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church of the restless

2/26/2010 and 4/26/2010

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, and 3 children.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Family hears voices throughout the home.

  • The daughter sees a little girl in her room whom she plays with.  Daughter says the little girl comes from out of the closet.

  • Tall black shadows are seen walking through the kitchen.

  • A shadow is seen walking up & down the hallway

  • Things are moved throughout the house.

  • The family feels like they are being watched all the time.

  • The children's toys go off on their own quiet often.

  • A bible has flown off a shelf in the kitchen on three separate occasions. It always landed far away from the shelf.

  • The back door opens by itself.

  • Footsteps are heard in the hallway.

There have been no confirmed deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was originally a Baptist church built somewhere in the 1920's and was located in the small Oklahoma town called Retrop.  Some locals in Retrop have also stated that the block where the church was located, was an old Indian burial ground. It is unknown on how long the church remained open in Retrop, but it was eventually abandoned and moved to the small town in which it sit now.  It was purchased and turned into a rental home.  A neat factor about this home is that it still has the stained glass windows on the side of it from when it was a church.

There were rumors that when this home was a church, that there was a preacher who shot his son and then hung himself.  No factual documentation could be found to prove this.

Historic Native American Presence


Based on the report of hearing Native American drumming from a previous investigation, further research was conducted regarding the small town where this home is, and its heritage statistics. A statistical breakdown of Native American descendants of the area might give a better indication about the Native American history in the area. It was determined that the population of the town has a low population of Native American residents at just 5%. The primary ancestry consists of German, Irish and English descent at 42% combined.


Many American Indian groups used the Washita County area for a hunting ground. The land had abundant bison, deer, antelope, turkey, and other game. The location may have been used seasonally during bison hunts. In 1869 both the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes arrived in present Oklahoma to reside on their reservation, which included present Washita County. Research did not reveal any documented Native American burial ground or settlement in the area of the modern day town where this home is.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Upon arriving to the home, we began our in-home interview with the client.  The client told us about new activity that had happened in the home and showed the group the areas in which the activity had occurred.  During the in-home interview, several team members heard drumming (as if from a Native American drum,) which was odd since there was no source for the drumming.  In addition to this and during the time the interviews were being conducted, an investigator was setting up the equipment in various rooms, and heard footsteps following behind him in the hallway.

After our interview, we immediately began to setup equipment & talk to the family about their experiences since the team’s last visit.   During the set up , Christy’s audio recorder picked up a” long drawn out breath.” And then later an “unknown woman whispering.”



Our team began setting up equipment throughout the house. Our DVR base was located in the kitchen area of the home. We set up cameras in each of the rooms in the house.  We also put a camera in the kitchen area and monitored the back kitchen door since the client claimed the door opened up on its own and since he had gotten a video of the door opening up on its own.  



Once the equipment was in place, we began the walkthrough with Christy. She was able to pick up on the same spirits she had encountered during the previous visit.  A digital recorder placed on the crib mattress picked up a voice after Christy is heard mentioning for the audio recordings (aka. tagging) that she had just coughed. Almost immediately afterward, a male voice is heard saying, "talk." Next in the clip you will hear the floor creaking while an investigator shifts their weight. Immediately following is another whisper sounding female. It could not be determined what that whisper was saying. The group was in the son’s bedroom when Christy heard an audible “Hey” that was caught on another team member’s recorder. Later while in the daughter’s bedroom, she got the strong feeling that a portal had opened up in the daughter’s closet.



Our team began the sweeps phase of the investigation. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. EMF and temperature readings assessed and no changed from the baseline readings were noted on the second investigation.


Since the majority of the activity seemed to center around the daughter’s room, the team decided to set up

an experiment using audio baiting. We had made an audio recording of a child talking and asking questions.  We were hoping to get a response back in an evp on our recorded audio. We set a laptop in the bedroom & the audio was looped. We also set up a few toys and monitored it with a camera.  All team members left the room & let the audio play. After 10-15 minutes Christy went to turn off the audio. As soon as she opened the door, she was hit with an extremely high energy field. She called the rest of the team into the room to feel for ourselves, & we were all able to feel how strong the energy was. It hit us immediately as we neared the room.


We were able to record an evp during the second baiting/charging session in the oldest daughter’s room. The door closing by the team and the footsteps can be heard on the clip as Christy walked back into the kitchen. You then hear the little girl on the audio looping file from the laptop ask, "What's your birthday?" About 12 seconds into the clip, you hear a female answer, "I don't know."

Seven minutes later is the next possible EVP... this is when Christy and Ashley came back into the daughter’s room to reset the audio looping for the second baiting/charging session. This voice sounds like a male saying, “OK.” It does not fit into the conversation at the time between the investigators and with the looping audio.

We conducted our usual sweeps & decided to try another session of audio baiting. This time we didn’t get the high energy levels like we did the first time.  While in the master bedroom conducting our sweeps, Christy saw a bright white light shoot down the hallway.  This light was not captured on our video cameras.

