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House of the Lost and Innocent


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Sara and Matt


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family who contacted us due to odd occurrences taking place. These occurrences were: 

  • The family sees full apparitions in the home.

  • Shadows are seen throughout the house.

  • The entire family feels like they are being watched and described an uncomfortable feeling.

  • The family said they hear voices and strange sounds.  Some of the voices are being mimicked to sound like various family members.

  • The family dog even acts strangely and barks and whines at things unseen.

  • The activity was first noticed by the youngest daughter at the age of 4 when she complained about being afraid of the master bedroom closet.  The daughter then started having horrible nightmares about her dad being shot in the back and appearing all bloody.  Then all then started seeing shadows, including one that they seen walking on all fours.

  • Dimes starting appearing and were found around the house in various locations.  These dimes would just suddenly appear out of no where and some even falling out of mid-air.  The adult homeowner noticed that these dimes seem to appear during times when major decisions were being made.

  • They started having trouble with their smoke alarm and thermostat as they would set it and come back later and it would be all the way turned up.

  • Some of the family members have seen flashes of women and children being harmed and they have suspected that they could have been previous owners/renters.

  • The family started being touched and/or brushed while in the home and it was after this point that an apparition of a dark haired girl was seen.

  • The oldest daughter stated that late one night she had gotten up and had gone to the kitchen to get herself a drink.  When she turned around, there was a young dark headed girl around 5'1 in height standing there staring at her.  She said the girl didn't say anything but was there for a few seconds before disappearing.  She also told about another time when she was in her bedroom using her cell phone to text a friend and she got up to  go into the kitchen.  She sat her phone down on the piano and came back to get it and it was gone.  She looked everywhere for her phone but could not find it.  A couple of days later, she found it under her pillow however the strangest thing of all was the picture that was in her phone which wasn't there before.  This picture looked like a child's face with streaks going down it.  This photo is what prompted them to contact us for help as they did not understand what was going on.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built around 1948 and has been owned by a few different people.  Currently it is a rent house and the current family has occupied the home for the past three years.  As of April 2008, this family of four decided to move out of the home, including due to the activity taking place.  We have not found any documented deaths in the home, but it is said that several families move in and out of the home in a very short period of time.  

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our group arrived at this location and an in-home interview was conducted.  During this interview, we had our audio recorders going and recorded a woman saying,"Dimes just appear."    Also during this interview, the homeowner was telling us about some items that had gone missing and how they had looked for them.  Strangely enough our audio recorders picked up the voice of a man saying, "I don't have it."  After the interview, a walk thru was conducted with each room being observed and logged.  The group met up to form separate teams before starting the investigation. 


 The team split up into different teams and began our investigation.  Team one which consisted of Christy, Sara and Matt, started the first sweep and encountered a few interesting things in the way of audible voices and emf spikes.  The house appeared to be quiet and settled for the most part but it would seem to have little things happen off and on.  During this team 1 sweep, the emf fields seemed to change sporadically and in spots, they could not be reproduced.  During this time our audio recorder picked up a small spike on the gauss meter.  "Spike on Gauss Meter."   It was also during this time that one of the audible voices was recorded on our audio recorder which was heard by Christy.  This voice says, "Try looking."  While team 1 conducted their sweeps of of the master bedroom, they proceeded to close the window blinds in order to keep glare out of their photographs.  When the blinds were being let down

another voice of a young girl  was picked up saying, "Down."  Their audio recorders picked up the voice of a man saying, "Let me in."  

Team 2 conducted their sweeps and also ended up getting some interesting results as well, especially while asking questions in the kitchen.   Earlier in the investigation when Christy had done a walk-thru of the home, she had picked up on a few different things, including the spirit of a young Hispanic girl who met a horrific death.  Team 2 asked this little girl what her mother's name was, their audio recorders picked up a Class "C" evp which replied, "Juanita."  They asked for any spirits present to go by the stationary arrays and make the lights change if they could.  Uniquely enough their audio recorders picked up the voice of a man saying, "I can't." 



The sit-down proved really interesting and the best part of the investigation.  While the group was setting up the cameras and stationary arrays, we recorded several different evp's, some which correlated with what we were doing and some that did not.  One of the most unique ones was one of a man saying, "Stop going crazy."  During the beginning of the sit-down when we were just settling down, we all saw a bright flash of light that looked like a camera flash behind Roger and in front of a guest investigator however no one had their camera out or on just yet.  The position of the stationary camera was not on the area where the light went off so we were unable to record this event on video.  Also during this time, several of our group members heard an audible whistle coming from the back bedroom area.  Since the

homeowner had reported having dimes appear throughout the house, an experiment was set up with some dimes to see if they would be moved, etc. but they remained in position.  Christy began asking questions to see if she could get a response by getting the spirits to make an audible sound or noise, etc.  During this time our audio recorders picked up the voice of this young girl saying, "Someone help, come find me, come help me."   When we reached the end of our sit-down, we started packing up our gear to leave and upon review of our audio, we found we recorded an evp of a man saying, "They're packing up." 



