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the sooner corral


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Kendall, Jiffy, Lisa P and Sheri,


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a married couple, daughter, and son. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Had a group come in 2 years ago but never heard back from them afterwards. Had some flashlight activation & heard weird noises during investigation.

  • Client has been dragged down 4-5 inches in her bed

  • Black figure seen in loft

  • Dog interacts with something unseen

  • Son has had several experiences & will not stay home alone

  • Hear strange noises - knock or large bang on house about every other night

  • Closet door opens on its own - son has seen a black figure walk out of it & into his room - have the closet door blocked shut so that it will not's been happening more frequently

  • 2 months ago they tore out the carpet & put down hardwood floors - ceiling fan with light with turned off & on all the time during renovations (still happens but not as much)

  • Has woken up at night & not been able to move - has also been pushed, shoved & sat on while in bed (knows about sleep paralysis)

  • Certain parts of house feel creepy

  • Husband is worried it's going to hurt them

  • Client has had something around her since the 5th grade

  • Client is Wiccan & so is her daughter - She says she is careful with her circle but daughter has not always been so careful

  • Client was home alone & thought she saw her son walk through the house. A while later he came home & she realized it wasn't him.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The Sooner Corral hasn't always been what it is today.  Originally the 160 acre property was purchased in 1907 by Jaret Martin and a private residence was built.  It then remained a private residence for 52 years and during that time changed hands 10 times.  The building that now sits on the property, also known as the Sooner Corral was built somewhere between 1948 and 1952.  Historical records are a bit conflicting on the exact dates that the building was built and its original use was not listed other than as a residence.  It wasn't until March 8, 1960 that it was purchased by William A. Mays Sr. who registered the building as a pub business and named it the Westerneer Ballroom.  It remained the Westerneer Ballroon until October 28, 1994 when it was purchased by Richard Mays and renamed The Silver Dollar Saloon.  It remained the Silver Dollar Saloon until May 18, 1998 when it was purchased by it's current owner and at some point renamed, "The Sooner Corral."

Investigation Report

Client Interview


Our group conducted interviews with the current owners and with the staff of the Sooner Corral, all who  stated they have witnessed strange activity taking place within the saloon.  The owners and staff believe they have at least 3-4 resident ghosts who they have nicknamed.  One of them they believe to be an old cowboy they nicknamed Griz.  They say Griz has a unique personality and whenever he wants them to know something he lets them know by acting out.  He has been known to expect a beer left on the bar counter for him every night and he has been known to throw a few things around when he gets upset. 

There have been many thoughts as to why the Sooner Corral is haunted and some of the staff stated they believe a young girl died of a drug overdose in the ladies bathroom. 

A few members of our group went up to the Sooner Corral to visit with the owner and while there, we witnessed a few odd things.  Up in the top area of the Sooner Corral there is an executive room where objects have been known to move on their own and audible voices have been heard in the men's bathroom.  While our group was in this room and while speaking with the owner, we heard movement by the area of the bathrooms and then one of our members heard an audible voice grunt at him in the men's bathroom. 

We arrived at the investigation early in the morning hours after the bar closed and were assisted by one of

the main staff personnel during our investigation at the corral.   It seemed like whenever we were in an area of the building we would hear movement and audible voices coming from the opposite area from where we were at.  Several members heard an audible voice coming from the men's bathroom and so when individual sweeps were being done, one of the teams heard an audible voice say "get out."  This intrigued them so they proceeded to go into the men's bathroom to see if they could find the source of the sound.  While asking about the vocal "get out" their audio recorder picked up a voice which said, "Hey they can't hear us, hey!"   

Behind the stage area there seemed to be quiet a bit of activity taking place and many of the investigators claimed to feel very uncomfortable behind there.  A couple of the staff members also complained they felt very uncomfortable around the back stage area and stated many people also complained of the same thing.  One staff member claimed that it could have been  the old tunnels that used to be open under the stage area.  The current owner had them closed for personal reasons.  The front stage area is also where the men and women's bathroom area is located.  At one point one of the teams were conducting their sweeps and one of the

investigators had a feeling that something was around him and when the other investigator took his picture, a strange green light anomaly streak showed up in a photo. 

One of the strangest things is that the bar seemed to be quite active until around 4am and then everything seemed to go very quiet. Even  the feelings of being watched and then the audible voices that were heard throughout the bar subsided.    Our group was informed by the staff that sometimes that happened at the corral but then things would come back again the next night and that they  experienced activity on a regular basis there.  The total time of the activity that our group witnessed was around 1.5 hours and then everything went quiet.  Even though our investigative time was  short, we feel like the Sooner Corral has some mild paranormal activity taking place.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


Prior to me investigating this place, I had a chance to speak with the owners of the Sooner Corral and I had told them that I had picked up on a metal olive colored metal box that was buried years ago in one of the tunnels up by the stage area.  I let him know that inside the box were important papers/documents and other items of value.   The owner confirmed that they had indeed found a metal box which matched

that description and that they did not know what was inside it because it was stolen by one of their x-employees.  I also felt like the stage area held a bit of negative energy and when I went behind the back side of it, myself and another investigator saw a tall black shadow which looked like a man around 6.5-7 feet in height.  We thought that perhaps this might have been the spirit that the owner and staff called "Griz" because we had been told that he often appeared with the same type of appearance when others had seen him in the past.  Shortly afterwards into our investigation is where one of the investigators captured a photograph of a

strange green light anomaly.  We looked for a reflective surface that could have caused the green light anomaly but we couldn't find one and something else strange about it was that you can see the green light anomaly in front of and behind the investigator.  This back stage area seemed to be one of the more active areas for our team during our investigation.

One of the other areas that seemed to be very active for me was the right area of the building which was located just right of the stage.  This is where I heard an audible "hey" and I also connected with a young male in his twenties who stated he had been stabbed to death by a man who had robbed him and he wanted to find out who this man was so he could take his revenge.  I am unsure if this young was the voice we got on audio which said, "Hey" however I do know that he followed us around for a short period of time before disappearing.  This is also the area which is beside the men's bathroom which is where our group heard several audible voices

including another one which stated, "hey" while our group was in the bathroom investigating.

There also seemed to be a couple of more spirits present there in the corral that did not wish to come forward and give any information about themselves.  One was a female and the other was another male in his thirties that watched us while we were there, but they did not come in close to us.

but upon researching the property, we have found no such claims listed.  There is also said to have been a young man who was in an altercation behind the Sooner Corral and he was rumored to have been stabbed to death but we could find no records to confirm this claim. 

evidence collected

There were 7 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 1 photo and no video clips.



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