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oklahoma haunting


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This location is still currently a business.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:,


  They were also wondering if the ghosts were connected to anything or anyone from its past.


  • Sounds of footsteps when no one is there

  • The restaurant chairs are found down on the floor when employees come in to open.  All chairs are put up the night before.

  • The doors to the kitchen swing on their own.

  • There have been many occasions where shadows have been seen in the building.

  • The TV in the back dining room area has been turn on by itself. 

  • The caretaker of the building is convinced the building is haunted.


There has only been 1 death of a female at this location.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This property was established in 1909 and has not only been a residence, but a business as well.  We will be unable to go into full detail about this location for confidentiality reasons but we will share as much information as we can.   In February of 1967 at this location, 2 detectives responded to a shooting.  The detectives that worked the case said that the one thing that stuck out in their minds was the massive amount of blood found at the location.  There was a woman who had apparently been shot in the head by her husband.  The man was a bartender and he and his wife lived on site in the home addition of the building.  Apparently a heated argument had taken

place between the couple which led to the woman trying to leave the residence.  It was at that point that the man pulled a gun and shot his wife which resulted in her death.  There were some conflicting stories about her death.  Some say that she was shot first in the chest area in the back area of the home and then again in the head as she was trying to leave out the front door entrance of the home.  There was also conflicting information that stated that had died at the location while others stated that she died at the hospital.  According to the detectives who worked the crime scene, the woman died at the location by the front door of the tavern.  It was then that she was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. 


The man was tried and convicted of the murder of his wife and he was sentenced to life in prison.  He served 11 years and was then released on parole in 1978.  he was placed on unsupervised parole in 1981.  It is believed that he died shortly prior to March 12, 2002 when he case was closed due to a deceased status. 

The man was tried and convicted of the murder of his wife and he was sentenced to life in prison.  He served 11 years and was then released on parole in 1978.  he was placed on unsupervised parole in 1981.  It is believed that he died shortly prior to March 12, 2002 when he case was closed due to a deceased status. 

The building was turned into a BBQ restaurant from 1967 to 1978.  It was during this time that the home area of the location was turned into a full service kitchen.  In 1979 it changed hands but still remained a barbecue restaurant and remained this same restaurant for quite a few years until it changed hands again to another barbecue restaurant on July 31, 2003.  It was in 2005 that the building was turned into another restaurant known for American food.  It is still currently in business today. 

Investigation Report


Our group arrived at the location just a bit early so we could get a feel of the atmosphere of the location before we conducted the investigation. The place was much different when there were no guests and no lights on in the building took on a much different feel. We were left alone and able to get started with our investigation. Most of the team knew about the history and murder that had taken place at the location over 40 years ago and we were all curious to know if any paranormal activity was there.  We began with our walk-through of the location and the different rooms and areas were labeled for the investigation. We then split up into 2 different teams and prepared to do our sweeps. While we were discussing the division of the sweeps, audible whispering was heard in the front

bar area.  The direction of the audible voice seemed to be right in the room with us but several members who were standing in different areas all thought the voice sounded like it had come from beside them.     

The kitchen was another area of interest because it was during this time of our sit down that our group saw a couple of shadows from around the side of the freezer area.  We also heard audible voices that was not only of a woman but of a man also.  During our sit-down we were asking questions and our audio recorders did pick up audible responses of a woman.  

On our 2nd investigation of this location we kept hearing audible voices all throughout our investigations and a couple of members saw shadows in various areas of the location.  One of the more memorable shadows seen was when we were doing a sit-down in the front dining room area.  There were 2 investigators who were looking towards the hallway in the front bar area when they both witnessed a 6 foot shadow in a man's form that stepped out into the hall and looked at us.  He then ducked down as if to avoid being seen as he crossed the hall area.  When he got towards the edge of the hall, he bent back upwards to an upright position and then disappeared.  The details

of his movements were very clear.  We had stationary cameras set up but unfortunately the location where the shadow was seen was slightly out of the view of our hallway camera.

One of the other times that was very interesting for our group was when we were doing a sit-down that was partially in the kitchen area and partially by the front bar area.  One investigator was close by the swinging kitchen doors when he heard movement beside him.  A couple of other investigator close by him also hear this.  This loud sound was also recorded on our audio recorders and will be added to the site soon.

Our group was unable to get any evp's recorded which stated directly the names of the male and female present there, however we did record several interesting evp's.  Those evp's are:  "Still down here"  "Help me up"  "And laughed"

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When we were contacted about coming in and doing this investigation, we were told that there was a murder that had taken place there back in the 1960's but we didn't know any other details.  I turned the case over to our researcher and he began doing research on the place.  When we arrived our researcher had all of the information to verify things about the murder and the location.  When I first entered the location I

didn't really feel anything right off the bat.  Myself along with the researcher and case manager, did an initial walk-thru of the location.  While walking in the main dining room area I heard a rowdy crowd of people talking and laughing and I got a few glances of old wooden tables were people were sitting and having a few drinks and I knew this was only residual energy left in the location.  After a short while I felt like we were being followed by a woman but she also seemed to keep a bit of a distance from us.  We walked into the kitchen area and I was drawn to the back left side of the kitchen.  I then saw a confrontation between a man and a woman and a gunshot was disbursed.  Later we spoke with the detective who worked the case and although now a retired police officer and elderly gentleman, he stated that from what he remembered, there had been quite a bit of blood loss which was what had stuck out to him most of all.  What was really disturbing was the evp that we recorded during this time.   "Still down here"  and  "Help me up"

Overall we cannot truly say the ghosts haunting this location are from its past, however we do believe they do have some sort of paranormal activity going on.

evidence collected

There were 11 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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