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Boomerang diner

5/20/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley and TJ


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This is an active business located in downtown Shawnee.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Doors are slammed and locked on their own. 

  • Employees report feeling uneasy and like they are being watched.

  • Employees see different colors of light orbs in the back area of the building.

  • The florescent lights in the building have issues and seem to flicker a lot.

  • Items in the restaurant have been thrown at the employees.  One such item was a large electrical cord which left a physical mark.

  • The owner attempted to establish a residence in the back of the building and, through claims of footsteps running through the back area, both on the ground floor and the second floor.  As the restaurant manager would turn lights off, he would return the following day to find lights on in the office area.  He also claims to hear the other managers’ voice when she is no where near his location or where he heard the voice.  The uneasiness caused the owner to take up another residence, retaining the items within the building for general purposes.  The owner also claimed that the activity was primarily targeted to the teenagers working at the establishment.  The entire building was known to be active, but predominantly the back half of the building.

There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The building that is now the Boomerang Diner was once host to many different businesses.  Built in 1896, it was a 2 story wood frame building.  Sometime in 1898 the building was torn down and was a vacant lot until it was rebuilt in 1900.  Below is a list of the years the building was in use and what each business was for the years listed.

1896-1897:  Two-story wood frame building that served as a second hand store.

1898-1899:  The building was torn down and it was just a vacant lot for 2 years.

1900-1904:  New 2 story brick building.  It served as Kerfoot Wayland Wholesale Grocery.

1905-1922:  Storage Warehouse for Kerfoot Wayland Wholesale

1923-1930:  Shawnee Motor Supply Company

1931-1933:  The building was vacant.1934-1940:  M & P Grocery

1941-1943:  McBeth Furniture

1944-1945:  The building was vacant.

1946-1962:  Oklahoma Tire and Supply Company

1963-1965:  The building was vacant.

1966-1983:  Gibsons Discount Store

1984-1993:  The building was vacant

1994-1995:  Handcrafted Wood Works

1996-2005:  Signs Plus

2006-Present:  Boomerang Diner

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our group arrived at this location and was meeting by the manager and several staff members who had witnessed paranormal activity while working at the diner.  After the interviews were done, the manager gave everyone in our group a tour of the location except for Christy who waited outside the building.  She showed us the various areas where they had experienced activity in and the different types of activity that had taken place.  After the tour, everyone except for our team left and we were inside the building alone to start investigating.



We began setting up equipment in various areas of the 2 story building.  The building was quite large so it took us a while to get our equipment in place.  The building had a natural old feel to it but there also seemed to be a bit of heaviness in energy to it as well in various places. After our equipment was set up we began our sweeps. 


During the sweeps we had several interesting things occur. When we were all downstairs in the middle storage area of the building, one of our investigators, Mark happened to see a large round ball of orange light shoot out from in front of him at about 25 feet.  He called out what he saw and the investigators began looking around the area.  One investigator, TJ, happened to see green light streaks over

on one side of the building but before any cameras could take pictures, both the green and orange lights had disappeared and never reappeared again.

While we were upstairs investigating the back area of the 2nd floor, Christy heard a man’s voice audibly and it sounded like it was in the same room as all the investigators.  Three of the 4 investigators did not hear the voice at that time when it happened but a few seconds after Christy heard the voice, Mark heard another voice in the same room but coming from a different direction from where Christy had heard the first voice.    Both of these voices were caught on our audio recorders.  

After hearing the voices, the group began analyzing the circumstances and tried to determine if the male voices that were heard were the cause of someone walking by downstairs in the alley below.  It is close to midnight by this time and the alley is exclusive for the building owners and is not really used as a public alley thus chances of someone being out there in the alley would be very slim, especially given the late hour of the evening.  Nonetheless our group wanted to try to recreate the voices just to see if there would have been a difference in a voice heard in the alley down below behind the building or if the voice had originated downstairs in the storage room and it had just echoed upstairs.  TJ & Brook went downstairs and talked in normal tones and even though they could be heard by the investigators upstairs, the voices weren’t alike nor as loud and pronounced.  TJ and Brook then went outside back behind the building and into the alley where they began speaking in a normal tone.  Both could barely be heard talking from upstairs in the building and again the voices weren’t alike or as loud and pronounced.