We were very intrigued by the little girl's bedroom as it appeared to be the center of activity in this home.  Especially too since the homeowner caught an awesome picture of a little ghost girl in his daughter's bedroom.  The client wasn't trying to capture of photo of a ghost.  He had just placed new carpet down in his daughter's bedroom and he was taking a picture of the carpet when he captured the little ghost girl in his photo. Interesting enough, if you look in the photo you will see that it is 3D and you can still see the carpet through her.  She also appears to be facing towards the back of the room and has on like a white gown or dress.

The client also took a couple of interesting photos.  The photo below on the left shows a mist 

captured in his daughter's room on the left wall.  There are some light trails from the lamp, but it's the mist on the wall that we found more interesting.  The photo on the right appears normal but at the bottom you can see the top part of a child's head.  The client said that none of his children were home at the time when the photo was taken.  


Our group did a sit-down in the daughter's bedroom and then we also conducted a sit-down in the hallway to monitor any noises coming from the bedrooms.  Since one of our investigator's heard footsteps in the hallway, we also set up a camera in the hallways and monitored it as well.  


As the evening progressed and the investigation continued into the night, OKPRI found one room of the home particularly interesting. A children's room where the male homeowner had nailed the bedroom closet door shut due to his daughter's complaints of seeing a red-eyed monster telling her to kill, coming out of her closet. What was unique about this room was the fact that that whatever spirit

Inhibited it, liked to taunt and tease our team. There were a couple of different instances where our team conducted a sweep of the room and as we were walking out to go to the next room, knocking would start coming from the closet area as if baiting our team to stay in the room. Another strange incident that occurred in this room was when our team conducted a sit-down and out of the blue all team members heard an audible "sorry" that sounded female. The voice was very loud and every member thought it was another investigator who had said something but then realized the intensity and directional placement of the voice and realized it was an audible evp they had heard. While discussing this voice phenomenon, Christy heard a man audibly say, "shut up."  Based on the above incidents, and coupled with the homeowner's daughter reporting playing with a little girl as well as a little boy; there appears to be the spirit of a little girl in the home. The voice of a young child (we believe to be a female) was not only recorded on our audio, but her likeness was captured in a photograph by the homeowner one evening when he was taking photographs around his home. Another strange photograph the homeowner captured in his home was that of a strange blurred light object.

The homeowner and family on several occasions noticed things moving around in the home and saw a shadow figure cross through their kitchen and then disappear while they were sitting in the living room. This same shadow figure phenomenon was witnessed by 2 OKPRI members as they were discussing an incident that had taken place in the home just a few minutes earlier. While sitting at the dvr station Christy saw around a 6 foot shadow man walk into the kitchen area from the hallway and walk about 4 feet into the kitchen and then disappear. At first they thought it was one of the guys from the team walking into the kitchen but quickly realized it wasn’t when the shadow figure disappeared. Christy called  out to the team about what she had seen and the team began taking photos of the kitchen area.  There was one photo that had a moving orb in it.  While our team is not huge on orbs as proof of the paranormal, it is interesting that the orb was present during a time when the shadow figure was seen. 



Based off our experience and evidence our team feels like this home is being haunted by 1 male spirit, 1 female spirit and one child (female) spirit.   The male spirit feels more aggressive and we believe that he will continue to haunt this residence for his own personal reasons.  The female spirit was not very dominate and we do not if she is connected to the male or child spirit.   The child spirit we feel enjoys staying there.  She enjoys the company of the little girl as well.  

We do not feel like any of these spirits are harmful. The homeowner also made it very clear to us that he does not have a problem with there being spirits in his home and he does not wish for them to leave as long as they don't scare his children. He stated he just wanted our team to come out to get him some verification that he was experiencing a haunting and to give him some possible insight as to what spirits might be present in the home.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This investigation was a very interesting one because of the physical interaction our group received from the spirits present there even though the interaction was in subtle ways. I felt like this home had a man present who liked to be a bit of a prankster and cause some trouble in the home. He did not feel like he had any qualities of a once former pastor/preacher and he did not feel like he was of a murderous nature. He did

not wish to reveal much information about himself other than to just let us know he was there.

This investigation was a very interesting one because of the physical interaction our group received from the spirits present there even though the interaction was in subtle ways. I felt like this home had a man present who liked to be a bit of a prankster and cause some trouble in the home. He did not feel like he had any qualities of a once former pastor/preacher and he did not feel like he was of a murderous nature. He did not wish to reveal much information about himself other than to just let us know he was present in the home and aware of what we were doing. He appeared to find interacting with us amusing, especially when we would walk out of a room and he would start knocking as if to taunt us to come back in the room.

I did feel a little girl present who was maybe around the age of 6 years old. I could not figure out how she arrived there at the house, but I do know that she became ill with fever and passed away at a young age and she enjoys playing with the children in the home, however she is a bit set on getting her way about things and acts out a bit when she doesn't get what she wants. I did not feel like the man nor the little girl were connected to the house from its past but more so just spirits that had wandered into the home.

evidence collected

There were 18 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 6 audio clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips



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