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House of TraGEDy

8/27/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, TJ and Gary


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family.  Most of the activity in the home seems to center around the female homeowner.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Female client has reported feeling ill ever since they moved into the home. She got so sick at one point that she decided to move out for about a year. Her health improved after she left, so the family returned to the home. She got sick again as soon as they came back.

  • Female client said emotions suddenly come over her.  She feels pure rage that is not her own & there’s nothing she can do to get rid of it.

  • The female client cannot sleep.  She starts to fall asleep but feels an energy that wakes her up.

  • Activity will pick up for a few days & then it lets up. They believe that when they acknowledge or talk about it, the activity increases.

  • The husband’s mother moved in with the family shortly after they purchased the house approximately 5 years ago. She passed away in the home the following month due to cancer. One day while the wife was in the front yard gardening, a woman drove up to the house and said that a woman was hit by a car on the road in front of the house several years ago. After her funeral her husband came into the house & shot himself.


There has been one death in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The house is believed to have been built in the 1970s, & the homeowners moved in February 2005.  It is unknown what was on the land or how it was used prior to the home being built. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Prior to departing to the investigation the team reviewed the investigation request from the client for this location.  While reading it many of us were drawn to the fact that the family has had a lot of trauma and sadness over the past few years.  This coupled with the reported history of death and misery in the home and the surrounding township made us wonder if the family was feeding off of these issues of were actually experiencing paranormal activity.  Upon arrival at the home it was obvious the homeowners were very nervous but grateful to have the team there.  They were waiting outside for the team when we arrived and were very quick to open their home to us.  The male homeowner seemed to be the skeptical of the two and spent a large portion of the evening just watching quietly as we investigated.  The female owner seemed to really feel (or empathize with) that there paranormal activities occurring in the home and was afraid of them.  Her descriptions of both her physiological and psychological reaction to her perceptions of what was going on in her home were indicative of symptoms of extreme stress and fear.  The male homeowner, on the other hand, exhibited none of these symptoms.  In our opinion, when the team first arrived, we suspected that this might be a case where the homeowner’s impressions of paranormal activity simply had built upon them until they became a bigger thing in their head than they really were in reality.



During initial setup Gary asked the clients what the four main hotspots of the house were.  In response, the clients told him the master bedroom, hallway, baby’s room and the front yard. After reviewing the client’s input the team then started setting up the equipment accordingly.  The team then went in to ask the client what kind of things they have seen throughout the house and their response was unusual. They had never seen any shadows, spirits, apparitions or anything else prior to the investigation.  All of their experiences were feelings of being watched, dread and sadness. This presented a challenge to the team in determining the best method for setting up the equipment because the clients could not assist the team in pinpointing the locations where we needed to set up the cameras. The reports of activity and where the team placed the equipment to investigate it was all based off of

a series of feelings that the client had in the house.  Of note, during the setup of the stationary IR camera in the front yard Gary reported seeing a shadow pass in between the trees.  



Christy did an outside sweep of the home and property.  She began taking pictures of the outside of the house front and back yards.  While taking a picture of the back area of the house, Christy captured a strange photo that showed a "y-shaped" shadow that was low to the ground.  She called another investigator to come back to where she was in order to try to recreate the photos but the other investigator could not recreate the photo.  Other investigators then later tried to recreate the photo but were also unable to recreate it.   It was also

determined that it was not Christy's shadow either.  Something to note along those lines to back up this theory is that Christy would not have been able to create to shadows with her body at once.

