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ELizabeth's sorrow

4/2/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley and TJ


Equipment used:  Sony video camera, personal audio recorders, digital cameras,  and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple and their children.  By their accounts, the activity began about a year ago.  Some of the experiences include:


  • The oldest son saw lights coming from the master bedroom that followed him around the bed & down the hall into his bedroom. He stated that the lights were red, blue & yellow & were in the shape of circles & triangles

  • The female homeowner stated that one evening she was lying on the couch & heard the sound of shuffling feet come up behind her. She looked up expecting to see someone standing there, but there was no one.

  • One night the female homeowner fell asleep with a clip in her hair. She woke up in the early morning hours to find the clip attached to the foot of the blanket. She stated that when she takes it off, she always attaches it to the headboard, so she can’t imagine having done it herself.

  • On two occasions, the female homeowner & her oldest son heard knocking at the front door only to discover that no one was there.

  • The TV in the boys’ room comes on by itself with the volume up all the way.

  • Female homeowner heard a very loud bang coming from the garage while she was home alone. She called the police as she feared it was an intruder, but they could find no evidence that anyone had been in or near the house.


No known deaths have occurred in the home, but the wife stated that she’s had several family deaths in the past 5 years.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The house was built in 1983. The male homeowner has lived there for 7 years & his wife for 3. An addition to the house was added in 1997, adding approximately 6’ to the back of the house. The previous owner was a German woman whose husband died while flying an aircraft many years prior

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity.  Our group arrived at this residence at 2000 hrs and began audio immediately after arriving.



Christy began her walkthrough in the living room areas. She immediately picked up on the spirit of a female. Throughout the walkthrough Christy continued to pick up on the female spirit named Elizabeth Mayfield. She sensed a great sadness & feeling of regret, & that the spirit had committed suicide to escape an abusive marriage.  During our walk-thru our audio recorders also captured a woman's voice that said, "Help me." In both of the bedrooms we felt heaviness & an overwhelming sadness.   


On our walk-thru and upon audio review, a voice was picked up stating “Again” and then 15 minutes later, a female mumbling was picked up.  As we continued our preliminary walk through, an emotional torrent would hit hard towards to back of the house and in the master bedroom and while standing the door leading to the hallway, the three of us got goose bumps on our arms & experienced an electrical charge feeling. .   Prior running the meters, Christy saw the shadow of a figure standing

in the front entryway.  Attempts were made to recreate this shadow as pictures were being taken at the time but with no reproduction of what Christy saw could be made.  During our walk-thru and our sweeps we heard several thumps coming from various areas of the home.  These audible thumps were recorded on our audio recorders.  "Thump #1"  Thump #2  Thump #3



The internal walls and floors had a high emf rate peaking out the Gauss meter and the air conditioner was running without emitting cold air.  Next we moved into the kitchen followed by the hallway & bedrooms. While in the master bedroom, we heard a loud bang coming from the kitchen or garage. We were able to catch the bang on our audio recorders. Upon hearing the noise, we checked the kitchen & garage but couldn’t find a source for the bang. We decided at that point to go ahead & do a sweep of the backyard to get some photographs. As we were walking out the backdoor, Christy stopped us & asked if we had heard someone say “Hey”. No other investigator heard the audible voice but one investigator, Ashley, was able to catch it on her audio recorder.

After taking photographs of the exterior of the house, we returned inside and continued to get to do our sweep. The master bedroom was the last place we did our sweeps, & one investigator, Ashley, was the last one in the room taking a few pictures and while she was snapping photographs, she noticed a small white anomaly appear in one of them. The anomaly appears in one picture but not in the following pictures and it appeared to be a light anomaly with a bit of movement to it.

We concluded our initial and diagnostic walk-through and sweeps and were able to determine that the wiring in the walls throughout the house gave off very high EMF readings.  After speaking with the homeowners, we were also able to receive some verification from the homeowners that they had experienced some of the same experiences and feelings we had also experienced and

felt that night.  We proceeded to do the sit-down and due to the emotionally heavy feelings in the master bedroom and due to reports of most of the paranormal activity taking place within the master bedroom, a unanimous decision was made that the sit down would prove best in that room.