Our group did notice a very high emf baseline in the entire building but it seemed as if the baseline was increasing in strength the farther back of the building that we went.  Upon inspection of the outside of the building, we noticed that there were several power lines running to the building and to other buildings and a transformer box on the pole right behind the building.  We were told that the owner of the business used to stay in the back part of the building in a little mini-apartment but he moved out because he was never comfortable living there and he noticed different things taking place that should have been.  These instances were the TV coming off and on by itself, shadows seen and whispers heard.


We also heard voices coming from the hallway & bathroom area that leads into the diner.  We heard this happen several different times and the voices sounded like a male and a female talking back and forth to each other but at a distance where you couldn’t quite make out what they were saying.  During this same time we also saw shadows up by the stairwell leading to the 2nd floor and we heard voices again up by the foot of the stairs as well.  Our group had a laser grid set up and while watching for activity in and around

the laser grid in the downstairs storage area room, we saw a couple of quick shadows pass through the grid.

About an hour into the sit-down, Christy started feeling cold and then as if someone started running

their fingers through her hair.  Throughout the sit down, we heard tapping and knocking all throughout the back area but predominantly from the side entrance on the north side of the building.  The activity appeared to slow way down to a complete halt there in the end so our group decided to call it a night, pack up and head home. 


After reviewing all of the evidence, we didn't get as much evidence recorded as we would have liked too, especially since we had quite a few personal experiences.  However based off of what we were able to record from the initial investigation and based off of our personal experiences, we feel the Boomerang Diner does have a few paranormal things taking place within its walls.  We do feel like the haunting is a mild one and we feel the paranormal incidents occur more when certain employees try to interact with the spirits present. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


First off I am a huge lover of history and I love it when our group is able to investigate an old historical building such as the Boomerang Diner.  When I first entered the back part of the building, I got an image of an old saloon with rooms upstairs as if the place had once served as an old saloon and bordello.  I also got images of the building as a clothing store from during the time of maybe the 1960's.  I also felt the building had

served once as like a general store as I saw not only household items such as food, sugar, flour, etc, I also saw bags of grain and feed and other items all combined and stored in the store for sale to the public.

While investigating the building I encountered a man who identified himself as “Samuel.”  He appeared to be a bit agitated with certain happenings in the building and with certain employees that were working there.  He didn’t indicate to me that he was connected to the building but he did indicate that he had associations with the buildings back around the early 1900’s.  I couldn’t make out whether he just sold items to the store or if he just strictly purchased items from the store, but he did frequent the store when it was operating as a general store.  He was a farmer and showed me that he was working his farm plowing the ground with a forked plow connected to a horse.  He then showed me the horse getting spooked and him falling underneath the plow where it cut his chest open.  I believe he bled to death and died there in his field.  He did not give a reason as to why he chose to hang around the diner but he did make a comment that the youth of today was disrespectful and ungrateful.

There was also a female there by the name of Savannah.  She was around the age of 17-19.  She was a bit of a prim and proper female from around the early 1900’s but she had no desire to participate in response back with us. 

I feel like the diner has some paranormal activity taking place but mainly by this man named Samuel.  The manager of the diner told us that a friend of hers had come into the diner and had done a mini investigation to see what he could find.  Supposedly he recorded an evp of a man saying his name was Gordon.  I am not sure if this location had a transient spirit that had passed through and who had given his name as Gordon or if this was possibly Samuel’s last name.  I did ask Samuel repeatedly about his first name and each time he told me Samuel.  I believe Samuel is a respectful type of ghost however he demands respect back and does not agree with the way the youth of today behave themselves.

evidence collected

There were 3 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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