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House of the demented

8/13/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Gary, TJ and Brook


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Had a group come in 2 years ago but never heard back from them afterwards. Had some flashlight activation & heard weird noises during investigation.

  • Client has been dragged down 4-5 inches in her bed

  • Black figure seen in loft

  • Dog interacts with something unseen

  • Son has had several experiences & will not stay home alone

  • Hear strange noises - knock or large bang on house about every other night

  • Closet door opens on its own - son has seen a black figure walk out of it & into his room - have the closet door blocked shut so that it will not's been happening more frequently

  • 2 months ago they tore out the carpet & put down hardwood floors - ceiling fan with light with turned off & on all the time during renovations (still happens but not as much)

  • Has woken up at night & not been able to move - has also been pushed, shoved & sat on while in bed (knows about sleep paralysis)

  • Certain parts of house feel creepy

  • Husband is worried it's going to hurt them

  • Client has had something around her since the 5th grade

  • Client is Wiccan & so is her daughter - She says she is careful with her circle but daughter has not always been so careful

  • Client was home alone & thought she saw her son walk through the house. A while later he came home & she realized it wasn't him.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The actual residence was built in the 1950’s as a housing addition to Tinker Air Force Base’s extension into Midwest City and was used as housing for base personnel for quite a few years.  The current owner’s parents purchased the home and it remains in the family today.

Investigation Report

Client Interview

The team arrived at the residence at 9 PM, and after formal introductions: Christy returned to the truck as Gary and TJ began the onsite interview with the homeowner. 

Speaking with the homeowner, the family practiced Christianity while he was growing up.  As with most teenagers, both he and his sister researched and dabbled in dark arts.  He had a friend who was and is a black witch and threatened black magic against anyone who had wronged him.  He, himself, does not recall having practiced any known spells but merely reading about the art and craft for curiosity’s sake His sister, admittedly, used an Ouija board that supposedly reappeared in her possession whenever she would attempt to get rid of it.  Either route is a potential possibility for what we found upon investigation of this house. 

The homeowner disclosed marital strife and discontent with his parents all throughout their years of living in the house.  His sister was tormented by someone named “David” who would reside in her room.  The homeowner would always feel as if he was being followed and a presence in the home with them.

Years later after the homeowner was grown and married, he assumed ownership of the house through his parents.  For 17 years of a 23 year old marriage, the couple lived in this house.  Before too long in their relationship, the homeowner’s ex-wife began to accuse him of making her “Feel trapped” and eventually began to proclaim that he was “Threatening with knives” as well as other physical harm.  One story to be had was one of their son’s was playing on the computer when he witnessed a meat cleaver wielded had come through the wall behind the computer.  The homeowner would spend nights without sleep sitting in his sister’s old bedroom reading scriptures, praying, singing hymns in hopes to have whatever was in the house leave without return.  Finally, the family obtained the means to purchase land with a house built on it away from the residence in question.  The house sat vacant for 8 to 9 years with only one short termed tenant six month prior to the current residents moving in.  At this point in time, the house is used as a rental property for a friend of the families. 

The team arrived at this location and conducted an in-home interview with the client.  During the interview, the client reported that his child was very afraid of sleeping in his own room.  He further reported that he usually felt a general creepy feeling in the house.  He further related to us that his child has not slept in the bedroom meant for him for over a year and that about 4am every morning; the child would wake the parents screaming in terror.  When asked what was scaring him, he would tell about three people that came from his closet and stood over his bed as well as shook him awake.  The child reported that the entities had told him that he was not allowed to describe them to anyone.  The resident’s pets usually would pay attention to certain points such as the hallway leading into the

child’s bedroom but would avoid that room entirely.  Generally, the pets were agitated and never at ease.  


Additionally the client advised that he had a friend that would be joining him at the residence later to keep him company while we conducted our investigation.  Lastly, the client advised that he was renting the home from a friend “Rich” whose parents had originally owned the house from the time it was built until “Rich” took it over. The client also advised that “Rich” had told him of at least one known instance, in which Rich’s sister (name unknown) had used an Ouija board in the residence and in the room in question.  The resident then took Gary and TJ on a quick tour of the house where TJ set his audio recorder down in the child’s room on a book shelf after hanging up the “ghost light” in front of the closet door.  Gary, the client, and TJ left the house to meet up with Christy and Brook in front of the house.  While they were outside, TJ’s audio recorder picked up the several out of place sounds such as a heavy breathing, footsteps, banging and rattling around, the recorder being picked up and dropped, and eventually the sound of the closet door opening and footsteps coming out of it.  None of these events could be explained as no one was in the home at the time.  "Audio Clip of Banging, Closet Door Opening, Footsteps and a Sigh."  Also while the room was empty and the group was outside, our audio recorders picked up several thumping and knocking sounds in the room.  Thumping  Loud Knock  Knocks and Footsteps  Two Knocks  Knocks and footsteps 2  Knocking, Thumping & Movement   Closet Door Shutting


