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House of Suffering

4/16/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley & TJ (OKPRI), Robert & Richard from SPIES and Minister Terry Lawson


Equipment used:  Sony video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


The client lives in a small building behind his mother’s house. The main house is occupied by his mother & her roommate.  The client did not have much knowledge about the home or its history, but he was able to tell us that the land had once been Indian land.  The paranormal activity taking place however is believed to have started approximately 4 years ago after he and his cousin played with an Ouija board. The client stated, however, that he has had paranormal experiences some years prior but nothing he would consider as a haunting. The current activity is reported to be focused mainly on our client, but other residents in the home have experienced things at various times. 


Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The client has felt a tickling sensation throughout his body.

  • The client has had his nipples licked by something unseen, and it felt like a cat’s tongue but there was no cat.

  • Client reports feeling electrical type shocks in his back at night.

  • Client reports feeling like someone or something is holding him down at night, even while fully awake.

  • Client has experienced hot touches that burn.

  • Cold spots are felt throughout the house.

  • Client has experienced scratches and bite marks on various parts of his body with photographic evidence to support this last claim. 

  • The roommate in the main house has reported she has felt a presence in the home and has seen the apparition of a young man.  

  • Previously another team had come out and investigated the home and they brought a preacher with them who stated while there, he was punched in gut & then stated he was fondled in his private regions.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Not a whole lot is known about this property other than it is a 4 bedroom home located in a rural county.  The client did not have much knowledge about the home or its history, but he was able to tell us that the land had once been Indian land.  This investigation took place in Arkansas and so our team did not have access to out of state records at this time.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity.


The client lives in a small building behind his mother’s house. The main house is occupied by his mother & her roommate.  The paranormal activity taking place however is believed to have started approximately 4 years ago after he and his cousin played with an Ouija board. The client stated, however, that he has had paranormal experiences some years prior but nothing he would consider as a haunting. The current activity is reported to be focused mainly on our client, but other residents in the home have experienced things at various times.

​Due to the constant and dramatic activity, the client moved out of the home and into another location many miles away from the original home but has stated that the activity continued leading him to believe that this entity followed him.  The client stated that there is no set pattern to the activity as it occurs randomly at any time during the day or night.  The client has a dog that sleeps with him and he states that on nights when the activity is going to be bad and he is being attacked, the dog somehow knows and refuses to sleep with him.

Desperate for help, the client had previously invited a local team in to investigate and reported that they were able to record lots of paranormal evidence but due to a malfunction with the CD they had put the evidence on, they were unable to give him a copy of any of the evidence.  The client stated that during this team’s investigation, they used provocation and provoked the spirits there and in return, a preacher they had there with them was punched in gut & then stated he was fondled in his private regions.  The preacher afterwards told the client that he had a dark spirit with him.  The team also had a psychic with them and we were told by the client that the psychic had to leave because he began to feel angry.  The client also stated that everyone in the prior team complained about having energy headaches.  One paranormal investigator told this client that she thought he possibly had a succubus demon attached to him and that was why he was being sexually attacked.

Previous History:

The client had experienced a lot of family deaths prior to this haunting taking place.  He lost  a brother and a fiancé.  Due to the loss of these important people in his life, he and a cousin decided to use an Ouija board in 2008 to see if they could connect with these two people.  During their Ouija board session, they were unable to connect with either of their past loved ones.  Instead, it appeared that a doorway had been opened from using the Ouija board and as they would discover later on, a dark entity had entered this client's house and it would torment him for the next 3 years.  The next morning when they awoke, furniture had been moved around in the house and many other odd things began happening and then shortly after the physical attacks began.  Below are some photographs the client was able to take himself to document the strange occurrences that were taking place. The client did take photographs around his house that appear to be paranormal in nature.  These photos show strange lights and mists throughout his residence.  We have listed them below.

The client also has photographs of scratches and bite marks after his alleged attacks that he took for documentation purposes.  We have also listed them below.

The client also got a strange picture of a shadow and then a few other strange pictures of light anomalies.  We have listed these photos below.

We conducted this investigation somewhat different from how we normally do things. Our goal was to collect as much evidence as possible, but also to observe the client since the activity seemed to center around him.  The claims were that the individual was sexually and physically being harassed by what he thought was a demon, or in more detailed terms, a succubus which is In medieval legend, a 'succubus' (plural succubi; from Latin succubare, "to lie under") with its origin beginning from 1350-1400, is a female demon which comes to men, in their dreams to seduce them and have sexual intercourse with them, drawing energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death. This legend was also an explanation for the phenomena of wet dreams and sleep paralysis.

Upon entering the property, we all felt uneasiness & prepared ourselves for whatever might occur. The house seemed to be on two separate foundations.  The front of the home where the living room was seemed to be on a stone base while the remainder of the house; the kitchen, the two bedrooms, and the bathroom, seemed to be on a hollow foundation: much like a trailer home would be.  Outside, just west, of the main house sat a small building in which the primary focused individual resided.  The evening began with an on camera interview of the client. He relayed all of the occurrences he had been experiencing & told us of a previous paranormal investigation team that had visited him.  We also invited Robert and Richard from SPIES Paranormal to accompany us on this investigation.  Robert has studied demonology for numerous years now so we called him in to utilize his demonology skills.  Per the request of the client, we also called in a minister named, Terry to administer a blessing after the investigation.

