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The Eldorado House

7/2008 - 1 1/2009

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

This case was featured on Animal Planet's show, "The Haunted."  See the video of this episode below.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The land on which this home sits was originally considered "Oklahoma Territory" and was purchased by the Missionary Baptist Church on June 27, 1906.  A church was built on the property and it remained a church for 44 years until it was sold  in August 1950.  It was sold to a family that lived there for 9 years before it was sold again to another family in February 1960 who lived in the home for 17 years.  The property was divided and half of it was sold in April of 1960.  In May of 1977 the property was sold again to another family who remained in the home for 4 months.  In September of 1977 it was sold again to another family

who lived there for only 1 year and 9 months.  Then on January 1979 it was sold again and the owners lived in the home for only 11 days.  In July of 1979 it was sold again and the homeowners lived there for only 2 years and 10 months.  The home was again sold in June of 1982 and the owners lived in it for 7 years and 10 months.  It is believed that this family defaulted on their loan of this home and later it was sold to another family who turned the home into rental property for the next 14 years.  Strangely enough renters have been reported to have had short stays in this home and none of them have lived there for over 2 years.  The property was purchased by the current homeowners in December of 2007 and they planned on fixing it up for a retirement home for themselves. 

The family had plans to retire and purchased this home knowing it needed repairs.  Since this home was once a church and a parsonage, the two were combined which allowed for this home to have 2 kitchens.  The homeowners were in the older kitchen peeling the old paint off the cabinets when all of a  sudden a swarm of flies filled the kitchen and started buzzing around them.  No windows or doors were open so they could not figure out the source from where the files had come in at.  They got a can of raid out and began spraying the flies.  Instead of the flies dropping dead on the floor, they ended up disappearing into thin air until they were all gone.  The family did not understand what was happening to them other than they were being haunted by something evil, something they considered to be a "demon."

The family also had pet Chihuahuas and shortly after moving in, one of their Chihuahuas became very ill and died.  The family buried their beloved pet in the back yard as seen here in the photograph.  One of the alpha Chihuahua dogs named Pongo became sick shortly after moving into the home.  Pongo's psychological condition also appeared to be affected and he ended up becoming very nervous and agitated and his personality appeared to change to where he wasn't the friendly dog he used to be.  Pongo would growl at the walls and areas of the home where there was nothing visibly seen.  He would also sit in the lap of the female homeowner and just start growling and barking at nothing in front of him as if something was coming toward his master that was threatening in nature.  Pongo's condition continued to worsen and before too long he

began loosing chunks of his hair until he had none left.  Concerned for his mental and physical condition, the family took Pongo to the vet who said Pongo appeared to be healthy and his only suggestion for the hair loss was that of a nervous condition.  They put Pongo on medication and he had some hair grow back but not all of his hair.  Later when the family moved out of the house for a short time to get some relief from the constant intense activity, Pongo's hair began growing back quite well.  Financially forced to moved back into their home in Eldorado, the family did so and had Pongo with them.  Shortly after moving back in the house, Pongo began getting sick again and what new hair he had grown back once again fell out and the process continued.  During the times however that we were there investigating the home we were able to get 2 evps recorded where an entity was talking to the dog and aggravating it.  One of these an entity says growls as if to mimic the dog and then it says, “Bite me, bite me, bite me.”  Another recorded was captured when Pongo was barking and you hear a voice come in and say, "Hush."

One morning they awoke to find something strange had happened to them while they slept.  The female homeowner had a cross drawn on her forehead and she had a weird "C" type symbol with a line going thru it drawn on her cheek which appeared to have been done with a black magic marker.  The male homeowner felt his scalp burning and when his wife looked at him, he had a white type of substance in his hair.  Due to the burn, he went to the bathroom to wash it out and upon doing so his hair fell out in the areas where the unknown substance had been.  These incidents prompted them to contact some outside help since they felt this was something they didn't understand and they had no idea of what to make of it.  Their sister-in-law contacted us for them since they did not have internet access.  After speaking with the homeowners, OKPRI  set up  a date and time to go out to this home and help the family.  We had been told by the homeowners they had thought it was a demon in their home but since our group had often heard that in the past, we didn't go in expecting a "demon" or anything in particular.

The following two pictures below were taken by the clients with a very old cell phone.  The quality of these photos are not very clear but can still be seen enough to show what the clients experienced.