After the interview was completed, our team began setting up equipment throughout the house.  Once we had our equipment in place.



we began our walk-thru of the location.  During the walk thru, Christy heard several audible voices that sounded like a woman.  One member, Gary reported hearing an audible growl.  During the walk through Christy saw an image of Black Magic being used in the first bedroom.  Christy believed that it was possible someone had either played with, or even researched at some point in time black magic while in that room.  Entering the master bedroom, she picked up on a shadow sitting and watching from on top of the television in the corner of the room.  The shadow figure appeared to be much like a gargoyle who was hunched over.  Brook stated she could see this figure as well.  This creature, as described by Christy, is malevolent but not demonic.  As she progressed

on, she picked up on what appeared to be a butcher, meat cleaver in hand with a bloody apron who was accompanied by what she believed to be his wife.  Christy felt as though he was the dominant spirit in the home. Christy later felt as though he may not have been attached to the home originally, but may have “traveled” to the home.  As Christy was reporting this, Brook reported seeing this figure’s head begin to emerge from the wall and look at the team from the next room over.  

Brook described the figure to have a porcelain white face.  As we walked into the child’s room, Christy picked up on a possible dimensional portal that remained open within the closet in the room.  Standing at the closet, she began to see the story unravel as this butcher, in a lapse of sanity, murdered his own son, age 4-6 years old.  As Christy began to see the details of the story, she saw him, who identified himself by the name of “David”, as tall, husky, bloody and demented looking.  His wife, who he said was named “Lorraine”, looked as if she kept a bob style hair cut but glared with wide eyes.  The pair was accompanied by the “Gargoyle” figure identified earlier in the walk though.  Christy identified the “Gargoyle” as a possible “familiar” (like a witch’s black cat) for “David” and also felt as though this entity was responsible for possibly tormenting “David” in during his life and causing him to possibly kill his child and wife. Christy also had the feeling that because he murdered his own child, that he might be attempting to make it up to his wife by luring Joe’s son into the afterlife. Having the boy with them would prevent Lorraine from leaving as she felt “Trapped” and “He Would Kill” her again should she try to leave him.  During this time our group recorded an evp of whom we believe to be David saying, "I'll kill them."

The decision was made that Joe should be told what had been found so far and attempt to contact the homeowner “Rich” for more information about past occurrences and the possible use of Black Magic in the home.  During this conversation, Christy explained to the client what the team had found thus far and invited the client to accompany the team back inside the residence. TJ was able to make contact with the homeowner (identified as “Rich”).  During that conversation, Rich admitted to experimenting with Black Magic in his teen years while living in the home. Rich also stated that when he was a child, he too was tormented by 3 spirits that came from the closet.


We started our sweeps of the home and while some of us were upstairs in the hallway and the rest of us were in the master bedroom, we all heard a very loud banging sound.  We did not know the direct source from where it came from and since several members were undecided on the direction of either the hall bathroom or the child’s bedroom, we attempted to recreate the sound.  We came to the conclusion that the sound had originated from the wooden closet door in the child’s bedroom as if someone or something had thumped it with a single knock. Knocking Sound.  After further investigation, it was determined that the sound was duplicated when Gary thumped the closet door in the child’s bedroom. Note: The team had

closed the closet door prior to leaving the bedroom earlier in the evening. At this point we decided to go outside and talk to Joe. Christy and Gary closed the child’s bedroom door to keep the kitten out of the room for the purposes of controlled audio investigation. On the way down the stairs Gary placed his audio recorder on the top step for EVP investigation while no one was inside the residence.

While conducting the sweeps, the team noted that the “ghost light”, which was left suspended in the closet, had been activated.  


Audio review revealed that while the lights had been activated none of the bells were rung.  We ran our sweeps annotating higher millagauss base lines throughout the house with noticeably higher difference in the child’s closet.  At the same time, Christy heard “David” threaten TJ with his meat cleaver if he didn’t back away from the closet.  Christy also reported hearing a woman’s voice say, “Help me.”  This voice however was not captured on our audio recorders.  The team was generally

surprised at the amount of audible whispering and noises that they heard throughout the house the entire evening. 

