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house of shadows

1 2/14/2006

General Information

Investigators:     Christy and Anita


Equipment used:  Hand held Sony video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras,  and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family with children.   They reported that when they first moved into the home, things were fine for a short while and then gradually got worse.  They also claimed that family members within the home were also being affected in a bad way with mood swings, anger and negative attitudes, etc and they especially had concerns for their youngest son who complained about seeing shadow people most of the time.  This and much more prompted them to move out of their home and put it up for sale.  Strangely enough, it has been on the market for over a year now but it has not been sold.  Oddly enough, they have had many people come and look at it, but no one wants to buy it, even the price being extremely low.   Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The family hears audible voices (male and female) throughout the home. The woman’s voice would sound low and raspy, almost as if she was gasping for air or having a hard time breathing.  They also stated that on many occasions they would smell rose petals or a type of rose scented perfume and it was during those times that they would usually hear the voice of this woman. 

  • Dark shadowy figures are seen throughout the home.

  • Strange smells are smelt in the home.

  • Electronics come on and go off on their own. 

  • The family dog growls at thin air.

  • The son says he hears a voice telling him to hurt his family.  

  • One of the more active areas of the home reported by the homeowners was the living room and laundry room which are closely connected.  They reported hearing things in the utility room and experienced many things being moved in that area, including the washer and dryer being turned off and on by themselves.

  • Most importantly the homeowners felt like their youngest son was the one most affected by the activity going on in the house.  One of the homeowners (mother) reported that when her son was 3 years old, they would catch him talking to himself and when asked who he was talking to, he would tell them “to the ghost.”  Then sometime later, she stated that her son had drawn a picture on the wall of 3 dark figures and when she asked him who the pictures were of, he told her of “the ghosts.”   There was one occasion that the homeowners were lying in bed and heard their youngest son crying out, “No” and then “Help me mama!”  They went in to see what was wrong with him and found him crying uncontrollably.  When he was finally able to talk he told them that he was trying to sleep when he saw his walls turn a very dark reddish black color and then he heard a very scary voice tell him, “You can’t trust your family.”  When the young boy asked why, the voice told him “You need to kill them before they hurt you.  Kill them with the kitchen knifes!”  The young boy said that he told them, “No, I won’t ever do that!”  It was then that he said that the voices got louder and angrier saying, “Do it, do it!”  The boy said he kept telling the voice no and that’s when he said he felt someone grab him by the throat and try to choke him.  That’s when he said he kept saying “No” and began calling out for his mother to help him.  We questioned the homeowners about any psychological issues happening with the child and they stated there were none but felt like their young son was being tormented physically and psychologically, thus another reason for them needing to leave the residence. 


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This suburban home was built in the 1970’s and has been owned by a couple of different families.  To our knowledge and the knowledge of the current homeowners, there have been no deaths reported in this home, however the homeowners have stated that they have had activity in the home ever since they had moved in.  The homeowners stated that they had lived in the home for the past 5 years until 2005 when they decided to move due to the activity levels being so great that they felt they couldn’t live in the home any longer. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Intrigued by the stories of the homeowner, OKPRI accepted the invitation to conduct an investigation of this residence.  Since the home was now up for sale and empty, it made it fairy easy to investigate.  There were 4 of us present to investigate the location and after meeting up with one of the homeowners, she turned the house over to us and we began setting up our equipment.



We were getting one of our stationary cams set up when one of our investigators witnessed one of the bedroom doors shutting on its own.  We also had stationary arrays set up in all rooms and witnessed 2 meter activations while conducting our sweeps.  Strangely enough when doing a baseline sweep of one of the bedrooms, all investigators present smelled the scent of roses or rose petals and a woman’s voice was lightly heard but unable to be clearly understood. 

Sweeps/Sit Down

During a sit-down in the living room area one of our investigators reported being touched on the back of the leg and all investigators present noticed shadows crossing in the living room and hallway.  One of our stationary

cams which was set up in the hallway was able to record a light anomaly up against the hallway wall which connected to the living room.  Oddly enough, this light anomaly was strange because its motion and flight pattern went upward and even flickered off and on while in the field of IR 

We also recorded in the same room, just across the wall, another light anomaly that also flickered and self illuminated while inside and outside of the IR field.  Anita kept being bothered by this male presence that was in the home and while asking if there was anyone present who would like to talk to us, we recorded a male’s angry raspy low voice saying, “Fuck you!”   Anita believed that this same man with the low angry raspy voice was a child molester when he was alive and was the cause for the little boy’s trouble while living in the home.   Anita stated that he seemed quite aggressive and during part of our investigation, we happened to record an evp of this same man saying, "Get out of my house!" 

