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south central

1 0/5/2006

General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Jim, Anita, Brian, Corey & Chris.


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by a family with children.   The homeowner’s contacted us concerning activity they felt they had taking place in the residence. This activity consisted of:

Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Doors open and close on their own

  • The family hears voices throughout the home, especially in the back area of the house.

  • They have things that move around in the home on their own.

  • The family has felt like they have been touched.

  • They all feel like they are being watched.

  • Shadows and apparitions have been seen throughout the house.

  • There is a man that the children claim to see as well, however they do not recognize him as being a past family member.


There have been two deaths in this home.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

This home was built in the 1920’s and has been owned by a couple of different families. It was a duplex made into a connected home through the center of the closet towards the back of the house.

There has been 2 deaths within the home of female family members in which the homeowners believe who just might be still residing within the location.

Investigation Report



Our group arrived at the location and began setting up equipment and doing a walk through of the home. We started in the front part of the home and worked our way through to the back. While in the back part of the house and while in the children’s room, we had a closet door that opened on us and then we had a short spike on our gauss meter.

While investigating on of the adult bedrooms, our group began feeling cold pockets of air all around us and one investigator (Christy) felt someone touch the back of her arm. Shadows were also seen during this time, going

down the hallway and then disappearing into both the bathroom and the back bedroom.  Shortly after Christy had make the remark about feeling touched, she took a few steps forward to film an area that Jim was pointing out when all the sudden one of the doors on the bedroom closets swung wide open.  The

We also noticed that when the door was opened and taken away from it’s latch, there was a sound associated with its opening and after the recreation of the opening door, the group concluded that all present should have heard the door coming open on its own.

Also from the same bedroom shortly after the above mentioned incident with the opening closet door, some investigators heard a scream coming from up in the attic, but there was no one present inside the home except for the group and there were no outside interference which should have caused the scream to come from inside the attic. 

A couple of our investigators also heard a man’s voice audibly while investigating the attic area and upon further investigation of the home, noticed that the attic provided for a majority of the activity that seemed to be taking place while we were present. At one particular point, 2 of the investigators were up in the attic getting ready to come down the stairwell when they saw a group of items fall over on their own. Some of these object included a heavy 2x4 board which was about 3 feet in length. 


Our group visited this home and conducted an investigation twice and was able to record several EVP of a man’s voice and then one of a different male voice

while there in the home. We were unable to record any photographic or video evidence from this home however as stated above, several of our investigator’s noticed movement of various objects while present at this location.

Our team investigated this home a couple of different times.  One our second time there to this home, we had some great activity happen in the attic area of the home.  We were downstairs in the back area of the home when we thought we heard something upstairs in the attic.  Several of us investigators went upstairs into the attic and we started asking questions.  We had our walking cam with us at the time and recorded some kid’s toys activating on their own in reference to our questions.  One thing to note is that after we were done with our investigation in the attic, we opened up the bag and checked out the toys and they had no batteries in them.  This video was recorded with an older Sony video camera and the quality at the time was not as good as video in later years, but you can tell what is happening.  

Christy March.jpg

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


One of the things that first struck me as odd about this residence is that is was once a duplex home but is now connected through a single passageway through one of the closet areas and the family members living on the left side of the residence seemed not to notice any activity taking place within the home, but those on the right side of the residence did. The back left side of the residence seemed to be more active in the first

bedroom and on the ride side of the residence, the activity seemed to be more noticed in the attic area which also crossed over onto the left side of the home.


I didn’t feel threatened in the residence, but I did get an unwanted feeling and believe that there is a male entity by the name of “Jesus” (Hispanic spelling) that roams throughout the house as he seems to be the more dominate one. He seemed very territorial over the home and seemed to be more so connected to the grandfather in the home and the grandfather’s possessions.


There also was a younger male presence that we picked up on in the home and we believe he was connected to the adult brother staying in the home. His story is that of a tragic death which caused him to loose his life from a fatal shooting in his stomach area. We did pick up on 2 different female presences within the home, these we believe to be the relatives of the family members (names will not be mentioned for privacy reasons,) however after connecting with these 2 female spirits, information was verified by the homeowners who validated information about the deceased family members. Some of this information was concerning a sewing machine left in the attic of the home in which the homeowner verified it to be her mother’s. I felt like both of the female spirits (grandmother & mother) were there to protect their loved ones; however one of them appeared to be a worried for her daughter (the homeowner) and her grandchildren. She had a comforting message that she passed on to her daughter by let her know that she was there to help her.

door was noticed by a couple of different members and photographs started being taken by our investigators.  Several of the investigators witnessed the door again moving slightly on its own again, but not to the full extend that it did when it was opened up on its own.   Recreations of this were tried in efforts to see if there was a logical explanation for the opening of the door on its own however, no recreations were able to be made.  The group tested the closet for a breeze and also checked the secureness of the door latches and noticed that the door also had tight fitting latches which wouldn’t allow for an easy open unless pulled upon fairy hard.

evidence collected

There were 5 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There were no photos and 1video clip.


"Go to hell"



"They're in the back"

"Unknown evp"


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