Later, the team began conducting sweeps of the house with nothing unusual happening.  Christy picked up on an accident that may have happened in the past outside so the team headed outside to see if they could determine where exactly it had occurred. While investigating this, the team walked out to the highway and walked up and down the roadway.  Christy picked up on a car accident in the past where a gentleman who was driving a vehicle was killed instantly and, in spirit, has been trying to get help since.  She also, as the team moved towards the back of the property, picked up on that this land held great tragedy.  As the team came back around to the front of the home they were met by client who wished to get an update on the investigation.  As she and TJ were talking, TJ witnessed a man dressed in brown pants and a white shirt walk across the entrance to the driveway and then disappear.  Review of IR camera and still photo images did not show any evidence to support this experience.  While conducting sweeps in the backyard TJ captured utilizing the full spectrum still camera a strange mist forming around Christy and moving forward as she moved.  The first picture below on the left is the original and the one on the right is where we have circled the small mist to make it easier to see.

While inside the home conducting our investigation of the living room, Christy thought she heard her name called but when the audio was reviewed, this male voice was not captured on audio.  The group proceeded to investigate the master bedroom.  After being in the room for only a couple of minutes, Christy was taking pictures in the room and saw a 6 foot shadow standing over by the bay window of the room.  Shortly after this, TJ radioed in the group and stated that he saw a shadow pass by the master bedroom window while watching the stationary camera that was set up on the outside facing the front side of the home.  Christy and Ashley went to go see the DVR camera footage to see if we could see the shadow TJ was talking about.  While leaving the master bedroom and passing through the living room area to get to the kitchen area where our operational base was set up

at, Christy and TJ both heard an audible male voice.  Christy called out that she had heard the voice and that it had sounded at least like it was 3 syllables.  TJ immediately began reviewing his audio to see if the voice was captured and luckily the male’s voice was captured on both TJ's and Christy’s audio.  "Unknown voice in living room" Unfortunately nothing could be made of the EVP that the recorders captured.  The EVP, while present, was classified as a disembodied voice.  After reviewing the audio to see if we had gotten the man’s voice recorded, we then went into where TJ was so we could review the DVR camera footage to see if we could see the same shadow that TJ had reported seeing.  After reviewing the video footage, we were unable to see a shadow pass in front of the master bedroom windows and were unable to determine the cause of the shadow that TJ saw.

Sit Down


We went back into the master bedroom to continue our investigation.  We decided to do a sit-down in the room.  After just a couple of minutes we heard a tapping sound which was recorded on our audio recorders.  An investigator had an experimental flashlight set up on the long dresser next to the bed.  We began asking questions to any ghosts that might be present in the home and asked them to

give us a sign of their presence.  We asked them to make an audible sound, audibly say something or to set off on of our EMF meters or to turn on the flashlight as a sign they were in the room with us.  The experimental flashlight came on and began going off and on in conjunction with our questions.  Like if we would ask it to turn it on for us it would.  Then we would ask it to turn the flashlight off and it would.  The entities that were present were very cooperative in letting us know they were there with us.

While doing a sit-down in the master bedroom, Christy felt like there was a male spirit near her and during this time she also felt a tap on her shoulder.  She asked the group to take photos of her to see if anything could be captured in a photograph.  An investigator took photos during this time and in the photos, he captured a strange misty shadow on the couch next to Christy.  In the first photo it appears and can be seen but in the next photo it is a lot larger.  Then in the third one it was completely gone. 

Once the activity started to slow down a bit, our team decided to step out of the room and leave our equipment running.  We had our walking camera, EMF meters including dual Tri-Fields, digital recorders and a DVR stationary camera all in the room and focused on the dresser where the interaction with the flashlight appeared to be most prominent.  Upon review, our audio recorders had picked up activations on our Tri-Field meters as well as strange thumping and tapping sounds within the room.   
Below is an activity log taken from during the time when the room was vacated and monitored specifically by the equipment positioned there.

