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General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley,  Kathy,

Donna, Curtis, Cyrena, and Gary


Equipment used: DVR, (8) IR video

cameras, personal audio recorders, digital

cameras, geophone, light grid, REM Pod,

and various EMF meters

Cam1- Living Room

Cam2- Master Bedroom

Cam3- Master Bathroom

Cam4- Kitchen

Cam5- Far Bedroom- (Motion Detector)

Cam6- Laundry Room/Hallway- (Motion Detector

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by the client, husband, and young son. Some of the current

experiences in the home include:

•    Hearing a whispered conversation in different parts of the home while no one else is home.

•    Seeing shadows throughout different parts of the house.  

•    Young son states that he sees what he calls a “shadow man” in the main bathroom mirror           of the home. As well sees a dark shadow in the living room.  

•    There are also unexplained noises.

•    Dogs  barks at nothing and watches something with their eyes as if something is there.

•    They report lights turning on and off when no one is inside the home. There are no                       confirmed deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s 1904 square foot home is a single-family Clayton manufactured home built in 2001. It rests on 2.5 acres and has a second manufactured home on the property where the female client’s sister resides. The home has 4 bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, laundry room and 2 full bathrooms.

Psychic contact reveals a family member that may be present in the home.  The client's father passed

away August 7, 1979. He is the grandfather of the child who lives in the home who has encountered many paranormal events in the home, including seeing a man.

A search of the local newspaper did not reveal any significant or traumatic events having occurred

on or near the client’s home. Also, the area was largely agricultural Choctaw Indian Territory in

1900, which would not make it appropriate land for Indian burials.


A search of the name Clyde was conducted after he was sensed through psychic contact during the investigation. Clyde Ray Compton of Wanette, Ok, was 17 years old when he died in 1950. His death was the only youth with the name Clyde that could be found closest to the area of the client’s home. His death was thought to be from a head injury or drowning at a river or lake. A large portion of the Canadian river is near to the Wanette area. However, a search of several papers could not identify an injury or death related to head injury or drowning from a river accident for anyone from the area during the decades of the 1930’s to the 1950’s at this time.

Investigation Report

In-Home Interview


Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the client's sister who lives nearby. We were told that the female client had the flu, so her sister is the one who conducted the on-sight interview with us. After the interview, she gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. After the tour was over, she left the home to us to complete the investigation.


 Christy was waiting outside in a vehicle, which she does with every investigation, and had given her audio recorder to the team to place inside the home while the interview took place. It was during this time that Donna noticed Christy's audio recorder dying within the first five minutes of being in the home. The batteries were fresh but the recorder still stopped until new batteries were put in. One theory is that spirits will drain batteries to gain energy to manifest themselves. Also, during this time, Gary's audio recorder captured a female voice answering a question being asked by replying,

"The answer is 2."

It was during this time that Christy’s audio recorder recorded an EVP in the living room area. It appeared to sound male and sounded like, “Come on now, come on.” Cyrena's audio recorder, which was also sitting in the living room, also picked up a male voice. These EVPs are interesting because they all were caught within a 10 minute span and almost sounds like there was a male spirit who was answering our questions or interacting with us. None of these were audibly heard though.  "Want to""try and get me", "beg", "hey"


During this same time, Kathy was in the master bathroom setting up equipment. She had placed her audio recorder down on the vanity and caught what seems to be a male whisper saying, “Get out… house.” 


Walkthrough with Sweeps


The walk-through phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building and focus psychically with her gifts to see and talk with any spirits that may be present at that time. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment. Sometimes the team will either conduct these phases together or separate depending on the size of the home.

text the client to ask them about some information concerning the year 2003 and how it was relevant to the family/home.  While doing this, Christy’s audio recorder picked up an EVP of a male’s voice that said, “starts now.” We do not know what this EVP was in reference to unless the spirit present was referring to us investigating. 

Also while conducting our investigation in the living room area, Christy thought she heard an audible “hey” and asked the team if anyone had just said hey. No other team member had but it was also recorded on Christy’s audio recorder that was sitting on the living room coffee table. Around this same time frame, Gary's audio recorder which was on the kitchen table captured the same male voice "Pfft, now jump down" and a female voice a few minutes later saying, "Yeah, he's coming" with what sounds like running or knocking.





The sit-down phase of the investigation is the time where the team sits down in a specific room to just listen for any activity and to have Christy communicate with any spirit that maybe present.

The team decided to concentrate the “sit-down” phase in the living room and spend more time in there because of the experiences from earlier in the evening.  As Christy starts asking the spirits to make themselves known, a loud knock at the desk was heard. It seems as if it was a delayed response (34 seconds later) to a request for a spirit to make a noise to let us know if someone was there.  Cyrena noticed that the couch she was sitting on started to lightly vibrate and later when Cyrena was sitting by herself, she heard a voice coming from across the room by the 

master bedroom.  Our group listened quietly for a few moments and heard movement and shuffling coming from the master bedroom area.  Our group then moved to the master bedroom to find the source of the sound but when we arrived in the room, everything was quiet. 

