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House of the Silent

10/7/201 1

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple with the majority of the paranormal activity surrounding the male homeowner.   Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The light in the master bedroom would randomly come on. The homeowner tried to tape the light switch down, but upon returning to the room later the tape was removed & the light was on. 

  • Lights flicker in the guest bathroom. 

  • Banging on the walls has been heard.

  • The homeowner has been using a dry erase board to communicate with the spirit in the home.

The activity started shortly thereafter with the client finding a 3x5 photograph picture of his father lying on the bathroom floor & lights coming on in the bathroom off the master bedroom.  The client began taping the light switch down and came home one night to find the tape completely removed and the light on.   


In an attempt to communicate with the entity in the home, the homeowner began coloring in a white board (upon questioning, the client does not know where the idea came from, it just popped in his head one day.)  Many messages where set left to the homeowner to include: “BWW”, “6 6 32”, something “love wife”, “win more money”, “9 12 33”,  something something  “easy now”, “GO”, “NO CAM”, “ILL”, Check Mark “OK”, “my house”, “Yes”, “Move, “Move Texas”, “Yes”, and “StelE”.  


The client also reported his father’s personal items around the house being moved and/or rearranged.  See pictures below for the dry erase board messages the client claims he received from an unknown source.  The client informed us that he had never given into the belief of such activity until they moved into this house and started having things happen.  The activity had become so bothersome for both homeowners that the wife was insisting they move out of the home.  Below are some of the pictures that the homeowner took after these mysterious messages appeared on his dry erase boards.


Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The house was built in 2006, & the homeowners were the first owners. The activity is believed to have started in 2009.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity.  While the interview was being done, our tech team began setting up equipment throughout the home in the areas where the client stated frequent paranormal activity had occurred.  Approximately 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the arrival to the client’s home, an “unknown evp whisper” was picked up on TJ’s audio recorder.  While waiting for the interview to be completed, Christy was outside taking photographs of the outside of the home.  She had her audio recorder in the kitchen area of the home.  During this time, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an evp of a male’s voice saying, “Magic.”


Once the in-home interview was completed, the team continued to set up equipment throughout the house.  During this time, Christy’s audio recorder again picked up two evps, both male which appeared to be the same voice from the previous evp.  These two evps said, “Stink it up,” and “What a shame.”  These two evps were very odd and seemed not to be relevant to any conversation taking place during the time they were recorded.


During the equipment set up, the dry erase boards were also set out, fully colored with black marker in hopes that our cameras would catch a message being written on one

of the two board or both.  One of these boards was set up in the master bathroom area and the other board was set up in the guest bathroom.  Our team wrote “Hello” on one of the boards that were placed in the master bedroom in hopes that we would get a response.  At the end of night when the investigation was concluded, no written responses were shown on the board.  Baby power was also set up on the counter of the master bathroom since the homeowner had reported trying the baby power once in which he did received a written response.  Our team wrote “Hello” in the baby power in hopes for a response but again no written response was present at the conclusion of the investigation.


Christy began her walk-thru of the home and she and Ashley started in the front spare bedroom of the home.  After a few minutes of being in this front bedroom, Christy’s audio recorder picked up a strange sounding evp that said, “Get out.”  While continuing her walk-thru, Christy was accompanied by Ashley, TJ and Gary and while they were all in the back spare bedroom, Christy’s audio recorder again captured a man’s voice on her audio recorder but the evp is not able to be understood.  Our team labeled it as another "unknown evp."  TJ’s audio

recorder was stationary in the back guest bedroom and during this time it picked up another “unknown whisper 2.”   Nothing else appeared to take place or happen during the walk-thru and the house felt very comfortable.



The team began their investigation and began conducting their sweeps.  While in the master bedroom of the home, Gary stated he had seen a shadow dart off into the master bathroom area.  Christy went into the master bathroom to check it out and she opened the first closet door and seconds after she opened the door, she heard an audible whisper.  She asked the team if they had whispered to which all members present answered no.  Upon review of our audio during this time, this whisper was not captured on our audio recorders.

Sit Down


About 30 minutes later and still while conducting a sit-down in the master bedroom, TJ was talking to the male spirit during this time when a loud laugh was heard audibly by several of our team members.  When we reviewed back our audio, this audible laugh was picked up on our audio recorders.  "Loud laugh" Those members present who heard this loud audible laugh stated they thought it  either came from the master bathroom area or the hall and it sounded possibly like a female toned laugh.  When we reviewed back our audio, it sounds like it could have been a male's voice but our team is unsure if the voice is male or female.  We did do recreations of the audible laugh.  Christy was the only female inside the home when the audible laugh was heard and Ashley was outside with the other team members and the homeowner.  Our team had Ashley laugh out loud from outside to see if we could recreate the same thing that we had heard but Ashley’s loud laugh was not heard in the same manner or loud tone as the laugh we had heard inside the house.  Ashley also stated that she did not laugh outside prior to the recreation request.  The audible laugh also had an echo sound too it so Christy went into the master bathroom and loudly laughed to see if the laugh had the same tonal quality and it did.  Our team then came to the conclusion that the audible laugh had probably come from the master bathroom area.  During our same sit-down time here, Christy is talking to the male entity and she states that she heard him laugh.  Our audio recorders pick up a faint laugh right before Christy says she heard the entity laugh.  "Male laugh." 

