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the house of the

lingering odd couple


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Deb, PRO's members:  Ron, Tony & Jeff


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family with children. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The female homeowner was the one who noticed the activity first.  She saw a black figure in her dining room but tried not to think of it until her 6 year old son told her that saw a black figure run from the dining room into the kitchen.

  • The family has had the feeling of being watched.

  • They have heard footsteps in the house.

  • Audible voices have been heard throughout the house.

  • The son is scared to sleep in his room alone upstairs.

  • One of the reasons they decided to call OKPRI out to investigate their home was because of the evp's that the homeowners recorded on their own.  The male homeowner was more of a skeptic until he recorded these evps which intrigued him.  These 2 evps are included in our evp section.  One says, "Get out" and the other says, "I know who you are."


There have been no recorded deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This 3 bedroom home was built in the early 1930's and has been owned by 13 different people.  There has been some speculation that a man and woman by the last name of Perkins once lived in the home.  Mr. Perkins was said to have been a preacher who became sick with dementia and died in the home.  Through our research however, we could find no records of a Perkins family owning the home nor any deaths that had occurred in the home either.  


The current homeowners have lived in the home since November of 2009 and began noticing strange activity shortly after moving in.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. At the conclusion of the tour, the clients left and our team began our set up.



We had a couple of members that couldn’t make it to the investigate with us so we invited our friends from the PROS group out to investigate this residential location with us.


We arrived at the location and conducted our in home interview with the homeowners and then began setting up equipment throughout the home.  

We then began a walk thru of the home which was much larger than it appeared on the outside. While running audio of the walk-thru and then after reviewing it, we all recorded several evps that indicated the presence of a man and woman in the home. The teams split up for their sweeps of the location and both teams witnessed hearing audible whispering in various parts of the home.

Our audio recorders didn’t record all of the audible whispering but it did capture one in particular recorded from team 2 which was someone saying, “Shhh.” A couple of team members witnessed seeing a couple of shadows pass by as well.


One of the other more notable experiences with things that our group had was that during the sit-down. All of the members, including the homeowners, split up into small teams and set up throughout the house to see if we could witness any strange activity taking place and in order to monitor various parts of the home. In the upstairs area of the home there were 3 members, all who heard loud footsteps coming up the stairs. These footsteps were so loud that they thought one of their team members from another part of the house was coming upstairs. Ironically however, no one appeared but on a couple of occasions, a dark shadow was seen at the top of

the stairs looking into the room. In this upstairs area there was also loud thumps heard that were coming from within the room along with some light humming and whispering.  Here are some of the sounds that were heard during the sit-down upstairs.  Woman Humming  Woman Moaning           Unknown Squeak     Unknown Stomach Sound Upstairs      Thump Upstairs      Knocking Sound Upstairs   

The downstairs master bedroom proved to be an interesting area as well because while 1 team member and 1 of the homeowners were in there, they both witnessed a necklace moving which was located on a stand on the dresser. Also there was a stationary array meter activation which lasted for around 6 minutes and when the investigator present checked the meter activation against other meters, the meters were all reading consistent so no explanation for the activation could be found.  (See Video Collage Below)

After all the sit-downs were done, everyone was downstairs in the dining room area whenever we heard loud footsteps walking about upstairs.  A couple of members went to go check it out but there was no one upstairs.  Here is an audio clip of the footsteps.  Footsteps



Overall our group felt like this investigation location is an active one and does have paranormal activity taking place.  We would also like to give a big thank you to both homeowners for their hospitality and for participating in the investigation with us!

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this house I felt a lot of energy pockets which seemed to change from room to room. After I did my initial walk through of the residence I felt like we had a woman who was following us around out of curiosity. I later picked up on a male who seemed to be a bit grumpy about us being there and then I heard a conversation between this couple that turned into an argument. I felt this couple was

once married and still fought quite often over many things. The man seemed very domineering to me

and he didn’t always treat his wife with respect. While this couple was alive, I felt like they had lost a child which had caused some damage to their relationship and since the current homeowners have a child, there was some animosity there, especially since the homeowners have a good marriage. When I tried to talk to this woman, she became upset with some of the questions and her husband stepped in and made it clear that he did not approve of her speaking with me because all the questions should be address to him since he was the one in charge. I felt like this man ruled their relationship and if things didn’t go his way, he became upset and acted out. I also felt like he caused trouble with the family because he acted out in rebellion towards them and wanted to make it known that he was there and the one in charge of things and not them.

evidence collected

There were 16 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation plus 2 evps that were recorded by the homeowner (get out & I know who you are) and 5 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and there were several video clips placed into a video collage.


sound clips


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