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House of the Hanged man

9/9/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, TJ and Gary


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The daughter was in her room brushing her hair when the lights in her room went out. She thought it was her brother so she yelled out for him to turn them back on. The lights came back on and then went off again shortly afterwards. She turned around to yell at her brother again and saw the figure of a man standing in the corner of the room. She began screaming and her mother rushed into the room to check on her. As her mother got to the door, the daughter felt an energy rush through her as though the entity was leaving the room.

  • Radio and lights turn on in the garage when no one is there.

  • Both adult clients have reported seeing a black shadow figure within moments of each other.

  • The family dog seems to see things and is terrified when he comes in the house. He also barks for no reason.

  • One evening four different doors in the house slammed shut at the same time.

  • The client was sleeping in the back room and felt someone tug on his feet early one morning. A few moments later both feet got tugged at the same time. At first he thought it was the children but quickly determined that no one was in the room with him at that time.


There have been no deaths in this home but there has been a death in the disconnected garage in the backyard.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The house was built in the 1920s.  Prior to its construction the land was used to house a lumber and coal store. The client has owned the home for approximately 18 months.  The client states they noticed activity within the house shortly after they first moved in.

Approximately eight years ago a man committed suicide in the garage.  This was documented by a police report filed by the El Reno Police Department.  We contacted the police department who could not provide the report but from what we have been told by the client, we believe the man was a former male resident who committed suicide by hanging himself from the rafters of the garage.  This is the only confirmed death in the residence.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We arrived at this residence and an in-home interview was conducted with the homeowners. Right after we arrived at the location, several members of the team reported sensing a rather disquieting feeling about the location.  After the team arrived at the house stood by for a few minutes and observed clients gather up and depart for the evening in order to leave the team alone in the residence.  While the team was standing there a young boy (approx. aged 8-10) approached a couple of our investigators and began asking questions about the equipment the team would be using.  Once

we had some equipment in the house, we showed the little boy some of the equipment.  Then one of the children of the home, a young girl along with her brother, took one of our investigator's into the backyard into the garage and showed him the spot where they said a man had hung himself several years ago.  The boy related to our investigator the story of a man who hung himself from the rafters in the detached garage and was discovered just before he died by his son who tried to save him but could not.  While relating this story both children related to TJ their efforts to interact with the spirit of this man and how they had took pictures and tried to record his voice on many occasions.  It wasn’t until later in the investigation that the team began to understand the significance of this.



After the interview, our team began setting up the equipment in various areas of the home where the clients had reported the most frequent activity.  Originally our tech crew had thought about setting up our operations base outside on the front porch but then changed their mind and decided to set up base in the dining room area.  During this brief discussion, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an EVP of a man’s voice saying, “Right there.”  We are assuming that this EVP was referring to the location of the operations base that was being discussed at the time.

While the tech crew continued to set up the equipment, Christy went and did a walk-through of the home.  She went upstairs and decided to do a sit down in the middle upstairs bedroom.  After just a couple of minutes, she saw a man stick his head out from around the door frame of the bedroom off to the right which is the first bedroom to the

right as you come up the stairs.  Christy described this man has being Caucasian and his face appeared to be pale white as if all the blood had been drained out of his face.  His eyes were round and black as if a void and his neck were leaning over to the left like he had a crick in his neck.  The torso appeared to be shadowy as if a 3D smoky figure.  It appeared as if he was looking to see what Christy was doing and then as quickly as she had seen him, he was gone.

While Christy was down in the master bedroom area by the back side door, she heard footsteps coming towards her from the computer area.  Her flashlight then started to go dead until it completely went out.  Christy had placed new batteries in her flashlight previous to the investigation starting.  She then went to the base area to get new batteries for her flashlight and then proceeded out into the back detached garage.  As she began to enter the garage, she heard a man’s voice tell her not to come in there.  Feeling very watched and not welcomed, she went into the house and asked Gary to go with her back into the garage.  Moments later Gary entered the garage with Christy and she finished her walk-thru with no other interaction. 

The tech crew and team had just finished setting up the equipment throughout the house and everyone was preparing to begin their sweeps.  Cory radioed Christy and Gary in the garage and told them that we had just had a stationary DVR camera in the upstairs bedroom turned on its own all the way around and no one was upstairs.  Christy and Gary headed back inside the house to join the rest of the team who was looking at the video of the camera.  Video of Camera Turning Three team members consisting of Christy, TJ and Gary went upstairs to see if they could recreate the camera moving on its own.  The camera had been stationed on a clothes basket elevating it to about 3 feet off the ground.  The placement of the attached cords was stationed behind the camera to keep anyone from tripping on them.  After doing the recreations of the cord and camera, our group determined that the camera had not been physically



The group decided to take a break before starting their sweeps.  During this time Gary and Cory are discussing some of the equipment that they need to do minor repairs on.  Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on the table of the operations base and recorded a man’s voice through an evp saying, “Really.”  During this same time, Mark and Ashley were talking about various pieces of equipment and what they liked about some of the equipment.  Christy’s audio recorder while still placed on the operations table picked up a man’s voice through evp saying, “Hi, nice to meet you.”  The team finished the break and went inside

