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General Information

Investigators:      Christy, Kathy, Donna, Curtis, Cyrena, and Gary


Equipment used:  DVR, (4) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, REM Pod, and various EMF meters

Cam1 – Master bedroom pointed at  jewelry box on dresser (Motion detector and Geophone on dresser)

Cam2 – Master bathroom vanity pointing towards sunroom

Cam3 – Daughter’s bedroom in far left corner pointed towards closet

Cam4 – Spare bathroom at end of long hallway pointed down long hallway

Cam5 – (Full-spectrum camera) Living room on wine rack pointed toward sunroom (TV left, Couch right)

Cam6 – Master closet (female homeowner) with motion sensor

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by the client, wife, and two young children. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Consistent odd events occur throughout house.

  • Something has attempted to pull the baby out of the mom’s arms.

  • Glasses, drinks, flower vases, pictures have flown off the walls and tables for no apparent reason

       and shattered.

  • Past resident experienced similar experiences.


There was a suicide in the home per current resident.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Names of the actual people in the history of this

report will be changed to protect their


The client’s rental home is a 1,025 sq ft, three

bedroom, one bathroom single-story home built in


The client has obtained a police report that confirmed rumors from neighbors of a shootout with police that had occurred outside the home on August 4, 2006. News reports obtained by OKPRI also confirm this history.

On Friday evening of August 4, 2006, John Doe, was searching for his ex-girlfriend. He arrived at the home of his ex-girlfriend’s brother at about 8pm and opened fire. The brother’s friend, Jane Doe, was visiting the brother at the time. Jane had escaped from the home out the front door only to be chased and shot in the back by John with a rifle. When the police arrived, John opened fire upon them and a shootout ensued. John ran back into the house. A police tactical team surrounded the home and neighboring homes were evacuated. John was later found dead when the police entered the home at 10:40 pm. John had shot himself with a handgun.

Jane Doe was taken by ambulance to a local hospital and was in good condition by the next evening. No police officers were injured during the incident.

Investigation Report


Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that in most of the analyzed audio during this phase captures multiple EVPs.


During this time, Christy's audio recorder on the kitchen table captured what sounds like a child's voice saying, "Can the baby come out to play now," while Kathy was walking in the house from outside and was talking to the cat. About 20 minutes later, Christy's audio recorder also captured a female voice which sounds like she is weeping. "Female Weeping"

Client Interview

Our team arrived at the location and began the

initial interview with the client. After the interview, he gave us a tour of the home to show the

known areas of activity. After the tour was over, he left the home to us to complete the investigation.

Walkthrough with Sweeps

The walkthrough phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building and focus psychically on her gifts to see if there are any spirits present and talk with spirits that maybe present at that time. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Sometimes the team will either conduct these phases together or separate depending on the size of the home.

The team began the investigation in the child's bedroom of thehome. As we moved on to the master bedroom, Cyrena and Christy began to pick on shadows that were low to the ground and very small in stature darting from the master bedroom to the bathroom. 

The team began the investigation in the child's bedroom of the home. As we moved on to the master bedroom, Cyrena and Christy began to pick on shadows that were low to the ground and very small in stature darting from the master bedroom to the bathroom. 

The team began the investigation in the child's bedroom of the home. As we moved on to the master bedroom, Cyrena and Christy began to pick on shadows that were low to the ground and very small in stature darting from the master bedroom to the bathroom. 

While the team settled down in the master bedroom, Christy sat down in the computer chair facing the bedroom door. Cyrena and Donna sat on the edge of the bed and everyone else fanned out on the floor.  Christy started picking up on two lower entities in which she felt were causing torment within the home. At this time, Cyrena heard a low growl in her ear from behind her.   She turned  to look but did not see anything.

A few minutes later, Christy also had the same experience, but also had this overwhelming feeling of fear from a tortured soul also existing within the home. During this time, Donna's audio recorder picked up on a male voice in which sounded like a male laughter. And a few minutes later another male voice in is whispering something. "Male Laughter"  "Male Whispering"



This sit-down phase of the investigation is the time where the team sits down in a specific room sometimes with the clients, most of the times not to just listen for any activity and to have Christy communicate with any spirit that maybe present.


