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Johnny V's

7/2 1/2010

General Information

Investigators:      Christy, Cathy, Chris, Mike, Dustin, Taylor & Logan


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Employees here footsteps.

  • Employees have the feeling of being watched while in the building.

  • Black shadows are seen throughout the building.

  • Dog interacts with something unseen

  • Things are moved all the time in the building.

  • The owners report having issues with the security system messing up all the time.


There have been no known deaths in this building.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This location was built back in 1896 and has since been host to many different businesses and people working within its walls.  We do know that this location was originally a saloon & bordello then a warehouse for production then later a fire station then a funeral home where caskets were also made and then finally after being vacant for a while, an Italian restaurant.  

Investigation Report



Many of the team members felt very uncomfortable in the lower 1st floor area of the restaurant and a couple of members even reported feeling a very heavy oppressive energy in the back kitchen and seating area.  This could have been because that was the location of the funeral home and where bodies were brought in and out of the building. 
Several team members also felt like they were being watched in this location as well.  At one particular time, three investigators were upstairs setting up some of the DVR cameras and another member had gone downstairs to the 1st floor to set up a DVR camera when she felt like someone was behind her.  She reported hearing a woman’s voice saying something audibly but at the time she wasn’t able to make it out.  She stated she quickly

turned around to look behind her to see if anyone was there and to verify the location of the disembodied voice and when she did, she saw a woman standing behind her about 6 feet away by one of the table booths.  She described the woman as having on a long late 1800’s, early 1900’s period style dress with small print flowers on it.  She described the woman as having long dark hair that flowed loosely around her shoulders and middle back.  Later when she reviewed her audio, she had a woman’s voice recorded that said, "Help"

While all investigators were going up the stairs to the 2nd floor, an investigator felt like something had tried to push her backwards a bit but she said when it happened, she didn’t see anything there in front of her.  Later when she reviewed her audio she had a whispery evp during that time of an individual saying, "Back"

While two investigators were doing a sit-down upstairs on the 2nd floor in the restaurant seating area, one investigator heard a woman screaming for help but she reported that it sounded like the scream was coming from downstairs in the first floor area.  Both investigators present leaned over the open balcony area to see if they could see anyone, but neither investigator saw anything out of the norm.

When one of the investigators was doing a photographic sweep of the downstairs area, she happened to capture an odd photograph which appears to be an apparition of a woman.  This

woman appears to be in a long dress with dark hair.  Investigators believe she is the woman that one of them saw while downstairs alone setting up a camera.  Here is a shot of the apparition of a woman one investigator captured while conducting her sweeps of the downstairs area.    We will show the cropped and outlined version as well. 

In the back left side of the photo (outlined in this photo,) an apparition of a woman can be seen.

The apparition of the woman cropped, blown up and outlined.

Sit Down


While two of the female investigators were upstairs doing a sit-down of the bar area, they both reported hearing footsteps that seemed to be coming from the side of the bar area then trailing off into the back storage area before disappearing. 

When the other two male investigators swapped places with the female investigators and went upstairs while the other two investigators went outside, they also reported strange occurrences in the upstairs bar area and physical proof was left on the back of one investigator’s back.  Both male investigators stated they were sitting at the bar area doing a sit-down & trying to conduct an evp session when all the sudden they both heard and saw the hanging bar glasses start to swing back and forth.  The glasses also made a clanging noise as they lightly touched each other.  It was during this time that one of the investigators stated that he felt

his lower back burning.  He had the other investigator look at his back and the investigator saw 4 long

pink scratch marks on his back.  They called in the other two investigators and reported what had just taken place and the scratches were shown to the other investigators.  Photographs of the scratch marks were then taken for documentation purposes.  Shortly after this, the team decided to do a sit-down together in the upstairs area of the bar/restaurant.  There were a few odd sounds that were heard but nothing else major really took place for the remainder of the evening.




Our team feels like this location has a haunting taking place and from the recorded evidence we were able to get, we feel like there is at least the spirit of a man who was mainly seen upstairs by the bar area and then the spirit of a woman who mainly stays in the downstairs area of the building.  We feel like these spirits could possibly be connected to the building from a time in the past when they either worked or lived at the location. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first did a walk-thru of this place I felt like the building itself had been used in the past for a variety of different things.  I picked up on it once being used as a funeral home, an old saloon/bordello and a warehouse.  I could tell part of the building had been remodeled especially after I got a flash of the upstairs part of the building having multiple rooms and I saw a couple of women walking up and down the hall with their

arms around a man. 

The downstairs seemed a bit out of proportion to me and had different energy pockets as if it had been used for a variety of different purposes.  One flash I saw showed me larger machinery type equipment and then big storage rooms.  The other flash I saw was caskets and bodies awaiting funeral arrangements and burial.  I also felt a lot of heavy sadness during this time and knew it had connections to a funeral home of sorts during one period of time.

It was during a sit-down I did with Cathy that I encountered a woman in her late teens or early twenties that came up to me and stated she wanted to go home and she missed her family and she didn’t want to work for the bordello anymore.  I told her she could go ahead and leave and she said she wasn’t able to because she needed the money for her family so she had to stay and work.  I told her the bordello didn’t exist any more and her physical body had died so she was free to go home.  I believe she is the female I had heard screaming and crying and the one that I had encountered earlier on the 1st floor when she came up behind me in the lobby area.

Upstairs when I was doing the sit-down with Cathy near the bar area, I encountered an older man who told me of his hatred and disproval of alcohol since his father had been a mean alcoholic who had abused him, his siblings and his mother from a very young age.  He said he didn’t like all the alcohol lying around in the place and he wanted to destroy the bottles.  He said he had once worked in the building running machinery.

evidence collected

There were 12 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1 positive photo and no positive video clips.



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