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Oklahoma winery


General Information

Stats:  Active/Settled

Moon:  Waning Gibbous

Temperature:   32 & 61 degree F.

Wind Direction & Speed:  NE 20mph

Humidity:  19%

Barometric Pressure:  27.01


Investigator’s Present:  Christy, Kathy, Gary, Ashley and Cyrena



Equipment used: DVR, (4) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, (2) motion detectors, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


Initial Interview:


This building is currently built on the same land/property as the owner's residence, husband and wife. Some of the current experiences in the business include:


  • Several people in the business have heard voices (male and female), whistling, and unusual noises (bottles making noises)

  • Things turning on with no one in the room- Construction radio

  • Male customer claims to have been touched on a couple occasions

  • Doors in the kitchen and the downstairs have been seen and reported opening and closing on their own. Video surveillance camera caught the downstairs door being opened.

  • 2 Children of customers claims to have seen or heard or spoke to 2 presences during two different wedding receptions.

  • Female business owner claims to have had someone say "Hello", but no one was present.

  • Female business owner claims to have seen a shadowy figure in the "Fermentation room" and noticed lights in the room were being turned on and off.


There are no known deaths in the building nor the residence on the property.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Due to the confidentiality of the client, no historical or factual information will be listed other than to say that this winery is approximately 4 years old and no deaths or major accidents have occurred on the property.  

Investigation Report


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the female owner. After the interview, the client proceeded to give us a tour of the building to show known areas of activity. At the conclusion of the tour, the client left the business while the team conducted our investigation. During the interview, Cyrena has placed her audio recorder on one of the front room tables. While Kathy and Gary were talking to the client, her recorder captured two EVPs.  “Hey” and a whispered “Hey, go away.” 

Setup #1

The team then began setting up equipment throughout the building.  The team was in the tasting room gathering equipment to setup when they heard what sounded like a door slam coming from the lower level of the winery. They realized the owner had just closed the main gate outside shortly before this. The team tested the gate again to see if the sound would repeat itself and the noise did not occur again and could not be recreated. During this time both Kathy's audio recorder and Cyrena's audio recorder captured what sounded like a door slamming shut. Cyrena's audio clip also captured

what sounds like "Hello" right after it shut.  “door slam” and “door slam….hello” A few minutes later, Cyrena had made a noise that alerted Christy. She asked what the noise was and Cyrena had told her it was her foot. Shortly after that, you can hear the name, “Christina” by a female that was not acknowledged by the team at the time and does not fit into the conversation.

During set up, there were a couple of team members that were at the desk in the main entrance area of the location.  We were plugging in the cords of the DVR system in preparation for our stationary camera set-up.  During this time our team didn’t notice anything odd however Christy’s audio recorder which was sitting on the desk, captured a woman’s voice on audio that said, “Tell you a secret.”


After the cameras were setup and the team was adjusting the angles, Kathy stated that she thought she heard a noise. Cyrena's audio recorder sitting on the desk captured a whisper saying, “That was me.”  

Setup #2


The team then began setting up equipment throughout the building.  We decided to setup in a similar fashion as we had on our first visit to this location.  During the setup, several occurrences of audible sounds were heard. Most of these audible sounds were heard while we were standing near the bar area or the stairway. Kathy's audio recorder was in the kitchen area during this time and captured these “noise.” The noises are hard to hear, but can be heard at 3 and 13 seconds into the clip. The second sound is underneath some talking and may require headphones in order to hear.

Christy’s audio recorder was in the front lobby area when an EVP was captured of a female saying, “I hate her.” Her recorder also captured a loud “tap sound.” Cyrena though she heard footsteps during this time.


Cyrena's audio recorder which was sitting on the bar during the entire setup captured several during this time frame. “Again, again,” “first get down,” I’m right here,” “Oh dear,” “Oh no” Most of these sounded female in nature.


It seems that this time of the investigation was the most active. All of the females in our team had some type of personal experience.


After the break, the team began the sweeps phase. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. The team began this phase in the "Tasting Room" through the kitchen, then travel to the downstairs rooms.

During the time that our group conducted our investigation of the kitchen area, Christy began taking photos and was able to capture a strange light anomaly on camera. Recreations of this photo were taken and could not be exactly duplicated.  The before and after shots were also looked at and they also did not show the strange light anomalies.