Christy was extremely drawn to the central bathroom of the home and did a small sit-down in the room and during this time she stated that she made contact with a

woman who had committed suicide and ironically during this time, Christy’s audio recorder recorded the voice of a woman saying, “Wish I were you, not dead.”  Throughout the rest of the investigation, Christy stated that she felt this woman around her and she stated that the woman had not moved on from her death and was still reliving parts of the last few moments before she died.  While Christy was investigating, her audio recorder picked up this same woman's voice saying, "Cold."



In conclusion for this investigation we believe that we were able to verify through recorded evidence, at least 2 of the 3 entities that the homeowner believed to be in their home.  Our evidence is listed below. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This investigation was one that I will never forget and simply because of the images that I had seen that night while investigating this location.  Prior to doing this investigation, I had no knowledge of any history of the home or what type of activity that had previously taken place in the home.  When I went into the house and began doing a walk through, I picked up on a man who seemed very angry that we were

there and he appeared to be annoyed with us being in the home.  I also felt like he was trying to hide secrets of his past which related to unthinkable acts with young children.  I watched as Anita spoke with this man and questioned his motives for being in the home and felt like when he was questioned, he became very angry with us. 

Out of all impressions that I got that evening, the most memorable one for me was the connection that I made with the female spirit that was in the home.   I first encountered her whenever we were in one of the bedrooms and we smelled the sent of roses or rose petals and I heard a woman's voice that was soft spoken but yet I was unable to make out what she was saying.  We then picked up on her name being Mary Lou and I then had a strange image of a pink rose come to mind and was suddenly drawn to the bathroom of the home.  I went to the bathroom and just stood in there for a while and suddenly got an image of a woman that was that was upset and crying.  I then saw the bathtub filled with water and there were pink rose petals floating in the water.  These petals looked to be from like a scented bath mixture that you would mix with your bath water.  I then saw the woman grab a flat bladed razor and she began cutting the upper part of her forearm as if she were testing out how it would feel if she cut herself.  I got this woman very upset concerning a failed relationship and felt severe depression over her loss.  The thoughts that kept coming to my mind were a lot of regrets and as she was crying, she was asking her love to come back to her.  I saw her take a drink of what appeared to be alcohol from a bottle and then as she set it down, I saw her pick up the razor again only this time, I saw her slice both of her wrists and I saw droplets of blood fill the sink.  She gasped as she made the cuts and then she placed herself inside the bathtub where she awaited death to take her.  As I saw her lie there in the water, I watched as she cried and watched as she experienced brief moments of regrets from her decisions but she made the choice to let go of life as she knew it.  As I kept watching, I literally watched as her eyes widened and her life left her.

I felt so much sorrow and heartache from this woman that I sat down for a moment on the edge of the tub and quietly tried to place the images of her death out of my mind.  It was then that I heard her soft voice come through, but when I heard it, it sounded very weak as if she was fighting to speak.  I saw behind me the bathtub fill up with a black mass and I saw her start to take form and come up out of the tub.  I felt her as she reached upwards and touched me as if she were trying to pull herself up and out of the bathtub and latch on to me.  It was during this time as well that my audio recorder picked up a Class "C" evp that I believe to be Mary Lou saying, "Wish I were like you, not dead."  It was then that Anita came into the bathroom and when I did not respond to her question, she grabbed me by the hand and made me come out of the bathroom.  I was then told by my fellow investigators that I seemed to be in a unresponsive state for about 5 minutes and after Anita took me out of the bathroom, one of the investigators happened to glance in the tub and saw for a brief second, a black mass in the tub and then it suddenly disappeared.   It was then that I told my co-investigators what I had just experienced while there in the bathroom.

Even after I left the bathroom and tried to continue doing the investigation, I kept seeing Mary Lou and kept feeling her sorrow.  There towards the end of the investigation I felt very overcome by her emotions again and had to excuse myself from the remaining 15 minutes of the investigation.  I felt that Mary Lou's death did not happen in this home bur rather in another time and place, however I felt like she had wondered into this residence and had decided to stay.  I can only say that images and emotions that I felt that night from Mary Lou are ones that I will never forget!

When I first got to the home I got out of my car and was immediately hit by a name of Gary and I asked the home owner if she knew a Gary and she said, "No," but the neighbor was there talking to the homeowner and confirmed that a "Gary" used to live there many years ago.  When entering the home I felt this spirit as well as 2 others there.  I felt that Gary had hurt children in a way that was unthinkable.  When I sat down and let the energy come over me, I knew he had been a child molester while alive.  The feeling of being watched was very unnerving as I walked through the home to feel out the different energies.

After a little while I started feeling my hair being moved away from my face but I felt surrounded by this negative spirit.  When talking to the homeowner, I later learned that a man named Gary had died in the home and he had been a convicted child molester.  This explained the feelings I was having along with the feelings of being watched and being not wanted in the home.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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