1.12.15 - 1.12.35 - Tap in room & Tri-field spike
1.13.11 - Tap in room 
1.16.45 - Loud Tap sound 
1.24.30 – Tri-field activated 
1.26.21 - 1.26.55 – Tri-field activated loud & long

Not only was the outside of the home appearing to be active but the inside as well as during the same time of equipment set up, an investigator saw an older woman standing in the door of the utility room.  While he was at base monitoring the team’s actions he reported that he kept feeling like he was being watched by someone from behind him in the laundry room.  He stated that at first he discounted this since the client was sitting quietly to his left rear on the family room sofa.  He just assumed it was him watching the monitors.  After a bit of this feeling he stated that he kept feeling like something wanted to talk to him somehow got a feeling that he needed to turn around and address it.  He states that he could understand what it was telling him but couldn’t seem to synthesize it into something that he could verbalize to the team.  At that point he decided to turn around to his right so that he could look into the laundry room and as he turned around he observed for a moment, the image of a lady (middle aged possibly dressed in a long white/grey dress with her hair up) standing patiently in the doorway.  As soon as he saw it, the image disappeared.  As he completely turned around he felt again the urge to go back into the master bedroom.  As if something said “we want to talk to you”.  At that point he went and joined Christy in the room alone.


TJ and Christy at that point decided to conduct a small sit down in the master bedroom alone to see if there would be a chance in activity with just two investigator’s present instead of a larger group setting.  While they were in the room they began having some unusual activity take place in the way of the flashlight turning off and on by itself and the Tri-Field meters were activating as well.  Christy and TJ began asking a series of questions to see if they could get a physical response.  Below is a transcript of the conversation that took place during this time and

the noted activity that took place which was witnessed physically while present in the room and dictated from our audio recorders. 

Dictated from our audio recorders.

Audio:  1.34.26 - Flashlight came on when question was asked, "Did you die out here on the highway?


Tri-field Meter activates

TJ reports something unseen bothering him.

We are noticing that when the Tri-Fields go off, the flashlights are going off and on.

Audio:  1.36.00 – “To the man who died in the car accident right outside this house on the highway, was your wife's name Tabitha?  Can you shut the flashlight off for me and give me that confirmation that that was her name?" 

Light goes off - Christy and Cory say, "thank you."

Audio:  1.38.00 - Christy says, "Would you like to talk to me?  Do you have a message for me?  Do you want to tell me something?  If you do, would you turn back on the flashlight? 

Flashlight comes on again and Christy says, "Thank you."

Flashlight goes back off.

Audio:  1.40.15 – “Are both the male spirits here looking for your wives?  Please turn on the flashlight if

that's correct.” 

Flashlight comes back on.

Flashlight goes back off.

Audio:  1.44.12 - Christy says, "Arthur, do you feel like you are stuck here?  If you do then turn on the flashlight for me." 


Flashlight comes back on.

Christy then asks for spirit to turn flashlight back off and flashlight goes off.

Audio:  1.44.55 - Christy says, "Would you like me to help you find your wife Tabitha and your children?  If you would like me to help you find them then turn the flashlight back on."

Flashlight comes back on.

Audio:  1.47.04 - Christy says, "Arthur do you see her?  Can you see her?" 

TJ says, "Arthur turn the light off if you can see her."

Flashlight turns off
Christy sees 2 figures that look transparent but watery looking like the infamous alien in the movie


Tri-field meter activates

Flashlight comes on.

Tri-field meter activates

Flashlight goes back off and activity seems to dissipate

A sit down was then again conducted in the master bedroom by the group and the clients who had questions they wanted to ask of any spirits that might be present in the home.  They were also curious to know if their mother who had passed away in the home a few years back of illness, was also there in spirit.  There were a couple of flashlight activations during the time when questions were asked but nothing that indicated their past loved one was still there.  After about 45 minutes into the sit-down and well close to 2am, the activity had seemed to come to a halt.  The team then decided to pack up the equipment and head back home.


Our team feels like this location does have a haunting going on that is in the medium range.  During the investigation there appeared to be at least 3 entities in the client’s home.  One of these entities we believed to be from a car accident that took place right off the highway where the home is located.  The other entities we feel that reside there are the man and woman who once used to live there.  The man unfortunately committed suicide by shooting and the woman who was hit by a vehicle off the side of the highway while checking her mail.  We ensured that the clients understood that we could not located any historical records the validate these impressions but that we felt strongly that this was true. We do feel that we were able to assist the male vehicle victim in leaving the home but we feel the other 2 spirit there may remain because of their previous ties with owning the home.


