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House of the Wandering Gambler

6/17/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley and TJ


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by family with children.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • A black shadow is seen walking down the hallway.

  • A white light about the size of a dime appears in the living room & floats down the hallway.

  • The male homeowner has heard a small child calling him by name. 

  • The daughter has also heard the voice of a little girl.

  • Knocking has been heard on the front & back doors with no one near either one

  • The family frequently reports the sensation of someone standing behind them

  • Male homeowner has recently had dreams of being physically attached only to wake up & have cuts & bruises like those from his dreams.  One of these times he had a busted lip and a boot mark on his chest.

  • The entire family reports feeling lightheaded & heavy when they walk into the back of the house.  

  • They have also had toilet lids slam down on their own.

  • All family members have heard knocking in various areas of the home as well as hearing audible voices and seeing shadows move throughout the house.  

  • The homeowners have recorded several EVP on their own so they know there are ghosts there in the house.  They have also noticed that the activity seems to intensify during storms.


The grandfather passed away in the home in 2002. After his death the clients continued to care of their grandmother as she suffered from dementia. She passed away around 2004.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

From the initial interview, we learned that the homeowners live in the home with their 2 children.  The house is also the second known house on this property. The female homeowner’s grandparents bought the land in 1948. The original home caught fire that same year & burned down. The current home was built in 1949 & has been inhabited by a member of the family since then. The current homeowners moved into the house in 2000 to take care of the grandparents & inherited it after they passed away. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We were greeted by the homeowners as well as the sister, brother-in-law, and all the children.  It was solidly apparent upon viewing the children living in the home that they were greatly upset.  As we did our interview, the daughter (14) looked as if she was going to be sick, got up and left.  When she came back, she felt it very important to tell us that we were not wanted there by the entities in the home.  The father explained to us that he had been doing his own EVP sessions in home and had been picking up a variety of voices.  One audible voice has been deep and raspy while another voice has been telling him to “Get Out” and “Go Away.” The father has been impressed with the paranormal activity and has personally sought it out within his own home.  On one occasion the male homeowner even reported getting an audio clip that sounded like a large group of people talking in their home.

Since the homeowners have done some investigating of their own home, they sent in a picture they captured on their own.  It was taken straight down their main hallway.  If you look at the original picture on the left side that was taken, you will see the shadow of a head and shoulder peering out from around the side of the door.  We have highlighted the shadow on the 2nd photo so it can be seen more clearly.

Set up/Walkthrough/Sweeps


The team set up the gear to the best of our abilities to find out that the monitor to the DVR was not working properly, which we later found to simply be the cable had gone bad, and proceeded with Christy’s initial walk-thru.  While conducting the walk-thru, we had a camcorder, our audio recorders and cameras with us and did a mini-sweep of the home.  The home was quite large and consisted of many different rooms. As we were doing the walk-thru and sweeps, we did a lot of audio work and asked a lot of questions to see if we could get a response.  One question in particular was asked in connection with an evp the homeowner had gotten recorded on his audio recorder.  The homeowner stated he had an evp that said, “water.”  One investigator, TJ, asked if the ghost there was the one who had asked for water and he got an evp recorded that said “Yes.”  



We decided to do a sit-down in the living room and we began asking questions again waiting for a response.  A couple of the investigators felt like there was someone or something standing in the doorway of the bedroom behind where they were sitting which was just off of the living room area.  When we were asking for an audible response to show that they were there, we heard a loud knock sound coming form the bedroom of this same area where the 2 investigators felt like someone was standing.

The home however did not appear to have a lot of activity taking place while we were there.  The homeowner had stated that the house appeared to get more active too when there was only one or two people there.  We had 4 people from our group there so perhaps the entity present felt a bit overwhelmed and out numbered.



We felt like this house had a total of 3 spirits present that remain in the home full time.  One of these we felt like was the grandfather.  The other we felt like it was a young boy who had possibly lived in the previous home or on the land prior to the current family.  We felt he might have gotten sick and had died at an early age.  The third we felt might be a transient spirit who took up residency in the home for the past few months due to looking for resources such as shelter and food.  We also feel like from time to time this home has spirits that wander in and out of the home due to various reasons including the male homeowner’s willingness to communicate and help them.  We do feel like the one particular transient spirit is a bit chaotic and should be removed from the home through clergy or self-propelled means if chosen to do so by the homeowners in order to bring peace to the home.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this home I felt like the spirits present there were a bit standoffish and leery about coming forward.  As I began to do my walk-thru, I was able to start communicating with a spirit by the name of John Thompson.  When I first saw him, I saw him in long johns and a pair of old leather boots that were round up by the toe area.  I had no idea why I was seeing this but I called it out to the group.  This man

appeared to be in his forties and he told me that he was hungry and was asking for “beef and taters.” Through more conversation, John told me that he had once been married and had owned his own land that he farmed but he lost it one night in a drunken game of poker with the town’s main crooked personnel (like a town mob leader) and that the mob leader had cheated at poker and had taken him for all he had.  When he told his wife, Isabella what had happened and how he had lost their home and land, Isabella became very upset and left John.  Isabella he said eventually remarried and lived a couple of town’s over and he still loved her but respected her decision.  He said that after Isabella had left him and after he no longer had a home or working farm that he traveled from place to place looking for work, food and shelter and he hasn’t stopped since.  


He told me that he had been outside working to earn some money and became very sick so he went to an old rickety hotel where he was staying and he drew himself some cold bathwater to cool down and he said he thought he had died in the bathtub of heat exhaustion.  He also let us know about his upsets with the male homeowner and how he felt like he had a “sharp tongue.”  He also stated that he did not care for children and that he felt the oldest child in the home was like her father in words.  When we asked him to move on to another location, he acted like he wasn’t sure if he wanted to yet.


The grandfather in the home I picked up on felt connected to the family and the home.  He stated to me that he had promised his wife that he would stay behind and watch after the family home and family in general.  He did state his dislike of the intruding visitor, John and that he was insistent that John leaving his home.  He stated that he had had words with John telling him that he was not wanted there and that he needed to leave.  John of course refused the grandfather’s wishes and continued to stay for the time being. The little boy that is there did not really come forward to speak to me like John and the grandfather had.  The little boy seemed a bit reserved and to himself and he felt very protected with the grandfather there and he stays close to the grandfather.  I did feel however that the little boy had either once lived in the previous house or on the land and had died of sickness at a very young age, perhaps around the age of 6.

evidence collected

There were 9 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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