Christy, Kathy, and Gary were conducting a sweep in the barrel room below the main entrance and Christy was taking photos in the room.  She started talking to the spirits that were there and began walking over by the back wine wall to take photos from the other direction. Christy stated that she felt goose bumps all over her body and she asked other group members to take photos her way.  After photos were taken, Christy then proceeded to take photos in the next direction (facing the stairwell).  It was then that Christy captured a strange photo of strange light anomalies.  Recreations of this photo were taken and could not be exactly duplicated.  The before and after shots were also looked at and they also did not show the strange light anomalies.  

This photo was taken in the kitchen area of the winery.  In this photograph, a light anomaly is seen that appears to look somewhat like an apparition.  We believe this photo might be the spirit of the young woman (bride) we encountered during our sit-down.  Recreations of this photograph were attempted by multiple investigators with different cameras and recreations could not be made to match this photo.

In this photo we know there is some light reflection from our cams and from other light sources.  While looking at this picture, our group was able to identify the light sources for the yellow and pink blurs of light.  The yellow streaks are from the ceiling mounted lights.  The pink is a reflection off the IR light on the stationary camera in the room we are most interested in is the white light anomaly located on the lower left side of the photograph.

Cyrena, whom was watching the monitors, had her recorder on the top of the bar. During the sweep of the kitchen, in a time span of 15-20 minutes, her recorder captured these EVPs while everyone else was in the kitchen.  “Now….right now,”  “Get out…whisper,” “No, just stay out,” “Okay,” “Get out,” “Gary.” After finishing the sweeps in the kitchen, Christy, Kathy, and Gary moved downstairs. While everyone else was downstairs conducting the sweeps, Cyrena's audio recorder on top of the bar captured a female saying, “I’m thirsty.”  



Once the sweeps were complete, the team began the next phase of the investigation.  Right before team decided to take a break, everyone was discussing how the energy of the building felt. Standing in the "Tasting Room", Cyrena's audio recorder was on the bar and captured a female voice saying what sounds like, “fifty.”

Break for Audio Baiting


After the walkthrough of the building, the team took a short break outside. No one stayed in the building at this time. During this break, the team had decided to setup a experiment with music playing called audio baiting. This is where a set up of an audio file (usually music) that may have a personal connection with any spirits present (or may be an attraction for spirit activity). The clip was played in the tasting room while the team stepped outside as to not interfere with any energy manifestations by potential spirit. The team came

back after 10 minutes had passed and had only been inside for seconds when Christy had thought she heard Gary say something. The team was trying to figure out what she might have heard. Cyrena said, “I’m freezing” but there is another voice that is not by any of the other team members that can be heard right before she spoke. It’s at about 4-5 seconds into the clip. There are 3-4 syllables heard, but only the last two can potentially be made out. It sounds like a female saying, “Go back (or) Won’t you go back.”  Only a few minutes more after re-entering the building the team heard a loud “yell" from downstairs.”
Because it seemed as if the activity was mostly occurring in the lower level, the team had moved downstairs to continue investigating.

Sit-Down #1


For the sit-down phase of the investigation, the team began a sit-down in the "Cave" area.  Everyone of the team members were sitting down at the table in this area. Cyrena's audio recorder was sitting on the table as this time and captured what sounds like “footsteps.”


A few minutes later, the team heard a “loud pop.” Five minutes later, the team was still in the barrel room and heard what sounded like a metal bucket getting kicked, moved or some type of “metal noise” like a lid slamming upstairs in the kitchen or tasting room. Cyrena's audio recorder captured a male voice saying, “I’m here” right before the metal noise. Gary thought the noise came from the fermentation room and went to see if he could find the source there. A minute after the first noise, we heard the “metal sound again.” This time, Gary and the team could tell that it was coming from upstairs. A few more minutes later, Cyrena's audio recorder captured a “thud” while Kathy was looking at some of the background research.

Sit-Down #2


For the sit-down phase of the investigation, the team began a sit-down in the "Cave" area.  All of the team members, except Gary, were sitting down at the table in this area. Gary was sitting at the bar watching the DVR monitors.


