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guthrie haunts

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General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, TJ and Gary


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This building is a business known as Guthrie Haunts.  It is currently being used as a haunted house. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Employees have reported being grabbed.

  • Cold spots are felt in various areas.

  • Objects have fallen on their own.

  • Doors slam on their own.

  • Footsteps are heard throughout the building.

  • Employees report feeling watched.

  • One of the female workers of the haunted house reported a doll being moved in the back room just as she stepped away from the room for a few seconds.


There have been no deaths in this building.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The business owner has owned this property for three months. He currently operates it as a haunted house during Halloween. The building was originally built as a home & was later purchased & turned into a steak house. It sat empty for some time before the current owner purchased it.

Investigation Report


 As Christy was walking up to the building she heard 3 footsteps coming towards here in the parking lot.  Before our team set up our equipment, we took a quick walkthrough to get the layout of the building. Just minutes after walking in, Ashley’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a woman saying "Look I'm stupid." We noted that several props from the haunted house were still set up at the location. After the quick tour, we began to setup our equipment. We were in the front room discussing our camera placement, & Ashley’s audio recorder captured a voice saying "Hey." Later a second "Hey #2" evp was captured on our audio recorder.  Also while in the front room, Ashley felt something lift a piece of hair from the top of her head.  She was the only one in the room at the time & she could not find anything that might have brushed against her or caused the sensation.  During this time Christy’s audio recorder also

captured an evp of what appears to sound like a woman whispering.  “Unknown female whisper”  but this female whisper could not be deciphered.

TJ and Gary were setting up the stationary cameras in the “clown” room/area of the haunted house when both heard a laugh from somewhere in the building.  The direction of the laugh could not be pinpointed.  TJ and Gary immediately radioed the rest of the team who were stationed in the front area of the building to see if they had loudly laughed out loud but the team reported they had not.  This laugh was not picked up on any audio recorders but was clearly heard by TJ and Gary.  During this set up time Gary’s audio recorder picked up several interesting evps.  These evps were,  "Ask him,” "Up," "Don't bitch," "Shh, it's me," "Oh my," and "Get back."

It appeared that the front entrance area of the building was the most active and most of the evps that our group recorded were during the initial time of the set up.

After we had the stationary cameras in place, we were checking the position and view of the cameras on the monitor screen.  During this time TJ was standing in the doorway of the building and Christy happened to glance over at him and saw a tall shadow of a male right outside the front door area.  The tall shadow took 3 long steps and passed right by the door before totally disappearing.  During this time Christy's audio recorder picked up the faint voice of a male saying, "Go"


Once the equipment was in place, we began the walkthrough with Christy.  During Christy’s walkthrough, Ashley’s audio recorder captured an evp of a woman saying "There's something."  After the walkthrough, TJ sat down and was trying to take a short break before continuing on for the evening.  It was during this time that his audio recorder captured an evp that said, "Wake up, hey."  Stepping back outside, Gary declared a need to relieve himself in the brush and after we acknowledged that, my audio recorder picked up a male voice calling out  "Stop!"  

As we were getting ready to conduct our investigative sweeps of the location, we decided what we would use baby dolls as trigger objects based on a report of baby dolls being moved.  One of the team members asked if we should use the baby dolls that were used in the haunted house and during this time TJ’s audio recorder picked up a "Unknown female whisper #2" that could not be deciphered.  Before we started our investigation, our team took a short break.  During this time TJ’s audio recorder picked up an evp that said, "What went wrong."


We began our sweeps all through out the building the emf read from 0.3 mg all the way up to pegging off the meter and considered an unreadable measurement.  We began our investigative sweeps in a small room that had been set up to look like a bedroom for the Halloween prop of “The Exorcist.”  It was in this room that Christy & TJ both heard a whisper a couple of different times.     Shadow movement was seen by TJ in the hallway just outside of this room but the phenomenon was not captured on video.

