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The Growler House


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Bobbie and Kendall


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family.  Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • When the homeowners first moved into the home, even the very same night they moved in, the visiting grandmother noticed a light going off and on in the back bedroom.  From that day forward it had become an every day event that this light would be seen going off and on. 

  • Footsteps are also often heard in the hallway of this home.

  • In the two back rooms, sparks of colored light have often been seen.

  • The female homeowner has stated that she has had bad nightmares on many nights, nightmares which she is always being chased and followed.

  • Residence of the home have also stated feeling watched while in the home and also feeling like they were not alone.

  • The female homeowner reported seeing a dark full shadow walk down the hallway and into the back bedroom of the home, a bedroom where their young infant daughter resided.  On many occasions in this particular room, they reported hearing a strange scream-cry and at first they thought it as their daughter but when they would check on her in the room, she would be fast asleep.  What bothered them the most however was when they would rush to their daughter's room to find her crying in terror and uncontrollably to the point of where she couldn't catch her breath.  They reported that this happened to their daughter quite often.  They said that she would stare at the closet of this room as if there had been something that had scared her.  They felt they had had enough and it was at that point that they refused to let their  daughter stay in the room any longer and they got to where they refused to go it the room at all. 


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in 1964 with the current residents moving into the home in April 2007.  There wasn't a whole lot of information that we could find out about this home other than it has been owned by a few different owners throughout it's history.  We do know that it is currently used a a rental home through a real estate company.  This home is located in what was once a night quite neighborhood until recently when the neighborhood had become a bit rough.  The homeowners have chosen to move out of this home for 2 different reasons.  One they do not like the neighborhood and two because of the activity that seemed to always take place. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview


This couple contacted OKPRI in hopes that we could provide them some answers to what was going on.  They knew something wasn't quite right about the house and they felt like they would probably need to end up moving.   We set up an investigation date and then headed out to conduct the investigation.  We arrived at the location at around 8pm and began our in-home interview with the homeowners.  During this interview, we had our audio recorders going and were able to pick up a few evps.  These evps are:  "hey, hey, yes I'm here"     "hi"     "singing"    "whistle"    "unknown evp 1"



After our interview with the homeowners, we began our sweeps divided into 2 different teams.  Team one began their investigation and noticed nothing unusual.  Temperature readings were balanced and stable and there were no emf spikes.  At one particular point one of the investigators made a comment about feeling like there was someone right behind them.  During team 1's sweep, there were a few evp's picked up.  These evp's are:   "Go away"     "That's me, I'm two"

After team 1 finished their sweep, the group took a quick break outside.  While on break, there were a few of our members who were smoking a cigarette with their audio recorder still on.  We have noticed through our years of investigative work, that when an investigator is on break, spirits have a tendency to follow the investigator's and a

lot of times, evp's can be picked up.  That was the case here as 2 evp's were picked up during this time.  These evp's are:  "Don't rush, damn"     "Damn, don't smoke those things"

After the break, team 2 began their sweeps but reported afterwards that they had no activity happen and later upon review, no evp's were picked up during their sweep. 

Sit Down


The sit-down is when things started to get interesting.  Christy had suggested that the group conduct the sit-down in the baby's old room because she felt like there was a portal doorway there.  We set up our emf arrays and settled down for the sit-down.  The sit-down was quiet as first but then started to pick up with the group hearing strange sounds.  There were some shadows seen darting down the hallway and into the rooms.  There were some low guttural sounds that we could not make out while we were there however when we played back our audio, 2 of these sounds turned out to be evps that said, 

"Bullshit"    "Dead dog barking"  There was one evp that we could not make out.  It is:  "unknown evp 2"

There were a couple of times during the sit-down that we again heard a strange sound, except this sound sounded like it was a cross between a growl and a scream.  Our audio recorders picked both of these sounds up and after sending them to the homeowner and speaking with them, they stated that the sound we heard and captured was exactly what they had been hearing in the house whenever they had lived there.  These strange growl-screams sounded like they started at one end of the room and traveled around to the other side.  Here's the two evp's that we recorded during the sit-down. "Growl-Scream"    "2 More Growl-Screams"

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I thought this investigation was a bit weird from the way the homeowners had described what they had going on and especially since it seemed that the activity seemed to be in one room in particular.  I really didn't feel anything at first when we got there until I walked into the back room where I was confronted by a the figure of a tall shadow.  As I walked in the room, this shadow came right up to me as if to tell me

that this was its turf and we didn't need to be there.  I immediately asked for its name and without notice, it disappeared.  I walked over by the closet and saw what looked like a black doorway.  I recognized this to be a portal on the inside of the closet.  As I looked closer at it, I saw a small shadow about 3-4 feet tall come out of the portal doorway area and then back up going backwards inside the way it had come out.  I waited for a few seconds to see if it would come back out, but nothing did.  I turned around and left the room and as I got to the doorway, I felt like someone was right up against my back but when I looked, nothing was there.  When I went into the back yard, I felt like there were old bones buried.  I also got the image of a man who felt like he was above everyone and because of this, he was murdered by being buried alive.  I got the image of this man yelling and screaming for someone to let him out and I felt like he was still angry about what had been done to him.  After hearing the strange growl/scream while there investigating this location and then again after hearing it on our audio, I felt like it was this same man.  I also feel like the portal doorway that is in this closet is one that has allowed a few different spirits into the house, but I don't feel like any of them besides this man stay for very long periods.  It's almost like a stop on a bus or train route.

evidence collected

There were 13 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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