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House of the 6th sense


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Kendall, John,  & Debbie


Equipment used:  Personal audio recorders, digital cameras, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple and their children.  This location was not the typical residential but rather an apartment.  From what our group has learned about this location, it is an apartment complex that has been around since the 1970's,  In this particular apartment home we could find no history of any past deaths or reasons why the land/building should be haunted.  The current family living in this apartment contacted us due to strange activity they were experiencing which had seemed to heighten since recently moving into this location.  


Some of the things they had been experiencing was minimal to all family members except for the youngest daughter was is 8 years old.  The things the family was experiencing was odd, but  stranger was the activity that seemed to be taking place with the 8 year old daughter.  


For confidentiality purposes we cannot tell you much about this little girl other than when she was 4 years old she suffered a traumatic brain injury and since then she has been seeing and hearing people that are not really there but rather in spirit form.  She has seen different ghosts who visit her in her bedroom or when she is in out in public and has even stated that she sees spirits who will wave at her from the side of the road when she is riding in a vehicle.  Much like the boy in the movie "Sixth Sense," this young girl doesn't quite understand what is happening to her and what gifts she posses.  Out of all the ghosts that she has encountered, there are 3 that seem to be hanging around and not allowing her to have a peaceful home life.  There is also one ghost which is her grandfather but he is there to help the family, especially since there has been a lot of disturbances taking place with this young girl. 

Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The family was seeing the doorknobs turn by themselves.

  • A bathroom facet came on by itself

  • The family feels like they are being watched throughout the house.

  • The family feels as if they cannot breath well at various times due to the air feeling "thick and heavy."

  • They stated the hallway and bedrooms seemed to be the most uncomfortable in the apartment and there have even been times where they felt like they couldn't enter their own bedroom.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This location was not the typical residential but rather an apartment.  From what our group has learned about this location, it is an apartment complex that has been around since the 1970's,  In this particular apartment home we could find no history of any past deaths or reasons why the land/building should be haunted. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We determined that this location was being haunted due to this young girl as it seems that her abilities have attracted these spirits to her.  One of the ghosts that she has described seeing is that of a little girl whom she is friends with however this young ghost girl is also connected to a woman who is not so friendly and appears to this little girl in a white nightgown with blood all over her.  She has also seen a man wearing a dark coat with red eyes who fights with the woman.  This little girl often says that she sees these ghosts come into her room from the hallway or sometimes her closet and the walls and then they just disappear.   She also has the woman come to her in her dreams but she tries to ignore her because she sees her as bloody and with a knife.  She also states that sometimes the little ghost girl goes to school with her

and with her to her grandmother's house.  Due to extreme amounts of fear this little girl was experiencing from her ghostly visitors, her mother asked our group to come out and investigate their location and see if we could find any answers out for them. 



Our group arrived at the location not sure what we would find since we were dealing with some very strange claims of possible paranormal activity.  When we arrived we were greeted by the entire family and while some of the group began setting up equipment, the case manager conducted an in-home interview and Christy conducted a walk through of the location.  After the walk-thru, Christy sat down with the youngest daughter and spoke with her about what she was experiencing and then offered some advice and help to the girl and to her parents.  During this time an evp was captured that said, "Don't say"  Afterwards the children were removed out of the home by their father and the mother and grandmother stayed for the investigation.


The investigation began and a stationary camera was placed directly down the hallway facing the bedrooms where most of the alleged activity was said to have taken place.  As the team investigated, the home seemed pretty quiet much like every normal home.  There were 2 teams that conducted their sweeps.  Team One stated they noticed nothing out of the ordinary and no one on the team had any personal experiences however one of our investigators recorded an evp that said, "My girl."  When the homeowner and homeowner's mother listened to the evp, they said it sounded similar to the voice of their deceased father/husband.  When Team two conducted their sweeps they had a couple of unique experiences.  While conducting a photographic sweep, one of the investigators thought she had seen a light anomaly shoot back and forth from the living room

into the dining room area.  She started taking pictures and came up with this one which revealed a strange light anomaly.

The girl's bedroom seemed to be a very interesting focal point as well since it was during this time that Team 2 was conducting their sweeps when one of the investigators felt like something had touched her leg so she took a picture and in it a strange misty type anomaly showed up on the left bottom corner of the photo where the investigator was sitting.  Recreations of this photo were tried over and over again but the team was unable to recreate the same misty light anomaly photograph.  It was during this time that an unknown evp was also recorded.  UNKNOWN EVP  When an explanation could not be found for this photo, it was noted and considered an anomalous photo.  This room was the

girl's bedroom and was said to have the most activity as well. 

After Team 2's sweep was finished, both teams united and set up for the sit-down.  Teams members were placed in different rooms to monitor for activity but during the sit-down the investigation seemed quiet.  There was some external audio contamination due to cars driving through the parking lot of the complex but none that affected our investigation.

After our investigation was concluded and after we reviewed over the evidence that we recorded, we feel like this family may truly be experiencing some paranormal activity however we feel like it is due to attachments that the little girl has with her.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Before we arrived at this location, I knew nothing except there was a young girl who had suffered a traumatic brain injury and since, she had been seeing and hearing things that most normal other people wouldn’t. I wasn’t sure if this little girl and her family was dealing with the same ghosts repeatedly or if they were dealing with transients that had been coming in and out for a visit. When we arrived at the location

and after I did a walk thru, I knew they were dealing with a couple of attachments. I felt like these spirits were attracted to the little girl for reasons of their own and they had followed her from a place she had previously been. The woman and child spirit were connected as mother and daughter and I felt like they had both died in death together as well. During the sit-down I connected with the woman who seemed quite agitated. She showed me how she and her little girl had left their home in the middle of the night to get away from her husband who was abusive. Within a couple of minutes her husband awoke to find her and the young girl gone. He quickly set out after them and gave chase. During the chase the woman lost control of the car and wrecked killing both herself and her daughter instantly. She and her daughter had found the little girl who now lives in the apartment and they came to her for a reason that I am still unsure of. Perhaps it was because they were attracted to her energy or “light” so to speak however since they have come, the woman appears to be unhappy still. Perhaps this is due to her not being able to find the peace she is seeking.


There is also a man that has appeared there on occasion who fights with this woman but I wasn’t able to connect with him to get any information about him since he seemed to disappear when I was doing my walk-thru of the residence.I felt like one ghost in particular was there however with good intentions. He was a family relative who felt to me like a father/grandfather figure. I had also smelled an old spice cologne smell and I asked the homeowner if her father had passed and if he wore old spice. After speaking with her mother, she verified that the description I given them matched that of her father. The message he had for them was a bit personal so I will not divulge here however it had meaning to the homeowner which it was meant for.


One of my main concerns for this family was helping them understand what was taking place and also stressing to them that their daughter had gifts which she would eventually have to accept and it was very important that they be patient with her and listen to what she had to say. I also told them that children like their daughter often had trouble coping with this type of situations but the key was to understand that this would most likely be something she would be dealing with for the remainder of her life.

evidence collected

There were 3 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 2 positive photos and no positive video clips.



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