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A Victim's Cry


General Information

Investigators: Christy, Kathy, Donna, Curtis

and Ashley



Equipment used: DVR, (8) IR video cameras,

personal audio recorders, digital cameras,

geophone, REM Pod, and various EMF meters

Cam1- Living Room

Cam2- Hallway

Cam3- Master Bedroom

Cam4- Stairwell

Cam5- Upstairs bedroom

Cam6-Upstairs bedroom

Initial Interview:


  • Clients have reported that scratches have appeared on their son. 

  • Client has heard voices saying Mom or her name.

  • Clients have seen a small girl, the maternal grandfather and a woman in her twenties.

  • Client report they have Items that often go missing. 

  • The dogs bark often at things and their one retriever is always scared.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 2.824 square foot 2-story home was

built in 1977.  There were no known deaths found

in the home or on the property.

No other significant historical information has been discovered concerning the property or it’s former owners at this time that might connect why the home might be haunted.

Investigation Report


We arrived at this location and began unloading our equipment.  The client had already left the home and we  came in and started our investigation.  Shortly after Christy got out of her car, she turned on her audio recorder and was getting  her equipment suitcases out of the back of her SUV.  Within ten seconds of turning on her audio recorder, Christy asked what the client’s last name was and her audio recorder picked up a male voice saying, “Smith.” 

Set Up


Our team was inside the house and was starting to set up equipment.  When Christy got to the doorway of the house and began bringing in the case, Donna told Christy, “Christy, don’t be lugging on that heavy stuff."  You can hear Christy sigh really big and begin to speak then you hear what sounds like a female’s voice saying, “Help me,” which was recorded on Christy’s audio recorder.  During setup, Kathy reported hearing a whisper & asked if anyone had made the noise. The entire team was in the dining room at that moment & said that they did not make the noise.

Our team continued setting up the equipment and was adjusting the camera angles.  Curtis asks if the camera angle is okay and Kathy tells him to adjust it.  A few moments later, Christy’s audio recorder captured an EVP of a male’s voice saying, “okay.”   Shortly after this while we were still adjusting the cameras to the view we wanted, Christy’s audio recorder also picked up another EVP of a female’s voice saying, “There you are.”  During our final stages of set up, Christy’s audio recorder recorded a female evp saying, “hey.”

Walk-thru and Sweeps


Our team began our investigation.  Around 9:36pm when we were in the living room area of the home and were conducting an EVP session, Christy’s audio recorder picked up what sounded like a male voice saying, “be quiet.” 


Our team moved to the master bedroom of the home around 9:55pm.  It was during this time

while taking photographs in the room that Christy captured an interesting photo on her camera.  This is when our team was standing in the door way of the bathroom area. Recreations were attempted but the photograph could not be duplicated.  Our team members do not all agree that this  photograph is paranormal but some of us do agree that it may be.

We finished our baseline readings of the room and then sat down to conduct an EVP session.  During this time, Kathy’s audio recorder picked up an evp saying, “help” which can be heard at 10:03 pm or 15 seconds into the attached audio clip. The K-II EMF (electromagnetic field) detector was lighting up previous to this indicating a change in the environment during the questioning.  Thirty minutes later, at 10:33 pm, the team hears a tap on the wall that did not       seem to have a natural explanation for its occurrence. 

Around 10:28pm, our team witnessed a REM Pod activation. We continued our evp session and also heard a loud “pop” coming from the master bedroom bathroom. 


After our initial investigation of the master bedroom, Curtis was stationed at the dvr base and called us in the dining room area to come look at the recorded video to see a possible shadow he had seen.  Our group went to go look at the video (which turned out not to be paranormal.)  The time however was approximately 11:45pm.  Christy’s audio recorder was in the dining room area with her and picked up an evp of a female voice saying “go sit down.” 

We can only assume that the female spirit present wanted us to go sit back down and talk to her since Christy had picked up quite a bit of information on her during our initial evp session in the master bedroom.


