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kendalls restaurant


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Kathy, Cynrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This location is currently a popular restaurant in Noble, OK and has had strange paranormal activity for numerous years.  These experiences have been experienced by not just the owners of the restaurant but also its employees as well.  These experiences include:

  • Door from kitchen to back area of restaurant swings open on its own.

  • Sounds like someone bumps it open like the wait staff does as they’re clearing tables.

  • Wait staff report feeling “creeped out” at the silverware station & in the back hallway.

  • Objects move on their own in the kitchen.

  • Knocking & muffled voices have been heard.

  • The alarm system has been known to go off at various times for no reason.

  • The sensor on a set of doors that is blocked & never used seems to go off the most frequently.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Elizabeth Bullard nee Garee wrote a historical paper on Noble in about 1974. She was born in Noble on November 26, 1905 to C.E. & Eva Garee. Her parents arrived in Noble in 1896 and were major contributors to its development. Elizabeth lived in Noble most of her life. According to Elizabeth’s historical record, all the patents to property in the original town-site were issued to Samuel Leary, Robert Joyce and Daniel Hay with some blocks platted by T.J.J. Wiggins when the original townsite was planned by Rennie and Klinglesmith on Feb 25, 1891 or soon after. She also accounts the following information on the town of Noble in her document.


“Robert M. Graham opened the first place in Noble where one could buy a meal. It was a 'lunch counter' near where the water tower currently stands. By 1897 Noble had a grocery store, drug store, blacksmith shops, hardware business, lumber yard, livery stable and barber shop. We find the names W.J. Reid, Tommy Wells, Fletcher, Arthur Flitner and Bob Stogner as owners of these businesses. There was also one saloon. There was one restaurant owner unknown and another grocery and dry goods store owned by a Dr. Murphy. There was a brickyard in the south part of Noble operated by W.J. Scott who made the brick for most of the better business buildings in Noble for many years.


The Noble State Bank was chartered on May 23, 1902 with R.F. Ellinger, J.W. Morris, George F. Graham, C.F. Wantland, J.A. Whitehead, R.W. Yeargin, and Thomas Standifer as organizers. J.C. Burkett was soon a stockholder as were others including T.J. Standifer. This bank with assistance from other state banks tested the Okla State Guaranty Bank Act. They lost their first test on Jan 3, 1911 and after all appeals were fruitless and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes of the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the judgements of the lower courts hence the bank was changed to a national bank on Sept 6, 1921 and again to First State Bank on July 6, 1931.  


C.M. Holliday (now deceased) of Norman was one of the directors of the First State Bank. A solvent local bank in our community has been another big asset for many small banks did not weather the depression. It is now a bank with 10 (more now) full time employees in addition to part time help. It is in a new building on the NW corner of 3rd and Chestnut just adjacent the first banks location on lots owned by the bank.


For a great many years a livery stable was operated by J. F. Johnson just across the street on Chestnut between 2nd and 3rd.”


The only Theodore of Noble that could be found was a Theodore Bugher whose father was an ‘89er. An article in newspaper mentions the death of his father in late 1944. This is inconsistent with the story of a Theodore Johnson who was a barber and passed in 1906 which could not be verified.


The common nature of the first name, Margaret, and no mention of a last name means that the woman the three psychics had sensed at the investigation could not be independently verified through newspaper archives or ancestry records.


Also interesting to note, R. F. Ellinger was not only a banker in the community, but also a justice of the peace.

Investigation Report

Client Interview

Our group arrived at this location and was greeted by the owner and a couple of our friends, Leslie and Lana who were doing the investigation there with us that night.  The owner gave us a walk-thru of the restaurant and showed us the various areas where activity was said to take place.  As the owner was telling a story about some of the activity, Ashley’s recorder captured an EVP of a male saying “Chicken”. Once our walk-thru with the owner was completed, our group began to set up equipment.



Our group began setting up equipment throughout the location and during our set up in the main eating area, Christy’s audio recorder picked up a woman’s voice through evp but it was an “Unknown Female Whisper.”  Ashley’s recorder captured a female saying what sounds like “Aahha” & two minutes later “Oh”. As the group finished with the equipment, Ashley’s recorder captured a female voice that appears over the top of all of the talking going on in the room. “Unknown Female.”  Kathy was in the front dining area next to the base set-up talking with a guest about what we do when we are not investigating and how we ended up joining the team when a “Help….exhale” was heard during audio review. The voices in the room do not match up to what was heard on the recording, nor were they heard at the moment it was recorded.  Towards the end of our set up, Kathy was attempting to place a light and audio alarming EMF

meter at the silverware table in the view of an IR camera, the motion sensor on a table across the room from her had begun to alarm. This motion sensor was placed facing the double doors away from where she was standing. A malfunction of this alarm is the only logical explanation for it to alarm with no visual movement in its path. 


During our investigation in the main eating area, Leslie felt someone tug on her shirt. As we made our way to the back area, Christy thought she saw a shadow run across the hall area.  Once back in the dining area off of the kitchen where the round dining table and outside doors were, our motion detector sitting on the table facing just the door was activated but no one was in front of it or around it.  About a minute later and after we shut off the motion detector, it was set off again on its own with no one around it to set it off.  After we were able to shut the motion detector off, a few moments passed and the Tri-Field in the back private dining area began going off fluctuating up to 8mg.  Christy had

adjusted the sensitivity of the Tri-field meter so that significant readings would be heard rather than the more natural energy that had been making it alarm.  It is a coincidence that it was only alarming around the times that the motion sensor had been alarming, but since we adjusted the meter there were no further alarms from the Tri-field meter or the motion sensor the rest of the investigation. Two minutes later Ashley’s audio recorder captured a female voice saying “Play”.   Motion Detector Activation

Our team wanted to check out the emf readings of the dining room area by the outside doors since the owner reported most of her employees feeling uncomfortable in this area.  Due to the age of the building, our team figured there would be high emf readings, which would lead to the paranoia feeling by the employees.  To our surprise, the emf readings were very low and we determined that it was not emf that was causing the paranoia feelings by the employees. While we were conducting our investigation in the back private dining area, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an evp saying, “Sure.”  We do not know what this comment was in reference to.



