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Tulsa Residence

3/1 1/2006

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger, Jim, Dana, Danae & Brian


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by 4 female room mates.  We were contacted by the current renters who found us on the internet.  They believed their home was haunted because they had witnessed several strange things which include:

  • They all hear footsteps coming from upstairs.

  • The clients hear singing throughout the house.

  • Their doors open, close, lock and unlock by themselves.

  • Their kitchen cabinets open on their own.

  • The ladies do not feel alone and constantly feel watched.


There have been no deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The renters reported that the house was built in the 1970's and was previously owned by a couple of different families, but to their knowledge, there had been no deaths reported in the home or deaths connected to the previous tenants.  Renting this 2500 square foot home are 5 young women in their twenties, all who were very open about sharing their experiences while living in the home for the past 2 months.   They reported that they had found belongings to another resident from the past there as well as items that a child would have made in school like a paper chain and drawings. There was a diary book that had entries about a very young child. Unfortunately, it has been discarded in the refuse.

Investigation Report



Upon arriving at the residence, we brought in our equipment and began getting things unpacked.  The clients were talking about how that after we were finished with our investigation, they were going to have some people over.  One of the ladies was looking through the cabinets for some food and another of the ladies told her that their friends were going to bring over pizza.  The one client said, “Are they buying everyone pizza?  She was told yes to which she replied, “Oh then I’ll wait!”  During this time Christy’s audio recorder was on the living room side table and recorded a little girl’s voice saying,

“Ah…..I want my din-din.”  The clients kept talking about food and then a few seconds later Christy’s audio recorder picked up this same little girl’s voice that said, “I’ll eat it all, I’ll eat it all.”  Our group did not know this at the time until after we listened to our audio recorders.  We can only assume from the audio that we recorded that this little girl was hungry.



We conducted a walk through of the residence and then began setting up equipment in various parts of the home before we started our sweeps.  In the beginning of our sweeps, activity in the home seemed to be minimal, however several of our members witnessed hearing the footsteps running back and forth upstairs whenever we were downstairs in the living room.   While conducting the sweeps upstairs, we were trying to recreate the claim that the ground level attic door had shaken violently on its own  During this time, one of our members (Jimmy ) stepped into the attic, closed the door

Our group conducted a sweep of the kitchen area.  All of the baseline readings were normal.  We decided to take some extra time to see if we could witness the cabinet doors opening on their own.  While taking a photographic sweep of the kitchen area, one of our investigators captured a photo that appeared to have the face of a little girl in it.  We found this to be very interesting since our evidence revealed there was a little girl there.  Recreations of this photo were attempted with no success.  Below we will list the actual photo and then a cropped photo with the little girl's face outlined.  You can also click on the pictures and they will enlarge.

behind him to see if he could recreate the shaking door from the inside, when he felt someone or something grab the string he had tied around his neck and lift it approximately 3 inches upward.  Jimmy immediately opened the door and told us what happened.  He seemed a little shook up about it and searched all over to see if there was something that his string could have possibly caught on, but there was nothing in the doorway that his string could have caught on like that.

The tenants also reported to us that one day they came home and one of the ladies that had an angel picture that her friend painted for her noticed that it was gone off of the wall where it was hanging.  She stated that she looked all over for it and could not find it anywhere.  Finally they found the picture in one of the cubby holes in the room (which leads to a small storage part in the attic,) turned facing the wall.  All the homeowners stated that they didn't move the picture and they didn't know how it got in the location that it ended up in.

After conducting the investigation for about 45 minutes, we heard the homeowners downstairs yelling for us to come downstairs.  We rushed downstairs not knowing what to expect whenever we were informed by them that while sitting in the living room in the dark, they had witnessed a series of lights which traveled across the dining room wall.  They seemed really spooked by this and claimed they had never witnessed anything like this before.  I asked them to show us the exact spot that they had witnessed this and they did.  I immediately began looking for possible causes for the light and noticed a window that was above the kitchen sink which when in proper

We continued our investigation upstairs and finished up, not sure really what to think of the night's investigation.  We were all in agreement that the upstairs level attic room appeared to show the most potential for activity.  We had stationary EMF arrays placed in a few areas of the attic room with a stationary camcorder positioned on them to monitor any EMF changes and so we decided to do a sit-down in the upstairs area by the attic room where we could continue to monitor the equipment.  Upon review of the video,  it reveals that just as we were getting settled in for the sit-down, there was a small whining sound that vocalized twice within a 20 second period.  This was not heard or noticed by anyone present in the room at the time.  This "whining sound" was also picked up on our digital audio recorder as well.

