associated with the house by once residing there. We feel this male is troubled and would really like to be living again. He did make mentioned of wanting his car and family back. The second spirit we feel is there is a female, possibly connected to the house as a former owner. We do not feel that either spirit present is harmful or malicious.  We do however feel like both spirits present are tied to the location because of their past and both wish to relive the past.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments: 

This location was very exciting for me because it had both animal and human spirits present. Upon my initial entrance into the master bedroom, I saw a brown and black German Sheppard lying on the ground next to the far wall. When I stepped into the room, it raised up its head and ears to look at me and then quickly disappeared. It’s not often that you see an animal spirit at an investigation so this was very neat for me.


The strongest spirit that I felt there was that of a young man whose life was taken way too early. I felt he was killed involving a motor vehicle accident. I felt this man enjoyed working on cars and had a favorite car he was searching for, wondering why it wasn’t in the garage where it should have been. I later learned that there was a young man who was killed on his motorcycle when a car collided with him. I also picked an image of a man with a 1963 Gold/Tan Oldsmobile but was unsure if this was a residual memory.


I picked up on a woman while in this location but was unsure if she was a residual or intelligent spirit since she didn’t want to talk to me while I was there. It is suspected that this woman is a former homeowner who owned/lived in the home for 40 years!

evidence collected

There were 15 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were 5 positive photos and no positive video clips.


"Hey" (female voice)

"Get out here"

"Get out"

"Give them back that, Jack"

"Hell no"

"Hey, get out"


"I don't know where I'm at, but always by myself."

"Oh bud"

"Oh yeah, yes"

"Run now"


"Stand up"

"That's it"


"Unknown 1"


"Whistle in garage #1

Whistle in garage #2


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