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Old Town emporium


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Sara, Lisa P,  Kendall and Matt


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This is a local business and the owners of the Emporium have experienced a lot of strange phenomenon. 

Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • The clients have heard footsteps upstairs in their living quarters and in the main store area.

  • Audible voices have been heard throughout the building. 

  • Doors open and close on their own.

  • The male client has seen a charcoal gray to black ghost cat walking around in the hallways and kitchen, they do not own a cat of that color.

  • They have seen and heard a man walking checking doors and making sure that they are locked. He seems to be like a caretaker of the building.

  • Near Easter, the female client has seen two little girls dancing around in dresses, playing what looks like to be ring around a rosy in the upstairs storage room.

  • Customers have also reported seeing a little boy or girl playing in the muezzin upstairs or they have been seen sitting on the stairs.

  • A woman has at times appeared, and then disappears.


There have been no deaths known.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The Old Town Emporium has a long historical history.  In 1901, J.H. Spurlock, of Woodward, a district clerk of Woodward county built the J.H. SPURLOCK building at 105-107 W. Oklahoma Ave. in Guthrie, Oklahoma.  It is a two-story classical revival brick building that is two lots wide. The first floor featured two altered storefronts. The second story at some point or another had a seamstress, dentist, psychologist, bank, and electrical service company inside its walls.  Below is a list of companies that the Old Town Emporium used to be.

1901-1906 The Fair, was a dry goods store.
1906-1910  Brown Dry Goods.  J.A. Brown was manager. It was one of

the biggest, busiest stores in Guthrie.  The store stock consisted of ladies’ furnishings, silks, dress accessories and millinery.

1920’s J.C. Penny

1987-1990   Bills Dollar Store

1990-1996   Kings Antiques

1996-2002   Ivey’s Old Towne Emporium (antiques)

January 1, 2002-current  Old Towne Emporium

Investigation Report

Client Interview


We were contacted by the owners of the Emporium and asked to conduct an investigation to verify some of the strange happenings taking place there.  We arrived  and began our walk-thru of the location.  Upon our walk through, one of our investigators noticed a glass shaker that had fallen off it's shelf on its own.  Thinking that our walking past it had caused enough vibration to cause it to fall, we tried to recreate the circumstance by walking back and forth to see if we could get it to fall again.  We were unable to recreate it which led us to believe that it was an odd occurrence.

Our team also saw shadows moving back and forth on the mezzanine during the walk-thru and also during our sweeps.  There were shadows noticed in the back part of the store and  one of our team members named Tammy, took a photograph of what appears to be a man's image and then the face of a man in white.   This is also an area of the store that the owners have reported seeing shadows and at times feeling uneasy.  The Emporium is known for  a man's figure in photographs by those who come there to investigate it.  For a close up look of this photo, click on the photo and it will enlarge.

One of the weirdest things that happened to us was when we were getting ready to start our sweeps.  It was during this time that we heard footsteps and knocking on the mezzanine.  We continued to see shadows walking back and forth, sometimes with the shadow stopping to lean over

the rail as if to look down at us.  We all stopped to listen to the odd sounds and we began to ask questions and asked for them to knock twice for yes and once for no.  With each question, we were given a response with a specific number of knocks.  We were surprised at the amount of responses we got from the entity who appeared to be on the mezzanine.  We were able to record a couple of audio clips showing the knocking in response to our questions.     The business owners suspected that perhaps the man that was there was a former maintenance man who worked there, but when we asked the question, the man's response was "No."  

When the two teams conducted their sweeps, team 2 did not experience much activity other than seeing the shadow movement.  Team 1 on the other hand was quite the opposite and experienced a very active sweep and some of what they experienced was captured in their photographs.  There were 2 of our investigators on Team 2 who had unusual experiences.  Both of these teams were on different floors and in different areas when they experienced the following strange things. 

Personal Experience #1 by an Investigator


While doing a sweep of the 3rd floor storage area, the investigator stated that he felt like his left ear was being flicked and that the hold left side of his face felt hot.  He said that his ear kept being flicked several times so he told one of his fellow investigators to take a photo of him.  When the investigator took the photo of him, it showed a huge white light anomaly which covered the left side of his face.  This light appeared to go through him and in front of him and covered his hand as well.  We were amazed by this photo and in the secondary comparison shot, the light anomaly

was not present.  Click on the photo to enlarge it.  It was also during this time that one of our audio recorders picked up an evp of a man saying, "Cold."

Personal Experience #2 by an Investigator

While doing a sweep of the 1st floor by the back storage room, Lisa P. stated that she felt very cold and felt like there was something around her.  She asked one of the investigators to take a photograph towards her and so another investigator did.  When the photograph was looked at, it raised excitement in the investigators due to the strange light anomaly that seemed to cover Lisa's right elbow and hip area.  Part of the light anomaly continues as part of a mist form just to the right of Lisa which can be seen transparent on the right side of the door's entry

way.  The comparison shot taken right before this one showed the beginning of the light anomaly forming under Lisa's right elbow, but due to camera shake, was blurred.



This was a very interesting investigation for all of us and we truly feel that the Old Town Emporium has some activity taking place within it's walls.  From our evidence review, we can say that we feel like there is at least a man that is present there and we know that he complained about being cold as our audio recorder picked up 3 different EVP's of this man's voice saying, "Cold" and then "Fire, I'm cold" and then "I'm cold."  Our investigation was conducted in April and the weather was not very cold so this intrigued us a bit.  The business owners also report the strange activity taking place during the new moon cycle and this proved true for us the night that we investigated here.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This investigation was a neat one although I was on team 2 and did not experience as much activity as team 1 did.  I did however pick up on a man who seemed to follow the team around but he refused to give his name or why he was there.  He seemed to enjoy playing games with the team and I found him several times coming up behind us, letting us know he was there and then he would disappear.   The business owners

thought that perhaps this man's name was Ivan who used to be a local barber and who is seen in and out of some of the buildings there.  I did not feel like this man's name was Ivan however I did feel like he had decided to take up residency in the old Emporium.

evidence collected

There were 6 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 2 sound clips.  

There were 3 positive photos and no positive video clips.


sound clips


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