Sit Down


We did a sit-down mainly in the upstairs area of the house and even focused some time in the attic area of the home.  There was a formal dress hanging in the attic and as we did our sit-down, we noticed some movement of the formal dress.  It would sway slightly back and forth.  Our group checked for air movement above and around the dress to help explain the movement, but there was no open area where air flow would be able to sway the dress back and forth. Upon review of our video, the view of the camera was slightly out of range of the view of the dress so the movement was not caught on video.   

Our group finished up our sit-down in the attic area and then proceeded to finish up by conducting a sit-down in other parts of the home.



Our team feels like this home is being haunted by 1 female spirit and one female child spirit.  We don't feel like either spirit means any hard towards the current residents.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When the homeowners first contacted us by e-mail about investigating this location, they sent us a picture of their kitchen.  After just a few seconds of looking at this picture, I immediately saw a dark haired little girl with olive complexion skin around the age of 5-7 years old.  I told the group that I felt like we definitely needed to do an investigation of this location as soon as we could.  Kevin and Marcia volunteered to do

a preliminary investigation at this residence since it was also in the Tulsa area not to far from where they lived.   After I heard the evp that Kevin and Marcia recorded, I was thrilled to be able to finally conduct this residential investigation.

Upon entering the home, I did not see anyone or hear anyone at first, however I picked up on several energy pockets within the home whenever we did the initial walk-through of the home trying to get a better idea of the layout and then also when we were interviewing the homeowners finding out exactly where the had noticed the activity taking place.  One of these energy pockets was in the upstairs area and consisted of 2 big bedrooms which were only separated by a wall.  The upstairs portion of the house seemed to have a lot more energy than the bottom floor. 

I did however feel the energy of a young girl and a woman in her 40's.  When we were upstairs investigation the 2 big rooms, I was finally able to see this little girl who kept peeking around the corners at us.  Whenever I opened up the main attic walk way, I immediately felt a wave of energy hit me, much like a gush of wind, which made my head start to spin a bit.  I walked into the attic area to take some photos and as I stepped through the door way, I saw this woman standing beside this dress that was hanging up on the rafters.  The woman was also dark haired, in her 40's and appeared very sad.  I saw her stroking the dress with her hands and I immediately felt the grief that she was feeling.  I saw her grab her stomach area like she felt sick.  I began taking pictures one right after the other.  I then saw her disappear and all the sudden felt my stomach began to have shooting pains through it and it hurt really bad.  Since I am able to pick up on the emotions of spirits, I knew I was feeling what this woman was feeling when she grabbed her stomach.  I felt like when she was living, she suddenly became

very ill and I got the impression that something inside her stomach area had erupted and she was poisoned (like her appendix had ruptured.)  I really felt like this woman had something that she was preparing for, a possible marriage as I felt a romantic connection, however, she was never able to fulfill that obligation and dream due to the illness that suddenly took her life.  She preferred to stay in a state of pity and misery, thinking of no one but herself and the problems that surrounded her.  She did realize that she was dead,  but however since she preferred to remain in her state of misery, she refused to look beyond her current state for any help or happiness.  When I approached her to give her some helpful advice on finding peace, she lowered her eyes, turned around and slowly walked away back over towards the dress in the attic.  It was then like she put up a barrier around her so she could not hear anything that I was saying.  It was during the sit-down that I learned that this woman happened to attach herself to one of the homeowners there who happened to work in a hospital.  I felt like she had watched this homeowner for a while and then followed her home one day.  

The little girl didn't reveal a whole lot about herself other than just that was in the home and was comfortable with living there.  She found the home (especially the upstairs part) to be one of her favorite parts of the house because it had lots of places that she could hide in.  She did show me that she was the one who was opening up the cabinet doors and it was her that was doing the running upstairs.  She told me that she found it really funny when she made something happen which took the homeowners off guard and scared them.  She let me know that she didn't mean anything bad by it, she just thought it was funny, especially when it happened to one of the ladies there in particular.  She also told me that she felt safe there and pretended that all the ladies who lived there were her "big sisters."  She couldn't remember much about her parents or life other than the one "she was living" at the moment.

alignment, shows a view of the street in front of the home.  I told them that I thought it was a possible car or truck light that had passed by which caused the lights on the dining room wall.  To test my theory, I had one of our members drive his car up the street and back, driving normal speed to see if we could see the car's headlights reflecting on the wall through the window.  Right as Brian drove by, the exact same shape and number of lights "appeared" on the wall.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was one photo and no video clips.



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