We had just sat down and Christy was announcing who we were and why we were there, when Kathy's audio recorder captured a loud phrase where the first word is unclear, but follows with “….nice to meet you.”  We are uncertain of the gender of this voice. A few minutes later, Christy stated that the female spirit was willing to speak and wanted her turn. Cyrena's audio recorder picked up a female voice saying, “My turn.”

After a few more minutes of speaking, Christy said she heard the female spirit say, “He wants it.”  Shortly before she says this (6 seconds into the clip), Kathy's recorder captured a voice that sounds similar to, “he wants it.” Christy then asked the spirit, “He wants what?”  The female spirit said, “To go home.”  It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder picked up male whispering and then an Evp that said, “To go home.” The clip is somewhat hard to hear since there is an ice maker downstairs close to that area that was making ice. 

Not long after this, Cyrena's audio recorder captured was sounds like footsteps on two different occasions.  Footsteps 1 and footsteps 2, as well, this loud “thump” was audibly heard and picked up on her recorder, and upon checking with Gary, these sounds had not come from him.

While trying to communicate with the male spirit Christy felt was with us, everyone present could hear an audible “click sound.”  Everyone's audio recorders picked up this noise, but this one is the clearest of them. This noise was not one that had been heard coming from any of the winery equipment previously.

As the team was talking to the male spirit present asking him to attempt to communicate through the devices available from the team. One of these is a KII

device that detects changes in electromagnetic fields indicated by various colors of LED lights. When on and ready, the first light is green.   Kathy was talking about a previous investigation at another location when the team was informed by spirit that simply going near the device might not necessarily be the way for spirit to light up the device further. While she was remembering this occurrence, a male voice was picked up that could not be heard by anyone at the time saying, “no.”


Also during this time, a few of the investigators were talking about their audio recorders when one of our team member’s audio recorder stopped working.  Christy’s audio recorder picked up a male’s voice saying, “ok.”  We don’t know what this was in reference to.



Once the sit down phase was over, the team decided it was time to wrap up the investigation take down our equipment. While starting to put away the equipment, everyone was in the tasting room at the time when Christy had thought she heard someone call her name. The voice sounds male and is at 3 seconds into the clip. It sounds like it says, “Christy” but may be saying “Christina” as was recorded earlier. There is another one syllable word heard at 13 seconds into the clip that sounds as if it is from this same male. Gary speaks right after this sound, ruling it out as being him. At the end of the clip, Christy is repeating what she heard in a whispering voice.

Personal Experiences:

Ashley  - During the setup of the equipment, Kathy was showing me around since it was my first time at this location. While standing in the kitchen, I felt what I could only described as "spider webs" move across her arm. Kathy was standing to my left and kind of jumped because she said felt the same sensation as well.


Cyrena - During the setup of the equipment, everyone was standing around the bar in the tasting room near the stairs. We were standing in this location because we kept hearing sounds coming from down the stairs. I was standing right at the top of the stairs leaning against the end of the handrail. At one point during the conversation we were having, I felt what I could describe as fingers touching the left side of my hip near my lower back. It startled me so badly that I reacted and quickly walked to the other side of the bar. Everyone witnessed my reaction. 

Christy - Right after the group finished setting up the cameras, we were discussing the game plan of what the group was going to do next. Ashley and myself were sitting in the chairs next to the windows in the tasting room. Cyrena was standing in front of the bar in front of us. Gary and Kathy were off to the side. During our conversation, I looked up towards the kitchen/bathroom area and saw a large black shadow float from the bathroom area to the kitchen door. It was low to the ground. Several of us immediately started taking pictures of the area once I called it out. We reviewed the pictures, the video from our equipment, and the video from the security equipment but found no evidence of the shadow.

Christy - Right after the group finished setting up the cameras, we were discussing the game plan of what the group was going to do next. Ashley and myself were sitting in the chairs next to the windows in the tasting room. Cyrena was standing in front of the bar in front of us. Gary and Kathy were off to the side. During our conversation, I looked up towards the kitchen/bathroom area and saw a large black shadow float from the bathroom area to the kitchen door. It was low to the ground. Several of us immediately started taking pictures of the area once I called it out. We reviewed the pictures, the video from our equipment, and the video from the security equipment but found no evidence of the shadow.

