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THe Blue Boy House


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Chris, Cathy, Logan & Taylor


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Had a group come in 2 years ago but never heard back from them afterwards. Had some flashlight activation & heard weird noises during investigation.

  • Client has been dragged down 4-5 inches in her bed

  • Black figure seen in loft

  • Dog interacts with something unseen

  • Son has had several experiences & will not stay home alone

  • Hear strange noises - knock or large bang on house about every other night

  • Closet door opens on its own - son has seen a black figure walk out of it & into his room - have the closet door blocked shut so that it will not's been happening more frequently

  • 2 months ago they tore out the carpet & put down hardwood floors - ceiling fan with light with turned off & on all the time during renovations (still happens but not as much)

  • Has woken up at night & not been able to move - has also been pushed, shoved & sat on while in bed (knows about sleep paralysis)

  • Certain parts of house feel creepy

  • Husband is worried it's going to hurt them

  • Client has had something around her since the 5th grade

  • Client is Wiccan & so is her daughter - She says she is careful with her circle but daughter has not always been so careful

  • Client was home alone & thought she saw her son walk through the house. A while later he came home & she realized it wasn't him.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This property was subdivided in 1910 and was purchased by by Err Myers.  Mr. Myers sold this piece of property in 1924 to A.D. Hunsicker on September 3, 1910 for $900.00.  Some time between 1910 and 1924, the current 900 sq ft. home was built on the property.  After the home was built, Mr. Hunsicker sold the land/home to M.E. Trapp (born April 18, 1877 and served as governor for Oklahoma in 1923-1927) who owned the property until his death on July 26, 1951.  The property was then given to the Trapp children who owned the property until 1972.  After 1972, this home/property became the home to various families/tenants.  There has only been 1 death noted in the home which was of a man and thought to be that of M.E. Trapp but no records could be found to verify that Mr. Trapp had died in the home. 

This residence has also served as a rental home and is now the subject of debate for paranormal activity.  It is located in the lower regions of a town that are subject to flooding, especially a hundred years ago.  It is also located near a major river which passes through the town.

Investigation Report

Client Interview


The current residents of the 900 square foot dwelling had lived in the home for the past 4 months and since moving in have experienced strange occurrences from the apparition of a young boy and older man,  to seeing shadows, hearing footsteps, disembodied voices, floating light sprites and strange looking blurred lights found in some of their photographs.  The activity seemed to increase with each passing week they lived in the home.   This residence was home to 3 children, all under the age of 8 years old and whatever was present in the home was scaring not only the homeowners but the three young children as well.  

In addition to experiencing the strange activity in this home, the tenant was taking random photographs with her son and after several photographs were taken, they notice a strange photo that had a discolored misty mass in the photo.  This anomaly and activity really concerned the tenant so she reached out for help and contacted us at OKPRI to see if we could shed some light on what they had going on and to give some explanation as to the strange experiences taking place.   OKPRI set up a phone interview and an in-home interview and set up a date to come out and investigate this location.  We have listed the photo below, one in its normal state and one in its negative state.

One of the first things that took place while our group was investigating was during a beginning photo.

sweep.  Two of our investigators were in the back bedroom when they saw a large mist come from the closet doorway and go across the room then it disappeared.  One of the investigators while in the children's bedroom witnessed an indention on the bottom bunk bed which after a few moments raised up as if someone had been sitting then but then suddenly got up.  While doing the sweeps of the home, one of our investigators who was standing in the doorway of the kitchen filming into the living room was pushed suddenly pushed forward.  Right after this, the team heard noises coming from the children's bedroom and went in the room to see what was going on.  Before the team went into the room, one of the

investigators snapped a photograph which revealed a bright white orb.  While OKPRI is not a big fan of orbs, we found this orb to be a bit interesting since it coincided with the activity we had going on at that moment.  We are not saying this orb is paranormal, but we are showing it here as a photo of interest given the circumstances surrounding the activity we had going on at the time the photo was taken.  When we entered this bedroom, one of the investigators saw the shadow of a small child crawling on the floor beside the bed.  During this time Christy came into contact with the spirit of a young boy.  She described him as looking swollen

and his skim tone a bit blue as if he had been in a cold environment when he died.  Christy heard him say blue boy and during this time one of our investigators recorded a class "C "evp of what sounds like a small child saying,  "blue".

During a sweep of the back bedroom, a couple of our members sat on the bed in this room and was asking questions for evp work.  The investigator sitting on the bed felt someone sit down on the bed beside him and then they felt the bed move back up as if someone had gotten up off the bed.  The investigator got up off the bed and began taking photographs of the room.  To his surprise, there were two photographs that showed white anomalies in them.  You can see in the first photograph the anomaly that is in each photo and you can see how it has different movement in each photo.  Both of these pictures are listed below.

During our group's sweeps, cold spots were felt in the master bedroom area of the home.  Our team began taking temperature readings along with a photographic sweep of the area.  The investigator wanted to include a sweep of the bathroom area as well so he went to open the bathroom door.  Once he had the door open about 6 inches, he was caught off guard and surprised when something unseen pushed back on the door hard slamming the door back shut.  Thinking that perhaps one of the other investigators could have been in the bathroom, he called out to see if anyone was in the bathroom but no team member responded.  He then opened the bathroom door and no one was standing in the bathroom.   A little later in the evening, this investigator put his flashlight in his pocket and he had within just a couple of minutes he noticed that hit was missing from his pocket.  He hadn't moved at all during the time his flashlight disappeared.  He and another investigator began looking for his flashlight and found it in the bathroom where he had previously had the door slammed shut on him.  His flashlight was standing up on the sink of the bathroom.  

After this time, our investigators began taking random shots of the house and in the living room another light anomaly showed up in the photograph  It looks like it moving light anomaly on the blinds by the front door.   The light anomaly appears to be going downward


Our group visited this location several times and conducted an investigation.  Based off of the testimony of the homeowner and guests who have visited this location and based off of our group's own personal experiences and the evidence that we were able to record from this location.



We believe there is possibly 2 spirits present in this location.  Shortly after our investigation of this home, the homeowner decided to move out of the location. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This investigation seemed to be a really active one for our team.  I first encountered an older gentleman who seemed to be quite grumpy and who acted as if he was bothered by everything that he came into contact with.  During this investigation there were a couple of investigators who witnesses the shadow of a man who was a little under 6 foot tall.  He didn't wish to talk or communicate with any of us but if we got in his way

he would let us know by giving us a push or by slamming a door.

The other spirit that we encountered was that of a little boy maybe around the age of 6 or 7 but his mind was a bit feeble for his age.  I had first encountered him in the children's bedroom and I first saw him crawling on the floor.  I then saw him sit on the bed and when I looked at him, he looked like he had a bluish tint to his body and his face appeared to be swollen as if he had been left out in the cold and his body then swelled up.  I got a quick glimpse of him playing near a river and I saw him slip into the water.  It was winter time and the air was cold and so was the water.  I feel like this little boy was not being supervised and he drowned in the cold waters of a nearby river or large creek. 

evidence collected

There were 2 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 3 photos we captured and 1 from the client.  There were no positive video clips.



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