Sit Down


When the decided to go ahead with a sit down in the child’s room, TJ went down stairs to request that Brook and the client join the team. Audio Review detected a "Not him" EVP as the client entered the room as if the entities in the home were afraid of him.  While sitting in the room, Brook and the client observed a large shadow dart back and forth at the base of the stairs as well as on the landing of the hallway leading to the two bedrooms.  TJ took several pictures while he observed the same shadows stepping in and out of the master bedroom.  While conducting the sit-down our team also physically heard Two Knocks.  During this time the client and a couple of the team members who were sitting in view

of the hallway, also saw what appeared to be a shadow in the hallway on the stairs.  They got up to take a closer look and while doing so our walking camera captured a fast moving light anomaly and then it also recorded a female voice (EVP) that said, “Walk away.”  After having been informed earlier that “David” and his accomplices desired to have the client’s son on their side with them, the client felt a need proclaim to the spirits that they were not welcome in his home and were forbidden to interfere with his child. This concluded the sit-down for that room.



We feel like this home has a mild haunting taking place. We feel like there are 3 spirits present in the home based upon our observations and evidence collected and based off of the eye-witness accounts of the home owner and his family.  We feel like this home was introduced to spirits due to sessions done through the Ouija board and by the practice of Black Magic done prior to the current homeowners moving into the home.  We feel like when the Ouija Board and Black Magic were done in the home, it opened up a doorway or “portal” of sorts which allowed these spirits to come through.  We are recommending that the homeowner take charge of his home and that he have his home blessed by a clergyman of their choice.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first arrived at this home it looked like any normal home.  I didn’t feel much of anything after I stepped inside the house.  The home didn’t have a heavy spirit energy either so I was questioning whether or not we would be getting anything recorded from the location.  I did my walk-thru of the downstairs area which consisted of a living room, dining room, one small bedroom and a kitchen.  When I walked into the

little downstairs room, I immediately picked up on a residual energy of who had dabbled in black magic.  When then made our way upstairs.  While in the upstairs master bedroom I saw a shadow hunched over sitting on top of the TV.  I could only best describe this figure as a shadow gargoyle looking creature that was hunched on its legs as if it were able to push off to fly.  When I went to take a picture it disappeared and was gone. 

We then made our way into the other upstairs bedroom which belonged to the child of the home.  I was immediately drawn to the closet.  Curious about the closet I went over and opened up the door.  I stood there for a minute trying to get an energy feel of the closet and as I did, I saw a doorway of sorts and I saw 3 figures stepping through it.  I realized then that the room had a portal in the closet.  I saw a white man who was wearing a white butcher’s apron that had blood on it.  In his right hand he had a square meat cleaver and his energy felt very angry.  Beside him was a woman with short hair that flipped inward.  She felt very sad and depressed.  To the other side of the man sat the shadow gargoyle creature I had seen earlier in the master bedroom.  I couldn’t help but get the feeling that this creature was somehow being controlled by the man with the meat clever and I felt that   

he had this creature be his eyes and ears and do his bidding. 

When I started talking to the entities, the woman broke down crying and told me a horrific story.  She stated that her husband, David, (the butcher man) had killed their 4 year old son in a fit of rage and then he had turned on her.  The son wasn’t with them in spirit and the woman who identified herself as “Lorraine” stated that her husband wouldn’t let her leave him, even now in death.  She stated that while alive, her husband had a mental breakdown and had lost control of his mental state and that is when everything went bad.  David knew she missed their son and longed for him so he thought he could make things better by trying to take the homeowner’s 4 year old son over to the other side with them since Lorraine was fond of him.  David really didn't want much to do with us and mainly just issued out threats and negative comments.  At one point I heard him say, "I hate you" and this was captured on audio with his voice and then me repeating what he said.

During my conversation with David and Lorraine, I told them that they weren’t welcome in the homeowner’s home and that they couldn’t have the son and needed to vacate the house and leave the family alone.  Lorraine stated that she would leave but she couldn’t control her husband and she had to stay with him since he wouldn’t let her leave him either.  We told them we would have a minister come in and bless the house if need be.  I felt very sorry for Lorraine but I didn’t care for David or his disposition.   

evidence collected

There were 11 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 9 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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