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House of the Confused

5/6/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley and TJ


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


The homeowners claim the strange paranormal activity in this home began as soon as they moved in. The female homeowner experiences the most activity, but everyone in the house has had experiences in the home.​ Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The clients smell a man's cologne and a woman's perfume throughout the house. 

  • Pictures on their walls are shifted in positions.

  • Apparitions are seen in the backyard.

  • Things in the house are levitated, especially the small dresser in the daughter's bedroom.

  • The family also says they hear what sounds like a hug dog coming in a room and flopping down.

  • They hear what sounds like a Model-T car engine and it appears to drive through the laundry room.


There have been no deaths in this home but the family did mention loosing a neighbor not to long ago.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on acreage that was built by the homeowners in 1998. They are the only people to live in it, & the land was unused before they purchased it. The homeowners live in the residence with their 2 young sons and 2 small granddaughters.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We arrived at this location at 2000 hrs and began our in-home interviews.  Two of our investigators, Ashley and TJ arrived at the location prior to the family returning home allowing us entry into the residence.  Before TJ and Ashley were aware that the family was not home, they approached the residence and knocked on the door.  As they stood there waiting for someone to answer, they noticed that the TV was on and TJ noticed what appeared to be a figure walk past the Television as it blocked out the light.  At first he dismissed it thinking it was one of the homeowners or just his eyes playing tricks on him, but after realizing the homeowners weren’t home and then the fact that the figure was seen coming from a room between the front door and the television that didn’t exist, he decided not to dismiss the incident.  After the homeowners arrived at the location to let TJ and Ashley in, they entered the home and looked for the area where TJ had seen the figure walk by.  Upon inspection of the area they noticed that there was no doorway into the master bedroom on that side between the television and door so they felt the sighting was paranormal in nature.  After the in-home interview, the clients left with their children leaving us the entire house and property to investigate.



Our team began setting up equipment throughout the house. Our DVR base was located in the kitchen area of the home. We set one of the final camera's up on the backyard due to the claims of apparitions walking around in the backyard.  We then took some hand held equipment and did a sweep of the backyard.  


While we were outside, setting up the camera and conducting our sweeps, activity was occurring in the living room area of the house.  Our audio recorders picked up on what sounded like people talking in the home, even though no one was inside the home.  Our

audio recorders also picked up on things being moved and there were footsteps and rustling around of things that were located next to our audio recorders.  Upon going back inside the home, there were no items moved that we noticed and at the time while we were outside setting up the outside camera, we had no idea of the activity taking place within the home until we reviewed back our audio.  One of the more unique evps that were captured during this time was a woman saying, "Matthew"  Audio clips of the movements:  Noises & Movement 1, Noises & Movement 2, Noises & Movement 3, Noises & Movement 4.



Early on in our walkthrough, the three of us were in the master bedroom. TJ’s ghost light (hanging in the living room) came on. We all witnessed the room light up as it turned on, but were unable to get it to come on again for the rest of the night.  During the same time we saw the ghost light turn on, we stepped out into the living room and started snapping pictures.  TJ then noticed the second set of bells he had hung at the end of the hallway as a trigger object, begin to swing back and forth on their own for just a few seconds before they stopped.  These bells were hung up in the hallway by the children’s doorway.

Back in the master bedroom, Ashley and TJ both heard the sound of a loud thump at the front door that matches up with the claims of the late family dog lying at the front door.  Stepping out to investigate, TJ picked up the smell of a wet dog as soon as he stepped out of the front door.

During the sit-down we also heard at various times what we can only describe as the sound of a muffled voices like a conversation taking place between a woman and a couple of men coming from the back part of the house down the hallway.  No TV or radio was on either.  The location is also so remote and out in a country area that’s surrounded by woods that we knew it wasn’t coming from a neighbor’s home.

