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guthrie house


General Information

Investigators:     Christy, Roger and Jim


Equipment used:  DVR, (5) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras and various EMF meters

Initial Interview:


On the morning of Feb. 8th, we received a call from Natalie with News Channel 4 asking us if we would come out & do an investigation at a residence in Guthrie.   Natalie told us that this family had taken a picture of a ghostly image in their home and they were curious to learn more about this picture & their "ghostly" visitor".  They wanted to know if OKPRI would come out to the residence to help explain this phenomenon.  About 30 minutes later, we were contacted by the homeowners, asking us if we would come out as well.  We accepted both invitations and made arrangement to arrive at this location around 9pm to meet with News Channel 4 & the homeowners & begin our investigation.

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

We weren't given any information on the home, its residents, or any activity that may have been taking place, so we basically were going into this investigation blind.  The only thing we know is that the residents of the home had captured a ghostly image of a man with their digital camera.  We did learn however, after the investigation was finished that the residents of the home have lived there for the past 17 years (since 1989).  They were unsure of the home's age, but did tell us that there has always been some sort of activity that has frequently occurred from time to time & it always seemed to occur late at night & in the early morning hours.  They reported the sporadic activity as

voices heard, touching, tapping of shoulders, floors creaking, water turning off & on by itself, items in home being moved around, beds violently shaking while they were lying in it,  and shadows passing in front of their windows.   

This ghostly image of a man  was taken Jan. 30th, 2005, by the homeowners, but was not discovered until a few days afterward.  The residents of the home were so shocked by the photo that they decided to call News Channel 4, thus leading up the the airing of the incident where OKPRI was invited to investigate & participate in the taping of the news broadcast.

Investigation Report

Equipment was set up throughout the home & during this time we had some trouble with our cameras.  We had batteries drain instantly & once replaced & the camera set back up again.   We also had one of our camcorders turn off which puzzled us because it takes a little effort in order to get a camera to turn to the shut off mode.  The red button actually has to be pushed in and then turned sideways.                                                                         

While conducting the sweep, noises were heard from the front bedroom, sound of rattling papers.  During the sit down we also had a flux in temperature, our temp. probe measuring a drop of 10 degrees from 62 degrees F. to 52 degrees F.  Cold spots were noticed in this area while this occurred.  

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When we first arrived at the residence, I did a silent walk-through of the home.  I really didn't feel any energy or notice any spirit present until I entered the front bedroom and immediately felt drawn to the SE corner of the room by the closet.  I picked up on a male entity who identified himself as Harvey Caldwell.  It wasn't until later, during the sit-down, that I was able to communicate fully with Harvey.  His

story was a bit of a love/tragic event that took place somewhere in the 1940's.  Harvey told me that he was in love with a woman named Virginia and he was traveling with her brother, on his way to visit her when his car had a flat tire.  He pulled over to the side of the road to change the tire when 3 men approached & shot them point blank in the chest, instantly killing them.  Harvey did not specify exactly who these men were, but he did however tell me that they belonged to an organization, or large group affiliate and that they were ordered to kill him for reasons that he did not share.  Harvey was traveling through the area when this happened years ago and decided to settle into this residence to rest a while.  He still continues his search to find Virginia in hopes to be reunited with her again.  

As I was talking to Harvey, one of our investigators took a picture of me.  There to my right is a small white light anomaly.  Could this be Harvey showing himself again?

evidence collected

There were 2 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 0 sound clips.  

There was 2 photos and no video clips.



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