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Grandma's Spirit Door


General Information

Investigators:  Christy, Gary, Kathy,

Cyrena, and Curtis



Equipment used: DVR, (7) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, full spectrum still and video cameras, tri-field meter, geophone, and various EMF meters

Cam1: Main Hallway to the Master bedroom

Cam2: Master bedroom facing Ouija Board

Cam3: Kitchen facing cabinets

Cam4: Master bedroom, SE Corner towards backdoor

Cam5: Spare room facing dresser w/mirror

Cam6: Upstairs room facing closet

Cam7: Dining room towards living room, garage entry door


Initial Interview:

This residence is currently occupied by one male homeowner and one female roommate. Some of the current experiences in the home include:


  • Hearing footsteps in the hallway between master bedroom and living room which sounds to be “high heels from the 50's/60's”

  • Hearing the Swiffer running in the hallway when it was in the dining room (uncharged).

  • Kitchen cabinets open.

  • Roommates son claims to have seen a male and female spirit.

  • Friend claims to have witnessed door leading to renovated garage open on its own (claims it was still latched when he investigated)

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 1381 sq. ft. home was built in 1941 and the current homeowner purchased the home in November of 2012.  


There have been no documented deaths or tragedies that have occurred in the home.


Four former occupants are known to have passed away after they had lived in the home.  The current homeowner believes the last former female homeowner who owned the home for 41 years is possibly the spirit who is present in the home.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


The team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowner and friend. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. At the conclusion of the tour, the clients left the home while the team conducted our investigation. During the interview, Cyrena's audio recorder was sitting on the living room table. It captured what seems to be a female voice saying, “hello” as well as “yeah.”



After the interview was over, the team then began setting up equipment throughout the home. At about 9:54 pm, Gary was in the master bedroom adjusting the angle of the camera placed at the threshold to the master bathroom when he heard an audible “growl 1” noise coming from his left. This was right about where a chair currently rests but not as far away as the back door. He called the team into the room to help investigate the growl. The backdoor was opened and the dog was not anywhere near the door or anywhere that could be seen. Kathy called the dog to see if he would come and reveal where he was hiding. The dog did not respond. A few seconds later as the team was discussing what had happened, Kathy's audio recorder captured a raspy voice say, “Gary (1),” a female voice saying what sounds like “accident,” and a different voice sounding like a female, “yes.”  This was not heard by the team at the time of the recording. This was while the team was discussing the client’s dog.

Gary's Personal Experience:  During setup I was placing a camera in the master bedroom, attached to the bathroom doorjamb by myself when I heard what I can only describe as a low growl, not like that of a dog or cat.  “Growl 2” The growl came from an area where a chair and a standing quilt rack were sitting against the wall between the closet and bathroom, approximately 2 feet from where I was standing. After the hearing the growl I immediately called out to the rest of the team (Kathy, Cyrena, Christy & Curtis) who all joined me in the master bedroom. During audio review I found an EVP immediately after I called out for “someone come in here” that says, “Now,” on the recording you can hear the rest of the team leave the living area and join me in the master bedroom and while explaining to everyone that I heard a growl, my audio recorder also captured in the same clip approximately 2 seconds after, that says, “Right.” Gary's audio recorder also captured during the setup three other EVP's. One sounds like a female whispering his name, “Gary (2)” one sounds like a female voice saying, “That’s loud, hey!” and the other sounds like a male voice saying, “What’s a camera?”



After the equipment was finally setup, the team began doing sweeps of the home starting in the kitchen and working around to the back master bedroom. This room had been giving Christy and Cyrena headaches, so the team started looking for a source when they discovered the Ouija board on the dresser. Once we began to talk about the board, the K2 EMF meter sitting on the shelf started lighting-up when it had previously only showed one LED light illuminated. Everyone could feel an electrical static-like charge

coming from the board. We noticed the circuit-breaker box for the house was in the wall right above the dresser and the place where the Ouija board was resting. Christy decided to move the board towards the center of the room away from walls to rule out electrical wiring as a cause for EMF meter alerts and the sensations felt by human hands. During this time, Christy’s audio recorder picked up a female voice that said, “Grow up.”

Curious about this board, we contacted the homeowner who was available by phone.  We asked about the Ouija board and where it had come from.  The homeowner told us that he likes to collect some old antiques and that he had gotten this particular board from his grandmother since it was hers when she was alive.  He said the board was from the 1920's.  He did not claim to use the board regularly and said that he had had it out a couple of times but mainly just kept it because it was an antique and since it had family sentimental value.  We did some research to help establish the board's age and found that it did appear to be from around the 1920's era.  Interested as to why this board would hold a higher emf reading, our group began trying to take baseline readings of the area where the board was being close to the breaker box and then readings when it was far away from the breaker box.