After the sweeps, the team divided into two separate groups to conduct a sit-down and to do some EVP work.    Team one consisted of Christy, TJ and Gary.   Team two consisted of Mark, Stephanie and Ashley.  Team one headed out to the detached garage outback where the clients had informed us that a past resident had hung himself.  While back in the garage area, TJ and Gary heard an audible whispering but the source was unknown.  TJ reported he had seen a man’s face briefly appear over by the garage entrance.  During this time, while Christy was describing what she was seeing, TJ reported feeling a tightening feeling around his neck and throat as if the noose was going around his neck.  Around this point; Cory radioed from base saying he was seeing shadow movement from

behind TJ.  Moving to the other side of the garage; TJ and Gary deduced that it was possibly TJ’s shadow being cast from the DVR camera IR light or from the IR light from the walking cam Gary was holding.  As the team continued to interact with the resident entity TJ reported seeing what looked like a face flash right in front of him and shoot up towards the rafters above.  Shortly after that, Christy announced that the entity was in the rafters looking down at the team.  There seemed to be a consensus within the team that entity did not like the current homeowners at all.  After this, the sit-down and EVP session was completed in the garage and despite a couple of small things such as those listed above; the garage area appeared to be quiet.

While Team one was in the garage, Team two moved to the 2nd floor of the house. They each took one of the children’s bedrooms to sit in so that they could monitor activity from all areas. At one point both Mark and Stephanie reported seeing shadow movement in the bathroom but were unable to capture it on either video or still cameras.

After some time, Team one switched with Team two and moved out into the garage. Once in the garage, they decided to conduct an EVP session by taking turns asking questions. Several times they heard knocks and taps from all over the garage. At one point Stephanie and Ashley both heard a scratching noise coming from the NW

corner of the garage.  As with the other group, aside from these minor experiences, nothing of significance was discovered or encountered.  After both teams finished up their sit-down and EVP sessions, they concluded the investigation for the evening.



We feel that this home is being haunted by one of its past residents whose life ended tragically by suicide in the back garage area.  Given the state of mind we feel this individual was in during the time of his death, we feel that this individual is tormented by his own past and his own decisions and has chosen to stay in this location because it feels secure to him and he recognizes it a familiar location.  We do feel like this man may be able to move on if he were able to speak with his children from beyond the grave where he can bring closure not only to himself but his children as well.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Shortly after entering this house I became sick to my stomach and my head started hurting like a really bad migraine.  I felt a lot of tension in the home and out in the garage area.  I felt like we were being followed all throughout the house while there as well.  I had picked up on a male spirit after being in the home for a short time.  I did feel better once I stepped outside of the house as my nausea and headache lightened,

but of course I had to continue the investigation so I tried to ignore the nausea and pounding headache.  One of the first encounters I had with this male spirit was when I was upstairs in one of the children’s bedrooms.  I saw this man peak his face out and around the corner of the door frame.  His face appeared to be pale white as if all the blood had been drained out of his face.  His eyes were round and black as if a void and his neck were leaning over to the left like he had a crick in his neck.  The torso appeared to be shadowy as if a 3D smoky figure.  It appeared as if he was looking to see what I was doing and then as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone.

I did feel like I was being followed throughout the investigation and I felt like this male spirit did not want us to find out anything about him because he was afraid it would affect him in a negative way.  It wasn’t until I was in the back garage area doing a sit-down that I got information about this man.  I graphically saw how he had hung himself and felt his current state of mind at the time of his death.  He had stated to me that he was concerned about his kids and wished that he could have a chance to speak with them once more and to give some closure about his death.  He told me that he remained there in the house and garage area because he felt that was where his stability was and it was the area where he remembered life as he once knew it.  He also told me that he was very afraid of a black shadow mass that he saw in the house and sometimes in the garage area.  He said he felt the shadow was trying to take him and he didn’t want to go with it.  He stated that anytime the homeowners spoke about the paranormal or had a team come out that the black shadow mass would appear more often and would follow him around. He stated that he would hide from it and that he was scared of it.  Later after my conversation with this man, I found out about a photograph the current homeowners stated they had gotten on their cell phone of a black shadow mass.  I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the same shadow mass that this spirit had talked about seeing.  This spirit did not appear to be negative or bad, just more so a lonely soul who was not only unhappy in the last part of his life but also unhappy now in spirit.  He did not feel to me like he would be willing to leave the location until he could get some closure.    

touched but the cords had been pulled by an unknown source.  We determined this not only from watching the video where we saw the violent pull of the cords, but also because given the placement of the camera and the small ledge where the camera was sitting on, it would have been impossible for the camera to have turned on its own by being moved from the base of the camera.  The camera’s movement could only be duplicated through the pulling of the cords which allowed for the stead and smooth turn of the camera.  During this time TJ's audio recorder captured 2 different evps.  The first evp said, "I know" and the second evp said, "I know, I did it."  This incident was captured on our dvr camera and can be seen in the video below.

to get ready for their sweeps.  While turning out the lights throughout the home, we learned that there wasn’t a switch for the living room light.  Ashley had informed us that in order to turn off the light, the light bulbs had to be unscrewed.  Since the lights had been on for a while, the bulbs were very hot.  Mark tried to unscrew the light bulbs and during this time Christy’s audio recorder picked up an evp of a man’s voice that said, “Hot,” in which we believe the evp was referring to the temperature of the light bulbs that Mark was trying to unscrew.

evidence collected

There were 14 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


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