Our team decided to do a sit-down and audio baiting session in what we felt to be the most active area of the restaurant, the dining area with the round table next to the doors.  Upon review of Ashley’s audio, a breath can be heard that was not taken by any of the people present. “Breath” The audio was played back several times to ensure that it wasn’t anyone in the room, & it did not sound like the breathing of anyone present. At another point in the sit down, one of the women present asked a spirit a question about a baby, & Ashley captured an EVP of the answer “Yes”.


As our group was sitting there, we were talking about things we were feeling while in the room when Christy’s

audio recorder picked up a male’s voice saying, “Get that.”  We do not know what this evp was referencing too but right after this evp was recorded, Lana (guest investigator) stated she heard what sounded like a piece of plastic being moved and she assumed it was from the plastic hanging strips that hung from the doorway going out from the dining room area into the kitchen in the room over from where we were sitting at.  Our group got up to see if the plastic strips were moving but they were motionless and the motion sensor outside this same doorway had not activated noticing motion either. During this time, an ”Unknown Male Whisper.” was caught while Kathy was talking at about 1:05 am. During the sit-down and when the team was trying to talk to the one woman we believed to be there, Christy felt like someone started messing with the back of her hair.  Kathy’s digital recorder then records an evp that sounds like a female saying, “Come back here.” Later on in the sit-down, the team was sitting down in the middle dining area where a lot of the staff feels uncomfortable and conducting an EVP session. Ashley had just finished instructing any entities to light up the K-II meter. This EVP can be heard at about 9 seconds into the clip right before a team member and/or guests were talking quietly. A bit later in the recording, it seems Christy had been hearing a breathy voice and is discussing it with Lana.

At 1:37 am, Kathy and the owner were in the kitchen getting a cup of coffee when a loud noise was heard behind them that sounded as if a metal object fell or was thrown. Others entered the room and a long search was conducted to determine what may have fallen or made that noise. Nothing was found out of place or on the floor. The noise was also unable to be recreated. All dishes, cups, etc. in the area that the noise was heard was made of plastic. This sound was distinctly metal clashing on a hard surface like a tile floor.  This metal crash sound was also captured on audio.  "Metal Object"


After the group sit down, everyone split into pairs to conduct sit down/EVP sessions in various parts of the restaurant. Ashley & Leslie chose the Children’s Room

for their session. While in the room, both women reported hearing something being moved behind them. At the very moment they heard the noise, Leslie reported psychically seeing someone enter the room. Throughout the sit down, Leslie also reported feeling someone playing with her hair, & she felt the camera she was holding being pulled out of her hands



We feel like Kendall’s Restaurant is a very active little location with quite a few different spirits that are there.  We do not feel as if any of these spirits are malevolent in nature but we do feel they are Earthbound and some are seeking for answers from their past. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first got out of my car I saw a quick flash of an old bank but I wasn’t sure what that had to do with the restaurant.  I went inside and after speaking with the owner of the business; we began getting equipment set up.  While I was in the main dining room area of the restaurant, I saw this man come up to me to say hello.  He looked like he was from the early 1900’s and was wearing a small pin-stripped suit

with a derby hat.  He was Caucasian and had a thick mustache that went upwards on the sides.  He to be a businessman, like a banker.  I heard him ask me where his bank was to which I replied I didn’t know.  I felt like this man might have taken his life over financial issues but he would not admit that to me while we were there.  His main concern was finding “his bank.” Later while we were in the back middle dining room area that had the round table and side doors, I encountered a young dark-headed woman who made me feel very sick to my stomach.  She was dressed in a long black dress that looked early 1900’s as it had long sleeves to her wrists and a high collar up to her neck and long in length that went down to her feet.  She lifted her leg and I saw her feet in small black boots that had tall lace up shoestrings.  She was carrying a

basket that had large white petal flowers in it.  She did not want us there and she seemed very mournful and upset and angry all at the same time.  Her mood seemed to change quite often and she appeared to be mentally disturbed.  She showed me how she mixed these white flowers in her food in which she proceeded to eat the food.  I then saw her becoming ill and throwing up with severe stomach pain.  The next thing I know she was lying there dead from the poisoning of the flowers she had mixed in with her food. Her spiritual energy was heavy and she felt very troubled.  She also seemed to have a personality disorder as her mood and personality changed several times while I was speaking to her.  She didn’t appear to want help and she didn’t want to leave the building.  She showed me how she played tricks on one of the dark headed female waitresses there in the restaurant and she had some jealousy issues with this waitress which is why she always tried to scare her.

evidence collected

There were 19 EVPs that were recorded during this investigation and 4 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.





"Come back here"

"Get that"

"Help" and exhale






"Unknown female voice"

"Unknown female whisper"

"Unknown male voice"

"Unknown male whisper"


"Yes" 2


"Yes" and "Unknown whisper"

sound clips

Falling metal object

Tri-field activation

Motion sensor activation

Thumping in back room

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