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Historical Ft. Washita

5/2 1/2006

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Jim, JT, Dana, Danae & Brian


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Below is our movie documentary of our investigation at Ft. Washita

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

To protect the five nations from angry Plains Indians who were upset at having to share their lands with the newcomers, the U.S. Army built several forts in Oklahoma territory. These included Fort Washita near Durant and Fort Gibson, near Muskogee.  Ft. Washita was built in 1842 and remained an active Ft. until 1865 when it was burnt down.  History doesn't know exactly who burnt the fort down, but speculation figures that it was either the Comanche Indians or the Confederate soldiers who did it sometime after the civil war. 

Ft. Washita also became a fort of refuge for the Chickasha and Choctaw Indians against the Comanche Indians and from the Texans who had become very hostile towards the Native Americans since they thought that they were stealing things such as cattle.  Many of the Chickasaw Indians were buried there on the grounds at Ft. Washita.  Some before the civil war and some

afterwards.  Where the exact burial places of each Chickasaw Indian buried on the grounds is unknown, only located in a general burial area.  The reason for this is that the Native American's did not have the tradition of using headstones to mark the graves of their loved ones.  That tradition wasn't adapted by the Native American's until the civilization of the 5 Native American tribes.   The historical society has told us that there were some graves from this particular area which were moved and relocated many, many years ago, but there are many of the Chickasaw Indians still buried there within the walls of the little secret cemetery, it just their exact resting places are unknown.

Diorama of Ft. Washita when it was first built in 1842

Investigation Report

We had received calls and many e-mails from our viewers asking us if we would check out Ft. Washita because many of them were curious as to what we would find.  So, we set out to investigate the old Historical Ft. and we must admit, we were a bit skeptical at first about what we might find there on the grounds at Ft. Washita, but we were pleasantly surprised due to our own personal experiences there and at the evidence that our group turned up.    We had set out for a long weekend.  We knew that Ft. Washita was going to be a long investigation for us due to the amount of old ruins and buildings we had to cover on the 100 acres of land.  We had previously done an investigation the night before and then a small preliminary investigation the early afternoon that we would be heading out to Ft. Washita.   The trip took us about 2 1/2 hours driving time, but it was worth the trip when we got there and started our investigation.

Ft. Washita Grounds

We had a group of about 8 investigators and so we decided to break up into groups of 4 in order to cover the grounds a bit more thoroughly and a bit faster.  We also believe that if activity is present, it occurs more with smaller numbers of people.   Team 1 had one member report seeing a large mists the size of a small vehicle crossing the road between the old barracks and one of the old ruin sites.  Unfortunately none of our cameras or camcorders picked up on the mysterious "mist," however, our cameras did pick up on some very interesting pictures a bit later on.  Christy, JT,

Danae and Melissa were all investigating over by the West Barracks when they started seeing shadow movement.  Strange sounds were heard from unknown locations until Christy heard what sounded like footsteps walking up behind her.  She called it out to the rest of the group and JT immediately started snapping pictures and to our surprise a strange photograph with light multi-colored light anomalies showed up in the first picture, but not in the second photograph.  Fortunately for us, we had our camcorder going and recorded this whole event on video.  (See Movie Documentary to see this video.)

It was also during this time that Team 1 was looking on the map to see the next area that we were supposed to go to when we had an evp captured on video of a man with a Southern accent saying, "Yes it is,"  in regards to JT talking about a certain place being located on the map that we had.  This evp was also captured on our digital audio recorders and turned out to be the clearest evp that we recorded from Ft. Washita. 

The Parade Grounds

While investigating the parade ground area where the replicated cannon sits, a strange photograph was captured off at a distance which revealed some strange light anomalies in the trees.  There was no other type of light source in the trees that could have caused the strange white lights so we were left a bit baffled by this photograph.  There have been many strange reports however of activity occurring a lot in the parade ground area.   Individual reports of sighting have stated that this is the area where old military soldiers have been seen pacing about.  The parade ground area for most military bases, is where the soldiers march in unison to practice their drills etc.  One of the staff members

had also mentioned to us that this area is also been deemed as the "heartbeat" in which the main activity lies.

When we were investigating the South barracks, we heard some strange footsteps on the wooden balcony outside where we were investigating and somewhere inside the barracks, our audio captured an evp saying: "Come in"

The Bohannan Cabin 

Team 2 was having some strange shadow movement down by the old Confederate Cemetery and reported feeling very uneasy but unfortunately they were unable to capture anything on video or photos.  The two teams decided to join up together so we met up at the Bohannan house.  Earlier that day, Brian and Jim had experienced a shutter slamming up against the side of the house.  There was no strong wind that should have caused the shutter to slam like that, so that is the reason it caught the attention of Jim and Brian.  Later on in the evening whenever we were investigating the Bohannan Cabin and Brian and Jim were talking about

the shutter slamming, we recorded on video an evp of someone saying, "Get Out."  This clip is also included in our Movie Documentary. 

The Old Confederate Cemetery

Strangely enough later on when we were investigating the old Confederate Cemetery, we had some strange shadow movement on the road near the cemetery.  We felt too like we were being followed so Brian (who was at the tail end of our group) started taking pictures and captured another photograph of mists and multi-colored light anomalies.  We have analyzed both of these strange photos with the multi-colored mists and light anomalies in them and have no explanation for these photographs!  Several photographs were taken before and after this strange photograph and nothing like this turned up in the other photos.  



Our team feels like Ft. Washita has several spirits there from it's past and some things that occur there that are from residual energy that has been left behind.  

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first stepped onto the grounds of Ft. Washita, I was amazed at how some of the old ruins had been left to remind us of the way things used to be.  I didn't do a whole lot of studying on Ft. Washita before our investigation, only from what I had heard from various people.  As usual though, I never take to heart what I have heard as I want to experience it for myself first hand and make up my own mind.  I really

didn't get a whole lot at first until we broke up into groups.  I was on Team 1 and started getting some strange feelings of being watched and followed and even more so right about the time that we got the strange photograph.   I did notice a lot of dark shadows that seemed to be moving about us, but none that would directly come out and give us

their identity.  When we first began checking out the South barracks, I saw a soldier standing up on the balcony as if he were keeping guard.  He watched us as we made our way up to the balcony and watched us as we checked inside an out.  I felt as if he was just checking us out, but knew that we meant no real harm.

Inside the West Barracks, I felt a bit uneasy, felt watched from every corner and wasn't sure if there was going to be something waiting for us on the other side or not.  I saw the shadows moving about again, but had no one that came through to show their true identity.  I also noticed these shadows moving about on the road by the old Confederate Cemetery but strangely enough the cemetery itself felt very peaceful.

I do feel that Ft. Washita has many active spirits present, but they seem to be a bit leery of the visitors that step foot there at Ft. Washita, almost as if they are protecting hallow grounds.

The West Barracks

Again when Team 1 was by the West Barracks, they were hearing footsteps within the barracks walls and felt like we were being watched.  It's inside and outside of these barracks that a couple of investigators reported hearing the galloping of horses.  The West Barracks once looked like the old South Barracks, and held at different times, over 1000 soldiers.  Many of the housing units (barracks) held different officers classified on their marital status.  After the Civil war, a family moved into the West barracks and lived there for 50 years until 1917 when there was a kitchen fire which burned down the remainder of the building, leaving it to its present state of empty ruins.

evidence collected

There were 3 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 3 photos and no video clips.



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