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C&A Indian

boarding school

7/2006 - 1 2/2006

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Ashley, Cyrena, Gary

and Curtis


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, and various EMF meters

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

After the trail of tears, many Native Americans were forced onto reservations erected to maintain control, educate and civilize them while forcing them to deny their old ways and conform to the white man's way of living.  Churches were built to teach them white man's religion and schools were built to educate them to the white man's way of thinking, thus Indian Boarding School were built and used but in the beginning and for many generations, these boarding schools were not always beneficial to the children who attended them.  Parents of the children attending the boarding schools did not want to send their children for various reasons.  The children were not allowed to speak their

native tongue and if caught, they were severely punished.  Their hair which held spiritual symbology had to be cut and their clothing fashioned after the modern day white man.  The children were not always treated with respect and many of the white school instructors viewed them as unable to be educated. 

They were punished for remembering and following their own spiritual beliefs and in turn were forced to learn about white man's God and the bible.  Worst of all and every parents worst fear was that their children would not be returned back home to them.  The fear of illness and death plagued many of the early Indian Boarding Schools.  With the introduction of the white man, foreign diseases were introduced to the Native American people which caused many to fall victim to sickness and death.  Stories passed down and recorded history showed high death tolls for many of the Native American children during their attendance at these

early boarding schools.  Many times when a child fell victim to an illness, they were kept at the school until their condition turned critical at which point they were then sent back home to die.  Many of the schools leaders became fearful of the rising death tolls among the children while attending, thus their reasons for sending them back home.  Others were sometimes buried in mass graves on the school's grounds if they were unable to make it back home. 

The original Cheyenne & Arapaho school was named Darlington and was established in 1887 but was closed in 1932 due to the new school being built up on the main  road.    This school was named Concho Indian Boarding School and remained operational until 1969 when it was closed due to another larger and newer improved school being built.  This final school still named Concho Indian Boarding School remained open from 1969-1981 when it closed its doors due to lack of federal funding.  Although now closed and sitting empty for nearly 30 years, its memory and legends are far from being forgotten. 

Those who have visited this lonely boarding school have witnessed strange activity ranging from dark shadows to disembodied voices, apparitions of young Indian children roaming about and even encounters with a much darker force that lingers within the walls of the old school and grounds there.  

Our team had done an investigation out at this old Indian Boarding School back in 2001 so it had been years since we had been back out to the old school.  Anita Tallbull, founder of NAGS (Native American Ghost Society) had previously contacted us about doing an investigation with them at the Cemetery of the Damned and afterwards, extended the invitation to come investigate the old Indian Boarding School with them.  We gladly accepted their invitation and thus our investigation of this spectacular place began.  We started doing our investigation here back in July of 2006 and have made this location an on-going investigation.  During our investigation of this location, we have

witnessed many strange things ranging from dark shadows running about through the buildings and on the grounds to hearing disembodies voices and growls.  We also had members touched and followed and had encounters that we have no explanations for.  To better understand this investigation, please make sure to check out our Indian Boarding School Movie Documentary.

Investigation Report

The Gym and Admin Building


By far these 2 areas were the most intriguing by far as we encountered a few dark entities that we believe were assigned there to protect the grounds and then others that were brought into the complex.  There was one night that we had all sort of things happening in the gym, including an incident with one of the tribal members that revealed a very shocking experience.  We have this on video, but due to confidentiality of this individual and due to the nature of the graphic video, OKPRI will not release this video to the public.  I can only tell you that after this one particular night's investigation, we were standing out by our vehicles getting ready to leave when we all heard Christy's name being called out very loud. 

when we would turn around we would see no one there.  There were also several times that our team heard growls while investigating both the gym and the admin building.  Strange lights were seen throughout the admin building including an apparition that was caught on video while the group was watching a door down the hall that seemed to be moving on its own.   Also this video is quite old and it was recorded with an older Sony camcorder that was grainy in picture quality. 

Also while investigating this unique building, we heard a basketball bouncing in the gym and there was no basketball present.  We would see shadows running throughout the building and while walking in the halls, we would hear footsteps and movement right beside us.

Our group was conducting our sweeps in the admin building when an investigator took several photos and captured a light anomaly in a couple of the photos.  We will show them here below.

While in the gym area, another photo was captured revealing a light anomaly.  Note that there were no lights on in the guy and no working lights on the wall.

The Dorm Rooms


The Dorm Rooms:  Comprised of two separate buildings, both a girls dorm and a boy's dorm, these buildings although sitting empty for many years still seem to hold the energy from some of the children who lived there.  Some of our earlier and later experiences there revealed audible voices of not only children but adults as well.  We would hear voices beside us and then some off in a distance.  We also experienced hearing footsteps running up and down the halls and all members saw shadows run in and out of the rooms.  There were may times that we would see these shadows in the hall and we would follow them until they would disappear.  We also experienced temperature changes and feel strange breezes that would pass by us. 

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


I don't even know where to begin when it comes to this school.  I can tell you that I have experienced more strange things at this school than I have perhaps at any other place that I have investigated.  Not only did I witness first hand some of the most intriguing activity at this location, I also came into contact with a few different spirits there on the grounds.  There were several children that I connected with, each of them

telling me things that had happened to them.  Some of them seemed content to be staying on the grounds there as if they felt it is where they belonged.  There was also the spirit of a male worker, a caretaker that seemed to believe that he was still responsible for the grounds there.  Some of the children did not like him however as he frightened them.  He also was very protective over the grounds and who entered the buildings, especially the dorm rooms.  Not only did we experience some of the children following us, but we also had this man follow us and at times he made it known to us that he did not want us there. 

This voice that called out happened several times.  We also would see shadows running through the buildings and outside on the grounds and on many instances we heard audible voices and felt touched but

While in the dorm rooms, we captured a fast moving light anomaly on video.

evidence collected

There were 4 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 3 photos and 2video clips.




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