When the homeowners first bought the house, they noticed, "Leave now or die" written on the side of their house but they didn't think anything about it other than i teenagers who were pulling a stunt.  They moved in expecting a normal home environment and had owned the home for about 10 months when they began experiencing strange phenomenon taking place.  Some of the strange incidents they have witnessed were seeing shadows, hearing audible voices, feeling watched, feeling uncomfortable and feeling like all of their energy has been drained for daily routines.  They have  seen a little girl in the upstairs bedroom and witnessed 

 the shadow of a large black shaggy dog and they smelled the scent of a "wet dog."  They had also smelled the scent of sulfur. They also heard audible growls and their name being called at different times.  They also report things being moved around in the house or items just simply disappear. 

Investigation Report

Client Interview

This was a very unique investigation and the most intense of all cases that OKPRI has ever worked.  In a response for help from the homeowners seeking answers to the symbols found on the cheek and forehead of the female homeowner and the odd hair loss of the male homeowner, OKPRI set out to find answers as to what type of haunting this family may have had taking place.

When OKPRI arrived at the location, the homeowners

On initial inspection of this home, it appeared to be much like any other in the area, though it was older and in need of repair in specific areas.  The team was relaxed and enjoying the evening despite the 4 hour drive to reach this location.  The team began setting up equipment in areas of the home where the homeowners had stated the majority of the activity happened.   Afterwards all but two members waited outside the residence while Christy performed her walk-thru of the home.  During the walk-thru Christy experienced a couple of strange occurrences.  (Please see psychic investigator comments below for full details on what she saw.)  During Christy’s walk-thru she became very ill, breaking out into a cold sweat, becoming very shaky, sick to her stomach and felt like she was having a hard time breathing.  She had the team meet her in the downstairs living room of the home and she told them she felt like what we were dealing with at this location was something that needed to be treated with full respect and to watch how

each member proceeded in the home and as protocol, for each member NOT to provoke any entity that may be present in the home, especially with the team not sure exactly what type of haunting and/or entities they were dealing with.  The group then split up into two separate teams and Christy requested to be on Team #2 as she felt she needed to step outside of the home for a while.  Team 2 exited and Team 1 began their sweep.

Team 2 sat outside while Team 1 conducted their initial sweep.  Christy was getting sicker, meanwhile the team sat outside discussing the case.  Christy got up and took a walk down the driveway in hopes of feeling better.  One of the group members went to check on Christy and discovered that she was very pale and slumped over the hood of a vehicle complaining of her condition worsening.

This same female group member who was assisting Christy verbally told whatever entity it was that was there and who might be bothering Christy to back off and leave Christy alone.  Christy reported

suddenly feeling instantly better and sat up in the seat of the van, the female group member yelled out Christy’s name 3 times falling to the ground.  Christy and 3 other members from Team 2  rushed to the member’s side to offer her assistance.  Everyone was confused as to what had just taken place. 

Christy, who had witnessed the fall, said the member had fallen straight backwards and all members of Team 2 witnessed this member go unconscious on the ground.  They also witnessed this member’s body being stiff  and unable to be moved or helped up.    Christy and other members then witnessed this female member begin to growl and then laugh at them in a low guttural voice that was not her own.  The team also heard a few words of unknown origin coming out of her mouth in the same low guttural tone.  Christy requested the aid of Team 1 which was inside the house and Team 1 came outside to assist.  A burning pot of sage was lit to help in clearing out the entity that had just blindly attacked the female member.  All members began telling the entity to leave the female member alone.  After roughly 4 minutes from the time the whole incident had started, the entity finally released the female members and she was able to sit up and talk. 

When asked what she remembered, the female team member stated she just remembered telling the entity to leave Christy alone and she suddenly felt a drunken state come over her and then everything went black and she felt herself being knocked off her feet.  She stated she remembered seeing a lizard like entity in front of her who was pulling backwards on her face telling her to acknowledge it but she refused.  She stated on a couple of instances she vaguely recalls hearing Christy’s voice rebuking the entity and telling it to leave her alone.  Then she only remembered waking up to Christy and other group members sitting her up and how her body hurt from her fall.  Puzzled by the strange attack, all members tried to rationalize why the attack had happened.  It wouldn’t be until later that Christy and other group members would learn that one of the members present that night had been taunting and provoking the entity and even challenged it to “come play” by writing this message on the side of the home, along with throwing obscenities out cursing at the entity.  (Please Note:  It was due to this and

unprofessional behaviors displayed by this member that he is no longer associated with OKPRI.)    OKPRI came to this conclusion after visiting the location several times after our initial investigation and the attack process was never full repeated. 