Later our group then decided to return back into the living room area to finish our sit-down.  It was also during this time that the team began to notice shadow movement down the hallway where the son’s bedroom was. The team had decided to place the light grid up facing that direction to be  able to detect shadow movement easier. Donna’s audio recorder captured at this time an EVP saying, “say something.”  Some other strange sounds were heard audibly during this time as well but there was some external contamination on our audio recorders due to dogs barking outside and multiple wall scent stations that went off at varying times.

Gary also had a unique experience while sitting at the base watching the cameras.  He said as he was sitting there, he felt a light stabbing pain in his back and said he felt like someone touched him lightly.



Our team finished the investigative sweep of the location and decided to wrap up for the evening. Christy’s audio recorder was on the living room coffee table when it recorded an

EVP of a male voice saying, “come out.”  The team felt we are not sure if this male spirit was directing his comment toward our team or toward the other female and male spirit we felt there in the house.  During this time, Gary's audio recorder captured a young male voice saying, "Dad I'm here, dad please"


Our team feels like this house is currently haunted by 2 different spirits, 1 female and 1 young male and is being visited/protected by 1 male spirit. We have reason to believe that the father of the female client is present in the home and tries to act as a protector and help for the family. He particularly guards the 11-year-old son. We feel that the female spirit there happened to follow the female client home from work since

she works in the medical profession. We feel the younger male spirit there was a transient spirit who wandered into the home since he may have lived in the area in the past or he either followed one of the family members home from work since their job is in the medical profession.


We do not feel like any of these spirits are harmful, although we do feel like the female spirit can show times of aggression since she is Earthbound and very unhappy in her current situation.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments: Christy Clark


When I first entered this home, it felt almost as if the spirits there were on high

alert and they were watching our every move. I felt one dominating male that

 felt like family. He felt like a father/grandfather to me and so I had our case

manager, Donna ask the client by text if they had lost a father or grandfather that was close to them. I felt as if this man was very guarded of the family, especially to the younger child that lived in this home. I felt like he wanted to help out his family in any way that he could. There also felt like there might have been a couple of unresolved issues that he wanted to focus in on with his daughters. I felt like he had transcended however but had just come back to help the family out.

The female spirit told me her name was Diane.  She was in her mid to late thirties when a car accident took her life. She was injured quite badly and had gone through the windshield as I saw the windshield glass broken and shards of glass lying all around.  She felt like she had died around the early 2000’s. She was very bitter and was a very

selfish spirit who cared only about herself.  She

told me she was married but had no children and was very focused on her career. She admitted to not liking the young boy who lived in the home and she admitted to messing with him because she thought it was funny to do so.

I tried talking to Diane to let her know that she needed to leave the location and move on and told her how to do this and encouraged her to do so as well. 



Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that  most of the analyzed audio during this phase captured multiple EVPs.  While setting up the equipment, Christy, Ashley and Gary were at base connecting all of the cameras to the DVR system when Christy and Gary heard a whisper, but they weren't sure what the whisper said.  Photographs were taken of the occurrence.

The team began the investigation in the master bedroom of the home. We had already investigated the bathroom area connected to the master bedroom and moved our investigation into the bedroom itself. While in the bedroom, we heard a loud “pop” type sound coming from the master bathroom. Everyone moved back into the bathroom to try to recreate the loud pop sound to determine where it came from. Unfortunately our team wasn’t quite able to recreate the exact same sound. The closest recreation we were able to do was by applying some pressure to the bathroom tub. The entire team heard the initial sound audibly while we were in the master bedroom.

Our team then moved on to conduct our investigative sweeps into the living room area of the home. As we started gathering the sweep information, Christy conducted an EVP session. Christy had asked Donna to

The younger male spirit who was there called himself Clyde. He was about the age of 16-17 but he was slow for his age mentally and acted around the age of 10. I saw him with short blondish-brown hair with no shirt wearing a pair of blue jean overalls. He felt like he was from the 1940’s-1950’s era. He told me that he really liked the boy who lived in the home. When I asked him a bit about himself, he told me that he and some friends of his went to play in a large creek or river. They had a rope tied to a tree that had a lowering branch that went out over the water. He was following the lead of his other friends and went and used the rope to propel himself into the water. When he landed, his head hit a rock and he was injured. He also had water go into his lungs. Both which led to his death. He seemed very happy to be earthbound and wandering around but I really felt sorry for him and so I said a prayer and asked for God’s help and helped cross him over.

evidence collected

There were 15 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.



"Come on now, come on"

"Come out"

"Dad I'm here, dad, please"

"Get out, house"

"Hey" #1

"Hey" #2

"I'll protect him"

"Pfft, now jump down."

"Say something"

"Starts now"

"The answer is two"

"Try and get me"

"Want to"

"Yeah he's coming home."



Loud knock at desk

Pop sound

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