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House of the Lost

4/30/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley and TJ



Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


Activity for the current residents began when they moved in 3 years ago. The female homeowner & her small son experience the most activity, but her husband, sister & mother have all had experiences in the home.  Activity most frequently happens at night after midnight.  A lot of it happens between 2:00am and 5:00am.

Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The young son has reported seeing an old man in his bedroom that he refers to sometimes as the “Monster Man”/”Old Man.”

  • The son sees other ghosts but this "Monster Man/Old Man" is the only one that scares him.

  • The young son also plays in the playroom with an unseen or an “imaginary friend” he says is a little girl. 

  • After the male homeowner leaves for work at 4 a.m., the female client can feel someone climbing into bed with her.

  • A white figure has been seen walking in front of the back & front windows.

  • The client has heard a small child calling mommy” however, she knows it’s not her son as he has never called her mommy.

  • The temperature of a room always lowers when the son is present. 

  • The family dogs stare at empty spaces & growls and if left in the bedroom alone, they’ll growl and bark throughout the night. 

  • Light bulbs in the house have a tendency to burn out very quickly. Lights have blown from their sockets as in both lights at the same time in the socket.  This may be faulty wiring but it’s constant with activity and it intense enough to break the glass of the bulbs leaving only the cap of the bulb remaining in the socket.

  • Their cousin has reported hearing odd sounds in hallway. 

  • Shadows are seen in the hallway 

  • Homeowners have heard a growling at end of hallway

  • During summer months, they have seen a female figure in white walk past the windows in the front and the back. 

  • One time both homeowners had one occurrence where something crawled into bed with them.  They both witnessed the blankets being pushed down in between them. 

  • Female homeowner has seen a little boy (not her son) walk up to her side of the bed from the hallway and disappear.

  • Male owner had one experience w/ the music stopping from his X-Box and the controller shoved half under the couch.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The homeowners live with their 4 year old son in a 3 bedroom 2400 square foot home.  The homeowners do not know much history about their home except for the fact that they bought it from a gentleman who purchased the home, fixed it up, & sold it. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived to the residence 2130-2145 hrs.  An in-home interview was conducted by our case manager while equipment was set up throughout the home by the other members present. The female homeowner showed us a strange photo that she had taken with her cell phone of her young son.  In the background at the back end of the hallway, there appears to be the apparition of a young girl looking into the son’s bedroom.

After the interview, the homeowners showed us the specific locations where things usually happen at.  As we walked into the little boy’s bedroom, we all felt an intense amount of energy that seemed to hit us in the face as we walked in.  The energy then seemed to shift into the back corner of the boys’ room.  I hung the ghost light in the doorway of the little boys’ room.  Mark and I set up the stand-alone monitors in the hallway outside the little boys room, at the foot of the homeowners’ bed on the females side and then in the living room going into the hallway.  Once those things were set up, we went to retrieve Christy from outsides the residence so she could do her walk-thru and then so we could get the DVR System set up and ready to go.



While conducting the set up of the equipment in the back bedroom, an investigator reported feeling something brush against his arm, & during the same time, TJ was also present and stated during the same time he felt an electrical/static feeling, similar to the one the team had experienced earlier.  Footsteps were also heard in the hallway during this time by one of the investigators.  


During the same set up time, one of the investigator’s flashlights disappeared from out of his pocket only to reappear later under the recliner in the living room.  The investigator does not remember taking the flashlight out of his pocket so this incident was noted just in case.

Sweeps and Walkthrough

As were concluding our sweep of the master bedroom, Christy witnessed the stationary monitor spike and drop down.  As we were watching the stationary, Ashley noticed that the ghost light that was hanging in the middle of the little boys’ doorway was swinging as if something brushed past it.  As we were observing the ghost light, the thermal leak detector detected a sudden drop in temperature as a cold spot.  The ghost light would stop moving temporarily and then start moving again as if something was gently tapping it.  Mark noted as we sat there that there was no air movement nor any breezes or drafts moving through that area of the home. 



We invited the homeowners in for a sit down. At first with all of us in the living room, we soon after dispersed to the bedrooms that the activity happens in.  When Christy and the female home owner where in the little boy’s room, they both claimed that small hands clasped one’s arm and one’s leg as a small child would give a hug or cling when they are scared.

Towards the end of our sit down, TJ had moved to the end of the hallway & was sitting in the floor. Suddenly we hear him say that his flashlight was going off & on while it was in his pocket. He was not touching his flashlight or even moving at the time of this occurrence.  Upon inspection of his flashlight, the pen

light he noticed he had to turn it quite a bit to get the flashlight to actually turn on.

Another interesting thing that happened during our sit-down was our team noticed shadow movement down the hallway when we had a grid set up.  Christy began taking photos down the hallway and there was one photo of a strange white light shooting out from behind the grid.  Attempts to recreate this photograph were done but they we were not able to recreate them. 

Another strange photograph was captured by Christy down this same hallway right after the time when the white streak photograph was taken.   There is a bit of light blur in the photograph where the flash caught the light sources in the photo however it does not explain

the images that were in the photo.  When you look at the photo down at the end of the hallway, there is what appears to be 3 different apparition figures.  The taller figure appears to be that of either a man or a woman and they appear to be holding a small child.  Below the tallest figure (the one holding the child) there appears to be a smaller figure, that of a child (showing left of the frame.)  Then to the right of this same tall figure and in the right frame of the photo there appears to be another figure but one that is a bit taller than the one in front of the tallest figure holding the child.  All together there appears to be around 4 apparitions in the photo.   We have looked at the comparison shots but there was nothing in the comparison shots that even remotely looked like anything in this photo which showed the possible apparitions.  


We have posted this possible apparition photo below along with the same photograph where we outlined and cropped the apparitions in the photo for better viewing.  We will also post a comparison shot to show the differences in the photos.  Note that the photo the homeowner captured somewhat resembles the white figures we captured in our photos.

The original apparition photo.  Look down the end of the hallway to see the 4 apparitions.  One of them is a child being held by a female.

This is the same apparition photo with the apparitions outlined.


We do not feel like the spirits in this home mean any harm, & the homeowners do not feel threatened by them. We believe that the male spirit is unaware of his death or the deaths of his children, & he was simply continuing to take care of his children like he always had.  We also feel like there may be the spirit of a woman there at this home too, possibly the female (wife and mother) of this same family.

The other possibility is that the property itself sits on a perpetual Time Loop.  A time loop is the notion or theory that as time bends, it may bend too close to another time and either rubs together or cross paths inadvertently.  In this particular case, both families, living and possibly deceased, are just caught at the same time and the same place and both equally confused. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I arrived at this location I really didn’t feel a whole lot at first.  It appeared that if there was a spirit here, it wanted nothing to do with us.  I started getting bits and pieces of information as I conducted my walk-thru of the location.  I picked up on this man by the name of Frank Williams.  Frank had two younger children, one girl named Sara who was around 7 years old and one boy named David who was around 4 years

old.  He stated his wife had previously died years before of a fever and being sick so it was now just him and his 2 children.  Frank showed me a barn on fire and showed me how he was trying to get his horses out but he did not specify how the barn had caught on fire.  He did not recognize himself or his children as being dead and became offended when the idea was told to him.  When asked to give us a date, Frank told us it was 1913.  When we tried to tell him the date it was currently and some facts about today’s society, he became upset and unbelieving and stated that we were into “witchcraft and no one could know the future.”  We believe the little girl Sara is the one that plays with the homeowner’s young son.  We believe the “old man or monster” is Mr. Williams.

evidence collected

There were 19 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clips.  

There were 2 positive photo and no positive video clips.



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