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cemetery of the damned


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Jim, JT, Dana  (OKPRI)
Anita, Melven, JC & Jeff from NAGS


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras,  and various EMF meters

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This little cemetery is not well known and due to the request of the NAGS team because of weird activity, we will not give out the location of this cemetery.  We will however tell you that it is an all black cemetery that has graves which date back to the 1800's.  There was a large tree that you can see in the picture below that was once actually used for lynching's.  An old church also once stood on the property before it was burnt down.

Due to the NAGS team having strange activity which took place on their prior visits, they called us and asked us to come and help them with this cemetery.  Previously on one of their visits, the NAGS team had taken a strange photo in which there appeared to be an apparition sitting partially behind the tree  (see photograph).  The NAGS teams was a bit puzzled by the photograph and decided to get our thoughts on the photo.  We too were a bit amazed at the photo they had taken and did have an explanation for it after analyzing it.  We have posted The NAGS team were curious to know if we would experience the same things that they did there at the cemetery so they invited us to come out and now intrigued by the evidence and information given to us, we accepted their invitation and headed out to the cemetery not sure what we would experience or find.  We will post the photograph again below with the cropped and then negative version of the photo below.

Investigation Report

We started our investigation around 9pm and continued until around 1:30 am.  At first the cemetery seemed to be a bit quiet and then after about 2 hours, the activity started to pick up.  Both groups started to notice the activity by seeing shadows move around us.  One of the strangest occurrences that we had happen was when the two teams were divided and investigating different sizes of the cemetery.  Christy heard her name urgently called out loud from a distance and thought that it was the other team calling her.  Dana happened to be on the other team opposite of Christy and she thought she heard her named called urgently as well.  Others in both teams also heard Christy and

Dana's names being called.  Both teams thought that something had happened or was wrong so they both started heading towards each other to see what the other needed.  It was then that both teams discovered that no one in the team had called Christy or Dana's name but yet all members in both teams had heard the names being called out verbally and from a distance. 

One of the other times while there investigating,  a few of the team members started seeing shadows move about and so JT started taking photographs and started having weird red mists show up in a couple of the pictures.  The ones that he took prior to them and afterwards showed no sort of strange anomalies.   One of the strangest things were that the two red mists that were captured, were taken in two different areas of the cemetery and during the time that several of the members were seeing shadows move about to different areas.  Below are 2 of the red mist pictures that our group took during this time.

Not to long after the group kept seeing shadows and got the red mists in the photos, a strange vortex picture was taken by JT, but the photo taken afterwards revealed nothing of the same in nature.  A bit later, in a certain part of the cemetery, Christy starting have a couple of short spikes on the gauss meter so JT started taking pictures and 2 more strange vortex looking pictures showed up in the photographs. After taking the first photograph with the vortex, another one was taken but didn't show any anomaly. Another one was taken which revealed another anomaly, but only this time the anomaly had moved and was in a different position.  We have analyzed these photographs and feel that they are unexplainable.   We will post these pictures below .  The first one here to the right will be the strange photo that was captured first and then the next 2 below will be the ones taken close together when Christy was getting the spikes on the gauss meter.  When these photographs were analyzed by our photographer expert, we were told that he has also noticed that most "vortex's" are vertical instead of horizontal unlike like these ones that we took.

We also came across a couple a photograph that was also strange in nature.  After analyzing it, it appeared to have a strange looking face in it with only half of the face showing.  The face also does not look human in nature so we are a bit baffled by this photograph.   We will post the original photo here below and then below that, we will post a cropped and close up version of the photo and then a cropped negative version of the same photograph.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


This cemetery was a very strange one for me and not like any other that I have ever been to.  I didn't feel uncomfortable  at first, however after about the first hour, I started finding it a bit hard to breath in certain parts of the cemetery and felt the energy around us changing quite drastically.   I wasn't told much at all about this cemetery before I arrived there, however when I got there, the first thing that I was

drawn to was a large tree which stood just outside the cemetery gates.  When I looked at this tree, I saw a black man hanging from it and it turned my stomach and I had to quickly move away from the tree.