This investigation for us was an excellent one, not so much because it seemed to have activity happening every time we turned out, but because the recorded data it yielded which revealed the different spirit personalities.  We sent the homeowner a copy of the evidence and she was very astonished and relieved at our findings but yet glad that we had come in and conducted the investigation.  The homeowners knew they would be moving soon and were a bit concerned however that the spirits there at that home would follow them to their new one.  After a follow up with the homeowner, she reported that they believe that the little girl from this location did indeed follow them to their new home. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I had no idea about the history of this home nor the residents other than the daughter had captured a strange looking face on her cell phone which had disappeared for a couple of days.  I entered the home which appeared to be a small cozy normal home.  When I walked inside I immediately met the homeowner and sat down to help with the in-home interview.  During this interview, I saw this young girl sticking her

head out the doorway of the master bedroom and I heard her say her name as "Alicia."  I asked the homeowner if they knew of anyone by that name and they told me no.  I just put it in the back of my mind and I figured I would make sense of it later.  After the interview was conducted, we conducted a walk-thru of the home and I saw this little girl again and she began showing me images of what had happened to her.  She told me that her home was broken in to and her father was shot in the back.  She showed me this man taking her out of her home.  The next thing she showed me was this man locking her in this small

basement type of area and she couldn't get out as he had locked her in it.  She told me that she was very cold and scared and she didn't know why this man had taken her and that she was also very worried about her family, especially her father. 

She also told me that she was very frightened of this man because he had beat her up and she had many bruises on her body that he had left.  She showed me a little window in the basement that she was able to look out, but it was locked and she couldn't open it up.  It was then that I she showed me a clear plastic bag around her face and she said that she couldn't breath.  I then saw her body wrapped in plastic, laying in a small crawl space of what looked to be under a house as I could see wooden floors about 1 foot above her body.  So intrigued by what I she had shown me, I examined under the entire house in the crawlspace area to see if I could see her body, but there was nothing there.  I don't know if perhaps her body was later moved or if it was still at the home.

where she was first placed.  I wasn't sure if she had even been murdered there at this home, and according to research documents from this house, there was nothing that indicated there had been a murder there or a body found.  Still though, I knew the truth that had happened to this little girl and I only wished I were able to find the location at which this had happened to her.  I wasn't sure if she had wondered in to this home perhaps as an attachment to one of the residents, either past or previous or by another source.  I do know however that the images that she showed me and the story she told me were very vivid and strong. 

She also wanted us to help her by finding her which is something that we are still in the process of trying to do.  What really touched us all was when we were doing the sit-down, we recorded her voice saying, "Someone help, come find me, come help me."  I couldn't help but wonder if this man was also with her in death now because there was a man's presence that I picked up on which did not seem to want us here and he seemed to get really upset when we were talking to Alicia and when she was telling me what had happened to her.  We also recorded a male voice during the sit-down which said, "And of course you want her"  and this was during the time when we were talking to this little girl.  Another weird incident which leads me to believe that this man might be with her in death is an evp that we picked up when myself and another investigator

were in the backyard doing a walk-thru.  I kept getting information from the little girl and this connection to this man and as I was explaining what had happened to her, my audio recorder picked up a man's voice saying, "This isn't right" as if to let us know that he didn't think it was fair that we were able to find out the bad things he had done to her and that we shouldn't be tapping in to his business. 

There also seemed to be a woman there who we suspected to be a relative of one of the past residents that lived there.  We were able to get a couple evp's of her voice as well.  She seemed to be protective of the home and also of the events that took place there.  She had referred herself as a "grandmother" but would not give a lot of information about herself.  One thing that all spirits present there seemed to have in common was that they all complained about it being cold there.  Our proof for this is that we have several evps (listed below) which mention references to it being cold.

All in all I thought this was a great investigation although my heart went out to the young girl Alicia who seemed to be trapped there in the home.  I am hoping however that the homeowners were correct in their assumptions that this little girl followed them to their new house.  We will be investigating there soon so we will see if this is indeed the little girl Alicia who followed them.

evidence collected

There were 25 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clip.  

There were no positive photos and no positive video clips.


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