Below is the video and audio clip of the attack taken from our investigation. Please note that this video was captured a couple of minutes after the attack had began so the whole attack is not on video but the audio captured the full attack.

After the spiritual and physical attack happened on both Christy and the other female member, a short sweep was conducted by the remaining team members and the previous team members who had not yet had a chance to finish their initial sweep.  The following are incidents are what occurred from the initial investigation that night.

Outside when doing sweeps of the yard both front and back, two members witnessed shadows running around in the back yard.  Then as one of them was standing by the side back fence taking a picture into the back yard, a tall shadow approached the fence and an audible “get out” was heard.  During this time a strange photograph was taken.  In this photo there appears to be a face of some sort but the origin of the anomaly is unknown other than to say the image in the photo was not present and visible to the naked eye when the photograph was taken.  The photograph is seen here to the right.

While in the old kitchen, team members heard a low audible voice that sounded as if it said, “Shit.”  Then the pantry door came open on its own. 


Heavy footsteps were heard following team members around in the upstairs part of the house.
Audible whispering and talking were heard throughout various parts of the home.
Dark shadows low to the ground and snake like in figure were seen crawling around on the floors.
Cold spots were felt throughout the house. 

The scent of sulfur is smelled in certain areas of the home.

Strange incidents that occurred on investigations at this location mimicked some of the incidents from investigations prior and but some incidents were totally different.

One of the strange occurrences was when the group was downstairs and Christy left to go into the new dining room area on the 1st floor.  In order to get to this area, she had to walk down the hallway which connected the old kitchen and the new kitchen.  While doing so, in front of her the same little girl she had seen suddenly reappeared in front of her catching her off guard.  This is the same little girl that had transformed into the weird creature upstairs so Christy quickly turned around and went back down the hallway where she had just come from.  When asked what she was doing, she told her team what she had just encountered and how she had heard this entity say something but she couldn’t make it out.  Upon playback of Christy’s audio, you hear

her walk down the hall and then you hear a voice say, “Look here” and then you hear Christy turn and go back down the hallway.  Here is the clip of that audio:   “Look Here.”   Also in this same area, a photograph was captured revealing a small mist in the upper left hand corner on the doorway here shown in the photograph here above on the right.

Our group conducted a sweep of the upstairs and downstairs area of the home.  In one of the bedrooms, an investigator captured a photograph of a moving light anomaly on an old heater on the left side of the wall looking towards the doorway of the room.

Our group found that the entire home seemed to have activity all throughout it.  The energy definitely felt heavier and more active towards the evening hours.  The homeowners also reported most of their heaviest activity occurred in the evening. 

There was one particular time that Christy needed her laptop and had to go to the back part of the house to get it.  As she went through the back hallway, she suddenly saw the little girl  appear and then quickly disappear.  During this time Christy's audio recorder picked up an EVP that said, "growl....Christy."  Christy reported feeling watched and became uneasy.  She decided to hurry up and get out of the area and go back where the team was.  After Christy's initial walk-through of the home, she knew that this little girl was not who she appeared to be, but rather something mischievous who liked to appear as the little girl and then changed into its true dark form. 

This area was reported to be very active by the clients and our team while there as there were many things that took place there.

The team conducted a sweep of the downstairs area of the home.  The entry way and living room had been completed so the team moved on to the dining room area of the home. Christy began asking some questions and suddenly felt her hair being dividing on the right side.  She asked her team mates to take photo graphs and the photos revealed a split in her hair had appeared when it had not been there previously. There were no team members standing close by Christy who would have parted her hair like this.  Christy asked the spirits present if they would move her hair back the way that she had it but there was no response.  

Also during this time a team member felt something reach out and grab her arm and lightly give it a pull.   Audible voices were also heard in this area of the home as well as off in the distance as if drawing our team to keep moving forward in our investigative sweeps.



Our team knew that this location had many spirits present.  One in particular was that of a dark spirit that our team felt was invited there by a previous resident.  This dark spirit appeared male in nature and also liked to trap spirits there in the home.  The homeowners were at their wits end and wanted to do whatever possible to help bring peace to their home and family.  Christy sought the advice of a friend and colleague from Rhode Island and invited this individual out for one last investigation.  This colleague is the infamous & well known demonologist Carl Johnson who also worked with TAPS during their first 2  seasons.