While investigating I also started to see dark shadows swooping around us, especially coming the trees but then also some coming up from the ground very quickly.  Strangely enough, one of our investigators took a couple of photographs which appeared to have a strange looking face in it.  This face also seemed to be discolored and different from the green tree in which it was in.


Several parts of the cemetery seemed to be revealing more so than others even to the point where some parts of the cemetery seemed more peaceful that other parts which were

There was one instance as mentioned above with the vortex pictures that I stood by the one particular tree and felt an opening of sorts.  I referred to this area as the "heartbeat of the cemetery" and was also the "center" of what I considered to be the "respect and reverence" area.  I happened to look down around my feet and saw a black swirling portal of sorts which reminded me of a black hole.  I did not like the feeling that I got there while standing over the "portal area" and it was about that time that I got the spikes on the gauss meter.  I also kept seeing these dark black shadowy type figures flying all around us and felt like we were being watch and at any moment we could be

attacked.  I called to JT who happened to be standing near by and asked him to start taking some photographs.  When he did and the pictures turned up to have the vortex's in them, I was happy to at least know that we had been able to capture one of these "flying shadows" but still unnerved by the feelings I was getting from these entities.  I felt so much fear and hatred coming from them that I became very uneasy being in the cemetery.

saw 4 dark guardians which remained at the four corners of the cemetery as if to keep any souls from wandering out.  I realized that the entities that we were dealing with at this little cemetery were unlike those that we had normally encountered.  I felt as if these entities were possibly demonic in nature, brought to this little cemetery by the one individual who had dabbled in black magic unwisely. 

It was towards the end of our investigation there that we were physically attacked.  One of our investigators was knocked flat on their face.  They did not trip over anything nor did they brace themselves when they fell as they hit their forehead and nose when they fell forward and then became unconscious for approximately 45 seconds.  This individual ended up suffering a light concussion and had light bruising on forehead which were revealed the next day.  Upon entering consciousness again, they stated that they felt like someone had knocked them over the back of the head with a blunt object and they blacked out.   Strangely enough for me, I felt like I had to spiritually fight these entities off as I felt them trying to take over my own thought patterns and will.  This was very strange for me as I am a very strong spiritual person and found that most of the times I have no problems dealing with strong entities, however this cemetery was a totally different ballpark for unlike anything else that I have ever encountered.

We wrapped up the night, a little baffled by the investigation that we had just conducted and I can honestly say that this cemetery was definitely the darkest and most disturbing that I had ever encountered in all my years of investigating the paranormal and dealing with spirit.  You may be thinking that what I have written here in my comments is just a fabricated story and although I hope my words are believed, I know that to many our experience is one that may not be believed by any until they are able to experience what we experienced for themselves first hand.  I was a bit skeptical myself at first about this place until I had the chance to experience it for myself and now you know why we named this investigation location the "Cemetery of the Damned!"

disturbing, almost as if the cemetery had "pockets of air" which contained the peaceful feelings and souls.  It was when I was in the center front part of the cemetery that I felt like I was entering a place of respect and reverence and had the feeling that those who entered were expected to kneel.  I of course did not kneel, however I seemed to be driven to find the strongest part of this "center" area of the cemetery so I could get a better feel of what this "respect and reverence" demand was all about.

It was after these photos were taken that I felt the intense feeling pick up which seemed to be a bit more threatening.  I felt like at any moment one of these dark entities would swoop down for an attack.  Little did I know that they soon would.   It is a bit hard for me to explain the intensity of the situation that took place at this little cemetery, however I can tell you that while walking throughout it, I saw many spirits who were calling out for help and deliverance.   I got the feeling that many of them were trapped and were being held there against their will.  I saw children crying and scared and heard many wails coming from various parts of the cemetery.  I also got the feeling of some sort of black magic that had been done by one of the individuals buried within the cemetery which had caused a "hex" of sorts to be placed upon their place of rest.  I

evidence collected

There were 1 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were 7 photos and no video clips.



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