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house in the woods

2/22/2008 - 4/2008

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Sara, Kendall and Bobbie


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family with children.  The homeowners invited us to come out and investigate this home due to activity taking place there.  They had informed us that they had just previously moved into the home a couple of months ago and shortly afterwards, noticed strange activity taking place.  The homeowner stated that they didn't really understand what was going on and they asked us to come out and help them.   Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The female client and one of her children were experiencing nightmares.

  • The family felt like they were never alone and were always being watched.

  • Shadows are seen throughout the house.

  • Weird noises come from the kitchen area, a lot of pops and thud type of sounds, but when they would go into the kitchen, all the noises would stop.

  • The family also hears some audible voices throughout the home.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in the early 1980's and it was originally deeded as farm land previously that was sold and divided into acres.  We could find no other documented history for this location.  We do know that this home has a lot of unique characteristics to it with lots of beautiful wood work, fashioned after the old farm house style,  Historical records show no signs of any deaths within the home which leads us to believe that whatever spirits are residing on this property are from either the land and/or are transient spirits which have wandered onto the property.

Investigation Report

We ended up investigating this home multiple times and each time we learned something new about this location.  Our first initial investigation was unique because we all witnessed strange popping and thud sounds coming from the kitchen area of the home.  These sounds seemed to stop whenever we would enter the kitchen area and then start again whenever we would be in another room.  We set up a video camera in the kitchen area and recorded these strange sounds.  We weren't for sure where these sounds were coming from but our thoughts was that perhaps it was from the attic fan and possibly from small animals roaming about in the attic

near the fan.  This theory would have made perfect sense since certain small animals are noisy when a location is quiet and then they quiet down when people or noise is present.  Several of our investigators went up into the attic to see if there were any signs of animals and/or if animals could enter the attic from an open area.  Strangely enough, no signs of animals were present and we found no visible openings where an animal could enter the attic. 



Each team conducted their sweeps which each one noticing very little activity taking place with the exception of the strange noises in the kitchen and then an uncomfortable feeling in the master bedroom and closet area.  There were several evps that were recorded during our individual team sweeps which are listed below.  Some of the more intriguing evp's recorded were during the time we were conducting our sweeps.  One in particular was in the laundry room which was a woman's voice saying, "Oops I'm sorry" as if this spirit thought she was in our way.  Another one of these evps's was recorded on our 2nd visit when we were in the living room.  This evp is of a small boy saying, "Miss you" and then another unique one of a woman saying,  "Hi, hi."   In the kitchen/dining room area of the home, and during the time that our group was setting up our equipment, an evp was recorded saying, "Bad, bad, bad" when a couple of our members was talking about a fatality they had

witnessed.  Also during this time, a man's voice was recorded saying, "Get Josh" and also "Area 5."  During the sweeps, one of our stationary arrays began activating but we ruled this out due to the battery going dead.  A couple of our investigators began changing out the battery on the array and strangely enough however, during this time, our audio recorder picked up the voice of a little boy saying, "Can I see?"  One of the most disturbing evp's from this location in general was one we recorded of a man's voice saying, "Take me a long time killing him."

Also during our sweeps, team 2 took a strange picture of a light anomaly coming out of the master bedroom from the closet area.  There were no flashlights on during the time that this picture was taken and the only visible light source was one from a green LED coming from off of the stationary array.  We have had this photo analyzed by a few different people, all who have given similar but yet different explanations for this photograph.   We cannot say for sure if this photo is caused by a "ghost" but what we can tell you is this photograph does correlate with events that were taking place during the investigation, particularly around and/or in this closet and master bedroom area.  What we find odd about this photograph is how the one of the light streaks changes colors about 3/4 of the way

Sit Down


We conducted several sit-downs during our investigations at this location in hopes that we could get some more recorded evidence on our equipment of this man, woman and little boy that seemed to be present.  We sat up experiments in the house in hopes to record evidence of things moving, etc. but unfortunately we weren't able to record anything on video. but we did have things moved around us which the camera was not facing.  We also had a few strange experiences during our investigations during the sit-downs which included movement of items and noises from objects being touched.  One in particular was when we were in the master bedroom, (1st initial investigation.)  It seemed like we would hear an audible sound on one side of the room and then it would move to the other side.  The loudest movement sound was recorded on audio and was heard by all members present.  "Sit-down knock in Master Bedroom"  There were also other sounds recorded during this sit-down.  "Sit-down click in Master Bedroom"  The master bedroom on our first initial investigation night seemed to be the most active area and it was also close to the kitchen where all the strange thuds, clicks and pops were heard coming from the kitchen.   Again when we tried to find the source of the strange sounds in the kitchen area but each time we entered the kitchen, the sounds stopped.

