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Mrs. Hannah's House


General Information

Investigators:     Christy,  TJ, Kathy, Ashley & Gary


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Cam1 – Stair banister

Cam2 – Dining room/living/den

Cam3 – daughters bedroom, top of stairs, facing bed/hallway

Cam4 – Master bedroom, facing doorway and top of stairs

Cam5 – Master bedroom, facing bed and doorway (long hallway)

Cam6 – Living room facing dining into kitchen

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently unoccupied & is being renovated by the owners. Activity has occurred off & on since they moved in.

  • Footsteps are heard throughout the house.

  • The client's son saw a menacing apparition.

  • Upstairs, any time anyone says anything about tearing the house down, the activity picks up.

  • The kitchen pots & pans have disappeared & have never been found.

  • The male homeowner has seen a shadow walk by the bed.

  • A book has flown out of a bookcase. 


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The land patent was purchased by the original owner on February 28th, 1903 for a total of 160 acres. It was difficult to determine the exact year the home was built, however the first family had been living at the client’s address as of the 1910 census. Therefore the home was built between the years 1903 and 1910. Tax records reveal the home is 2,308 square feet.

As of the 1910 federal census, the original family and homeowners were living in the home,  They had 4 children and a servant living in the home named Mattie who was age 18, originally from Louisiana and listed as having a mulatto race.

Records indicate that the male homeowner had passed away in 1917 but the family continued to live in the home.  Given the age of the town and the limited resources, it is likely that any person of his time would have passed in his home under the care of family.

By 1920, the female homeowner was living in the home with her 79 year old father, William and 3 of her children.  The 1920 census lists a servant named Millie who was from Louisiana. She is listed as 32 years old. It is assumed this servant is the same one that was working in the home in 1910 as the name, age and origin is similar. The 1930 census also lists this woman as Mattie. 

Mattie was born in Louisiana around the year 1888. It is documented that she was a servant in Texas at the age of 12 years old. Her race was listed as black in 1900, mulatto in 1910 and white on the 1940 census. This shows an interesting trend in the perceptions of a person’s race as the decades progressed.
At some point in the 1920’s, the female homeowner’s father had passed away. Again, it is likely he passed in the home given the history of how people passed away in those days, but it cannot be confirmed at this time. By 1930, the female homeowner lived in the home with her son (age 29) and Mattie the servant. The same people were also living there in 1940.

The female homeowner's name was Mrs. Hannah and she remained in the home until the 1940's when she had to sale the home to another family who then moved in and did extensive remodeling of the home in the 1950's.  As for Mrs. Hannah, she was born in Georgia on 12 March 1876 and died 4 April 1956. Her husband was 20 years older than her. They got married in 1895, moved into the home on or just before 1910 and Mr Hannah passed away in 1917 after 22 years of marriage.   This home was said to be a home that Mrs. Hannah dearly loved and it will forever be remembered as "Mrs. Hannah's House."

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our group arrived at the residence and was greeted by the clients who gave our team a tour of the home and then sat down with us so we could conduct an in-home interview.  During our tour of the home with the clients, Christy’s audio recorder was being carried by Ashley and recorded a woman’s voice saying, "Kill me now"  We don’t know what this was in reference to since there was nothing mentioned in the interview that would match this sentence.  . As the team was just beginning to get equipment out in the living room, Ashley’s recorder captured an evp saying, "Why don’t you ask us right now?" voice on her recorder.



After our interview, our team began to set up equipment throughout the home.  During this set up, Christy’s audio recorder picked up a woman’s voice that was whispery in nature and could not be made fully out, just the first part which said, "It’s you."



The group took a quick break before Christy started her walkthrough. During this time, Ashley’s recorder caught an evp of a male voice saying, "Be gone.” They began their walkthrough in what was once the garage. Christy was asking the spirits to come out & interact with the team, & Ashley captured an EVP that said “Come out now.” The group then moved into the kitchen. While standing in the room, Ashley’s recorder again captured an EVP that this time sounded like a woman "Humming."  During Christy’s walk through of the home, her audio recorder recorded an evp of a female saying, "Hey" but the voice was very faint.


Our team then began our investigative sweeps and after the sweeps were over, Christy was heading downstairs behind Ashley & Kathy when she stopped on the stairs to take a picture.  She then turned around to go back down when she felt a very heavy presence behind her.  She turned around but saw nothing.

During the Investigation TJ reported smelling an odor such as a floral or perfume in the dining room and about 7 minutes later Gary heard a possible sneeze coming from the dining room.



Our group decided to do a sit-down in the living room area.  We set up an audio baiting session in the living room area and played older music to see if we could get the female spirit in the home to respond.  Shortly after the music stopped, we all heard a loud popping sound coming from the kitchen area.  This sound was recorded on our audio recorder.  Loud pop in kitchen   


During our audio baiting session, Ashley asked if the male spirit in the home had traveled there after his death. She caught an EVP of a man saying "Yeah."  We also set up an audio experiment with the music in another room and everyone exited the house.  While Ashley was trying to find some music to play, her audio recorder picked up an evp of a female voice saying, "It's me, I'm to tired."  Was this to say to us that she was too tired to respond any more to us or our experiments?

Wrap Up


After our investigation our team began to wrap up and put up our equipment.  Christy’s audio recorder was sitting in the living room when her audio recorder picked up an evp of a female voice saying, "You’re stepping on my shoes."  We do not know what this was in reference to either.  Another evp that we got during wrap up was a low raspy female voice saying, "Thank you."  That meant a lot to us to hear this because it's not often that you get told by a ghost that you are appreciated!


Our team feels like this home does have a haunting going on.  We feel like the past female homeowner, Ms. Hannah still resides in the home in spirit.  We also feel like she may be accompanied by a male spirit who is there but who did not want to come forward and be recognized.  We feel like confirming the client’s feelings about who is in their home is important and letting them decide what they would like to do with the spirits there.  Our team has recommended helpful contacts that can help this family further with their haunting if they should see fit in doing a cleansing on the home.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I really enjoyed this investigation.  While I was sitting outside waiting on the team to finish their in-home interview with the clients, I had an older woman in spirit approach me outside who said, “Hello, my name is Mrs. Hannah, welcome.”  I said hello to her and then she disappeared.  


Later on during the walk-thru, she told me of a miscarriage she had had and how that she loved her home.  She told me that she was so proud when they were able to have the wedding there at their home for their daughter and she bragged about cooking for her family and said she loved to cook.  She said that she had spent a long time in the home alone because her husband has passed away many years before she had.  She told me she loved the old music and she referred it is as “mountain music.”  I kept hearing music that was slow and sounded a bit country and it had a fiddle in it with an acoustic guitar.  I had the team look up the song, “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” and we played it for her and she thanked me for it.  Her biggest question was why the house wasn’t passed down and given to her children.  We told her according to the deed of the house, she had sold the home a few years before her passing and moved to another home.  In spirit however, she did not remember selling the home and felt like she had lived there until her death.  She wanted to have the home restored to how she remembered it and was glad the current owners were restoring the home.  She seemed content living there in the home in spirit and was just thankful she had her past memories but wished she could go back to a time when she lived there with her family.

evidence collected

There were 11 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clip.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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