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house of the insane

3/20/2009 & 4/13/2009

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Debbie, Chris, Dee


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family with young children.   Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The residents have reported seeing shadows move across the windows both day and night.  

  • In the first bedroom (youngest boys) the child has reported to the client that he often sees a man with a white shirt on and a bloody face. He says that the man is nice but looks scary.

  • The daughter’s room (second bedroom in the front) was originally the master bedroom and one night while walking out of the room the client bumped into what appeared to be a short black male.  He stated that it was solid and even said sorry after but realized no one was there.

  • In the bathroom they always have the feeling of being watched. They have just finished the bathroom remodel and spots continue to appear on the ceiling no matter how many times they scrub, sand, and repaint.

  • In the kitchen a female friend was at the table writing on a piece of paper and looked up to see a female in a white dress moving towards her.  She vacated the property.

  • In the Family room (back of the house) they report seeing the shadows across the windows.

  • In the master bedroom they also see the shadow figure, but also report seeing a shadow that appears to be a cat or small dog. They also report knocking in the walls much like someone really trying hard to get there attention.

  • The attic quite frequently has the sound of foot steps.

  • Throughout the house both the home owner and the friend stated that they had heard a sound similar to someone whispering but could not make anything out.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This location was built in 1943 and has been a home to many families.  Not much else is known about the home or property.

Client Interview


We arrived at the location and an in-home interview was conducted with the homeowners. They also had a friend over who had been a witness to a lot of the activity that had previously taken place in the home while he was there and our group interviewed him as well. After the interviews, Christy did a walk-through of the home and then the group split up into teams and prepared for their sweeps. During both team’s sweeps, audible popping sounds were heard and a couple of shadows were seen darting across the room. Other than the popping noises and the shadows seen, the sweeps were quite and no major activity was witnessed. Both teams however did report feeling watched and a bit uncomfortable in the home. One of the teams stated that they felt like there was something following them around the home during their sweep.



One really weird incident though happened when Team 2 did their sweep. Christy was talking to a female spirit she called Mattie and she asked Mattie to “come over and talk to her.” It was during this time that our audio recorders picked up a female’s voice that said, “I don’t want to come any closer than I already am.” One of the odd things that our group noticed whenever we reviewed over the recorded audio was that all throughout the time that we were there, we kept getting Class “C” evps of this woman. Many of the times she would jump in on our conversations trying to get her word in to let us know what it was she had to say. We didn’t turn up anything in the photographs which didn’t surprise us since she had stated to Christy that she hated her own appearance. The times that our group would see a shadow would be the time she would step out of the view of the camera.  

After the evidence review of our first investigation, we noticed that most of the evp's were that of a woman.  On our 2nd investigation, we seemed to get more male recorded voices rather than the female.  The female voice was present but more evp's were recorded of the male.  This raised questions with our group and we were unsure of what to make of it.  Our thought at first was that it was one of the other personalities that were possibly coming forward but then the team seemed to stumble onto a heavier "male" presence on our 2nd visit.

One thing that our group did notice was that the home seemed to have a "draining" affect on all

members present and it also had a depressing feel to it that was noted by the investigator's present.  These same type of emotions had also been reported by the homeowners.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this home I didn’t really feel a whole lot at first until I got back into the back bedroom.

 When I entered the room I felt like I was being watched and when I happened to glance up I saw this dark headed woman floating up on the ceiling looking downward

at us. She didn’t say anything and her face didn’t seem to hold any emotion. She was more so just watching us to see what we were doing. This woman looked like she had black shoulder length hair and blue eyes and her skin was very pale. She was wearing a white gown, almost like a night gown.

As I entered into the back area of the house I felt like this woman was right behind me. While I was standing in the kitchen, I saw her come up to a person sitting at the kitchen table and whisper in their ear. I felt like this had been something that had happened previous to our arrival and later after speaking with the homeowners, they confirmed that one of their guests had reported hearing a woman whisper in their ear while they were sitting at the kitchen table.

One of the stranger things too was that this home had a lot of mirrors hanging on the walls throughout the home and while we were conducting our sweeps, I kept catching glimpses of a dark shadow that would pass in front of the mirrors. When I got to the very back living room area, I had to stop for a moment and just focus on her because I really felt like there was information she had that she wanted to share.  She began telling me about what had happened to her. She was in her late twenties or early thirties and was once married with a young son who was taken away from her by her husband when he and divorced.  Her son went to go live  

with her father. For years she had been struggling in her marriage because she was what they called “sick.” Her husband had tried to get her help over the years and she had even saw a psychiatrist quite regularly. She told me that she suffered from depression really bad and that she hated herself. The more I listened to her, the more I realized that she had different moods and what appeared to be different personalities. At one point she would be really sad and begging for someone to help her and then the next minute she would be really mad at herself and would refuse any help because she felt like she didn’t deserve it. I asked her why she would get so mad at herself and she said it was because of “what she did.” When I asked her to explain that to me, she showed me herself lying on her bed with an empty pill bottle and a glass of water beside her which I knew meant that she had committed suicide.

Investigation Report

On our 2nd visit to this residence I spoke with this woman again and during this time picked up on another heavier energy of an pleasant male who this woman appeared to be afraid of.  She stated that this man was mean and she didn't know where he had come from but she didn't want to be around him.  When I tried to speak with the man, he didn't want to talk much and seemed more occupied with telling this woman what to do.  He felt like a very controlling spirit and did not want us to be there.  I explained to the woman that she didn't have to listen to the man and she didn't have to be around him either.

When our investigation concluded, we spoke to the homeowners about having their home cleansed and blessed by a professional such as clergy, etc.  

evidence collected

There were 23 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 3 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


sound clips

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