During this same time, shadows were seen in the master bathroom area and TJ thought he had captured a shadow image on his digital camera.  Upon recreation attempts of this photo, we were able to debunk the shadow he captured.  While in the master bedroom, Christy made a comment about the group needing to regroup outside and during this time.  The group then took a short break to discuss the activity that had been taking place.  Prior to our group break, TJ had posed the question of going out front or out back and his audio recorder picked up a light whispery evp that quickly said, “Out Back.”  During this same time while pictures were

being taken, Gary captured a photo of a strange shadow that appeared to be in the room with us.  This shadow was not noticed in the room during the time when the photograph was taken but it was seen once our photos were reviewed.  We also noticed facial features on this shadow.  In addition to the head, eyes, a nose and a mouth can be seen.  It also looks as if this entity has some sort of mask on over the top half of its face.  Our team is not sure what this shadowy figure is and it isn't in any of our photos.  We had to rule this as possibly paranormal in nature.  Below is the original photo, then the same photo that we cropped then the same photo that we outlined the shadow figure in.

Shortly after our sweep in the master bedroom, our group decided to take a break.  It was at this time that Cory called the team’s attention to the DVR cameras and stated that he had seen a light anomaly in the guest bedroom.  Upon review of the DVR footage, we agreed that there appeared to be a light anomaly that had come into the camera’s view.  A secondary light anomaly was spotted by Christy and the same conclusion was also determined about this 2nd recorded light anomaly.  Both light anomalies appeared to be self-illuminating when out of the strong IR rays.  When they hit the IR field, they faded out more which are signs of a legitimate light anomaly.  Still photos of the light anomalies captured are shown below.   
Our team conducted 2 different sit-downs throughout the night with one team reporting various types of activity and the other team reporting little or no activity occurring.  During the time that Ashley, Gary and Mark were conducting a sit-down in the master bedroom, Ashley was sitting on the bed & felt the bed shake several times. Each time the bed shook, she looked around to make sure no one was bumping the bed. No one was ever close enough to the bed to shake it. During this time, Gary also noticed a shadow moving in the bathroom on two different occasions.

Due to the late night hour and the decrease in paranormal activity occurring at the time, our team decided to pack up and call it a night.  We concluded the investigation and left the residence.



Our team feels like this location may have a mild haunting taking place.  We are not sure of the origins from where this activity began occurring but we were able to record several pieces of audio and video evidence that would suggest paranormal activity is taking place within the home.  We do feel like the home has at least 1 male spirit present in the home and this was verified through our recorded evidence. 

We do not feel like this activity is threatening or harmful and feel that if the male homeowner would cease his communication efforts through the dry erase boards and contact clergy of his choice to come in and bless the home, the activity would slow down or cease all together.  These recommendations by OKPRI were given to the clients.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this home I did not feel anything paranormal in nature going on.  I also was beginning to wonder if this house was even haunted because I tried to connect with any spirits present in the home but initially successful.  The energy in the home felt very calm and I had made a comment to the team that I would have no problem in living in the home or lying down and taking a nap because the house did

not feel threatening or very active.

I decided to try to lower my protective energy shields to see if I could better connect with any spirits present in the home.  I wasn’t sure if the spirits energy was weak or if my guards were too strong and communication could not be reached.  After I had lowered my guard and after a few minutes had passed, I saw a face that was very white as if painted white.  I could not tell if this spirit was male or female at first but eventually the energy felt male.  His face was long and elongated downward and his eyes were very small and slanted.  His nose was very long and his lips very small and thin.  He appeared to be wearing a dark colored hoodie of sorts as I could not see any features for his hair.    He refused to give his name or purpose for being in the house, but he did allude to the fact that he was using the male homeowner in order to be able to cross over into this realm.  He did not say how he was using the male homeowner in order to cross over into this realm, but I could only assume that it was through his communication and energy. 

One of our recommendations to the homeowner was to cease his communication efforts with this spirit through the dry erase board and to let it know that this was their house and they did not want this spirit in their home.

evidence collected

There were 12 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1positive photo and no positive video clips.


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