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house of the unheard


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger and Kendall


Equipment used:  Hand held Sony video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The clients have reported hearing voices throughout the home.

  • Shadows are seen in the home.

  • An apparition of a man has been seen.

  • The couple feels like they are being watched while in their home.

  • Things in the home move around on their own.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in 1925 and has been home to a few families since the time of its construction. We know that the original owners of the home were contractors back during the depression years and that they were involved in a lot of land and construction deeds.  This business was kept in the family until at least the 1930's according to the written documentation that we discovered. 


get up in the attic to bring the old filing cabinets and its contents down inside the house so they continued to sit in the attic for even longer.  When we were there and learned about the filing cabinets, we offered to retrieve the filing cabinets or at least the contents inside them for the homeowners.  They were thrilled at the idea and we were all glad we extended the offer because the documents inside held some relevance to the case concerning the former owners and then to the psychic impressions that Christy was picking up on. 

We found out all the information after we conducted our investigation and began our research beginning at the end of our investigation when the homeowners let us know that they had 2 old filing cabinets in their attic and that the cabinets held old documents which showed old banking records from the 1920's, old land deeds and even a judgment against the homeowners over a land dispute.  According to the homeowners, these filing cabinets had been sitting up in their attic for years undiscovered until a couple of years back when they had a central heat and air man come out and install central air in their home.  It was then that the installer told them about the filing cabinets.  Due to physical impossibilities, the homeowners couldn't

Investigation Report

Client Interview


The homeowners asked us to come out and investigate the home due to the continuous activity even after a previous investigative team had come in and conducted an investigation a couple of years prior to our investigation.  



2 of our investigators were inside the attic, one of them heard a "hey" and even asked the other investigator if he had heard it too.  Unfortunately the other investigator didn't hear the audible hey but one of our recorders picked it up.   


Our team experienced a few strange things while there, including seeing a shadow dart from the dining room area into the kitchen area.  There were also a couple of occasions where the dog began acting nervous and began staring at the front door and fiercely barking.  Each time the dog barked we would turn our focus and equipment toward the area it was barking at and waited patiently to see what would happen.

Although our equipment recorded nothing during the times when the dog began barking and staring at the door, we couldn't help but wonder what it was barking at since theory states that animals are sensitive and can see and hear spirits.  When we reviewed  our video, you can clearly see when the dog starts barking that there are a couple of light anomalies that appear in the video.  For a moment the dog's eyes seem to follow one of the light anomalies for a brief moment and then began growling.  In our investigative experience, true light anomalies seem to self-illuminate outside of the IR field and then fade out

when they hit the field of IR.  These light anomalies did this which made us take a closer look at them in correlation with the dog's barking and growling. 

During our outside sweep we checked out the garage area and outside premises.  A couple of group members agreed that the empty house next door also seemed ominous and we couldn't help but wonder if there might be spirits occupying the house.  Our team took several shots of the outside area including some of the garage and partial yard next door and during this photographic sweep, one of our investigators captured a strange bluish-green mist which wasn't in the comparison shot.  Although the temperatures were cold, all investigators held their breath while taking their pictures, including the investigator who took these photographs.  Below is the photograph.

After we conducted our sweeps we decided to take a break so Christy suggested that we put the camcorder on charge and as we did, our audio recorders picked up a man saying, "okay I guess."  Then as we were exiting, one of our audio recorders captured the voice of a male saying, "Come Back" as if he did not want us to leave.  It would appear that our guest followed us outside as he jumped in on our conversation.  Christy had previously suggested for at least one investigator to leave an audio recorder inside the house and then to take one with us at all times because EVP conversations can often times be picked up when investigators were out of the residence.  It was during this time that one of our audio recorders picked up the same man saying, "Don't" and we can only assume that it was in reference to the suggestion of leaving an audio recorder in the house while we were out on break.  When we came back into the house to begin our investigation again, we discovered that our audio recorder picked up the voice of a woman saying, "hello." 

In one of the bedrooms we had a meter activation on one of our stationary arrays and then in the kitchen we had a couple of small spikes.  One of our investigators reported being touched on his head in the dining room area and then one of our investigators stated feeling uncomfortable in the front bedroom.  After our investigation was completed  and  we reviewed over our evidence, we felt like the homeowners  had a mild haunting taking place.  

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered into the house it felt very calm and I thought that perhaps this investigation wouldn't turn out very much as far as recorded evidence.  It wasn't until I had sat down to do an in-house interview with the homeowner that I suddenly saw this man hanging from some rafters.  After I saw this he came in very close to my face and I can only assume to let me know that he was indeed there.  

My audio recorder picked up this male voice saying "I am here."  As we continued to do our investigation, I kept getting glimpses of him and he began to give me information about what happened to him.  I saw him as a white male possibly in his 40's with light brown hair and about 5'10 in height.  He began letting me know that he was very angry because he had been done wrong.  He showed me a past time when the economy was hard and I picked up on the 1920's when the depression took place.  He had made a deal with this man about purchasing some farm land and he was treated unfairly in his agreed deal.  He ended up working hard to get himself established and then without much warning, he had it all taken away from him.  There was a female involved who was the daughter of the man who sold him the land and she had a hand in the wrongful dealings as well by using trickery so he felt a lot of bitterness and anger towards both of them.  He told me that after he lost everything that he went over the edge with so much depression and uncertainty that he hung himself.  It was my understanding that now in death he is looking for the same man and daughter in order to repay them for the injustice that was done to him.  He returned to the home where the family once used to live seeking to find them.

evidence collected

There were 16 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was one photo and one video clip.



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