As a side note the baseline reading for the home was 0.2 mill gauss (mg). The Ouija board had a surface reading of 1.2-1.4 mg that dissipated in all directions leading away from the board.




The team began with a walkthrough in the front bedroom, moved to the upstairs bedroom and lower storage/laundry room area before moving to the back master bedroom.  The team was still in the master bedroom discussing the Ouija board and the charges we were feeling and picking up on it with the equipment. Gary was standing in the middle of the room when he alerted the team that he was experiencing something. Before he could say someone was breathing on his neck, a

“female voice,” can be heard on an audio recorder. It sounds like she is saying 2 words. The first sounds like, “It’s” and the second is harder to determine but could be “him” “moved” or “Gary” once again. Cyrena had heard this voice as she asked, “What was that?” right afterward.

Throughout the night the girls noted K2 activation near the Ouija board, however noted that it was against the wall just below the electrical/breaker panel. The Ouija board was removed from the area and no further K2 activation occurred in that area. Kathy handed the board to Christy and Christy immediately stated that the board was “vibrating”. Kathy turned the K2 to the Ouija board and once again began receiving K2 activation. As we continued to setup/adjust cameras, the team decided to place the board in the floor of the Master bedroom and do a “sit-down” using a folded business card as a planchet

for the board. All members stayed out of contact with the board and the K2 was placed in close proximity to record activity. While asking questions the team received limited K2 activation in response to questions. During the investigation the team decided that  since Gary had apparently been targeted earlier in the evening so he should join the rest of the team in the master bedroom. At one point in the master bedroom Gary felt and heard a breath over his shoulder. After hearing the breath and notifying the rest of the team, Cyrena stated that she heard a growl and asked "What was that?" 

As an important side note since we have a picture here showing us holding the board to measure emf and vibrations and a picture of us showing the board on the floor with our equipment, we will say that while investigating this board, our group in no way used the board for spirit communication.  Our group does not condone the use of Ouija boards as we feel they are dangerous in opening up portals for spirits to enter through. 


A bit later on in the investigation, we decided to switch group members out so Gary and Cyrena decided to stay in the back room and ask questions in a mini sit-down while Christy, Kathy and Curtis stayed in the front room to watch the cameras. About 15 minutes into the switch, Christy’s audio recorder, which was sitting on the living room coffee table picked up a male’s voice that said, “walk.”  Cyrena's audio recorder was sitting in front bedroom during the whole investigation. It captured what sounds like a female saying, “move” and a few minutes later saying, “I’m here.”



The team left the house to take a break after some time. During this time there was nobody in the house, yet the recorder on the dresser in the master bedroom picked up some movement very close to or touching the recorder itself. Two audio clips reveal some of this, “movement 1” and “movement 2,” although the noises continue off and on for several minutes.




One of the residents of the home came home so we decided to wrap up our investigation for the evening.  The team decided it was time to begin began taking down all of our equipment.  At one particular point as the team began taking down our stationary DVR cameras when Christy’s audio recorder (still sitting on the living room coffee table,) picked up a female’s voice saying, “one, two,” as if helping us to count the cameras that we were taking down and putting away. Cyrena's audio recorder sitting in the front bedroom captured was sounds like a whispered, “hey.”  




We do not feel the residents of this home have anything to worry about as far as their haunting is concerned.  There appears to be one male and one female spirit there in the home according to our recorded evidence.  The haunting at this residence appears to be very mild and nothing malicious or harmful appeared to be present in the home upon our visit and upon the review of our recorded evidence.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This house felt very mild as far as any paranormal activity was concerned.  I did feel like there was spirit energy all throughout the home, but more particularly in the back room area.  I was very surprised to feel the electrical charge the antique Ouija board held and I felt like there was a male presence named Oscar who was attached to the board.  My guess was that the board had been used in the past and Oscar was a spirit

who was attached to the board and who had once been brought about through the use of the board.  He was very elusive as to whom he was and was he was about.  He seemed to be the domineering spirit there in the home.   I do feel like there is also a female spirit in the house and our audio recordings have proved this.  I feel like this lady however is attached to the house and is very protective of it.  She did not want to come forward and give any information about herself to me though.  She seemed content in living there in spirit.

evidence collected

There were 18 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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