During the time when the interview was taking place, one investigator was touring the home & had walked into the restroom to blow her nose. As she walked in the bathroom door, she heard a very loud, heavy exhale in my right ear.  She looked up & down the hallway to see if anyone was around, but everyone was in the living room with the client.  Unfortunately she didn’t have her digital recorder on her, so she was unable to capture the sound she heard. While doing our sweeps of the restroom, three investigators heard footsteps directly behind us in the hallway. We were able to confirm with the other group members that it was not them as they were sitting down in the living room.  We were able to catch the sound on our audio recorders.  Audio Clip of Footsteps At one point during the evening, our minister Terry had gone outside with the client for a tour of the building he lives in. The rest of the investigators were inside the house when Terry asks us to come outside. As he & the client were walking around the back of the house, Terry said that he felt something come up & give him what he described as a bear hug.  Also while outside, one of the investigators stated they had an unusual spike on the gauss meter which was witnessed by several member and which also could not be recreated. It began to get late, so we set up the DVR system & the client went to bed. It was our goal to observe the client over the DVR system while he slept in the hopes of capturing activity. Different members of the team worked throughout the night. In the morning Terry conducted a blessing of the house & the client before we headed home. Upon reviewing the audio evidence, it appears we captured three distinctly different voices. One is female, & the other two are male. One of the male voices is very deep & raspy…much like the one Christy heard telling us to leave. It is our opinion that the client does not have a succubus attached him, but that the spirits he does have are a result of playing with an Ouija board.

The Blessing – By Minister Terry Lawson

When we arrived at this house I felt uncomfortable and nervous.  The client appeared to be a very dark person and you could see the distraught in his face.  I believe the entity that was attached to him was also in command of him and we could all feel that it did not want us there.  As the night progressed however, the client’s demeanor appeared to lighten.  Later in the evening, myself and another investigator were in back bedroom and we both felt cold spots and an uncomfortable air pressure in our chest and in our ears.  I walked in to bathroom and felt a bit dizzy for some reason and sick to my stomach.  

The client and I talked more until the group came in and all the lights were turned off to begin the investigation.  The client and I then took a break and walked outside where we continued to talk about Jesus Christ and then about what has happened from his past.  The client then asked me to go out to the smaller house with him that he normally resides in.  As we were walking out there I felt as if something had grabbed me and had squeezed me as if to hug me tightly.  It did not feel friendly as it made me loose my breath for a moment so I rebuked it.  The client then told me he then saw a shadow dart away from me and run into the big house where the rest of the investigators were.  I sensed it had also gone back in the big house so the client ran back into the big house and alerted the investigative team.  Robert from SPIES came outside and got a large spike on the emf meter and at first he thought nothing of it since he was close to an antenna cable but then after the group took a look into smaller house, Robert came back out and tried to recreate the spike but was unable to do so. 

Morning came and it was time to do the requested blessing for the client.  We began the blessing and when I got to bathroom in the large house, I felt very dizzy again and once I went into the back bedroom to bless it, I also felt like the entity had left the room and had exited the house through the bathroom window because afterwards the bathroom smelled like roses.  After blessing the last room, I felt this entity had left and it had been defeated.  I then blessed the client and as I was blessing him I felt the Holy Spirit flowing though me and into him.  I also felt healing come to remove the damage this dark entity had left on him. 

I am continuing to council this client now as a minister and I will continue to help him until he can get to a church and continue his walk with Christ. I may have return to do another blessing if the entity returns and bothers him.  Glory to God and good work to the investigative team!



We feel like this client definitely has a haunting taking place but not by the hand of a Succubus demon due to not all of the characteristics of a succubus matching the type of haunting our client had taking place.


After reviewing all of our evidence, we feel this client’s issues began once he used an Ouija board around 3 years ago.  We feel like while the Ouija board was in use, it opened up a doorway to a dark negative spirit along with a couple of other Earthbound spirits that are also present in the home.  Watch the video of "The Dangers Involved in Using an Ouija Board." From all of our evidence, we have picked up on the recordings of a woman, one man and then a raspy sounding entity we believe to be negative and dark in nature.  We believe this dark entity could possibly be an elemental spirit which have been know to be violent even sometimes sexually if they are upset or made angry.  If not an elemental spirit, we feel this dark negative entity could also be one of the unknown negative spirits that often come through meddling with things like Ouija boards or séances or witchcraft.  We feel these spirits have been with him for quite a while and it may prove difficult for the minister to be able to rid the client and the location of these entities, especially the one negative entity that is present who laughed and stated that it “wasn’t going anywhere.”

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I was vaguely briefed about this location possibly having a Succubus demon present for safety reasons and so that I could help out with the blessing of this client.  As usual, I never go into any location expecting a ghost or expecting anything negative to be there.  When I first encountered this client and was shown his picture, I could see a black mass (negative energy) around him.  When I was finally able to speak to him

face to face, I still saw the same black energy mass around him.  This energy felt very heavy and depressive and it felt very negative and oppressive.  I could tell this client had an attachment to him that was not healthy.  We had all arrived at this location with the mindset that we wouldn’t be bullied nor overcome by anything negative this spirit had to offer.  I do believe this negative spirit sensed that right off the bat because upon entering the house, it briefly confronted me in a raspy low voice asking us why we were there and what we wanted and then it told us to leave.  I knew this was not any type of once human spirit because it had neither a male or female sense to it.  I did not feel however that it was demonic in nature because while negative energies can make an investigator feel very uncomfortable and a little scared if any at all, a true demonic presence will create an even greater fear and in so much that everyone who is present will feel the fear and uneasiness of being around it.  Being in the presence of a true demon is a fear like no other, one very unique to its own.  We did not feel that with this entity so we felt like it was a negative spirit but perhaps that of an elemental or an unknown non-human Earthbound.  I was a bit surprised that this entity did not have much to say about itself, was very unpronounced and more reserved with us being there.  This too could have been because we had come with a zero tolerance for negativity before arriving at this location.  We were prepared to do spiritual battle if necessary and I think this entity knew it and did not wish to battle anything with us.  I do feel like this client is going to have an on-going battle with this negative entity since the haunting has been going on for so long now.

evidence collected

There were 19 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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