During this same time, the Discovery Channel through Animal Planet heard of the Eldorado story and requested permission from OKPRI and the homeowners to film the story and the case while Carl Johnson was present.  We agreed and filming began in November of 2009.  Located on this page is the link to the airing of the show we did with them  titled, “The Haunted.”  Look at the top of this page for the link to watch the airing.

With the permission of the homeowners, Christy explained the case details and problems to Carl who volunteered to come out and stop the strange occurrences taking place in this home.  Since OKPRI does not perform house cleansings, Carl volunteered to do one for them after he accessed the situation and got a better idea of what he might be up against.  Along with his fiancé, Dina, Carl flew out to Oklahoma and conducted a weekend long investigation of this home along with the OKPRI team.  Carl agreed that this home had strange activity taking place and was up in the top 5 of all cases that he had ever encountered or worked.  Below is Carl’s exact words and thoughts on this case:

A perspective on the Solis case:  Eldorado, Oklahoma,
November 13 and 14, 2009

By Carl L. Johnson

On Friday, November 13th, 2009, I visited the home of Roy and Gloria Solis in Eldorado, Oklahoma to assess the reported paranormal activity which had escalated to a level where it was proving emotionally draining and physically harmful to the residents and their pets, particularly their cherished pet, a mini-Chihuahua named Pongo. We had been contacted by our friends and colleagues who comprise a most competent paranormal investigative team: Oklahoma Paranormal Research and Investigations.

It was the documenting of this case for the Animal Planet channel's paranormal reality series, The Haunted that enabled me to travel to and from this site to add the benefit of our experience to the investigation.  I specialize my interests as a demonologist, meaning I study and at times am called to assist in countering the stronger, more malicious entities. If I had anticipated a challenge, I would not be disappointed!  


Nearly a year earlier, the OKPRI team had been overcome by what seemed to be an invading entity, which had provoked in a self-sacrificial attempt to avert a spiritual attack. The team quickly recovered with the aid of other investigators who participated that night, but in a harsh and guttural voice the female investigator had uttered strange, indecipherable "words" which had a certain cohesive quality to them. Here I will respect the person's wish to maintain her anonymity. Christy Clark in particular was effected by the backlash of this temporary possession, as reflexively she came to her friend's aid.  On the Friday evening when I visited, and conducted an interview with the present family as a follow-up to the research conducted by OKPRI during the previous year, and was shown pictures of Roy Solis's inexplicable hair loss, plus a black cross and "glyphs" which the same night had been imprinted on his wife Gloria's face. After assessing that the disembodied presence there palpably presented a threat to the Solis family and was not likely to cease its influence without intervention, a ceremonial cleansing procedure was agreed upon.

Conclusion Continued.......

During this investigation with Carl, strange things also took place and when Carl’s blessing was performed, he commanded the entity to tell him its name and a voice was not recorded but heard by several OKPRI members & Carl itself revealing a muffled name of the entity.    As Carl performed his blessing, shadows were seen fleeing the home and going into the yard.  When he performed his blessing in the yard, shadows on all fours were seen scurrying up into the trees and into the ground.  Carl agreed with OKPRI that not only was there 1 demonic type of presence present but trapped earthbound spirits as well.  OKPRI feels as if we have recorded enough evidence to back up this theory. 

Another strange incident that took place during the investigation while Carl and Dina were present is while the team was sitting in the living room interviewing the homeowners.  The family’s Chihuahua dog, Pongo, started suddenly growling at something unseen.  It had been a thought that the animals of this home and especially Pongo, were being tormented by this main entity which is what caused the e death of one of the dogs and the hair loss and illness of the others.  Dina’s audio recorder recorded Pongo growling and then a low guttural voice growling back at the dog and then saying, “Bite me….Bite me.”

Sadly enough even after all the assistance OKPRI provided and the assistance by Carl Johnson, the family found themselves still plagued by the troublesome entity and their problems only seemed to get worse.  Fed up with the activity and tired of being victims in their own home, the family had an offer  to purchase their house by another family.   Cutting their losses but relieved to be moving, the family moved out of the old home and never looked back. 

