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house of strife


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras,  and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple who have 3 children. Shortly after this family moved into the home they began experiencing strange incidents.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The family hears footsteps throughout the house.

  • They have all seen a woman hanging out upstairs in the hall and bedrooms.

  • They have seen little boy who plays upstairs and often on the stairwell. 

  • The female homeowner experiences horrible nightmares to include a man chasing her trying to kill her and her family.

  • Audible voices are heard throughout the house but especially upstairs.

  • The female homeowner also claims she has been physically attacked in one of the bedrooms.

  • After moving in, one of the family dogs got sick and died and is buried in the back yard.  The current dog refuses to go upstairs and barks and growls at an unseen presence.

  • The haunting became so severe the family all moved downstairs and they refuse to stay up in the upstairs part of the house.

There have been no documented deaths in the home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

Due to confidentiality of the homeowners that reside in this location, OKPRI is not able to divulge a lot of the historical facts about this home.  We can however tell you that this home was built in 1920 and has housed a few different families throughout its years until now.  This home is a 2 story, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home.

Investigation Report

Client Interview

The current homeowners have lived in the home for several years now and have experienced the haunting since their initial move in.  After sightings of apparitions of a little boy, woman and a man, they decided to contact OKPRI for answers as to what type of spiritual activity was taking place in their home.

When OKPRI arrived at the home they conducted an in-home interview and the team set up the equipment in the areas of the home where the homeowners stated they were experiencing most of their activity.  The staircase and upstairs area of the home appeared to be the most active according to the homeowners.



On the preliminary investigation, Christy and Chris were doing a sweet of the upstairs are when Christy encountered a woman who said “hello” as she passed by her in the hall.

We explored the house including the attic which had never been opened before since they had moved into the home. We found interesting documents related to past homeowners.

Later, Chris, Taylor and Johnny conducted a sit-down and asked questions in the front first floor bedroom.  The investigators received responses of multiple EMF fluctuations on the K2 meter which were not consistent with normal baseline readings or high EMF readings.   These same 3 investigators also asked for the

temperature to be lowered and all 3 of them noted that the temp probe showed sudden drops of temperatures around them for a few brief moments before returning to the baseline reading.  Strangely enough, it was during this time their audio captured static bursts when they were getting meter activations and differences in the temperature.

On the second visit in the upstairs bedroom, one of the investigators, Chris, felt a distinct cold spot at the door to the small alcove playroom and had the feeling his hand was being held by a tiny hand , possibly a child. Another investigator, Cathy, felt a cold small hand, possibly the same child, as she tried to roll a ball and play with the little boy who is said to be seen in the home. 

During one of OKPRI’s final investigations at this residence, the DVR cameras set up in different rooms which had been recording for approximately 15 minutes when one of the squeezable light balls we had placed as an experiment went off and began lighting up.  One investigator, was looking at the monitor screen and announced to the group that the ball had just activated on its own.  The group had tested the light

balls before placing them in the experiment areas and both light balls had worked just fine.  Ironically these types of light balls must be squeezed before they can be activated.  We captured this incident on video and can be viewed below.

Another experiment was set up on the staircase of the house since it was said to be one of the most active with the apparition of the little boy being seen playing and running up and down the stairs, footsteps also heard on the stairs and then the feeling of being watched on the staircase.

After several investigations, our group had finally investigated the old home at several different time intervals except for the early morning hours past 2am.  Our group decided to conduct the investigation during this time so we arrived at the location fairly late at night and the prepared for the long night ahead.  The timing seemed to be perfect and a great idea for our team because this one particular evening the house seemed to be the most active it had ever been. A bit later when we were all downstairs, we heard our motion activated doll which we had placed on the stairs go off.  We also captured this on video.  Video of doll being activated

During this same investigation both Taylor and Chris reported feeling angry while being in the upstairs bedroom.  Christy reported feeling an extremely hostile presence while trying to go upstairs.  During evidence review an evp of a voice trying to lure Christy to the edge of the stairs was captured, as if it intended to push her down the stairs. A few seconds after this happened, Christy saw the same little boy at the top of the stairs standing close by her.  This little boy looked he same as how the homeowner’s had described him and in his own little voice Christy heard him say, “Be careful on the stairs or you will fall and hurt yourself like I did.”