Sounds coming from the hallway did not surprise us as that was one of the claims from the homeowners.  They said they have been in their bedrooms before and have heard someone walking in the hall and making noise.  Our group monitored this hallway and took a series of pictures and was able to capture a figure that appears to be coming out of one of the rooms and entering the hallway.  This figure also appears to be seen from it's left side as if it is headed to the next room beside the one that it is in.  If you click on the picture it will pop up a bit larger for viewing closer.



Our main concern was for the children who lived in the home as they seemed to be the most affected or scared by the activity according to the report from the homeowners.  When we were leaving, TJ spoke up and stated we, “would come back if need be and that he (Erick) should at least leave the children alone.” 

Upon review of our evidence, we feel like this family has at least 2 spirits in the home.  One of these spirits is that of a woman, another is that of a male spirit named Erick.  We did get an interesting evp of the woman saying, “Matthew” which makes us wonder if there is another male spirit in the home that goes by that same name.  We noticed in our recorded evidence that there was a lot of recordings of the unknown movement of items and the rustling around of footsteps, and strange sounds in the home all taking place while no one or no animal was present on the inside of the home.  This allows us to confirm the claims of the homeowners about items moving around in their home on their own and items disappearing.  The source of the sound of the Model-T the homeowners report hearing in their home is unknown but possibly thought it could be the rotating sound of the software in the satellite receiver box in the master bedroom. 

We do feel like the female homeowner is one who possibly attracts spirits around her due to her claims of activity taking place in past locations she has lived and due to the current activity she and her husband now both have taking place within their home.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


After arriving at this location and getting out of my vehicle, I immediately got an overwhelming feeling of nausea that hit me.  There was something about the land where this house stood that I didn’t get an easy feeling about.  After the in-home interview was done, I stepped inside this house and after just a few moments, I got an energy headache that was very strong and I felt a bit dizzy as well. 

Oddly enough and before conducting my walk-thru, I saw the spirit of a man open up the front door and start yelling at us to go away.    I told the team about it and what was odd is that even though I saw the spirit open the door up, the door never moved on a physical level.  I never have understood how spirit is able to do things like that. 

Before getting a lot of detailed information on this male spirit, I did get a bit of a scare while conducting our sweeps in the living room area.  As I was walking around in the living room, I saw this man sitting in one of the recliners.  He had a pissed off look on his face and his eyes were whitish in color as if he had multiple cataracts or like the eyes of a corpse after they had been dead for quite a while.  He just sat there with his arms resting out on the arms of the recliner as he glared at me before disappearing.  I knew he was using this as a scare tactic and I felt like he did not want us there.

When I did my walk-thru of the residence, I came into contact with this man who told me he was very angry.  The man was in his late 30s with sandy brown hair. He was skinny and was wearing blue jeans, a pale yellow button-up shirt, & blue & white sneakers. He told me his name was Erick Hamilton & said he was from The Boroughs, North Carolina and he had died in 1982.  He stated that he had been murdered by an associate of his named Tim because of information he knew about him.  He stated he knew his “friend” Tim had had an affair on his wife and when he fell on hard times financially, he asked Tim to give him some money to help him out and in return he wouldn’t say anything to his wife about the affair.  He then told me that he got into an argument with Tim and the next thing he knew, he felt sharp pains in his stomach area and saw that Tim had repeatedly stabbed him.  On a secluded 2-lane highway with tall trees, Tim pulled over to the side of the road and dumped his body down a small incline on the other side of a decaying large tree log.  Tim then covered his body with forest debris such as leaves, fallen branches, etc. 

Erick was angry due to his life ending the way it did and he wanted revenge on Tim for killing him.  He knew he was dead but he didn’t know how he ended up in the house where the current family lived.  He said he didn’t want to stay there but he wasn’t able to leave because every time he tried to go and every time he reached the edges of the property line, it was like he was stuck and would end up right where back he started from. We thought that perhaps Erick could have followed the female homeowner home from somewhere, unaware of his future entrapment.

evidence collected

There were 10 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 7 sound clips.  

There was 1 positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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