To this day the Soliz family will never forget the horrible events that took place in their home, nor will they forget just how much a true haunting can tear a family apart.  OKPRI believes the haunting at the old Eldorado home continues to this day but hopes the new owners are able to cope with the strange phenomena  if any should occur.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I can honestly say that this investigation was by far the scariest and most unpleasant investigation I have ever conducted in my 10 years of doing paranormal research & investigations.I knew upon arrival to this location that the homeowners believed they had a demon in their home however my logical mind and field experience kept my belief system to a minimum and I along with my team just expected the typical

mischievous Earthbound spirit to be present in the home. Most commonly people mistake spirits for demons, especially locations located within the Bible belt. 

Shortly after we had arrived at the location, I conducted my walk through of the home and at first the house seemed normal but the energy in the home felt a bit stale but strong in depression. Right after entering the living room I heard a man’s voice that yelled at us to “Get out” but I didn’t pay him any attention since “get out” is typically a favorite spirit of earthbound spirits when you enter a location they are occupying. I entered the dining room area and noticed my head started to get dizzy and my stomach a bit queasy. I stopped and tuned into what spirit might be trying to show me and suddenly I received a flash of 4 men who appeared

to have military hair cuts, sitting at a long wooden table. One man was on each end of the table and one man on each side of the table. All of the men were dressed in dark cloaks and then appeared to be in a chanting prayer of sorts. One of the men on the side of the table had a very thick leather bound book in front of him. It appeared to be very old and although he had it open, I could not see the printed words clearly on its pages.  After a few moments I saw this dark shadowy figure appear before the men and they talked to the dark figure and then it disappeared.  Moments later it returned and I saw it reach its arm into the chest of the man with the book and then the man clutched his chest and slumped over onto the table.  I am assuming his death was a heart attack caused by the dark figure.  Right after this was when I felt like something began messing with my hair and it felt like someone parted my hair on the back right side of my head. My fellow investigators took a picture and in it I showed my hair parted with sections of hair on each side when it wasn’t like that before.

I went upstairs to do a walk-thru of the home and I felt like there was a very negative presence following us throughout the home. I was still feeling ill and didn’t like the negative and heavy ambience in the house. We reached the spare bedroom and I stood in one corner of the room and tried to get a better understanding of who this entity was that was following us. There in front of me I suddenly saw a little dark headed girl around the age of 6 years old. She was in a pale yellow colored dress which had a pale yellow ribbon around it. She had on white lacey socks and black glossy dress shoes and was sitting on the ground playing jacks with her legs half under

her. At first when I began watching her, it was like watching a child who didn’t know you were there in the same room with them. Then suddenly she acknowledged me by looking up at me. She smiled a mischievous smile as if to warn me something bad was getting ready to happen. Then without warning, I saw her face change into something hideous. Her facial appearance appeared lizard like with skin the color of ashen gray. The face had misshaped pits in it with things moving in the holes. There wasn’t much of a nose, just two holes and the mouth was large gaping from one side of the face to the other side. Its eyes were round but slightly slanted and appeared a yellowish, orange-red color. It has appendages coming out from around its neck just like a horned toed and it smelled like sulfur. Without warning the hideous face lurched forward at me towards my face then suddenly disappeared. I was immediately taken back and startled from the creature I had just seen and I didn’t know exactly what we were dealing with but I knew it was something negative and something bad.

After witnessing the creature, my physical condition worsened. I broke out into a cold sweat and my body felt very weak like I was going to collapse. I also had a hard time breathing and I knew I was under spiritual attack by this negative entity. I may my way downstairs to the bottom right part of the house and I entered the old hallway that connected the two old buildings (one a church and the other an old parsonage.) As I entered the hallway, I saw the little girl appear again right in front of me and I heard her say something I could not make out. I knew this was not just a typical earthbound spirit of a little girl but rather a negative evil entity and I felt like there was a spiritual warfare taking place and after I saw her I knew I wasn’t going to give it the chance to change its appearance again and/or try to spiritually attack me. I turned around and very quickly went back into the old kitchen area. I jumped down off the metal stair grates and looked up at my team mates who were confused as to what had just happened. I explained to them that I had just seen the same “little girl”/creature in the hallway and that it had said something to me but I didn’t know what it had said but I was sure I got something recorded on my audio recorder. Curious as to what was stated by this entity, we stopped my audio and rewound it back to the time of the incident where an evp saying, “Look Here” was recorded. I knew I had seen something and I knew it had spoken to me and the evp confirmed both.