Christy was trying to get the male entity she called, “Joel” to come and talk to us so she asked him to come over and talk.  While we were in this same exorcist room, we continued to hear all kinds of noises.  TJ happened to hear a sneeze which wasn’t from anyone on the team or no one in the building.  This
"ghost sneeze" was captured on TJ’s audio recorder.    

We then moved into a room that was set up to look like a forest, Ashley’s audio recorder captured an evp that said, "Hurry go back" The team had several experiences in this room.   One of these experiences Christy & TJ both heard an audible voice saying something with two syllables.  Ashley's audio recorder was able to capture what sounded like "Hey you like this" on her recorder and at this same time.  As we continued to conduct our sweeps in the forest room, Ashley happened to be standing next to the outer door in the room when she heard a scratching sound on the door.  Scratch on the door.  We checked the outside of that door later only to discover that it led into a storage room, & there were no animals in it that could have made the noise.   We were making our

way to the next room when Christy reported hearing a man say “Go get out of here.” TJ's audio recorder caught an evp saying,  "Go #2"

As we made our way into the next room which had been set up as the scary clown room, TJ heard a knocking sound.  This sound was not picked up on our audio recorders but a few minutes afterwards we heard another tapping sound that came from the adjoining hallway.  It sounded as if something might have been tossed out into the hallway.  This loud tapping sound was picked up on our audio recorders.  Tap in Hallway 

Back in the front of the house, TJ picked up several whispers saying “Turn it back on,” then another one during Christy’s walk through that said, "Hate walking around" as Christy was picking up on a murder victim in the room.

The rest of our sweeps went without much incident, & after a couple of hours, we decided to pack up for the night.   As we were breaking down the cameras, Christy had made a statement about having a lot of email to answer but she wouldn’t do it while investigating since she was on the job.  Her audio recorder then picked up an evp that appeared to repeat part of what she had said by saying,
"On the job."    Shortly after this Christy’s audio recorder also picked up another female

sounding evp saying, “Cash” but we do not know what this was in reference to since it was not relevant to the conversation taking place at the time.

During the finishing stages of packing up the equipment, Christy and Ashley were the only ones in the front room area when they both heard the front door slam shut hard.  Christy happened to be looking in the direction of the front door while it slammed so she witnessed it slam shut.  Ashley had her back turned to the door but she heard the slamming of the door.  Both Christy and Ashley’s audio recorders picked up the audio of the door slamming shut on its own.  No one was near the door as the rest of the team was around the side of the building rolling up the stationary camera cords.  The door had also been open all night and it hadn’t slammed shut once and we were unable to find any natural causes for the occurrence.  Door slam



This building definitely has a weird energy feel to it aside from the strange haunted house props that we saw while there.  We feel like this location does have a few spirits present.  One of the female spirits present we feel might be connected to the location from the past when it was a residence.  The other 2 spirits we feel may have wandered into the location either on their own or through one of the guests that have visited the location.  We do not feel like any of the spirits present here are harmful.  We feel like this location has a mild haunting taking place.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This building already had a strange energy feel to it due to its current usage for the haunted house.  When I first started to walk around inside the building, I felt an older woman there who later identified herself as Myra.  She made reference to living there in a home many years ago.  She warned us about a male spirit that was there by the name of Joel and stated that he was a bit mean at times and that he liked to scare

people.  She said that he also liked to throw things.  I did happen to see a 6 foot tall male shadow near the front entrance during the time when I heard our team being told to “go and get our.”  I believe this was Joel letting us know that he did not want us around.  There also appeared to be a very sad spirit there by the name of Shannon.  Her energy felt relevantly newer than Myra and Joel’s energy signifying that she had not been dead for as long.  Shannon seemed shy and scared and she took refuge with Myra who watched out for her.  Myra told us that Shannon had been the victim of a brutal rape and strangulation and she had been wondering lost for quite some time.  She did not say how she and Shannon had met but it was apparent that Myra looked after her like a mother would do for her own child.  The two most active areas for me were the doll room around the dinner table and the forest room.

evidence collected

There were 27 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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