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lady of the house


General Information

Investigators:      Christy, Kathy, Cyrena, Donna, and Tim


Equipment used: DVR, (4) IR video cameras, personal audio recorders, digital cameras, geophone, REM Pod, and various EMF meters


Cam1- Master Bedroom (Geophone, REM Pod)

Cam2- Living Room

Cam3- Bedroom- (Daughters Room)

Cam4- Kitchen

Initial Interview:


This residence is currently occupied by the client and his adult daughter. Some of the current experiences in the home include:

  • Client reports being hit in the stomach on two separate occasions. 

  • Client states he has been scratched

  • Female voice heard by both Andrew and his daughter Kayleigh

  • Client reports the top of a fish tank flying across room

No factually known deaths in the home

Historical/Factual/Relevant Info:

The client’s home is listed as having 1,520 sq. ft., was built in 1970 and rests on 5 acres. There have been several add-ons to the home both by the current and previous owners making it an estimated 2,300 sq ft with 10 rooms. Four rooms are bedrooms and 3 of those are bathrooms.


Records state it was last sold on Feb 28, 2012.  No further information can be obtained at this time on the home due to the difficulty of locating the property address in digital records. The property may be listed with a different street and/or number address with its county.


The family history has a more relevant association to the potential activity at the home. This is primarily due to the passing of the female head of the household on Aug. 31, 2013.   She married her husband (the current client)  shortly after graduating from High School and spent the next 31 ½ years together raising 7 children and 19 foster children.   Due to an illness, she passed away.  

Investigation Report

Client Interview

Our team arrived at the location and began the initial interview with the homeowners. After the interview, the client gave us a tour of the home to show the known areas of activity. After the tour was over, the client left them home to us to complete the investigation.

During the in-home interview with the client, Tim’s audio recorder was sitting on books shelves in the living room opposite the fireplace when it picked up what sounds like “listen” the other sounded like “alright” was said. Both sounded female in nature.



Once the interview was finalized, the team began bringing in the equipment and discussing where to start setting it all up. It seems that most of the analyzed audio during this phase captured multiple EVPs.

As we were pulling out the equipment, Cyrena's audio recorder which was sitting on a small table by the fireplace captured what sounds like a male EVP saying "Hey..Look here" and a few minutes later it captured "hmm what's this?"  At the same time, Christy was trying to get equipment out and says “I just can’t move it” then in the background you will hear “Help me” (female) that Donna caught on her audio recorder.

While setting up DVR cameras in the living room area, Christy’s audio recorder was sitting on an end table and recorded a male’s voice saying, “unknown1.”  Unfortunately, we could not make out what it specifically says. Around 5 minutes later while our group was still setting up DVR cameras, Christy’s audio recorder captured a female’s voice saying, “I’m back.” 

As we were finalizing the equipment setup, Cyrena was in the living room and asked who’s drinks belonged to whom. Tim and Kathy are in the hallway on the south side of the house when Kathy’s recorder captured a female voice that seems to be saying in a very long and drawn-out way, “let’s go.” While a few minutes earlier, Cyrena's audio recorder still sitting on the small table captured, "Unknown2." Again, unfortunately we could not make out what it specifically says.



The walkthrough phase of the investigation is where Christy will walk through the building, rather it be a home or business, and focus psychically on her gifts to see if and talk with any spirits that maybe present at that time.

The team started the walkthrough in the master       bedroom.  Moving through the dining room, kitchen, living room, and ending in the daughter's bedroom. While in the dining room, the team was looking at objects that may be of significance to someone in the family after Christy  had been drawn to the area psychically.

                                                                                            Kathy felt a slight tingling sensation on her forehead at about the same time her recorder captured a whisper saying, “shhh” or “hush.”  Kathy and Christy both heard this audibly at the time of the investigation. In the kitchen area, Donna was holding her audio recorder when it captured two clicks can be heard then a breath sounding female voice saying “mm hmm”.

While in the daughter's bedroom, Gary stated that he heard a odd noise coming from the kitchen area. The team moved to that area to try and figure out what he may have heard. As the team was trying to recreate the sound, Donna audibly heard and her audio recorder captured a breathy sounding “hello”. Donna took pictures with the full spectrum camera but did not catch anything. 



After the setup was complete, the team began the sweeps phase. The sweeps phase of the investigation is where the team collects

environmental data such as temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) baseline values and/or fluctuations along with photographs of the environment.

Cyrena had left her audio recorder sitting on the top of the TV in the master bedroom during this phase. While the team was at the other end of the home, her recorder captured a female for saying "what."

During our investigation our team thought they heard some sounds coming from the master bedroom area.  We went back in the master bedroom to find the source of the sounds but could not find them.  We also did not hear any other sounds but a couple of investigators saw a tall shadow passing behind one of the team members.


During the sweeps phase of the investigation, shortly before wrap-up, the team members that were outside had returned from inspecting the crawl space. Tim and Donna had been inside and were explaining how quiet the house was while everyone else was outside. During

the explanation, there was a pause in speaking and a disembodied voice, "Hey," was heard. It was disembodied because Christy and Donna had both heard it. Kathy and Tim were there and did not hear it.



Our group wrapped up on investigation of this location and recorded no further evidence.  We did speak with the client and explained our thoughts of who we felt might be haunting the home.

Ten minutes into the sit down, you can hear several female voice sounds (same voice) while Christy talks to the client about his wife waiting for him and his health concerns. This keeps going for a little while and was not noticed by those present at the time. A comparison of recordings with the dog barking did not match this audio clip.

Personal Experiences

Gary - During the investigation I had a couple of personal experiences to include seeing a shadow enter the daughter's bedroom during setup and hearing a voice while monitoring base. There was no visual evidence captured however several EVP's and on 2 occasions disembodied voices (sighs heard by Gary and "Hey" heard by Christy).

Cyrena- During the investigation, our team began our investigative sweeps in the back bedroom area of the home. The sweeps had been going on for

approximately 10 minutes when Tim and Cyrena heard an audible “hey.” While loud sounding while present, any audio recorder did not capture this EVP.


Our group feels like there are possibly 2 spirits that might be present in this home.  One is a female that we believe to be a family member.  The other is one that was unidentifiable.  After speaking with the homeowner about a week after our investigation, he stated that the activity had nearly come to a halt.

Psychic Investigator’s Comments


When I first entered this house I felt like we were being watched. The energy didn’t feel too heavy but it let me know that something was there. As I did my walk-thru of the home, I was drawn over to the dining room area of the house where I saw images of good family times and there was a woman who was particularly very worried about her grandchildren. When I connected with this woman, I felt drawn to an old hutch

that had various memorable items in it. There were many things in this hutch that were very important to her. I felt she was the wife of the male homeowner. Later I found out that the male homeowner’s wife had passed around a year ago and she was greatly missed. 

Later in our sit-down talk with the homeowner, the woman spirit expressed to me concerns with her husband’s current health. She also expressed again about being worried about children and grandchildren. As I talked with the male client, I let him know that I felt his wife would stick around him, even when he decided to move. It is my belief that she will wait on her husband to help him over to the other side one day when he is called over.

evidence collected

There were 12 EVPs that was recorded during this investigation and 1 sound clip.  

There were no positive photo and no positive video clips.


sound clip

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