Interestingly enough, during on of our sit-downs in the living room area, we had a camera set up and heard a couple of strange knock sounds.  It was during this time that Christy picked up on the female spirit named Anna who when asked if  she could make her presence known by making a loud sound and/or by moving something,  After about 30 seconds after the request, a "tink" sound was heard.  All group members looked for a logical source for the sound and we found one that we could recreate coming from the brass lamp on the end table but only if done a certain way which is not by any means the way that it happened.  Ironically enough when we listened back to our audio, we heard the "tink" sound from the lamp and then a woman's voice's voice saying, "hey."  



We wrapped up the investigation in hopes that we would be able to learn a bit more through our recorded evidence when we reviewed it.  Later after contact with the homeowner for a follow up, she reported that things had seemed to have settled way down since we had left and the activity didn't seem as intense as it had to begin with.  She said that she felt like our investigation too had given her a better understanding of what was going on and it helped ease her mind having the information we presented to her.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I didn’t know what to expect whenever I first entered this house to do our initial investigation. The homeowner gave us a description of the house and we then began our walk-through where we labeled the rooms in prep for our sweeps.  When I entered the master bedroom, I was struck by a strong energy source, which left my head feeling a bit dizzy and my body a bit off balanced. I entered the walk in closet of

the master bedroom and was confronted by a dark shadow that quickly got up close and personal and in a deep male voice said, “Don’t @#%$ with me!” I stood my ground and told it to back off as I wouldn't be bullied by him. The shadow disappeared and I then made it my determination that night to find out who this shadow was.  Throughout the night I tried to confront this spirit to get more information but it seemed to keep running from me and as the night continued, we seemed to play a game of cat and mouse. I did however get this spirit’s name as David and that he had committed an act of violence in his past that he felt people were after him.

After doing our sweeps of the yard, I felt very drawn to the wooded back area and I felt like we were being observed from a distance and I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to go walk through the woods to see what I could pick up on. I did find out however that there was a major creek that ran through these woods making it nearly impossible to get to the other side. It seemed that throughout the night as we did our investigation, this “shadow” kept taunting us as if to say, “Catch me if you can!” Strangely enough after the investigation we left and one night I had a dream which showed this same house and then a woman appeared to me and showed me an incident that 

had happened to her and her boy which had caused their death. She showed me that she had been a mistreated wife and that her and her son had suffered the wrath of their husband one evening.  She showed me a view of a man (her husband) across the river digging 2 graves.  I then saw 2 graves with the fresh diet being patted down.  It was then that I knew what had happen to her and her son and I knew that they had been murdered by this man and that he was keeping them hostage even now in the spirit world. 

Later during one of our sit-downs, I saw this woman & small boy.  She told me her name was Anna and her son's name was Joshua.  Her face appeared worn and she looked much older than her actual young age.  She admitted hiding her son in the house and out in the woods to keep him from her husband.  When I asked her if she would give those in the room a physical sign that she was there, we all heard a "tink" type of sound on the brass lamp along with a "hey."  I thanked her for validating her presence.   Audio Clip of "tink" sound on lamp"  Then I told her that they didn't have to remain with her husband if she didn't want too.  She became very fearful that she would be punished for talking to me.  It was at that point that her husband David appeared and made her leave the room.  David was angry with me but I stood my ground. 

I really feel like Anna and her son Josh are victims still trapped by a cruel fate that had also imprisoned them in life.  The homeowner asked me if I thought they would ever cross over to find peace.  I told her that it was possible but it would take some work since both Anna and her son were still living in a state of fear.  I also told her that I didn't know if Anna would be able to muster the courage to leave her husband and cross over but that I hoped that she would.  I can only hope that Anna took my advice to which would help her be able to take a step forward for both her and her son. 

evidence collected

There were 35 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 4 sound clips.  

There was 1 positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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