The team decided to concentrate the “sit-down” phase in the living room and spend more time in there because of the experiences from earlier in the evening. As Christy starts asking the spirits to make themselves known,  her audio recorder captured  a "giggle" in which the team feels was the small child again.  The team was also noticing cold spots in the room and had numerous times where they experienced goose bumps.



The team began wrapping up and putting away the equipment. No evidence was found during this time.




The team has reviewed all audio and video recordings of the investigation as well as consideration of all personal and psychic experiences while in the client’s home. The team has concluded that although there was not a lot of physical evidence of the paranormal, there are many reasons to believe that paranormal activity indeed occurs at this location.

This does not appear to be an attachment to the     clients living in the home, but to the location itself. Given the fact that the psychic    investigator had picked up on an entity that matches with the occurrences that have happened historically on the location, it can be concluded that many energies exist that can cause emotional and physical harm.


The team does not feel there is a demonic entity present, as these are extremely rare, but that the circumstances surrounding the death that had occurred at the location leaves a negative impression on the environment that can attract negative energy. Theory suggests the longer this energy lingers, the more negative it becomes, attracting other spiritual energy both positive and negative.

The teams recommendation for the client was to seek an alternate place of residence if there was the possibility to do so. The work needed to repair the spiritual damage on the home is more than the young family should have to deal with on their own, especially as renters of the property.

Psychic Investigator Comments

The first spirit that I encountered at this location was in the daughter's bedroom. It was the spirit of an elderly man and two young children. Told from the grandfatherpoint of view,  around the 1960s, he had his two grandchildren with him in the back seat of his car. They were spending the day together and his grandson and granddaughter both had an ice cream in hand they were eating. The road was a bit twisty and up on the side of a hill or mountain. The youngest grandchild had dropped his ice cream off the top of

his cone and was upset.  The grandfather tried  reaching (while driving) back behind him to help the boy with his ice cream. The grandfather accidentally swerved off the road. His vehicle went off the road and crashed into a fiery blaze down below off the side of the mountain.  The grandfather felt huge guilt over the crash and killing himself and his two grandchildren. He protected his grandchildren even in death and was wandering around with them looking for his children (the children’s parents.)  I let him know that he could cross over and find peace and love and put all their wandering to rest. I do believe that they crossed over.

There was another spirit here whose story was very sad. He was a victim of violence and tragedy of his own doing. His spirit was being trapped there by lower and darker entities due to his violent lifestyle choice when he was alive. Since he didn’t lead the most virtuous life, in death, he was being tormented by these lower and darker entities. They were controlling him and had him behaving badly.  I saw these dark entities crawling around on the floor (which was also a claim by the clients.)  I also saw them trying to scare us in various ways; one way was getting up behind us. 

One even growled in Cyrena’s ear and one got right up on my back (I could feel this) and I began praying and rebuking it off of me.  These little dark entities did not want us there, especially when I started talking to the tormented male spirit and telling him that he didn’t have to be bound by these dark  spirits. The more I worked at trying to free this male spirit, the more aggressive these dark entities got.  Due to the oppressive and aggressive nature of these spirits, our team decided to wrap up our investigation and leave.

I did a consultation with the male client before we left. I normally don’t run across investigations where I feel I need to advise the client to leave their home but in this case I did. The clients were renting this home and had even confronted the landlord about the activity that was taking place in the home to which the landlord denied.   The client told us that their activity had gotten so bad that when they confronted their landlord, they had given their notice to vacate. However, they were waiting for our team to come in and let them know our professional opinion before they finalized their move.  Their scariest moment and main reason for moving was when one of the dark entities tried to take their infant child. I told the male client that I would recommend moving because I felt like the main spirit there was too bound by the darker entities to leave right away and I was more concerned with the safety of he and his family. 

I am not sure how long this tormented male spirit will stay at the house, but I did give him a lot of things to think about before we left and I am hoping that he can come up with the willpower to pray, ask for forgiveness and break free from the torment his soul is experiencing.

evidence collected

There were no positive photos and no video clips.

There were 5 EVPs that were recorded during this investigation and no audio clips.


"Can the baby come and play?"

"Female weeping"


"Male laughter"

"Male voice"

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