All investigators heard audible voices and strange sounds throughout the old home and many of the investigators witnessed shadows throughout various areas of the old home as well.  On one particular incident, Cathy was downstairs taking photographs when she saw someone walk right in front of her.  She initially thought that it was once of the other team members since the living room as dark and the group was starting their sweeps, however when she looked again, she realized it wasn’t one of the team members but rather a large shadow of a man which then disappeared in front of her. 

All investigators were in the back bedroom investigating with the exception of one investigator, who was downstairs manning the DVR equipment.  While investigating the room, Chris heard a light growl from outside in the hallway.  About 10 seconds later all the investigators heard 3 heavy footsteps and 1 light footstep on the stairs as if Dustin was coming up to join us. Much to our surprise, absolutely no one was on the stairs when we went to check.  One of our audio recorders picked up a raspy voice just after the growl (no growl on audio though) and then two footsteps coming up the stairs.  Our audio recorders also picked up a whispery voice saying “Go,” when we all went to the top of the stairs to investigate.


During our after midnight sweep of upstairs, the air appeared as if it were much heavier and again a number of things happened all at once again. When we were all in the back bedroom except for one investigator who was manning base.  Christy saw an image of an ankle and foot walk into the front bedroom. Mike and Chris decided to follow the ghostly image and as they crept into one of the bedrooms where Christy had seen the ankle go in to, Mike and Chris heard a knock behind them from the stair-side wall. They also had the sensation of hair standing up on the back of their neck and both reported feeling a chill go down the back of their spine.  It was at this time that both Mike and Chris heard the rest of the investigators exclaiming about a number of light sprites they were seeing up over the top of the staircase. By the time Mike and Chris reached the room however, the light sprites were gone.

During the same time that Mike and Chris were following the ankle apparition into the other room, Christy, Cathy and Taylor were all sitting in the back upstairs bedroom and all three of them saw several bright lights, one as big as a fist & surrounded by several other small lights.  They all watched as these lights shot across the back bedroom wall and then disappeared out into the hallway with some shooting over the staircase area.  This incident took place for approximately 5 total seconds. 



Our team feels that this location definitely has a haunting taking place and from the personal experiences we had, evidence gathered, interview and eye-witness accounts, it appears that this house has 3 active spirits residing in it.  These spirits are that of a hostile man, an older woman and a young boy around the age of 6.  The homeowners have lived with this haunting now for

many years and even though it frightens them at times and they are unable to occupy the same space upstairs with the spirits, they have chosen to live in the home and not to bother the spirits by cleansing the home or trying to make them leave.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I did my walk through of this home, I saw a large family who had once lived in this home when it was fairly new.  The father felt like he was into some sort of banking or financial business (later we found out this homeowner owned his car lot and worked with banks on financing.)  I felt like the family fell on hard times and finances became tight.  I felt like the father and mother began fighting a lot and it caused a lot

strife in the family.  The father was going to leave the family and one of the young son's, (around 6 years old) was very upset and overheard his mother and father's conversation and as his father was leaving, he ran down the stairs to stop his father and talk to him when he tripped and fell to his death.  I also picked up on a woman in the home who seemed to be like a nanny or nurse maid to the family and she cared for the children of the home.  I feel like in death the father is in the home and is regretful over what has happened there and is very protective over what goes on in the home.  I also saw the little boy on the stairs and he gave me a warning to be careful on the stairs because I could fall and hurt myself.  The house seems to have a lot of strife in it and unsettled issues and unhappiness.

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photo and 2 video clips.



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