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to love a lost child


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Kathy, and Donna


Equipment used: DVR, 5 IR video cameras, 1 full spectrum video camera, 4 personal audio recorders, digital camera, geophone, Mel Meter, surface temperature thermometer and 2 KII EMF meters

Cam1 – Master Bedroom

Cam2 – Daughters’ Bedroom

Cam3 – Hall Bathroom (Full Spectrum) Cam4 – Hallway Cam5 – Living Room

Cam6 – Kitchen

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by the client, her boyfriend, and 3 children. Some of the current experiences in the home include:


•    Disembodied voices

•    Toys flying in the air

•    Bathroom lights and faucet turning on and off

•    Youngest child talks to someone in her room when she's by herself

•    German Shepherd pants and acts uneasy when he's in the house at night

•    Client's boyfriend heard a female voice calling his name behind him at night and thought it was her          while she was laying in bed trying to go to sleep.

•    Daughter was playing outside when she heard her name being called, no one believed the client               when she said she didn't call her.  

•    Son was taking a bath and had an old helicopter toy sitting on the side of the bathtub when all the           sudden it goes flying up to the ceiling up above him and crashes on the curtain rod and falls to the           floor. It hasn't worked in a year and the remote doesn't either and it was in his room. He was so               scared he couldn't sleep by himself. There are no confirmed deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 1,530 square foot single-story home was built in 1976. The earliest record of ownership that could be obtained for the property was that it was bought by a couple in October of 1976.  Records showed this family was the longest owners who lived living in the home for nearly 27 years.   Later that they sold the home to another couple on August 29, 2003.  


A search of various newspapers and obituaries do not reveal any former owners of the home.  A search of records does not reveal any tragic events occurring in the home or on/near the property. Therefore, it does not appear any potential paranormal activity in the home is connected to the history of the home and property.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity as a few of our members had not made it to the first investigation. After the tour was over, the client left them home to us to complete the investigation.



Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that in most of the analyzed audio during this phase captures multiple EVPs.


Our team started setting up cameras in various parts of the house.  Donna went into the master bedroom to set up a camera in there.  She was in there by herself and as she was setting up the camera, she heard a female say, "Hi" in her right ear.  She didn't have her audio recorder in the room with her, however she immediately let the rest of the team know what she had just experienced.  Christy then recorder her experience on video. 

During the setup, Donna's audio recorder which was sitting in the living room area captured a female voice saying, “Need in the bathroom soon,” that can be heard just under Ashley's voice from the front bathroom. At this time, Kathy had thought she heard a child, or the shower curtain move.  This evp "need in the bathroom soon" is a very interesting evp because it also correlates with what Christy picked up on later in our sit down when the spirit, Eugenia said she used the bathroom often to give Izzzy (another spirit she loved and took care of) a bath.  Eugenia also said that she and Izzy would play dress up and would put on make up together.  The client's claims also revealed activity happening a lot in the bathrooms of the home.  


Donna's audio recorder pickup an EVP in which sounds like "get out." This was heard again a little later, but the EVP sounds more like "hush."   Our group recorded a little video about this incident as well and it is shown below.

Christy’s audio recorder was on the kitchen table area when it picked up an EVP that said, “I can’t.” Approximately two minutes later, Christy’s audio recorder also picked up an EVP saying, “hey, hey” as if to get our attention.


Continuing set up, Ashley, Kathy and Donna are heard talking.  Donnas recorder still in the living room picked up “mixed up." We are uncertain if it is male or female. At the end of the setup, Christy’s audio recorded another EVP that sounded male which said, “picture.”  


In correlation with this, one investigator had started taking a few pictures of our set up process and we can only assume that this EVP is in reference to the pictures the investigator was taking.



The walkthrough phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building, rather it be a home or business, and focus psychically on her gifts to see if and talk with any spirits that maybe present at that time. And the sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Sometimes the team will either conduct these phases together or separate depending on the size of the home. No evidence was recorded during this phase.


After the setup was complete, the team began the sweeps phase. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Christy was sitting in the kitchen watching the DVR cameras while the rest of the team began the sweeps. While sitting quietly in the kitchen, Christy heard a loud thump coming from the kitchen area. Her audio recorder captured this thump along with a smaller thump after it.  “two thumps.”

Christy had heard a loud thump. Donna went outside to see if the noise came from outdoors, and she had her recorder with her. The audio recorder picked up some wind and someone saying, “busted.”  No one was outside with Donna at the time. Also during this time, Kathy was in front of the bathroom door and thought she heard a quiet female voice saying possibly "hello there" coming up the hallway. Unfortunately, her audio recorder did not capture the incident.



This sit-down phase of the investigation is the time where the team sits down in a specific room sometimes with the clients, most of the times not, to just listen for any activity and to have Christy communicate with any spirit that maybe present.


At approximately 10:05pm, Christy began her walk-through of the home.  She was drawn to the master bedroom. While we were in the room, a couple team members saw a couple of passing shadows but nothing that appeared to enter into the room.  It was in the master bedroom that Christy connected with a female spirit by the name of Eugenia.