Gary - I had no audio or pictures from the night and additional review of video found nothing to submit. I did have a few personal experiences throughout the night.  During an initial tour of the building Kim was showing the exterior doors to the Bottling room, the doors that she has personally seen open, also witnessed by a performer from one of the weddings. These are also the doors that are open when she goes and checks after a security call by the alarm company. While in the basement in the area of the doors (bottling room) I continually saw movement in my peripheral vision. While in the Barrel room as the owner was showing the area where the contractors radio was that came on during a Bridal tour of the winery, I felt a hand laid on the back right side of my head, I was able to feel 4 individual fingers and it felt as if they were slightly moved front to back. I didn't say anything initially as the client was noticeably freaked out just telling the story

and I didn't want to freak her out any further, as we were setting up and after the client had left I did pull Cyrena aside and inform her of my experience. During the night the entire team heard noises to include noises in the Basement on 2 separate occasions while everyone was up stairs and a loud bang that can only be described as a pot hitting the floor when the entire team was in the Barrel room. Also prior to the investigation when I was in the upstairs bathroom as I was washing my hands I heard what was later determined to be the door handle, I immediately opened the door expecting another team member to be just outside playing a prank and there was no one in the immediate vicinity.



Our team still feels like this location has at least 2 spirits present, one male and one female.  We do not feel like these spirits are harmful.  Both appear to be earthbound for their own personal reasons.  Our group does not feel like these spirits are malicious in any way.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments

When we first arrived at this location for our second investigation and began setting up equipment, I had the female spirit come forward and she told me her name was Elizabeth.  I figured she would be willing to talk to us during our investigation.  During our sit-down, the female spirit came forward and told us that she had grown up around a winery and she loved the familiar smells and sights of the winery had to offer.  She gave

I first encountered the male spirit when we had finished setting up our equipment and were getting ready to start our sweeps.  I was going down the stairs when I felt the male spirit.  He whispered his name, “Daniel,” and told me he had been shot in the head.  His energy felt angry.  I waited until the sit-down to talk to him.

During the sit-down, I felt like this man wanted to “go home” and the female spirit spoke up for him and told us he wanted to “go home.”  I began my conversation with Daniel.  He told me that his uncle had murdered him but his uncle’s crime had never been found out about.  He said his uncle had hired someone to kill him and it was all over his father’s land and assets.  He said after his father’s sudden death, his uncle (dad’s biological brother) had tried to take things his father

had verbally given to him.  When the dispute couldn’t be settled, his uncle hired someone to kill him.  He told us that he had a wife and 2 children and he missed them and wanted to go home but felt he couldn’t.  When we asked him why, he said that he was afraid that his uncle would find him and cause trouble for him.  We tried to explain to him that he was in spirit form so his uncle wouldn’t be able to harm him again but he didn’t quite understand the concept.  He said that he wanted his uncle to be found guilty for what he did and he wanted him to pay for everything he had done.  He gave the impression that he had lived in the metro area and he felt he was from the 1990’s.


I also let Daniel know that he needed to cross over and not remain earthbound but he was so caught up in his anger, fear and mindset of revenge that he wasn’t concerned about crossing over for the time being.  He was giving information on how to do this and we can only hope that he will choose to cross at some point soon.

me the impression that she enjoyed her time living in the 1950’s-1960’s era.  She told me that she was married but had an affair with another man who was also married.  She ended up ruining her lover’s marriage and at the time she didn’t care but later felt bad about it.  Her husband forgave her but their relationship was never the same and she always felt shameful about it.  She never told her family whom she was very close to for fear of ridicule since she was raised Catholic and an affair was not consider morally right to do.  She told me that her husband died before her and many years later she died of natural causes but she didn’t want to cross over to the other side for multiple reasons.  One reason was that she didn’t want to face her husband nor her family for fear that they would know all the things she had done, including the affair and she didn’t want to be judged for everything.  She also stated that she loved living life in spirit in this earthly realm because she was comfortable here and this is what she knew.  I did tell her that it would be better for her on the other side and all she had to do was forgive herself and ask God to forgive her and ask the angels to come and get her.  She didn’t act like she was quite interested in leaving quit yet but at least she had vital information she could use if she changed her mind.

evidence collected

There were 31 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 12 sound clips.  

There were two positive photos and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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