We recommended to the homeowners to take charge of their home and tell the spirits they were not welcome there.  We also told them of various techniques they could use in order to fight against some of the chaos taking place within their home.  We explained to the client that one of the reasons they may have been experiencing these occurrences due to the possibility that the client was empathic. If this is so, the client is serving as a beacon for these entities and if she can learn to control these feelings through meditation and centering herself she can gain control of the situation. We further explained that one cannot lose faith in these situations. When they do that, the entities will attack and try there hardest to do what they please. We also strongly recommended that the family have clergy of their choice or one that we could recommend come in and bless their home.


During a post-investigation follow up, the client informed TJ that he had returned to work and while discussing the weekend’s events with buddies at work, one of his co-workers told him that his younger brother would go over to the home that the client occupied to play with a friend named “John” who was raised by his grandparents.  The co-worker’s best guess was that this would have been about 50 years ago.  TJ then spoke with the other client who informed him that it was like a whole new life in the home.  She stated that “John” is still there but has become much more bearable to be around but the negative, dark feelings she had been experiencing in the front yard and on the driveway are gone. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


To be honest I really didn’t pick up on a whole lot when I first entered this house.  I did feel like there was some trouble with the land and that it had ties to some old history which had witnessed some chaos and death.

To be honest I really didn’t pick up on a whole lot when I first entered this house.  I

did feel like there.

To be honest I really didn’t pick up on a whole lot when I first entered this house.  I did feel like there was some trouble with the land and that it had ties to some old history which had witnessed some chaos and death.

After being in the house for a bit, I picked up on this man named Arthur who told me that he had a vehicle accident on the highway near this house.  He told me that he came to this house in hopes for help.  At first he didn’t realize he was dead until after he couldn’t get anyone to help him as they seemed not to notice him.  He also became aware when he went back to his vehicle and saw the accident and his body which had been damaged severely in the torso area causing instant death.  Arthur was upset because he missed his wife Tabitha and his children and he wanted to be reunited with them again but didn’t know how to find them.  His wreck and this house were the last things that he had really remembered.  I was able to help him leave the house and reconnect with his family.

The other two spirits in the house really did not want to communicate as much as Arthur did.  They did let me know during our sit-down that they didn’t want the current homeowners in their house and that they were upset that their things had been moved out of the home.  They wanted things to go back to the way it was.  The male spirit had told me that he had become so distraught after loosing his wife to the road side accident that he didn’t want to live anymore without her so he shot himself.  The wife I believe is there in spirit to be with her husband in the home they both enjoyed.

I did tell the homeowners that they might have some trouble trying to get the spirits of the former owners to leave the home since they were being territorial and were upset that there were other people living in their home.  I did recommend reaffirmation of several methods they could use that might help settled things down and I also agreed on having clergy come in and bless the home.

At this point in the investigation the team got together to discuss the experiences each team member had up to that point as well as any conclusion that could be drawn from them.  Mark noted to the team that the client might be Empathic. Empathy is the capacity to recognize and, to some extent, share feelings (such as sadness or happiness) that are being experienced by another human or a spirit. If this is so, then it would explain a lot of the sudden mood changes and anger issues the clients felt in the house.

During our investigation we paid close attention to the front yard area since we had reports of it being active for paranormal activity.  While investigating the land and doing a walk-thru, Christy’s audio recorder picked up the whispery voice of a man.  When the female homeowner came out into the yard and our team began asking her questions, Christy’s audio recorder again picked up the whispery voice of a male who at this point appeared to be following our group.  Unknown Evp Outside

evidence collected

There were 17 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 11 sound clips.  

There were 5 positive photos and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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