My physical sickness continued and I felt I needed to get out of the house for a while. I quickly briefed the team downstairs in the living room and asked them to be very respectful and careful since we did not know what type of entity yet that we were dealing with. We decided to break up into 2 different teams so I volunteered to go on team 2 so I could take a break from the negativity from the house and hopefully feel better. Our team consisted of around 8 group members that first initial night so we divided into 2 teams with each team consisting of 4 members. Team 2 and I sat outside by the garage carport just chatting among ourselves. I felt like I could no longer sit there and I felt like I needed some air so I got up to walk down to the end of the driveway. I made it to the end of the driveway when I felt like I was going to pass out. I leaned over on the hood of the van and could hear the low guttural voice of the entity tell me to “let me in.” I fought it with every ounce of strength I had and told it No and to go away. One of my group members came over to check on me and she said I looked very pale. I told her I didn’t feel very well and explained to her what I was experiencing. She told me to lye down in one of the vehicles and she helped me over to the vehicle’s bench seat. As I laid down I continued to feel bad and I could feel a mix of strange emotions which were not mine come over me and I found myself becoming very irritated with the group members outside sitting in the chairs under the carport. I became so irritated with them that I wanted to physically hurt them. I knew this was not my emotions I was feeling but that of the entity. I told the female group member who had been helping me what I was experiencing and how I was feeling. She said she was going to go get me some cold water. The next thing I know, I hear her calling out my name 3 times and the moment I jumped up to help her, all the bad sick and emotional feelings I had been feeling instantly left. I saw her hit the ground from a side backwards angle and I wasn’t able to get fully out of the vehicle fast enough to help brace her fall.

The moment she hit the ground I jumped to her side and tried to help her up but she appeared unconscious and every muscle in her body was stiff as a board and she couldn’t be moved. I then immediately heard growling coming out of her mouth and I began rebuking the entity I knew that had gained entrance into her body. The more I rebuked the entity and told it to leave, snickering would come out of her mouth as if to mock and laugh at us. She also spoke a few words that were in a language I did not understand nor did any of my other team members.  Realizing that I needed a bit of help to rebuke whatever entity it was that had rendered her unconscious and that had temporarily taken control of her body, I called out to the other team members to ask the other team members investigating in the home to come out and help me.  After coming outside myself and 3 other investigators began praying over her and rebuking the negative entity.  Finally after around 4 minutes but what seemed to be an eternity to us, the growls, snickering and stiffness of her body ceased and we could tell she was coming out of whatever nightmare that had just happened to her.  When she came too she said that she remembered telling the entity to leave Christy alone and then she said she suddenly felt a drunken state come over her and then everything went black and she felt herself being knocked off her feet.  She stated she remembered seeing a lizard like entity in front of her who was pulling backwards on her face telling her to acknowledge it but she refused.  She stated on a couple of instances she vaguely recalls hearing Christy’s voice rebuking the entity and telling it to leave her alone.  Then she only remembered waking up to Christy and other group members sitting her up and how her body hurt from her fall.

I felt that the investigation has escalated to a higher level and whatever we were dealing with had definitely shown itself in true form that evening.  I told the team we needed to call it a night and wrap up since I was unsure if this entity would decide to attack anyone else from the team and the safety of the team came first.  I felt we needed at assess the situation a bit better and do some further research before we returned back to the location.  I will say however that this investigation was a very memorable one for me and one that I will never forget and one that definitely showed the power a negative entity could inflict.  We did visit the location several more times after this initial investigation but the returning times we had formulated strategy plans on investigating the location and although we had strange occurrences that took place during our return visits, we never again had another spiritual attack that took place like it did that first night there.  That I am very thankful for.  Thru our research, extensive interviews with past homeowners and with 2nd opinions of trusted personnel and friends such as renown Demonologist, Carl Johnson, we concluded that at the time, this location was under the influence of a possible demonic entity.  

were standing outside their home waiting on our arrival.  A few minutes prior to our initial arrival to conduct the investigation, the homeowners experienced hangers swinging violently in their hall closet.  This added to the past activity they had already experienced,  and they were ready for the break away from the home.  They turned their house over to us for the entire evening and went to stay with relatives in a neighboring town.

evidence collected

There were 25 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 3 positive photos and no positive video clips.



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