The team had been in the master bedroom for approximately 49 minutes when Kathy asked for this female spirit to give us a sign that they were here. Christy’s audio recorder picked up the recording of the bathroom toilet turning on and running.  “toilet running 1.”  While this may seem like a coincidence, we had monitored that entire house that evening and the toilet had not come on once.


It was initially thought perhaps there was a slow leak of water from the bowl into the plumbing that triggered a refill of the tank, however this occurrence is usually something that happens frequently throughout a given amount of time. This occurrence was the one and only time during the investigation where the water had turned on. We also spoke to the client later on and asked if they ever had their bathroom toilet start running on its own. We were told no, it never ran or came on by itself.  The team feels this may have been a significant and validating finding. As another angle, here is the incident from a different audio recorder closer to the bathroom, "toilet running 2."  



The team decided after the sit-down that it was time to wrap-up the investigation. As the team was wrapping up and putting away the equipment, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting in the living room and picked up an EVP of a female saying, “It’s right over here,” perhaps to let us know we had some equipment over by her, or maybe she was letting us know she was right over there in a particular area. Donna's recorder also at the same time picked up a male voice saying, "get out," which can be heard over Ashley's voice as she is speaking.




Our team feels like this home is being haunted by 1 male spirit who is very passive.  We also believe that he crossed over during our sit-down.  Our team also feels like this house is haunted by two female spirits, one who is an adult and one who is a child.  Both the females are connected from their past and the male spirit is a transient who passed through.  


We do not feel like any of the spirits are harmful.  The two female spirits we feel like enjoy the home where they are and they feel comfortable sharing the home with the current family.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I walked into this house, I could feel some surges of energy, but there was no spirit who immediately jumped out at me to let me know they were there. When I was able to do the sit-down in the back master bedroom, I was able to start getting some real connection with the spirits who were there present in the home. Another teammate and I witnessed a couple of shadows that appeared to be lingering in the

hallway.   They however, would not come into the room where we were.  It was as if they were a bit unsure of who we were and why we were there.  


After a short bit of passing time, I was able to connect with a man named James, Jim for short.  The time was in the 1940’s and it was in the month of June and the weather was quite hot. His car had broken down on a dirt road surrounded by wide-open grassy fields. He was on his way to meet his family for dinner. After his car broke down, Jim decided to get out and walk. The open dirt road I saw looked like it was in a rural area with no other people, houses or cars around for miles. As Jim walked, he felt the sun beating down on him.  He was hot, sweaty and was really thirsty. I saw the sun’s heat rays as Jim looked up into the sky. Jim stated that after that he really started to feel dizzy and confused. He said he remembered falling to the ground but he didn’t know what had happened to him after that. He stated that he had somehow seen his obituary in the newspaper but he knew that couldn’t be right because he was alive and not dead. He said he continued to feel confusion, especially when he couldn’t find his family and things around him began to change, like places, people, vehicles, etc... He didn’t know how he had ended up in the home where he was but he just knew that he wanted to be with his family.


On our team, we have a couple of nurses and after they heard me tell Jim’s story, they suggested that Jim could have suffered a heat stroke, which led to a heart attack and then to his death. My heart went out to Jim so I knew I needed to help him cross over.  I talked to Jim about crossing over and things that awaited him on the other side. He wasn’t too sure about crossing over because he was scared. I called for someone from Jim’s family to come and get him and after a few moments, Jim stated that he heard fiddle music and then he saw his father. Apparently Jim’s dad used to play the fiddle and he had come to help Jim go over. I saw Jim take his dad’s hand and they both disappeared. The air in the room seemed to change some and felt more peaceful.  I knew that Jim had crossed over.

After speaking with Jim, I felt a woman standing in the doorway of the master bedroom.  I asked her to come in and talk.  She told me her name was Eugenia and that she wanted to be a movie star in Hollywood but she couldn't now.  She appeared to be from the 1950’s era and her personality seemed a bit child-like. We were asking her questions about why she was there in the home and she said because she and Izzy felt safe there.  We asked her who Izzy was and she told us that she was like a little sister to her and that she took care of her.  She said that Izzy was an orphan and lived at the orphanage where she worked. She described Izzy as being around 5 years old and said that she and Izzy had become ill from an outbreak illness going around at the orphanage. Just like in life, in death, she was still going to take care of Izzy.  She said she felt sorry for Izzy but she loved the little lost child.  


She wasn’t aware of how they got here in the house but she said they felt safe and happy there. She said she gave up her dreams of becoming a movie star so she could take care of Izzy. She mentioned giving Izzy baths in the bathroom and that she preferred to do it when the homeowners were asleep since it was easier and since Izzy liked her privacy. The homeowners had reported the bathroom water coming on while they were asleep so this might why this was probably happening in the hours it was happening. I did try to see if Eugenia and Izzy wanted to cross over but Izzy only said they would think about it because they were very happy where they were.

evidence collected

There were 8 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 audio clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.




"Get out"

"Get out #2"

"Hey, hey"

"It's right over here"

"Need in the bathroom real soon"


sound clips

Toilet running #1

Toilet running #2

Two thumps

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