TJ took the lead asking questions and we learned that she was scared to cross over for fear that she would go to Hell because she had killed herself. She had a strong connection with the female homeowner & looked over her & her children.

While we were conducting the sit down, we heard another loud bang coming from the kitchen. (Also caught on our audio recorders.)  Upon investigating, we couldn’t find a source for the noise. It was at this time that Christy sensed a male spirit that suddenly appeared. We decided to use our temperature gun to see if we could get the spirit to interact with us. This particular temperature gun changes colors depending upon

the temperature of the object it’s focused on. (Red – hot, green – neutral, blue – cold) We were able to capture some fluctuations in temperature while the gun was setup in the kitchen, but after a short time it seemed that the male spirit was gone. We believe it was some sort of transient spirit that was perhaps just passing through.


We started out sit-down in the front room and noticed a drop in the ambient temperature by 7 degrees. Our group decided to set up an experiment with a flashlight to see if we could get the spirit to turn it off and on for us.  We did not have any luck with this however since we ended up having mechanical failure with the flashlight. 

We eventually settled back into the bedroom & continued our sit down. Our focus was to give some peace to this spirit & to get her to move on. While we don’t believe she crossed over that night, we did feel that the energy in the house was lighter & not so oppressive.  It is our hope that with time & encouragement, the spirit of Elizabeth will decide to move on.



We feel like this family was experiencing a mild haunting and advice was given to the family on how to proceed should their haunting continue.   At the end of the night there however and even afterwards after speaking with the homeowners, the whole atmosphere of the house seemed to change from what we did just in that one evening and the homeowner has reported that the activity has also appeared to stop. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I walked into this house I didn’t know the details of the haunting taking place so I was wide open to whatever information might come through for us.  I began my walk-thru of the location and immediately felt a young woman who was very upset, unhappy and sad.  The more I began listening while doing my walk-thru, I saw this dark headed Caucasian woman who looked to be from the late 70’s or 80’s era crying

in a bathroom while sitting on a toilet lid.  Her make-up was running and she was crying uncontrollably.  I walked into this house I didn’t know the details of the haunting taking place so I was wide open to whatever information might come through for us.  I began my walk-thru of the location and immediately felt a young woman who was very upset, unhappy and sad.  The more I began listening while doing my walk-thru, I saw this dark headed Caucasian woman who looked to be from the late 70’s or 80’s era crying in a bathroom while sitting on a toilet lid.  Her make-up was running and she was crying uncontrollably.  I saw one of her memories in which she was being slapped and knocked down to the ground by her husband who then forced her into the bathroom and locked the door locking her in.  Upset from years of abuse and not having a good relationship or love that she desired, she rummaged through the medication she had in her medicine cabinet attached to the bathroom wall above the bathroom sink.  In her upset, she knocked down several pill bottles into the sink causing some medications to open and fall out and down the drain.   She found  a bottle of sleeping pills and quickly popped several of them in her mouth then drew herself a bath and sat down in the tub where she feel asleep and into death. 

Now in death she regrets taking her life and states that darkness is all around her and she can’t find any hope, peace, love or happiness.  She claims that all she feels is the pain left from her husband and her bad choice to end her life.  She desperately wanted to be understood and heard which is why she had reached out to the female homeowner.  She also wanted to find the love and peace she never knew but felt she was a lost cause and hopefulness because of what she had done with ending her life.  She was afraid that she would forever be doomed and could never be forgiven.

Since this case was so different for us, we decided to say a prayer for her and read her scripture out of the Bible to assure her that God was a God of forgiveness and he could bring the peace and love to her life that she so longed for.   She was uncertain about crossing over because she feared what awaited her on the other side but we feel that we made a big impact on Elizabeth’s life that night and after speaking with the homeowners after our investigation, we fell that perhaps Elizabeth finally made the choice to cross over.  

evidence collected

There were 6 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 sound clips.  

There was one interesting photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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