We then did a sweep of the son’s downstairs bedroom.  It was during this time that Donna’s audio recorder picked up a female’s voice saying, “Ah, don’t go.”  We can only assume that this female enjoy our conversation with her and wished for us to stay longer and talk to her in the master bedroom.

Wrap Up


Since it was around midnight, our team decided to go ahead and wrap up for the evening.  As we were wrapping up, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on the dining room table when it captured an evp of a female’s voice saying, “stay.” We can only assume that this female spirit

didn’t want us to leave.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments: 


I could feel a bit of energy when I walked into this house.  I wasn’t able to         connect with anyone until I entered the master bedroom.  I felt it was the most active in the entire house.  My team and I spent extensive time in the master bedroom area conducting an evp session. I tuned in to see who was there in

She was very angry with this man and wanted to know who he was and why he did this to her.  She was also was worried about her family.  She didn’t know how to contact them and figured they were really worried about her.  Some of her memory was blurry and she couldn’t remember a lot of the details of her life prior to her death.  I tried to calm Allison down and told her that revenge would get her nowhere and I encouraged her to cross over.  I went over the crossing over process with her and encouraged her to go.  I still felt she was a bit confused and worried and she wasn’t sure what awaited her on the other side.  She told me she would think about crossing over.  She had stated she had

come into this place by walking the energy line (pathway like portal.)  I told Allison that I would help her more later on too if she wanted me to.  All she had to do was ask.  After speaking with her, I had a very aggressive male approach me.  He admitted to causing trouble for the family because he did not like them.  He also stated he did not like us.  He tried to get up close and very personal and I did not like the feeling I got from him.  He came up really close to me and got right in my face and showed me his death state eyes.  They were milky white and he growled at me.  His energy was very negative and I did not feel comfortable dealing any further with him.  I simply told him that he needed to back off and leave the family alone and leave the residence.  After I told him this, he repeatedly laughed at me.  I then blocked him and his energy and left the master bedroom.


For the remainder of the night, I still felt the woman and this man.  I knew they were following us around.  I just had high hopes for the woman and hope she would choose to cross over soon.  Hopefully this male spirit leaves the residence and crosses over.  If not, I would suggest to the client to have a cleansing of the residence completed.

Our wrap up continued and around 12:15am, Christy’s audio recorder also picked up a male’s

voice saying, “wear shorts.”  We found this statement a bit comical and don’t know exactly why this male spirit made this comment.




Our team feels like two different types of spirits are haunting this home at the moment.  We also feel like this home has a portal walkway of sorts that runs through the master bedroom, through the son’s room and out into the front yard.  We feel from time to time various spirits visit the home.  Some stay and some leave.  The two that were here when we investigated this location were that of  a male and a female.  The female spirit is peaceful and once a victim of violence when she was alive.  The male spirit is the one causing the most trouble for this family.  He was very aggressive and had chaotic intentions. 

spirit.  A young female approached me.  She was in her early twenties and told me her name was Allison and she had lived in Louisiana.  It felt she was from the early 1990’s.  She was Caucasian with dark brown hair and light eyes.  She was slender build and was around 5’5 in height.  She then showed me things that had happened to her while telling me the story. She was a college student and one day she was kidnapped by an older man in his early fifties.  This man was of burley build.  He had light brown hair that was starting to turn gray in many areas.  He had a bit of a belly on him but wasn’t overly obese.  While she was alone one day, this man came up and grabbed her from behind.  He had a red handkerchief of some type that he put over her mouth when he grabbed her.  She said she blacked out.  The next thing she remembered was being in this room of some old cabin.  She said the man repeatedly raped her and then strangled her.  He then threw her body in the swamp.  I saw her lifeless body floating in the murky water of the swamp and watched as little crabs came and picked her flesh. 

evidence collected

There were 12 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 audio clips.  

There was 1 positive photos and no positive video clips.


"Ah don't go"

"Be quiet"

"Help me"

"Go sit down"




"There you are"

"Unknown male voice"

"Wear shorts"

"Unknown whisper"


sound clips

Pop in bathroom

Rem pod activation

Tap on wall


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